Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallows Eve

Now you all know I can't resist Halloween, fashion and vintage beauties. I wish everyone a scary and thrilling Hallows Eve today! Try not to over eat the candy corn! The Mistress will be handing out candy tonight in between me gin sips!!!
Happy Hallows Eve Everyone!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

If This Joker Broken In.....

I'd deal him a good the boudior, where we could play a good game of gin gimlets and rummy!

Late Last Night at Casa du Borghese..........

.....with the freshly fallen snow it did turn into a Nightmare Before Christmas Party....and some characters from the past stopped in for cock-a-tails! And after the party, tucked in bed, I felt a tug at my drawstrings of my pajama bottoms. I didn't see anyone! Do you think the Invisible Man is a dirty queen?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Casa Went Dark!

Taken earlier when the power went out and stayed out for several hours, but now we're back in business! Thank God for my HUGE candle supply. It got eerie, I guess I was watching to many horror movies!

Currently Here.....It's Snowing!!!!!

What the hhhhhhhhel is going on!!!!! This is what I CURRENTLY see out my window and it just started about half and hour ago!

The Mistress was getting ready to attend a Halloween soiree titled, A Night in Sleepy Hollow and even had costume made and the wig ready, but had to travel via the luxury towne car, but then got a call from her fair weather driver, 6 to 8 inches are expected in Harrisburg where the party is. 6-8! That's a good Saturday night for the Mistress! So, as you can see in the picture, yes, fall leaves with snow. Mother Nature must be hitting the Gin! She is getting her seasons mixed up. A no go for the night, as the Mother is worried about a commute on her little one. Costume will be saved for next year. And I snapped this picture just yesterday in Lambertville at a vintage dress shop. It is Halloween and not Christmas right?

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm a Guy of Very Few Words....

........... but lots of action. Especially when it came to this hottie. Love the outfit and I have a feeling so will Eric Arvin!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Cotillion

Every year around Halloween I like to take a walk in Lambertville to go see the Tim Burton house. Not really Tim Burton's house, but the lady who lives there every year, has a Halloween display that would make Froggy over joyed! It sort of reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas come to life. I have talked with the owner before and she used to be a art teacher at the high school there. She started to make these creatures years ago and usually adds a new one each year. This is the new one for this year. She even had a bunch of flowers behind one ear, how fashionable huh?

Most of them are made from tree branches, twigs, and paper mache. She then paints them and give them life by giving them each their distinctive looks and wardrobes! At night she has black light on them so they appear to glow, and some even have glowing eyes. You wouldn't believe the crowds that gather to see the spectacle. She now has so many she is even placing them on neighbors lawns! They are very neat to see. I took these last night, but with my flash you lose the glowing affect. I just love the one with the glowing cigarette below. I guess she would be the socialite of the group? The first one above I believe was her first darling she created. The owner also has a signed book for purchase for tourist. You can click on the picture to embiggin to see detail.

Love the queen of the creatures sitting here with her chamber maid and her pets. Her eyes were even glowing orange. And in the next picture the twins are almost adorable.

The fat little lady sitting here is also a favorite of mine. The owner even has dry ice to create a mist. And how about the one flying in behind her. Creepy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lady Bunny was a Smash!!! And the Dumplings.

Well the Mistress survived all the birthday antics and is happy to say had a fabulous time with my good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust in New York City. The main highlight was my favorite drag queen EVER- Lady Bunny's cabaret show, That Ain't No Lady. It was extremely funny and full of hilarity. The show was demented, delightful and hilarious featuring her trademark fitly songs, Laugh In style comedy, some dancing and general fuckery! If you visit the city, or live there, go see the show. Lady Bunny won't disappoint and she mingles with the crowd after. And she even had a cute papi go-go dancer. The info is below.

After the show it was off to The Urges Lounge to indulge in some go-go boy action. The bartender there was extremely friendly and even gave us birthday shots on the house, and alas, this is where the Mistress hit a wall. I don't even remember one of the go-gos, or even leaving the place and going back to Mame's flat!!! I understand though a good time was had by all and I may have been promised to a Brazilian hottie!!! Who knows. The next morning was ugly. I thought I was hit by a bus. But thoughts of Chinatown and the Excellent Dumpling House got me moving!

Once inside we were seated quickly, I think they knew better than to keep us waiting and they also had three wait staff tending to our needs. As you can see we made a pretty good dent in the menu with hardly any room left on the table. We par took of Steamed Pork Buns, oh happy day, were they ever good, crab rangoons, pork dumplings, pot stickers and Garlic Chicken. When we were done I couldn't move and told Mame to go hail a rickshaw to transport me! And I'm here to tell ya it cured the hangover!

We were just a tad thirsty too could you tell!

After lunch it was off to Pearl River, which I'll do a post of on Gals About Town blog, to take a peak at all the Asian wares and I bought myself some rice bowls and sandal wood soap. After Pearl River there was more shopping to replace my missing jacket, which I lost somewhere the night before, my scarf which went out a cab window, and a pair of underwear which I still don't know what happened to them!!!!! I also got beautiful sweaters in the Top Shop. My new favorite store!!! So another birthday has gone and I thank my good friend and sister Mame for helping me party! And no one passed out! Tootles.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mame, Lady Bunny and the Mistress Spells Trouble

Happy early Monday everyone!!! This week will be a nutty one, so I'm posting early, and I have the feeling a drunk one! After a wonderfully relaxing weekend I'll be in transit on Tuesday to visit my good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust to celebrate my birthday! On the docket, beside some libations is-

Yes Lady Bunny!!! My favorite drag EVER! Bunny's trademark gravity-defying bouffant wig, and sharp wit, THAT AIN'T NO LADY is a cabaret designed for a night club crowd--no lengthy monologues or sappy show tunes here. This is for mature and gin drinking audiences who enjoy irreverent humor! The show is at the Latin nightclub, La Escuelita and this show re-introduces a quintessentially NYC venue with a great stage and atmosphere while bringing some much-needed trash back to the increasingly Disney-fied Times Square area. With the three of us drinking under one roof, it could get way out of hand! guessed it, some supporting of the arts and wayward boys up in the East Village at the Urges Lounge for some go-go boy action! I convinced Mame to take off Wednesday as I'm sure it will get ugly. Now Mame, if your reading, please have at the ready some demands.

1- Please tell Ito to not draw the shades early the next morning. How can anyone see in all that light!
2- A selection of International cheeses.
3- A Stella Der or two to sleep with.
4- Some Bromide, just in case.
5- A pre typed card with my name and your address to be sewn in my shirt so the Brazilians no where to return me if I pass out.
6- Please have a conversate with Dusty. I don't want jumped upon entering your flat for my gin! I always feel like I'm being frisked by that feline!

Now to sum up the night, these two clips. This is what a night out with Mame and the Mistress is like. And I have a feeling the Mistress will end up like Mag Wildwood. I do tend to make a entrance and a exit like her! The scenes remind me of Mame's Pride parties!

The rest of the week with work, finishing up my wig and costume for next weekend's Halloween soiree, and a trip to Marc Jacobs, I'll be in and out, but you know the Mistress can't say away for long, I'll be checking in and filling you all in, if I remember, later this week! Tootles!