Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016


While I may have fought and screamed 15 years ago to leave a urban environ, to move to Bucks County, I , the Lisa Douglas, has fallen head over heels for the area now. What a lovely Saturday morning I have had.....just taking in the scene while out to do the Saturday marketing. Nothing like real local produce....
The flowers yielded enough for two arrangements
The morning started with breakfast, watching titmice on the sill...a mother and baby...
A trip to the People's Store to shop the wears..
Thought of Cali Boi when I saw this!!!!
Sparkly shining balls will always get my attention....
These...these in an antique market? I now feel old.
A couple weeks ago I came across these vintage finds....and thought they would be an absolute must for the rides here on roads in Bucks County! How swank....vintage Jag......
But the vintage MG has a gin and bar basket on the back, decisions, decisions.....
Some various sights and signs seen in New Hope....
mannequin display in an alley
Were as gay as they come
Lovely home
a typical WTF moment in New Hope

How cool is this home along the canal????
And one has got to love the shops signs around here....most of which won't even allow kids under 13 in.
Boy I love this town!

Friday, July 29, 2016


With the likes of Rosalind Russell, Angela Lansbury and Lucille Ball, Tilda Swinton will have big shoes to fill.The fabulous and eccentric Auntie Mame, my ALL TIME FAVORIYE movie... is returning to the screen-this time with Tilda Swinton as the titular character. Hopefully this version will be better than Lucy’s. Luckily we already know that Swinton can pull off eccentric as seen in Bad Moms, Grand Budapest Hotel and The Stars (come out Tonight). I'm happy and shuttering...should we really remake a diamond???
Pierce Fulton. Pierce is the new Calvin Harris for me and I'm becoming seduced by his music. Pierce is an American musician, singer and record producer, who specializes in my favorite genre ,Progressive House, Electronic, Dance. In 2014, Fulton's single Runaway reached the number 1 spot on Billboard's Emerging Artists chart, but it's this song No More, that got me on the dance floor this summer. I hope this electrifying track by Pierce gives you all a great kick off for the rest of the weekend.

Why not get out to your local bookstore and get the latest DNA Magazine... with my next husband on the cover.....Willie Gomez!!!!!
AND WHY NOT???? I'd ride this man more times than any amusement ride till the sun goes down.....and then start over till the sun comes up!!!!
Now speaking of houseboy is here to present the Summer Fun Basket Give-a-way to the two lucky winners!
What were we doing? OH THATS RIGHT....the winners of the basket!
Our two lucky winners are..........
Blogger- RJ over at Meanwhile, Over on the Left Coast.
And Reader- Samantha!!!
Congrats to the two diva's!!!You both can contact me at with your address and I will have Ms.Moorecock get them out to you! 
And of course love bugs.....

Thursday, July 28, 2016


It's no secret, I don't watch much television shows on the ole boob tube. And when I do,there are only a handful...8 or less American shows, most shows I watch happen to be on my BBC channel or public tv station. One of the gems I have fallen in love with is an Australian show that airs here twice a week, and is in it's third season. I was curious if any of you watch this show? It's called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
If you have, then you will know why I love this's stunning!!!!! With its sumptuous interiors, beautiful clothes and badass feminist heroine who is neither an ingĂ©nue nor matron, the Australian show has won a huge cult following here. First and fore most the talented Essie Davis is delicious in this role and lets just say I am in love with her wardrobe!!!!!  Based on a popular book series by Kerry Greenwood, the show follows Phryne Fisher, an heiress in 1920s Melbourne, as she fights crime and the status quo, who is an independent, glamorous private detective, who is determined to solve any crime,all while impeccably dressed in flapper chic kimonos, beaded dresses, jeweled brooches, furs, and cloche hats. No wonder I love her so much....reminds me of myself!!!!!!!
Whether on a boat......
Flying a plane......
or driving a car......
Beyond the sumptuous interiors and beautiful clothes, though, there are major feminist messages. One of Phryne’s close friends, Mac, is an out lesbian doctor, and episodes have touched on everything from women getting clandestine abortions to unsafe labor practices in a factory staffed by female employees. The series, like its heroine, mixes playfulness and resourcefulness: for example, there’s an episode where Phryne traps a poisonous spider – under her diaphragm. The Holmes to Fisher’s Watson is her housekeeper and travelling companion, Dot, who goes from being a soft-spoken religious girl with no life goals outside of making tea to a fine detective in her own right – with her own burgeoning collection of cloches to match. The storylines are always drawing you in. But the cast of characters is also a enjoyable one...along with some very nice eye candy...... 
The handsome Nathan Page who plays the head detective Jack Robinson, and who also has some serious chemistry with Phryne, even though she never stops meddling in his cases and who works reluctantly with Miss Fisher
Then there is the adorable young constable, Hugh Collins portrayed by Hugo Johnstone Burt......those eyes and smile....
I was very relived when he finally popped the question to Dot
And we can't forget the always looked forward to appearance of the talents of Miriam Margolyes, Miss Fisher's aunt,Prudence Stanley  and a reputation-conscious society matron.
Have any of you seen this show. I highly recommend it. Make's Jessica Fletcher look like a house froe. While there has been talk of an American remake of the series, for now the show’s Australian producers are concentrating their efforts on a feature film about Phryne flying around the world in her plane while generally looking and being fabulous. Besides could an American network do this show justice? This actors are so charming. One network is doing a remake of Doc Martian, but I'm one will own that role more that Martin Clunes.