Saturday, May 30, 2020


It's a nice sunny, shiny kind of day here today, so why not throw open the doors to a sun shiny blond. It's not often that many blonds will catch my eye, being a dirty blond myself, I generally like to look  opposite of my man. But this tasty blond and his very sweet treats and svelte packaging have always got to me and my weakness. Today in the Candy Shop is one of my top 10 secret weapons....Steven Delher!!

 I’ll (appropriately) obsess over a stunning man for a while and then something shiny will distract me, like another man usually, and before I know it a year has flown by and we’ve forgotten about the dude who made us all drool so much. But not with Steven. I have always thought, this model and WeHo go-go boy and dancer was handsome as hell, with a pinch of wily and the innocence's of golden boy thrown in. I huge turn on. We’ve seen Steven plenty of times in the past in the Candy Shop, but I have no doubt that the sight of his perfect plump rump will have a lot of you agog and wanting more. It's his face , ass, and legs that suck me in. And then there's that head of hair to run your hands through, swoon..... He always looks awesome, and we’re lucky that he’s one of those models who isn’t shy about showing off a little more flesh than some. I certainly appreciate it. Steven is also a wonderful piano player...he does a mean Clair de Lune, sometimes even while naked. I'll have a baby grand sent in if you come and serenade me Steven?!? You know they say tulips on the organ are better than roses on the piano!!!! Of course, if we would hit the sheets, it would be like calling my own name out?!? I could live with that. 

Friday, May 29, 2020


Something positive to take us away fOR a brief moment today. I don't know how many of you have seen these little gems or may even have one in your neighborhood. One of my neighbors, the lady with the farm, put one up a few months ago and since, the community has put up two others. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world, not to mention get and keep people interested in reading. The first Little Free Library was built in 2009 by the late Todd Bol in Hudson, Wisconsin. Bol mounted a wooden container designed to look like a one-room schoolhouse on a post on his lawn and filled it with books as a tribute to his mother, who was a book lover and school teacher and had recently died. Bol shared his idea with his partner, Rick Brooks, and together they built more of them in different areas of the Midwestern United States. After a while, the idea started to spread. Last I heard there are now over 100,000 of them world wide! Most of these can be built and put right up on your own property or in my building,  or permission required first if on public land. They can be as simple or elaborate as one wants. When I finally saw the two of ours, I thought they were so cute and do such good I think. We need to be more involved in community I think, and stop this sitting around while everything is going under.  This one in the little park where I walk Buster, reminded me of dear Debs.
Meanwhile at the other park in Doylestown, the steward of this one took into consideration the pandemic for those less fortunate. Since then after going pass, this one has stay food related, so it does even more good.
And in the new Britain Park where we sometimes go..
Here are some of my favorites from their Instagram. I even saw one that had knitting supplies in it!
Petaluma CA!

Seattle WA

Los Angeles

What a genius idea for those who couldn't find a mask. The steward of this one made mask. This one was in Anacortes WA.

Here's one in Arizona.

Denver CO

New Orleans!

San Antonio TX

Someone was looking for a book in Jackson FL.

Wyncote PA.

I have myself taken several books to two of mine, but rest assure it wasn't last night's reading material. I just love the whole idea of these and it's such a good thing. If your interested in knowing more about them, donating, how to get started, register one you already have, or how to get involved, you can go the Little Free Library website for a wealth of info. I'm off now to go walk doggies.


In this weekly post,  I'll share with you a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind. I bumped my weekly guest this week for a new one, which seemed fitting.

In three words...
Larry Kramer
June 25 1935- May 27 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy night.


The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 are ready to slay the stage and runway… virtually.  The virtual shows are the result of the current lockdown — but as we have seen from queens the last two months...a lockdown won't hold them back... that won’t stop the show from death dropping its way into our homes. RuPaul already hosted the virtual slumber party and the queens had the opportunity to kiki about everything and anything that has happened this season, which included all the shade thrown in the “werkroom” and some of the most shocking eliminations. I also have it on good authority that Nina West and Yvie Oddly will be joining in via Zoom. I thought overall it was a better season then some,  with talent,  and a better cross selection of varied queens. One gripe I still have is that of the Snatch Game. I wish the queens would pick more well known personalites to impersoniate. I didn't know who half of them were. I thought from the get go though , it would be the Gigi and Sherry Show for most the season. I was also shocked since Sherry was eliminated, Ru didn't bring back in Jackie for final four, even though I don't think she would win it.  It was also the first time I called almost every queen in the order they left, but had Heidi and Widow in reverse order. Some of my observations.

From the start, it appeared the season's youngest competitor, Gigi Goode, might cake-walk to the crown with her runway looks and hilariously unexpected domination of Snatch Game, which was  brilliant as hell — all skills that resulted in Gigi winning four main challenges over the course of the season. Gigi is a sweetheart, and there's no denying her performance has captivated the fans and judges alike, but, as the pool of contestants narrowed, the rougher edges around Gigi's well-rounded package began to poke through the glossy veneer and well-made (but costume-leaning) runway offerings. I had her placed in top 4, with the win, and I'd be happy with that, but not so sure now.

All drag is valid. A few clowns on online tried to challenge that notion in recent weeks, but pay no attention to the unsubstantiated noise: Crystal Methyd is not a gimmick, and neither is her drag. It took a few weeks for the Missouri-based queen to find her footing in the context of Drag Race, but she's taken the judges' critiques, and molded herself fit into the show's signature brand of expectations without sacrificing her originality, becoming one of the most versatile (and original) queens the show has ever seen. Even when she's "failing" at a challenge Drag Race sets forth, there's an unbreakable and irresistibly unique spirit radiating deep within Crystal's soul, and it doesn't feel like she's masking, hiding, or playing dress up over it — even when she's dressed like one half of a lesbian-couple version of Bert and Ernie or a velvety genie dipped in blue body paint. She's hilarious, intuitive, and does what she wants to do, almost to the point where it doesn't feel as if she's performing as much as she's just effortlessly turning herself inside-out for the world to see, like she'd do it all anyway whether we're watching or not. And that's what I love about her. I have always loved Crystal and I feel she deserves the win really.

What a joy it has been to Jaida Essence Hall... this gorgeous queen, I knew little of,  joy-ride through RuPaul's Drag Race with a poise, elegance, old-school diva attitude, and whip-smart wit of a genuine superstar. Whether she's dripping down the runway in jaw-dropping, versatile fashions, pondering who the fuck  Rose Nylund is, repeating the word "chile," or simply running her mouth like your best girlfriend in a confessional, Jaida has injected an irresistible burst of warm energy into a competition typically fraught with high-stakes, cutthroat tension. Superficial attitudes would have you believe Jaida represents "pageant" rigidity, but, like all of her season 12 sisters, she's so much more than the labels we've learned to rely on. Jaida's fashionable instincts and natural comedic chops have propelled her to three challenge victories since the season began, and her mastery of the lip-sync arts should produce fireworks — on the finale. But I'm not sure she brings anything new necessarily to Rupauls winners congress.

I won't lie. I knew Sherry would do quite well. I mean bitch can mix editorial, camp and a high concept together and pull it off and is one of the most creative queens out there. I felt sorry for her seamstress Florance D'Lee. But I'm sure he'll have many offers to dress many queens. I just wanted to include the rat fink liar in case she sees this and could have seen what she could have been, and had, if she wasn't such a devious pie for this bitch.
Heidi N' Closet, Heidi Hydrate or Heidi Aphrodite, whatever name.... by a long shot was the biggest surprise this season for me, and hands down will most likely get Miss Congeniality.  I had heard of her the last couple years, but boy,  is she on my radar now. I do follow her on Instagram and her looks on there are jaw. dropping. I was very glad to see she went as far as she did. She has one of the best drag personalities, the kind you love to see backstage. Tooth whistle and all.

Oh my... Aiden Zhane. I just knew she wouldn't make it far. I will give her credit for stepping out being a huge introvert to do this though. While her drag style is not my preference I can appreciate where he comes from though. But had he the style he showed during the reunion.....gurrrrrrrrrrl, you just may have made it a bit further. His reunion look gave me all kinds of a gothic Hollywood siren...and the wig was making me gag for life hunties. I need one in blond just for a rainy day.

The biggest shock for me was Rock M Sakura. The 28-year-old self-described anime/J-pop/manga queen prides herself on being as much a performer as she is a look queen. Now I knew she would barley get off the runway, but damn.... I really, really grew to like her so much. Plus putting up with Bunny, I can take and love some vulgarity and she seemed to be the only queen to have the balls to dish some out. Here again I have to disagree with Michelle on Rock. I love me some crazy shit. I mean it's drag. Her huge crinoline gown was jaw dropping, make a entrance, I'm Here Look!!!!!! Michelle needed to clean the glasses off gurl. If I wasn't so used to sleeping naked, I would have ordered one to sleep in hunties!!!!!!! I also thought he was so adorable as a guy, I'd tap it.
 So what did you think of the season and who do you want for the next winner.? I'm not sure yet I'll watch All Stars,  we shall see. We have to suffer watching Derrick Barry. I just can't. I'd rather watch a doorknob. I'll look more forward to Canada DragRace myself.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


  This week our Grande Dame is from sunny West Hollywood...and this way comes West coast beauty, 6. Or as she is better known... They Call Her 6.
Call Her 6 is one of those queens I have seen once and can still remember her stage show and presence. This queen could beat a face for days, with such vibrant color and her eyes are also downright flawless. While being chic and trendy,  it's easy to spy just a bit of a edgy feel, and a slight bad girl side. Call Her 6 has risen to one of the sought out queens to go see when in West Hollywood, no small feat not being in drag for as long as some, and has a weekly show at the posh Velvet Lounge. Being a self taught queen, if may look as though she has gotten here very fast and easy, but was not all fun and games, as she had lived on the streets,  homeless for some time,hitting rock bottom, and suffered a drug addiction. But like a true queen, destiny intervened... somehow she mustered enough courage and brought herself back up and is now a drag mother to several other young queens in WEHO. Her performances and style are quite memorable, her drag gives me all kinds of life. So does her story. Yet another one that should be told. And she is a true testament to finding life anew again and living it to the fullest.
So what does it take to change the course of life?


Well... here  I am enjoying some morning sunlight before it get more strong this morning. I don't know what to say today except Hi, Good morning, how are you today? How are you doing? Nice to see you. I tell ya, this yo- yo of going days without seeing anyone, sometimes for weeks at some points is new for me, I can tell you that. I guess this is the life of a recluse. Like Howard Hughes. I guess I can grow a beard down to my nuts, which would be acceptable these days. Thank god I have wonderful scenery too see and walk in, or I'd go completely crazy some days. But you know what? I have food, I have shelter, I have booze, my health, my little Buster, my creativity and some nice weather. I have a lot. So I guess that's my verbal gratitude list for today.  Never mind I made yet another cake and am getting closer to being on My 600lb Life.
Now. I think Buster and I will take a little walk, and then sit outside some more and read and enjoy the weather. Maybe Ill post later. And speaking of cakes.

 Have a good Happy Hump Day  all!
I'm feeling cheeky*

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


For those of you who read regularly, it comes as no surprise I love to go glamping. No camping darling. Do I look like a queen who likes it rough? No hunties, this is glamping darling, to say, it's a form of camping involving comfy accommodations and facilities more luxurious than those with traditional camping. I mean we drink cock-a-tails while taking a drive in a golf cart for sweet Mother of Pearl! But I do my fair share of walks and hikes too. Me and my good friend Mamie, AKA David Dust, had booked three trips for glamping this year at the ever fun and magical Woods Campground. With the current situation going on we played it by ear. Since all my other vacations, and scheduled events canceled quicker then trumps incoming fast food orders, I thought this might be the only salvaging of any normalcy to have a get away. Our only worry was the Woods, a LGBTQ clothing optional campground is a very open, very friendly, all inclusive atmosphere, and the crowd can swell very large, they have the best events and theme weekends. We just worried how are they going to pull this off, and do we for sure go?  My other good friend, who has a site there, and another who is part owner,  assured us they had rules and regulations in place for social distancing and mask wearing. The cafĂ© and dance hall were closed, but take out was available. Masks have to be worn in common areas,  such as the store, the common decks, the check-in office, and the bonfire they have nightly. Hot tubs were closed and the pool was open, and chaise lounges were moved to 8 ft spacings. even with these guidelines we decided we'd stay on the site most of the time anyway, and we took things for our meals . And it was too cool to swim anyhow. We did venture out for a few walks and golf cart rides.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see everyone was practicing the rules and not once was there any over crowding at all. The camp had said anyone not following rules would be told to leave and not permitted back for the rest of summer. While it was definitely more low key then in the past, I think they did the right things. Most people kept to their own sites or groups, and everyone respected everyone else's space.  It was just nice to be able to have a get-a-way, relax, unwind, take in and be one with nature, plus good fun and company with close friends. The weather in the Poconos Mountains was pretty nice too, warmer then I expected, though, we did have a few showers Friday And Saturday.

But that didn't stop the Mistress from some spectacle and fun.
The Mistress got on her garb and gloves as Miss Pam Demic for the drunken golf cart rides. That certainly seemed to spread some cheer around camp. Nothing like watching me on a golf cart with cock-a-tail splashing about everywhere.

One of the many lovely paths to walk about.
Our site with cabin
the Shake and Bake Pop-Up! It was quite this shaking.
Much to my friend Wayne's dismay I create these little rock sculptures all  over his site in such random places.
Here's a bigger one in a stream down one trail I walked. Patience is key.

A teardrop camper I fell in love with and for sale!!! Hmmmmmm

A early morning walk at the lake on Saturday
Nothing. NOTHING like a warm outdoor shower. All open air. One of my other favorite things here. I would have an outdoor shower if I could. Plus it was nice to see a few naked men emerge from said showers in person, so that was a plus. The first naked men I have seen in three months!!!! Did I just say that?
The beautiful  sky at the lake Sunday morning.

 Of course the best part of this,  and every trip is the campfire, where we sit, listening to old house music, and regale stories,  eat and drink. One thing the Mistress can do is build a campfire! 
Never mind the fact we emptied two half gallons of fire ball. My apologies for not featuring more juicy, campy, fun photos like I always do when I go up, but like I said, we didn't leave the site much, and it was much more lower key. But this just shows the Mistress can behave herself in a pandemic.