Thursday, November 30, 2023


Club Kids burst onto New York and London's night-life circuit in the very late 1980's, creating a hedonistic community for the gay, transgender and disenfranchised to be authentically celebrated. It was one reason when I started clubbing, to go New York City, where in clubs there, no one seemed to mind club kids, drag queens and fems...but outside of New York, even in clubs, the gays just didn't get the club kids or drag queens, because it was all about being butch and masculine. These club kids might not have been household names, hell, even most of the LGBT probably didn't know many with exception to maybe James St James, Richie Rich, Amanada Lepore, Susanne Bartsch, Leigh Bowery and "claimed "founder Ernie Glam, who all fueled a pioneering party scene. I was always thrilled and happy when I'd go out in Harrisburg and our very own Miss Bill was a full-fledged Club Kid. Miss Bill would come out on occasion, but he was right in there thick with the legendary New York Club kids , who attended extravaganza parties, mixed with eccentricity and downtown New York chic, brought out the best club freaks, united by art, love, sex and drugs and drag. But it was Miss Bill, who you may also recognize as a reader here, Fatsissy, showed me there was more to clubbing than dressing up in drag drinking and popping was also a group of the LGBTQ, who came together to form a genuine community to express their artistic flair in a way that was purposefully alienated from the mainstream. I have always adored Miss Bill, so full of life, extremely passionate about LGBTQ rights and a lover of being and loyal activist. He takes no prisoners. I've never met to date someone who is always "on"...there is no off switch, a great sense of humor, if not wicked, can read a bitch for filth, being a hair stylist can werk a wig henny...did many of mine...and she will educate a queen if she doesn't know their gay history. Miss Bill reinvented the do-it-yourself spirit of punk rock and incorporated sci-fi and the circus at times to create a new and exciting style and scene. He will wear anything when not in club attire.... the club kid shines through 24/7 really. And he is fond of a good fun hat. While my good sister David Dust showed me the jock and pretty boy scene, it was Miss Bill who showed me the camp and club kid side of the nightlife. A few dozen times found me at parties in the city with him at a few Suszanne Bartch parties and having met a few of the Club Kids, and the fabulous Lady Kier Kirby. But I really love his gives no fucks attitude to what people think of what he wears, or how flamboyant he acts. His throwing himself on the floor and then rolling across the dance floor was one memorable night once for the Harrisburg crowd and I was there for it!!! Once I moved back, he of course finally moved to Philadelphia where he is already adding to the scene. Always stay fabulous hennnnny.

And this picture was only three weeks ago.
 Now that is fashion henny!



I wonder if Jimmy might want one for Christmas?

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


While on vacation we took a day to explore Lake Como, or as I called it, the Newport RI of Italy. Lake Como it seems, draws every A-lister at some point to its summer villas. So, what could possibly be so great about the particular lake? I've always been a lake person and love the ocean. But I wasn't expecting this much beauty...I thought we'd seen it all being in Portofino, but it only got better. Imagine the landscape of the Swizz Alps, the villas and architecture of the Amalfi Coast, plus the food and hospitality that's so iconic to Italy. Rugged mountains meet a clear glacier lake that's more than a thousand feet deep with colorful villages peppering its coastline. Lake Como is just difficult enough to get to also. Though it's maintained it's quiet and charm.

We visited the Castello di Venzio, again, at the top of a huge hill, but rewards you with great views of the glacial lake. The castle stood for more than one thousand years and once defended the Lombardy region from invaders. The castle is beautiful, but its ghost is a major attraction. 
The ghost are cast plaster and are left to the elements throughout the winter until a new season begins and the ghost are cast anew. The ghost are linked to the legend about why the castle was built. In it, it is mentioned the castle was built thanks to the wishes of Theodelinda, who was queen of the Lombards, who ruled this part of Italy for several hundred years. It's said she spent the last years of her life in the area and her heart and soul are buried in the walls and her spirit can be seen on moonlit nights. Of course, the villas are a huge part of Lake Como. As is the Church of San Giorgio and the picturesque village of Bellagio, a postcard worthy town that epitomizes the Italian lake district and should be a mandatory stop on the Riveria. 

We wondered along the waterfront then up through cobblestone streets and alleys of the village, and emphasis on many villages on the lake is built on the hill, so be ready to climb some stairs.

This villa might look familiar...the Villa del Balbianello, the most famous villa on Lake Como and for good reason.
It is known for it's lush gardens and the best panoramic views, meticulously maintained gardens, terraced gardens overlooking the lake, opulent interior and historical artifacts and frescoes. It is also known for its appearance in Casino Royale and in Star Wars Attack of the Clones. Originally a Franciscan monastery built in the 13 th century, it was later converted into a villa that was passed down the ranks of the wealthy Visconti family.

The Villa Carlotta is a 17 th century masterpiece, and now a museum, is also well known and worth a visit for just a walk though it's botanical gardens.

And the Villa Monastero was probably my favorite. A magnificent villa that showcases a blend of nature and architecture. Originally a convent, the villa boasts beautiful, terraced
 gardens, colorful flowers, ancient trees, and some wonderful views.

Can you imagine having these views every morning?!?! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023


I saw this in the last week. While I would die before becoming a Republican, as I don't share many, if not most, of their views and outlooks, and general morals of late. I don't agree with everything Dems do either.  I can also be a typical Scorpio and sting the Democratics too. From what I have seen and heard of Barabra Lee I love her. Not only did I see this from Mr. Cadelago, but I also saw her mention the pressure from the Democratic Party to drop out. DROP OUT?!?! 

Because CA senator Diane Feinstein croaked, there's now a special election to replace her. I saw how Politico ask residents if to vote today, who'd they vote for...and this is how it framed their coverage and results. By acting surprised that Barabara Lee will stay in the race. Well, here were their results.

Katie Porter-16%
Adam Schiff- 40%
Barabara Lee- 41%

Does it look like someone in the lead should drop out??? Even small. Are the Dems not listening to what their own party voters want? That's a very republicans thing you ask me. No, I don't think she should drop out, but establishment media and Democratics hate anyone who seems to call for a ceasefire. This weekend Katire Porter and Adam Schiff do not want cease fire, and as a result, both were heckled relentlessly at their recent campaign events, respectively. Are politicians not hearing anymore what their voters want???  And so much for championing for black women too. This party needs to be better than this.

Monday, November 27, 2023


My.. can it really be Monday afternoon already? With the social agenda swirling and work being incredibly insane right now with new collections coming in left and right, I'm finding it very hard to find time to even get blog post together. Lately I've just been exhausted when I get home at night and the last thing, I want to do is get on the computer again. And then Miss Moorecock tells me I have eight gentlemen at the door waiting for me. I said honey you're going to send one home I'm exhausted. If this keeps up, I may have to put the blog on hold indefinitely until a later date. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, when I don't get to read blogs, it unnerves me. But I do find some solace and calm of what's left of the autumn. Although after this week I think all the leaves will be completely gone and then it will look like the season of decay again. And I was in the mood for Birds this weekend. When I was doing the last leaf clean-up. not only that I see the red-tailed hawk again, but I also came across an owl which I don't see too frequently around here. So that was kind of cool. How's your Monday going?