Thursday, December 31, 2020


Can you believe people the year is over? And what a most unusual, turbulent, difficult, often depressing year it was. Rear end celebrations, opps.... I meant Year End celebrations won't look like they usually do with social distance guidelines and the virus still raging out of control. This will be the first time the Casa du Borghese will be dark in years, with the intimate traditional NYE soirée, and New Years Day dinner cancalled... with the Mistress at the ancestral home. But don't let that get you down, Pam Demic is here as always to help dears. If it's just you, or maybe two or three others, all is not lost.

For starters...why not get outdoors for some fun? I say get naked and masked and go make New Year snow angels if you got snow, or get one of those big ole heaters and drink out doors, and throw up some of those twinkling lights. Or if you have a collection of nutcrackers, why not a play of the Nutcracker with all the nutcrackers! but don't do anything sexual with them, that could hurt.

New Year's is all about new beginnings darling. Why not pick a spot you always wanted to go see  or visit, and get in the car and drive off to parts unknown. It's a great way to set the tone for the new year.  Or if your a huge fan of those Escape Rooms, why not do a Escape from The Sex Room. How saucy could that be with you and hubby? Well, let's not get crazy here. Here at the Casa du Borghese, we're all about getting fancy. The Mistress would always make the guest get DRESSED to the nines. Yeah your sitting home, but why not get dressed up anyhow? Besides, if one of the few there is hot and in a tux, think how fun it will be to get him out of that said tux? Or why not a good game of spin the bottle? Why not cook a huge feast..... and one of our personal favorites, have copious amount of libations!!!!! not like your driving anywhere. Or put some house music on and have your own dance party...hell naked if you want!!!!

How ever you ring in the new year, I think we can all agree we'll be glad to see 2020 leave. Not that 2021 will start off all glittering either, but still.  We must not let our guards down...we are far from getting out of the dark yet sugarplums. Keep up with those guidelines veils and gloves!!! And remember it may have been a shitty year, but still no reason be all negative.

This is the last day of the year, they call it new years eve,
 look back at all the memories this year your going to leave.

Some you will cherish always,  and keep it for all it's worth
because someone close to you has been gifted with a birth.

Some other you wish to forget but know you never will for 
someone close passed over and some were very ill. 

Some will be very pleasant and close to your heart
sit down and list the good things back to January from the start.

So when you feel unhappy in the new upcoming year sit down 
and read your memories and smile from ear to ear.

Don't ponder on the bad things now, only tears will be shed
for tomorrow is a new start, a new year ahead.

In other words,  feel happy and grateful, thankful and blessed because if your reading this, you have made it through this turbulent year. And that is enough to be blessed for.

In closing we thank you all for your kind support , by commenting, writing and sharing with each other. We have really built a nice community place to enjoy some visual delights, support, woe's and encouragements and a place of shelter from the terrible times this years gave us.
What a joy having special blogs that we can all visit when we desperately needed a break from the world this year,  and get a dose of inspiration, and so likewise hoping  A Day with the Mistress Borghese is not only a place to visit,  but also a place to come get silly or learn something, or get a laugh, or even a naughty nod!!!!
We simply hope that you will join us as we enter the year 2021 make do and mend, and hopefully learn to be more caring and gentle. So chins up, and tits out!!! Veils on! Gloves pulled! Here we go!

And HAPPY NEW YEARS  EVE everybody!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Hope everyone is enjoying the Yuletide season. I have been at the ancestral home since the 21st with most of these post scheduled. It's been great being out of the four walls so to speak, and enjoy time in my little bubble of three family members and three friends. The year is certainly finding 2020 coming to an end an a melancholic mood for me...and very calm.  Certainly been very reflective and I found myself thinking a lot of past family and friends....and current ones...who have been luckily enough to come through the pandemic so far. I, the week leading up to coming come,  received news three more friends had caught in the hospital still now with kidney failure. Not to mention our own poor Ms. Moorecock has also caught the covid. Needless to say that trip has been cancelled...and she has been taken into self quarantine at Moorecock Heights.  Two more...a friend and a ex co-worker have also sadly succumbed. Seems to be getting close to home more so these days now since the virus had full on exploded. But the visit home has been very nice and good therapy. My mother has also thankfully received the vaccine at the rehab hospital she works at. That made me feel better.

My aunt gifted me this old decoration which had been my grandmother's. On the 24th I went to the cemetery to take a pine spray I made for my grandmother and grandfather and talked , and even took a bottle of their wine to drink with them. My grandfather's side is in the wine business.
Christmas Eve found us at my aunt's for dinner, and on Christmas day at my mother's....I made my first ever full turkey dinner...a stuffed turkey, scalloped potatoes, gravy, and glazed carrots and pears. Im happy to report it passed Julia Child's...aka, my aunt's approval. Whew.
My mother's gift to me....I swear by this great smelling and clean scent cologne...a age old gentleman's scent. But don't worry...I still love me my  Tom Ford and Hermes. I also got the bath products in a stocking with many odd and ends and money!
My aunt has gifted me this book and sock monkey. I couldn't resist posting them for our Sixpense!!!!!!!!!
Over the weekend I spent the night at the Capital Street Duos, two of my best friends,  where we had dinner and drinks and played several games of drunken bingo. They even decorated my own room in their home.
Their breathtaking first floor!!!! Wow!
My mother's big Ridgeback, Lilleth seemed to think she is a lap dog.
Poor Buster Bolfig had a bad weekend sad to stay, and is now on the mend from a back disk issue.  He is now on some pain meds and is luckily back to himself. Being mixed with dachshund, which are inclined to get back issues in older age, it's something we will have to monitor...and he will have to get shorter walks to his dismay. 
So the visit has been a joy and a bit emotional. I always seem to get melancholic and introspective this time of the year away...but seems heightened during this time, with covid surrounding the tee pees. But still grateful for what I have.  Im following this memes advice for the New Year I believe. I plan on tiptoeing into the new year...

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


They back and their ready! God knows, no one enjoys RuPaul's Drag Race and drag queens more than I, and it's back for it's 13th season slated to begin on New Years Day yet. That has got to be some kind of omen for a fabulous year right???  I was hoping for a break for some time with the franchise...I mean in a 12 month time we have had Drag Race season 12, UK, Canada, Holland, and All-Stars. Can you say being in danger of over-saturation? I was really hoping for this to be the final season, but I have already heard season 14 is casting. I'd rather see a beat down, blow out show of all the past winners for one ultimate queen, and see Ru go on to other ventures. But at this rate......
I'm such an evil bitch.

 I also, yet again, think the show should be re-branded RuPauls Drag Race NYC. Yet again, 4-5 queens are from NYC for the last four seasons. This is a huge country, but yet, the queens are always from the same 4-5 big cities. Branch out I say, get even more local talent.  But this season does look intresting for a couple reasons. It's hard to keep good bitches down, and they competed safely and fiercely in a pandemic. The season will finally have it's first open trans queen competing, many of the queens go by one name, and it will bring about four different drag houses coming together on one show, not to mention a queen and her daughter on the same season. I really had to watch videos of the queens as I had not seen many of them in person except for the local queens in New York, who I think are going to dominate this season. As usual here are the queens and I'll even try to place them again.

Tina Burner- New York
How do you not love the name? Tina has been in a boy band, and is always ready to put on a show. This costume comedy queen is also the reigning National Comedy Queen of 2019, and this NYC queen will hopefully burn the house down. I have met and seen her at several shows, she is completely hilarious, and she brings the type of drag I really like to see. I don't see a win though. Placing-7th

Denali Foxx- Chicago
Chicago's ice queen, with a career as a professional figure skater, and she has a unique drag that incorporates ice skating and acrobatic elements, and centers herself with many water elements and color, but will henny break the ice? I see a mid queen here , much like Jan Sport from last season. Placing-8th or 7th

Kahmora Hall-Chicago
Chicago's premiere Mackie Barbie doll is here to define what it means to be dripping in luxury. As the essence of glitz and glamour, this queen knows how to turn on the runway and bring the style, as she is from the House of Hall, as in Jacinda Essence Hall, last seasons winner, but unlike her drag mother, I see Kahmora being one of the first gone.

Gottmik-Los Angeles
This queen and celebrity makeup artist is ready to win the competition one face at a time. Gottmik's skills are fierce! Her style on par with that of Sasha Velour, and her creativity out of the box, who just happens to be the first trans man on the show, who is changing the shape of drag. Very edgy  with a broad bag of tricks to pull out. Gottmik will be top three, and I dare say even the winner.

Olivia Lux- NYC
As this diva with a heart of gold, Olivia can melt a room with her dazzling smile. She tends to mix her old Hollywood style and background in musical theater together for many acts in her routines. She will be one of the nicest queens. I think she will do pretty well...Placing-5th

Kandy Muse-NYC
I can't lie. when Kandy is in the room, you know! This queen can be like Silky, but even more polished. She is downright funny and comical and is the "bad and bougie" Dominican doll from NYC and was Brooklyn Queen of the Year. Kandy hails from the House of Aja...who is her drag mother, and Dahlia Sin her drag sister. Kandy is a pro at being in the limelight and brings the whole package at the stage. Her wigs have always slayed too. I think Kandy will do very well. I see a top four queen.

Elliott, With 2 T's-Las Vegas
Elliott is a dancing queen known for her kicks and splits and this Las Vegas show girl is here to stand out from the crowd. She tends to have a very 80's aesthetic and has a background as a professional dancer. I have always loved Elliott's style and form of drag, but I see a early exit for her this season. Placing 10th. 

Tamisha Iman-Atlanta 
Tamisha Iman is one of the most experienced in the art form of drag on this season with 30 years! She is a drag mother who formed her own dynasty, and comes to the season with impressive sewing skills, as she makes all her own clothing, ensembles and jewelry, does her own wigs, and comes from a pageant background, and will be on with her drag daughter LaLa Ri. While no doubt she is a stunning queen, is she bring anything new? I see Tamisha leaving early as well. Placing 11th

Joey Jay-Phoenix 
Ah Joey Jay. Creative fashion, does not like doing wigs and is a powerhouse of dancing. This celebrated Jewish princess with her unmatched rhinestoning skills is ready to cluck and buck all. A little of Joey goes a long way...I find this queen to be full of herself, and can be a shit stirrer hennies. I see her having problems conforming to the shows wants, so I see an early exit. Placing12th

Utica Queen-Minneapolis
Did we not just have on Crystal Methyd?  Utica Queen is ready to wiggle her way straight to the crown. Identifying as the wacky wavy inflatable arm tube queen. I think she hoping to take the world by storm with her own form of goofy, pop art. She definitely has good, fun drag and a quirky style, but I think we've seen it before and it won't carry her as far as Crystal. Placing- 6th.

Symone-Los Angeles
This ebony enchantress is from the House of Avalon with sis Gigi Goode! As the first queen hailing from Arkansas who transplanted to LA, this confident small town country girl is ready to give fashion, some over the top wiggery, face, personality and heart. She is also pretty fun to be around too. I see a top 4 here also.

Rose'- NYC
Rose' all day I say!!!! Rose is at the intersection of wit and fashion streets. Rose can pretty much do it all. Great looks, dancing, singing and act. I have seen her once with the drag group Stephanie's Child with his drag sisters, Lagoona and last season's Jan Sport. I'm sure Rose' will sing and dance her way to the top, which is why she is my final selection for top four. She also isn't as annoying as Jan.

LaLa Ri-Atlanta
LaLa Ri is here to slay I think. This Atlanta-born powerhouse entertainer is ready to bring her mixture of sexy, classy and sassy to the show, along with her charming and fun personality. Of course she will be on here with her drag mother! But like her mother, I don't see LaLa getting far. Placing- 9th.

So there you have it. The polish and over all talent level appear to be mid to fairly high...maybe not quite as good as season 12, but should still be somewhat entertaining season. I have to admit to getting spoiled by the international versions where the queens are given more space for campy, freaky or less polished queens, instead of a parade of glamour pusses.

Oh. And did I mention I also think we might have more trade and hotties on this season, out of drag then ever before???  I could def get with Elliott, Joey and Rose for some fun!

Monday, December 28, 2020


 All of a sudden I had gotten a few more Happy Moments in the last few weeks. What a better time to share more of what makes us happy or chuckle.  Looks like a few of us got in the spirit! Send your Happy Moments of something that makes you happy in these times to


Tweety Capone



Pearly Gates


Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs
Yes, I did a Hanukah tree in white silver and blue!


Christian and Douglas
Gotta love a day out in Wilton Manors

Daddy Warbucks

Your Mistress
This scene at Washington's Crossing....
Seeing Santa waving to the kiddies

My friend Louie always make me smile and laugh...among other things! I've never met such a positive person.


Cello Josh
With my niece in Doylestown at the labyrinth at Mercer Museum.


The Bucks Boys
Me and Hubby getting our tree. Where there is a will there was a way. Thank goodness for convertibles! This ended up being our Christmas card. It makes me happy for some reason.

Mahogany Empress

Opening the emails alone made me happy seeing them. Thanks to all you submitted for yet another round of Happy Moment pictures.