Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

One of me favorite lucky charms, the vivacious Panti!

Panti is a drag queen performer originally from County Mayo,Ireland. The beautiful Panti is considered by many as the Grande Dame of the Dublin gay scene and the most influential drag queen of all Irish queens. Panti spent many years in Tokyo performing before returning to Ireland in 1996 where she settled in Dublin. Panti has hosted many a show and club events and has been hostess of the Annual Miss Ireland Pageant. She regularly host the Dublin pride which is a huge event for the countries gay community. In November 2007 she opened Panti Bar, the first ever club to be named and owned by a drag queen, to the Mistress's knowledge, for the gay community in Dublin. Now that's a class act!

Some Sensual Sexiness

Monday, March 30, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. After a full week of work after being cut back, I must say they used the Mistress's skills to the hilt last week. Not only did I do my regular duties and creative work, but we also had three events to set up and visually enhance. So needless to say, I'm back to my regularly scheduled programing and everything is now right with the word again.Now it's just hard to get back into a regular routine around the house again. You see, I try to do most of the house work in the evening when I get home around 4:00 till dinner, so we can have the weekends free. The Mistress likes to take in a museum and hit the town at night usually. And if she hits the town, Lord know what condition you will find her in on Sunday's. Anywho, this weekend though we took it easy except for a long list of little errands she had to do. I didn't feel much like doing them, but you do feel like you accomplished something when their done. I swear I think the Mistress needs four men. One to clean, one to cook, one to do finances, and one for....oh never you mind! Anyway, it was a overall low key weekend. Lots of cooking and movie watching and a walk around the lake on Friday which kicked my ass because we now started to run part of the lake. The Boy-Toy says we will be running most of the lake by summer's end. What! That's 6 miles people. Anywho, I'm exhausted. How was your weekend? Tootles!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love Me Some Estelle

This song has been out a while now, but I still love this song. And Estelle is just beautiful as hell. I always get in a good mood with this song and love the lighting of the video and her dance movements.

Spelling Manor

Did y'all hear that Candy Spelling is selling the house. Though it's not recession friendly, Candy Spelling's mansion will be perfect for the right person, someone looking for the bragging rights of owning the most expensive private home for sale in the US. Candy Spelling, the wife of the late Aaron Spelling, is selling for a whopping $150 million. The Spelling Manor is the largest home in the LA area and the French chateau-style property in cases 56,000 square feet of space. The mansion offers a army of gardeners and housekeepers, a bowling alley, wine cellar, three gift wrapping rooms, library, gym, screening room,a humidity-controlled fur and silver storage room and a pool and spa.

Candy Spelling says she doesn't even know how more rooms there exactly are in the house anymore.She said she is the only one now living in the mansion so she is dumping the mansion lifestyle and has already bought a two story condo atop a residential tower in LA for a rumored $47 million. I think it would be great if all us bloggers bought it and turned it into the Blogger Manor. Think of all the fun we would have and we still wouldn't see each other the place is so big. Hell, it's pocket change, what do y'all think?

Flip That Switch

Do you want to save some energy? Simply switch off your lights today March 28th from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm. This is Earth Hour and it will be the third annual worldwide event. Millions of homes and businesses and hundreds of landmarks will go dark for one hour to show that energy conservation is important. At the same time, Earth Hour reminds each of us how easy it is to conserve by just turning off non-essential lights and other electronics to reduce our own power. Earth Hour got it's start in Australia and is now 2,400 cities and 82 countries deep. Some famous landmarks will go dark for the event that include the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, St.Louis Gateway Arch, Sydney Opera House, the Space Needle, Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt, Golden Gate Bridge, most of Philadelphia and the Broadway theater marquees in New York City. Even the flashy Las Vegas Strip and Welcome to Las Vegas sign will turn dark for one hour. This will be the first time in history the sign and strip will go dark for a whole hour. We should all get into the habit this weekend to conserve energy. And it can be made fun by having a candlelight dinner, tell ghost stories in the dark, or take a long walk. The Boy-Toy is like Oh you want to do this? So the Mistress's place will go all dark for the event tonight. And I can think of one thing to do in the dark that will make it fun!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

From the Candy Shop......

All American eye candy and hottie Evan Wadle! And is it me or is he FILLING out those square cuts?

Evan Wadle is from Whitehouse Station, New Jersey and is a very successful male model. Wadle was first discovered back in early 2006- who was hired on the spot! And I can see why! Since then, this young, six foot, blond, ripped hottie has managed to land numerous photo shoots and magazine covers. In 2008 he won the title of DNA'S February's Mate of the Month and soon to be the new face of B*BOY Underwear. And from what the Mistress understands the backside shot of the Wad, which is the first pic below are hard to come by, and that, along with blond hair all over is the reason for this ho to drool all over him! I just love a all American boy that looks good in jeans and a white tee. Or nothing at all.

Nice Things Come in Small Packages

Or in this case, big things come in a small package!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun In Barcelona

We all enjoy getting comments and the start up of new blogoshere friends through our blogs. And after a while you get the regular commenter's who will check in everyday or from time to time. The last couple of months a new commenter by the name Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan showed up. I was shocked to have a fan. Anywho, This fan, it occurred to me, must know me because some of the posts I made did not include some of the details of what I might have done on a weekend for example. I thought , who is this? Well case solved. It turned out to be a friend from work, DJ. He finally let it slip in a comment last week. He has been in Barcelona, Spain for the last 11 days and I think he was rubbing it in since he was there. He knows I have a weakness for Spanish and Brazilian men. Hell lets face it. The Mistress only likes two kinds of men. Foreign and Domestic! You may remember DJ took the Mistress to his uncle's horse estate for a day back in January. Well, anywho, yesterday I got a a email and he is now back in New Jersey and sent a few pictures from his trip. I thought I would share them with y'all! In the second picture I love the big phallic building in the center of the town. I knew I'd like Barcelona!

DJ,who is on the left is pictured here with his friend. Boy what a hard trip this must have been!

Here are some other friends who also went with DJ. A handsome pair.

A waiter they had at one of the cafes. DJ said in his email all the waiters seemed very,very friendly! This one was the best one they had he said. How do you mean had exactly DJ?

It looks like it was a wonderful trip DJ. And your friends look like they had a good time too. I just want to know why I wasn't invited? You were probably worried your friends wouldn't be able to resist the dish that the Mistress is. I understand. I could have traveled light though. I could have cut my luggage down to two hat boxes and a steamer trunk! Plus I could have been surrounded by many hot Spaniards. Thanks again for such a lovely email, and welcome back!


The ego's purpose is to take everything seriously,including yourself.
Drag's purpose is to take nothing seriously, including yourself.

I love this verse. From RuPaul's blog

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Brazil's exotic diva, Silvetty Montilla

Silvetty Montilla is one of, if not the most famous drag queen in Brazil. She is from the city of San Paulo and quickly gained popularity among the public, as well as other performers for her unique and very sharp sense of humor. Silvetty has also recorded a album titled Something Good for You which instantly became a must among all the gay boys in Brazil. Silvetty has toured the whole of Brazil and all over abroad. She has also appeared in several theatrical productions as well as her own TV show on a local broadcast station in San Paulo. Between her gowns and her coifs this is one fierce dame!

The Nano. Are You Serious?

The Nano, a pint sized $2000 car designed to put car ownership within reach of millions of the world's poor, goes on sale in India in April. But whether the Nano will revolutionize the auto industry has yet to be seen. The Nano goes from 0-60mph in 23 seconds and even less with the AC on, and has the simplest dashboard the Mistress has ever seen! Where does one put a compact? Better still -where is the flask holder?

Ratan Tata, Tata's chairmen who is putting out the Nano said he was inspired to build the car after seeing families of four or five crammed onto a single motor bike, and also from the over crowed streets filled with SUV'S and four door sedans. Now I don't know about y'all, but the Mistress loves cute things, but this is ridiculously small. I even read somewhere that it is difficult to get behind the wheel. I can't imagine that this car would even stand up in a serious accident. I don't think I would feel the slight bit safe in this car -at all! Have you seen this car yet? What do y'all think of it?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Letters From Sister Mamie

Today my good friend and sister Mamie, AKA David Dust posted a whole story on the background of the lovely festivities of the Black party. The Mistress got to thinking I have known this bitch for quite some time. Before I went about the rest of the day, I remember I had a letter that she wrote me when she was just a little blond chicken right off the Greyhound. I used to look forward to her letters when I got them. One letter in particular was a invite to the going ons at the Black Party.

Even then as you can see, she was a funny writer back then. Well, I don't think I ever went to the Black Party. I was just to young and impressionable ya see.Yea right, believe that one and I will tell you another.Plus, being just out, meant I would have to leave town and might miss meeting a new boy! Anywho, it wasn't till a New York Gay Pride that I finally went to visit her and also would make trips to go to Patricia Fields to get wigs and other drag provisions. And the letters would have me in stitches from her talk of working at Macy's when she was a young retail queen to the savvy business woman she is today. And then there were the tales of lust, I mean, love. Yea that's it,love. I don't know where lust came from. Lets just say their were tales of many men, all papi's. She knew then what she wanted. Then there were the tales of the club scene, the Roxy,the Limelight, where they had a special Margarita night, Sound Factory, the Tunnel and her personal favorite Stella's. And that was followed by the hang overs the next day. What's funny about the whole thing is I didn't know Mamie to well before she left to go to New York to live. Maybe a couple of months. At first meeting, it was awkward because I was seeing a guy who had also dated Mamie. When he brought me around Mamie wasn't going to have another damn blond around. Somehow, we became good friends and she moved away to New York. Hell, that same guy we had in common is also still a good friend and was our host at The Woods campground two years ago. Now we run him ragged! But I think we really connected when he would come home to visit at all the parties and gatherings we had. Ever since then, Mamie has been one of my best friends and sisters. We have had many a hang over, danced some ditty's, dated many,many,many,many men, wore many a turban, and have even lost some dear friends. No, Mamie is definitely one of a kind, and I'm glad a still have these letters. After all these years they still make me laugh! Mamie -thanks for being such a wonderful friend and a lovely sister. I love ya girl!

The Spectacular Shirley Bassey

I just saw a bio on Dame Shirley Bassey on tv last night. I was just glued to the set. You see Dame Shirley Bassey is one of the Mistress's favorite chanteuse. I would love to see her probably more than anyone else in concert. Even at 72 she still looks incredible! Shirley Bassey was born on January 8,1937 to working class parents in a dockside district of Tiger Bay and is the youngest of seven children. Shirley went on to become a International star.

She performed the theme songs to the James Bond films including, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, and Moonraker. She is the only singer to have recorded more than one James Bond theme song. Dame Shirley has also accumulated 20 silver discs for sales in Britain, Europe, and the Middle East; fifty plus gold discs of international sales and has more greatest hits compilation albums than any other artist, including one gold and two platinum. Dame Shirley has also performed with some of the best talent around including the London Symphony Orchestra, John Barry, Count Basie,Humphrey Littleton, the Propellerheads including many other artist. And she is still going strong and still touring. I watch her web site on occasion to see if she will get to New Hope, as the town gets many big name cabaret and jazz talent here. Dame Shirley currently resides in Monaco. A beautiful setting for such an elegant woman. I also included my favorite Bassey song,History Repeating. Her voice is just jaw dropping! Now if she could just loan me that red number with the feathers.

And her remake of Pink's Get This Party Started

Starrbooty Comes to Mind

The first day of spring was yesterday, and it reminded me of how our dear departed cat Starrbooty used to enjoy being perched on a window sill in the spring and summer to catch a few rays. For those of you new to the life of the Mistress, poor little Starrbooty passed away six months ago already. You can read the post about how a got Starrbooty here. And as you all know she was a huge fan of David Dust! Starrbooty was the first cat I ever had. Up to that point I had always been a dog person. But now we here at the Borghese abode are thinking soon of getting another cat. I'm not sure yet if we are going to get a kitten or a older cat yet, but it may be nice to hear the purring again beside the purring being heard around here by the Mistress looking at all the hot men. And while we will enjoy a new cat, it is hard to think they will replace the diva Starrbooty was, at least I think. Are all cats diva's?

And here is the RuPaul song that inspired Starrbooty's name.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung....I Think

Today is the first day of spring. The Mistress got up and readied herself for a half day of work, got her java and looked out the window and it was sunny, but what's this? Snowing? OH HELL NO! As I got outside, the temperature was cooler than excepted. When I was inside it looked warmer because of the sunny skies I guess. But when I got outside I could have cut some glass with these suckers! I mean, all week it was warm and beautiful and then this. Thank-God it only lasted for a half an hour and then it stopped. I guess Mother Nature was just pulling a little ha-ha for shits and giggles because she could. The rest of the weekend is suppose to be nice. I have always enjoyed spring the most because it feels like a time for renewal. Clean out and get organized. All the trees bloom and I can have fresh flowers all over again. I usually have flowers in the kitchen ,but when spring comes I like to have fresh ones in all the rooms. On my way home today I stopped at the market and picked out a few stems to arrange.

Flowers always put people in a better mood a think. While at the market I also picked up some crab meat to make Deviled Crab for our dinner tonight, with some steamed asparagus. The rest of the weekend I'm hoping I will get to Philly to window shop and hang out, possibly visit some of the girls at the happy hour and maybe even find a new Easter bonnet to wear this year! Of course, with the warmer weather that also means the boys will be feeling randy and will be out in droves at all the clubs. And it will kill me if I see them out with jeans on with flip flops already, with it still being a bit nippy out! Don't get me wrong now y'all, I love the look of jeans and flip flops, hell I wear this look myself. But let's not rush the season. Or white jeans. Now I understand white jeans are the trend for spring, but I'm old school trained, no white pants till Memorial Day! Anywho,I forgot where I was going with this. Damn afternoon gin and tonic! Anywho, the Mistress is just glad spring is here and we can get outdoors again but mostly because the hunky lawn boys will also be back to tend to the grounds. And I'll be perched from my picture window soaking up the views! Any big plans for your weekend?