Sunday, October 31, 2021



Hallowe'en Greetings to you all from Pam Demic!

Just about now the ghost are due...Beware, for I see one after you!!! Bwahahahaha! Welcome to this years Hallow's Party at the Casa with Pam Demic....get those libations and come one, come all, into the parlor for some good old spooky and Hallowed music, sit, dance, mingle or shimmy, or for all I care ogle a houseboy, I'm sure the Mistress won't care. Wear a costume or not, and helpful yourself from the special candy dish if you dare. We're all treats and no tricks!!! Let's all kick off with some Love Potion #9....

Since the houseboys seem to be otherwise tied up...let me pass around some hard candy, gin infused of course....Now let's get back to it with a real macabre performance from Vander Von Odd.....

Mullied Cider!!!! After all, there is always time for another 6 cock-a-tails! Apologies if anyone is finding feathers in their drinks. But's it easier then bobbing for apples isn't it?

Let's get down on it...this is Hallowe'en , everybody make a scene!!!!

Why yes..Pam Demic is still wearing masks and yet still has something smart to say. Opps, did you hear that? Remember to still say safe ...mask it or casket it! And yes, Pam did wear that mask to the graveyard concert the other night. It's sequins people! Take it away Jinkx.....
It looks like I , huh, well, it's rather embarrassing. I huh appear to be out of candy and the little bottles of gin...and the fish bowl of keys is still full, which means many of you may be busy with let's end on a quite note with a lovely melody for the day....Thank -you for popping in again this year's Hallow's. 

Happy Hallow's to all you Ghouls
*drop the houseboys Cali-Boi....and Huntley.....Sixpense......and Uptonking.....Bob.....Hazard.....we may be here all night......

Saturday, October 30, 2021


Had this been Billy the Puppet from Saw, I might have been willing to risk it. 
Never thought that villainous puppet would get me hot and bothered, so how appropriate he find himself in the Candy Shop today. Who's brave enough...after yours truly of course.

Thanks to Ricko for this treat.

Friday, October 29, 2021


I think I have always been a taphophile.

 I have always enjoyed a good relaxing walk in a cemetery. When I walk Buster, we sometimes go next door and visit my neighbors in the cemetery. They are a quite bunch. Some of my friends don't get it, and think I'm further nuts walking a cemetery in October, especially so close to All Hallows Eve. I recently went to an event to hear a quartet play at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in the East Falls section of Philly and got to hear our dear reader Cello Josh perform Halloween inspired music that night in a candle lit graveyard. I can't lie, it was pretty damn amazing. I decided to go earlier in the day before dark fell and take in the cemetery, like I have many times. I have always enjoyed Laurel Hill, which is the second-oldest rural cemetery in the US. It was established in 1820 by John Jay Smith when he was unable to find a respectable resting place in the city for his departed daughter. It's a glorious place, almost like a relaxing park really, and it over looks the Schuylkill River high up. I believe there are over 11,000 family plots and over 43,000 graves. But it's the tombstone, statuary and mausoleums that are huge and very ornate,  many including and adored with grand marble and granite funerary monuments, elaborately sculpted hillside tombs. The craftsmanship leaves me in awe. Laurel Hill has some of Philly's most √©lite buried there , in addition to signers of the Declaration of Independence, many historical figures, Civil War generals, famous sports broadcasters and more than a few survivors of the Titanic. But when ever I go it provides not only a peaceful atmosphere, but looking at all the tombs and stone work is like looking at art in a museum. Laurel Hill is one of the few cemeteries in the US that has also been declared a National Historic Site, and it's no wonder considering it's history and beauty. It's nice to take a seat and enjoy lunch there on one of the many beaches.

A small part of the concert. How cool are all the candles? 
It was a rather unforgettable night.

Thursday, October 28, 2021


Witch-O- Ween Realness...... 

Ellie Vega
Sharon Needles
Icesis Couture
Elektra Vandergeld
Rubeana Rouge
Victoria Elizabeth Black
Ariel Versace
Evah Destruction
Peaches Christ
Selma Gahd

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


I have always been a fan of Edward Gorey's work. It's fun and youthful and simple,  yet still gives me a eerie chill when I see his work. If your not familiar I would bet you have seen his work on the opening and closing credits of Masterpiece Mystery on PBS. Edward Gory was a writer and an artist,  and many didn't know , also a Tony award winning costume designer. His characteristic pen and ink drawings often depict vaguely unsettling narrative scenes from Victorian and Edwardian times, probably another reason I love his work. The artist and author is considered by some as the grand master of the comic macabre and delighted generations of readers with his recognizable spidery drawings and stories of hapless children, swooning maidens, throbble footed specters,  threatening topiary and weird, mysterious events on eerie Victorian landscapes. Mr Gorey created a genre all his own. It would later be emulated by the likes of authors Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler, both Goreyphiles, and the films of Tim Burton, who took inspiration from Gorey for his two films "The Corpse Bride" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", as well as fashion designer Anna Sui who is also a huge Gorey acolyte. It was his published alphabet book, The Gashlycrumb Tinies that I really grimly antithetical to the very premise of the genre, making children feel comfortable and inspiring them to learn, that it took the macabre humor to a new level, placing children in bizarre deaths. Gorey himself was a complicated, reclusive individual whose mission in life was to make everybody as uneasy as possible. He collected daguerreotypes of dead babies and lived alone with 20,000 books and seven cats in his New York apartment, in addition to a home in Cape Cod. Often sported a Edwardian beard, he would frequently traipse around nyc in a full length fur coat accessorized with trainers and jangling bracelets. These days, the artist, who died in 2000, is often called the Grand Daddy of Goth, celebrated as much for his eccentric persona as his meticulously creepy crosshatched drawings.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


The undisputed queens of fright, horror and Glam....the Boulet Brothers! How could we pass the hollowed Samhain, without a feature of these stunning ghouls! Creepy but stunning, bloody but gorgeous, these two have taken the scare drag to all new levels and their schtick has paid off for being different and breaking molds. The Boulet Brothers known as Dracmorda and Swanthula Boultet, are long time lovers actually and not brothers and are premiere drag artist, television personalities, writers, and producers of some of the best parties around. Since 2016, they threw their heads in the reality competition world for some healthy competition for RuPaul's Drag Race, and opened it to all and any drag performance artist who fancied being on. And it paid off, now in it's fourth season, and already picked up by AMC'S Shudder.  The duo are considered to be "modern day" horror hosts, and are infamous for the flawless wigs, on point precision make-up technique and their jaw dropping style. It's been years since I was at Queen Kong, but if anyone gets to LA, I strongly urge you to attend Queen King, a weekly Friday night dance party and live cabaret, that ran for years, but now a monthly party usually at one of the huge clubs. It's well worth a night out. I am all there for them showcasing non-traditional drag and I hope we can continue to see them and their monsters for years to come. Nothing wrong with some healthy competition I say.