Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Clock Runs Out Tonight!

Well my little loves, this is the last post for 2010! Where did the year, and for that matter the decade go?????? It seems just like yesterday we had our panties in a twist when the calendar would switch over to 2000 doesn't? The Mistress had a very good year and can't complain much. I have a wonderful family, caring and supportive friends and all you wonderful bloggers I've got to know, and even meet some of ya! I think in 2011 their will be some life changes, and new chapters to be read. I still can't understand where all the time went.

I just love clocks! I collect them. And you think I would be on time with all the ones I have wouldn't you? Hell no, always late. Just like a true queen. I'm off today and getting things ready for tonight. Now- brace yourself, the Mistress is not heading out for New Years Eve! WHAT! Yes, you read it right. The last two years, I entertained a nice little group of friends at the house with a dinner of Fillet Mignon and Lobster tail, and of course, a huge bottle of champagne! It was always a good time to have a intimate gathering, instead of the huge crowds at all the clubs and lounges, so I'm doing it again.

Fillet Mignon,shrimp,lobster tail and all the sides! And your probably thinking the Mistress surely won't be hung the next day, but guess what....she will! Before dinner their will be cosmopolitans and then the endless champagne flow.

But, somehow the Mistress will get up early, freshen just a bit, close all the damn window blinds and climb over bodies to get to the kitchen to get my famous New Years Day dinner under way. The dinner-pork and sauerkraut of course!!! Along with mashed potatoes, greens, and peas and onions. Of course, I'll fix the pork and sauerkraut and then place in the oven to slow cook all day and then take my hungness back to bed to slumber! We probably will also watch the Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade too. So as you can see, I will have my hands full with guest. And cock-a-tails. And Advil.

New Years Eve always reminds me of my grandmothers favorite song from the fabulous Nancy Wilson. Well, I must be off. I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all have much love, peace and happiness in the new decade. What will you be doing New Years Eve??? Take it away Nancy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Peak at the Dragtestants

The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 is here! While new episodes of The Greatest Show On Earth don’t actually start until January, that is no reason we can’t get all excited and put on our bitchpants and wigs for some completely superficial and wildly inaccurate video judging. These first three are wildly entertaining. What do you think of them in their formal intros?

Delta Work is one of the queens that I have seen before. She is from California and she is part of the uber successful show DREAMGIRLS. LOVE DELTA! Her interview was so personable, and adorable. She knows her strengths, admitted her weakness,dancing, and unlike a lot of the other interviews, she didn’t seem full of herself or stuck up. One flawless queen too!

LOOOOOOOOVE Mimi Imfusrt! I have seen Mimi before several times, and she is just a breath of fresh air right now here in Philadelphia at the Q Bar! I don’t know what it is with me and the big girls this season (well 2 of them at least) but I think it could be the year of the Big Queen! She is so cute, and funny in her interview. She didn’t irritate me at all, and I found myself laughing and giggling with her. She believes that drag should be over the top (AMEN!) because “If you’re not over the top, you’ll never see the other side!” One of my top 3 queens for sure! I'm hoping she takes this!!! After all, isn't this about what a drag queen should be? Were not searching for real looking women here are we?

Mariah could be the one I love…or love to hate. First off, she’s from Atlanta, and she is a Ballroom Queen. Yes she competes in the Ballroom. She is considered (or considers herself) one of the legendary performers. Mariah could be fun, for the simple reason that this diva could have some SERIOUS moves. I will be excited to see what she brings out. She should make the top five.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back Home....With Snow and Ice

How was every body's Christmas! Well the Mistress spent a lovely time with her even more colorful family. It was nice to see alot of my aunt and uncle's family and we enjoyed our traditional cosmopolitans and roast beef dinner with Yorkshire Pudding. I'm sure I over ate. And for dessert my uncle is famous for his delish, mind altering egg nog! Between the cosmos, the red wine with dinner, and the egg nog, we were one loud family, and a few of us even danced with lampshades on our heads, to the dismay of my aunt! Needless to say, everybody slept like babies from what I understand. And my mother and aunt even gave me some old photos of my great grandparents who I had never seen before on my mom's side. Very cool and thoughtful gifts that I'll always treasure. But yesterday was fun as the Mistress took off early due to the snow storm that gripped the east! I guess the Snow Miser decided we needed to get ours! I get very nervous in snow while driving. I can handle just fine, it's the others that worry me so. So I hooked up the moose and took the sleigh instead!!!!! So, the Mistress in currently enjoying a day off with a blanket, candles and so left over egg nog to keep warm. And speaking of cold, snow and ice check out these in demand ice sculptors. Father and son team, Takeo and Shintaro Okamoto, of Okamoto Studios. How amazing are these?

Another thing that is amazing is that ice sculptor, Shintaro Okamoto has also created a fabulous collection of ice bowls for reception tables for cold foods to stay cold. How genius and stunning to look at. I so want one.

Excuse me now. I think I need to go find a warm sweater to put on after seeing these. Tootles!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Little Hams

Christmas Day at mother's house. Couldn't help but snap this picture of all this cuteness!

Buster and Lady, my mother's dog. Don't they look like Lady and the Tramp?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Mistress

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I so enjoy hearing from all of you and enjoy our time together. May all my dearies out there have a glorious day filled with love, peace and goodwill! And of course some cock-a-tails! Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Your loving minx-
the Mistress Borghese

Friday, December 24, 2010

Heading Home for Christmas

Is everybody ready for the big day? I can't believe how quick this year went! The Mistress had off today and finished her last minute stock stuffer gifts and then just walked about Doylestown looking at all the Christmas finery about the town. And it seemed everywhere I went people couldn't have been more friendly saying" Merry Christmas", and" Happy Holidays"! It was very nice to hear. Could people be in the spirit this year, or is everybody just drinking more??? The Mistress is enjoying being wrapped up early and relaxing. I didn't have but five gifts to get, and it was mostly work related and some close friends. We don't really exchange with family anymore, except for the young ones. We really enjoy good company and laughs, spirits and FOOD! My checklist for the packing is done, as the Mistress will be heading to Harrisburg to the ancestral home for a lovely Christmas Eve dinner, and then to the Aunt and Uncles house for the big day, with most of her kids. We'll enjoy some cosmopolitans, which is tradition and then her Roast Beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding! Yum. And on Christmas Eve, since I was a wee one, I have always watched A Christmas Carol. I 'll have to uphold that along with some cookies and a nice Spiked Eggnog! Do you all have any traditions you look forward too? Well time to hit the road. I'll be back next week sometime. In the meantime have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Ole New Year!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

From the Candy Shop

Dear Santa.......
Please bring me this year-

A very sexy Brock Yurich......

or the dark, handsome mischievous Marco Dapper.

I just can't make up my little ole mind! Since I have been a extra good Mistress this year, could I please have both? Just make it easy on your self. If you give me your word on this I 'll see to it that you get a double batch of my delish sandtarts your so fond of, and I'll leave two shakers of Ginger Sidecars to wash them down with. And some of my creamy rum balls for the road. And don't give me that old " I have to be flying rotuine", because you and I both know the reindeer do all the work! Just like when I'm passed out on a dog sled being pulled! But if it isn't at all possible, then one of your many helpers will do in a pinch! I guess their is always next year. But I would really enjoy one of them. Thanks so much in advance Santa Baby!Kisses!

Your loving minx-
The Mistress Borghese

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with Dame Cortney

My close girlfriend and hostess with the mostess, The Dame Cortney has done it again this year. Her and her handsome husband, known as the Capital Street Duo have participated in Harrisburg's Holiday House and Garden Tour and have won the prize for the second time!!! Congratulations girl! This comes as no surprise to me, since the Dame has a talent for the fine things and a very creative mind! I love to visit her abode because you never know what to expect or see, or drink for that matter!!!! Everywhere you look their is a little surprise waiting. How many people have a giant cock on top of the frig? A stuff roaster that is!!!! The Dame works for a very busy floral company in Hershey and is very talented with the stems, and also wheels and deals with her own vintage holiday decorations side business. If your looking for old vintage holiday decorations for any holiday, she is your to go person in Harrisburg. For that matter, anything that is really vintage or antique. She runs her business out of the Old Sled Works that I posted about before. But enough of this squawking- lets just have a look- see at the town house shall we?

The stunning, beautiful mantle with angel fairy figure.

Yes, your eyes don't decieve, the Dame has a whole sleigh in the livingroom! And above is her vintage shoe collection. She also has two peacocks, but they aren't visible on the sleigh in this picture.

I see Berdorf Goodman windows in her future!

Haunting Winter at The Lake

On Monday when I was off I decided to take Buster Bolfif Borghese up to Peace Valley Lake to have a afternoon walk. Boy was it cold as hell! But I did get these cool, no pun intended, shots, as winter finally arrived at the lake to freeze it over. And it was right near sunset. Something very cold, deserted,desolate and haunting about them, don't you think? Sorta cool though!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

The lovely and multi-talented....Venus D-Lite!

Venus D-Lite is from California, and is also part of the DREAMGIRLS Revue, A very popular drag show that's has been going on for some time now. Venus is FUN! She quick, sure about herself, confident, sassy, funny! Venus D-Lite is also one of the most well known Madonna Lookalike/Female Impersonator/Tribute Artist currently living in Los Angeles and she works at various clubs all around Southern California. Venus also has her own drag show at V.I.P NightClub in Riverside California every Saturday Night at 11p.m.But in a couple weeks she will be a drag testant on the third season of RuPaul's Dragrace and is one of my Top Queens as well to win. I have a feeling she will be a hoot and a holler to watch!