Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Violet is a great example of one of the queens from Drag Race to go on to HUGE things. At first, I wasn't a fan, having met once and heard "the talk" of how bitter and caustic she can get. But show me a queen who can't be, and I'll eat this keyboard. There is no denying she is one of the bigger successes to go on to big things since the show, and has only blown up bigger. Violet is pretty much a international drag performer and a global fashion icon. Although the 29 year old triumphed on the 7th season over Ginger Minj, Pearl and Kennedy, Violet is still trying to prove her worth, and I feel is doing it. Violet is part drag, part fashion part burlesque, and part circus, and doesn't find getting naked. No wonder I grew to like her!! She's a perfect spectacle. She is also innovative, gender-bending, and loves her 19-inch waist. While music hasn't been a big focus for the queen up to this point, she did dabble, but it wasn't till her latest release Fade to Grey that she has exploded. And with the song and video getting good acclaim and reviews she is looking to expand with more music going forward. The video is a remix, an 80's inspired masterpiece with a strong sound, sharp synths and seductively whispered vocals. It's such a well down and arty video and showcases Paul Jason Dardo, the person behind the character and the almighty, all glamorous Violet together, switching between these two contrasting, yet connected personas in an Olymp-like location. If you have seen a Violet show, you will get the full Violet experience, much like you would with Sasha Velour. One gets to dive deeper into Violet's magic universe of self -expression.

 And now the afternoon interlude. Fabulous!


 With Memorial Day now here and past, I may be ready for summer, and to hang out and enjoy some wieners....

but I'm may not be ready to unveil myself from the mask.

Monday, May 30, 2022


Memorial Day for some conjures images of hamburger and hot dogs, swimming pools and the unofficial start of summertime. But the last Monday in May serves, most importantly, as a time to honor those who have died while fighting in the US Armed Forces, the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and the Air Force. It's a holiday steeped in somber American history and tradition. The day actually began as Decoration Day, following the Civil War, when mourners placed flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers. My father served in the army, and we went this morning to lay a flag and small wreath and have placed out our flags. We must not take for granted the services these people did for all of us, and we need to take better care of our veterans. Later we will be having my uncle who also served, and his son over for a small cook-out. If you served or are serving, THANK YOU for all your service protecting us and keeping our freedoms.

I was absolutely in awe when I first saw images by Arthur Mole when he created them by arranging thousands of people, many of them from our military troops into American patriotic symbols, that are viewed from a bird's eye perspective.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2022


Once upon a time there were three sexy, naughty, sassy bears living in a rustic cabin in the forest. They were all day cooking, working, stretching, playing together and taking selfies. And doing lots of Grrrrring, woofing and teasing themselves and having fun. And it seems everybody loved the hot deliciousness of the Three Bears of the Rowse Honey campaign. And they are all finger licking good...Phil, Joel and the one that gets me the most, Matt known as the baby bear. Sweet Mother Mary of Pearl!!!!! Matt Lister's playfulness is what gets me the most and I find that so very sexy. Matt  is British and is a slalom canoeist who has competed at the international level from 20008 to 2015, and won two bronze medal in the C2 team event. He thinks of himself as a "fitness fanatic" who never skips breakfast, which of course is a bowl of porridge. Lister came out as gay in 2012 and has written fitness columns for Attitude magazine and has occasionally worked as a model. But it was his part in the fun and extremely fun advertising campaign for Rowse Honey that is really grabbing our attentions, not to mention being part of RuPaul's Brit Crew on the UK's Drag Race. If Matt wants any more "fitness" work outs, Im only too happy to lend my body and then we can enjoy a bowl of that porridge. And I have just a few tricks I can do with honey!


And the commercial that gets us going. I'm soooooo ready to play Goldilocks.

Friday, May 27, 2022



People are saying if there was only more God in school these days, these recent shooting wouldn't happen. But let me ask you this question. Where was their God when all the molestations was happening in their churches?


OH SHIT Realness !

Vicki Vivacious

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


By now we have all heard the terrible news coming out of Texas. Not surprisingly.  When are we going to finally learn? And who and when is someone finally going to have the balls to railroad legislation and deeper guidelines on who buys guns, mandatory background checks and how easy it is to get weapons and guns???? I applaud the sane and responsible gun owners. But if those fighting the guidelines and background checks and those bitching that it's too hard to buy such items, then they are up to something and mean no good. We have to get tested and get a license for far more things, like driving for example, so what's the difference? But today my disappointment and dislike are for most of DC. What the hell has to be done before anyone does something instead of offering talk, talk, talk, prayers and wishes of thought, and condolences??? I guess another Federal Building has to be bombed again? I saw where AOC had some things to say. I generally agree with what she has to say, but she doesn't always hold people on her side accountable. The GOP is a lost cause...they really could not care one bit about gun control and guidelines, and the killing, unless it was a close member of their family. So I'm happy as hell AOC is holding Pelosi accountable. who in my opinion is pass her sell by date anyhow, she is holding Pelosi accountable for supporting an anti-choice, pro NRA candidate, mind you, in Texas over a pro-choice progressive. And this isn't the first time her and a few others have done this.  Progressive voters begged for AOC and the Squad not to vote for Pelosi as speaker of the House in 2020, since we clearly see how off to the right their principles are. They voted her in anyway. This is what happens when you trust Pelosi apparently. 

Steny Hoyer, Jim Clburn and "progressive" Hakeem Jeffries, along with Pelosi make up the whole House leadership. And they're sabotaging their own and Biden's agenda, so RePukelicans don't have to!!!  The Cuellar/Cisneros Texas race is still too close to call. This should be a reckoning for  moderate Democrats to define what they stand for other than not being Trump. So far, not much with some of them. In supporting anti-choice, and NRA candidates like Cuellar, "moderates" are begging for another "moderate like Manchin and Sinema.  I have had it with just about everyone with broken campaign promises. And there are a few Dems who do indeed take NRA  support. 

The population of the US practically owns more guns than there are people. And we wonder why there's so much gun violence. Even though the Dems are better on the issue then the GOP, somehow little, if anything, gets done to stop this kind of thing,  even when the we're in power.  Will something happen now? I doubt it.  The last guy shot up a supermarket and now this guy goes and shoots up 19 kids left unrecognizable and two adults. If you can't even make elementary schools safe for kids.....

I guess it will be up to us, the People to vote then all out if they can't do their damn jobs. I may have to rethink my voting ways and candidates. It seems we can't get anything done and passed in this country, everything is a damn struggle to get done. If these and other important topics on a growing list can't get done, I have one final message for them all.

And a hat tip and thank you to Sixpence for the link to Moms Demand Action. on his blog today. I signed and plan to do some research of what else there is to do with them.

Wake up DC and start getting this country back on track.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Drag Race Espana has been back, back back, again.... and getting ready to crown the next winner. And if you thought you had enough Drag Race, then you clearly haven't met the queens of Espana. This season has left Supremme De Luxe, the judges and viewers gagging. These queens have proved they didn't come to play, but slay, and the second season raised the bar, yet again, for the entire franchise. While all the queens were over the top and full of extra camp, it's Sharonne I've had my eye on and dare say she may cinch the crown. Sharonne is a seasoned queen and is a professional on the stage. She can act, live sing, dance and has a comical side to even fill Lady Bunny with hilarity. Her drag style in my term's is 70 and 80's diva, complete with old camp drag mixed with old Hollywood elegance, and lots of disco shine. She may be a beauty but is also not shy from doing downright hideous drag either. I was beyond excited when she got onto the second season, as during the quarantine I became familiar with her now legendary celebrity impressions, and I do mean dead on impressions of the likes of fat Madonna, Marisa Paredes, Margert Thatcher, Donatella Versace, her fabulous Amy Winehouse, Liza Minnelli, and Maria Callas. She truly is the queen of 100 faces, I swear. Her online shows and TicTok blew up during the heyday of the pandemic. But what I'm here for is that she is also the oldest dragtestant of this season, and already sent most of the cast packing their wigs and has the second most wins of a season in the entire franchise.  Who says us older dogs can't perform and bury the competition?