Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blunt Message

This does sound a little like the Mistress!

She Will Always be Angela Channing

Sarah Jane Mayfield was born on January 5th, 1917 in St. Joseph, Missouri to meal company laborer Manning J. Mayfield and his wife stenographer and office assistant Gladys Hope Christian, but neither had any idea one of the classiest ladies to ever grace the silver screen had just been born to them. She went on to star in a ton of films and worked with some of the most handsome leading men.She is the only person to have won an Oscar, and married a future President of the United States. And she looks a bit like my dearly departed grandmother!

But to me she will always be the fabulous, nosey, conniving ,manipulative mistress of my all time favorite soap, Falcon Crest's Angela Channing. She will always be remembered and seems longer then the four years that she has passed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mystery in The Men's Room

Now , as you all my know, by day I'm a visual stylist and I'm usually for the most part up on all the trends, what to wear, and what not to wear, the hot spots, and the most popular cock-a-tails that are in vogue, but lately I have concerns that the Mistress may not be on top of things like I thought I was. Maybe you, my dear lovelies will know the answer. Ya see, in the past three weeks, when I was at work, out at restaurants and clubs when I've had to go to the men's room, I noticed guys using the urinal. Normal. But they have their pants down to their knees!!! What the hell is this about??? Is this a new trend? It even happened in California when I was there to visit Kailyn, when we had dinner one night. That was the first time I saw this. But like I said, in the last three, four weeks I've seen this three of four times and today was the fifth! And this dude had not only his pants but his underwear down too!!!! Now, I'm all for a free show if your built, ripped and have the ass of a Greek God, but this man was in his 60's with no tone, once so ever! And who wants to see a birthmark the shape of Texas on your ass!!! Now all the times I've seen this the guys have been all ages. This just seems like more work to me. I generally just go in un-button and un-zip, pull out the equipment, do my business and back in it goes. Is this a new trend? Am I missing something?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

Ava Chanel Alexandra is 31 years old and born and raised in Atl, GA. and loving every minute. Miss Alexandra is a talented, seasoned queen and has been tearing up the south for years with her high energy dance moves. Who said big girls can't tear it up? I'm here to tell ya they can and Ava can move! She is part of the STARS OF THE CENTURY CAST in Atlanta at THE JUNGLE every Monday night. So if you are ever in town and want to catch a great show and be entertained greatly, check her out. And to see miss Ava tear up the stage watch this clip. You won't believe it! Do I see her on RuPaul's Drag Race season 4?

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Weekend of Capucci

This past Saturday morning, I headed to the Philadelphia Art Museum with the Lad, whom I was spending the weekend with, and to meet my other guests for the weekend, in addition to see the long awaited Art Into Fashion: Roberto Capucci exhibit. Showcasing the unique creations of Italian designer Roberto Capucci, the exhibit commemorated 50 years since the young designer showed his creations in this very city. A labor of love between the curator Dilys Blum, Roberto Capucci Foundation, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Capucci exhibit is a feast of breathtaking design. And this is the designer's first ever showing in this country.

Roberto Capucci, a master of color, form, and innovative silhouettes, was one of the founders of modern Italian fashion in the early 1950s. Today, after six decades of creative achievement, he remains one of Italy’s most influential and imaginative artist-couturiers. Roberto Capucci captured the attention of the international press at an early age, drawing praise from designers such as Christian Dior when he was still a teenager. His work has appealed to Italian aristocrats like the noblewoman Maria Pace Odescalchi, Italian actress Elsa Martinelli, whom he helped project to fame, and American actresses Marilyn Monroe, Esther Williams, and Gloria Swanson. Today, Capucci fascinates and inspires contemporary designers such as Ralph Rucci, who admires Capucci’s dedication to the purity of his art. I just loved seeing this and couldn't wait to see it ever since I found out it was coming to Philly. I wonder if Mr. Capucci would be so inclined to create a gown for the Mistress to wear to next year's Night of A Thousand Gowns?

I really enjoyed myself as a love to see some avant-garde couture. After the mueseum we spent having a lovely dinner in town at Barclay Prime for dinner.

Afterwards it was off to the lounge and club tour and just a few cock-a-tails. And the Mistress is pleased to say she made it till about 3 am, and then hit a wall. She remembers barely some antics in the suite, but that's another story!!! Some girls don't kiss and tell. Tootles!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back at the Casa.....

Meanwhile at the Casa du Borghese, the Mistress's houseboys are being environmentally conscience and conserving water by showering together!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Night of A Thousand Gowns

If you don't have plans for this Saturday night and you love spending money for a good cause, adore drag queens with over the top wigs and gowns, enjoy a cock-a-tail or 10, men, music, and dancing, and just a plain ole good time, why not go to Night of A Thousand Gowns in New York City. The Imperial Court of New York is a not-for-profit organization that has donated over a million dollars since its inception in 1986. The Court has gained recognition in the tri-state New York City region for the tireless work it has done on behalf of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. I say I want to go but it seems their is always something going on, but next year the Mistress is going come hell or high water and Kailyn said she would go as well.

This years reigning monarchs Emperor XIX Jack & Empress XXIV Farrah Moans. will be on hand to pass their crowns to the next Emperor and Empress

A lavish and over-the-top charity ball attended by upwards of a thousand guests, Night of a Thousand Gowns celebrates their year at the Marriott Marquis Times Square for a night of fundraising by the Imperial Court of New York and its reigning monarchs, Emperor XIX Jack and Empress XXIV Farrah Moans. The event includes a full-course dinner, open bar, Viennese Dessert Buffet and great entertainment throughout the event. This year it’s “Dancing Through the Decades” with Zelma Davis of C&C Music Factory, Pepper Mashay, Sir Ari Gold and Sylvia Tosun. In addition, performances by New York drag sensation Epiphany, Broadway’s Chad Ryan, Electra St. Jill doing her famous Bette Midler act, the cast of My Big Gay Italian Wedding, DJ Chi Chi LaRue and the girls from RuPaul’s Drag Race! At midnight they will crown their new monarchs, Emperor XX Vanity Society and Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl. And if you attend, you'll also get to see the stunning and ever fabulous pass Empress Robin Kradles, one of my favorites!

And here is some more fabulous you would see their!

Looks fun no? This weekend I'll be having guest again and will be going to see the Roberto Capucci exhibit in Philadelphia. I was suppose to go last weekend but had forgotten you needed to pre-purchase the tickets. I can't wait to see it! Have a lovely weekend y'all!

A Blunt Message

This would be the Mistress's question!!!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Farewell, Sweet Liz

Elizabeth Taylor
Febuary 27,1932- March 23, 2011

Before Google

Or it also could be the vault to the volumes of men the Mistress dated, co-habatied, had sport nookie with,married too, or had designs upon! Whichever.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

Hell kitten and porn queen.....Chi Chi LaRue!

You probably have already heard of drag queen, Chi-Chi LaRue, who loves to film men doing dirty delicious things! Chi Chi LaRue is rightfully known as the creative prodigy in the gay porn world. Her countless awards and ever increasing numbers of fans are the best proof of her talent for thrilling gay audiences everywhere. Her special Chi Chi LaRue brand products are well known far beyond the borders of the USA and have become synonymous for excellent gay entertainment. In addition, she can be seen the globe over performing at all kinds of gay venues from gay resorts to cruises and also djing the event. And you got love her message for safety first in the gay porn directing, as one of the few to promote the use of condoms. And lets face it- she stunning on the eyes! Following is the video of Chi Chi lip syncing RuPaul's Jealous of My Boogie, where she torchers a RuPaul doll!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Day with Buster Bolfig

Well it's been a while my lovelies since we heard from my little beagle-dachshund mix Buster Bolfig Borghese! I thought we would see what a average day is like with him shall we? The above picture is where he can be found till the Mistress gets up on weekdays, or on weekends, till the Mistress gives proof she is still alive from a night on the town!

Once up it's time to go out and do some business and the first walk of the day.

Then it's the first pee of the day, and other business. It's hard to see here, but there was a piece of a tabloid page with Paris Hilton's picture on it that Buster aimed at. He is such a good dog!

Then onward into the walk as he investigates the park he thinks he owns. As you can see, he leads the way.

Time for yet another pee! This time on a blown off republican flyer caught in a downed pine branch! I guess Buster is not parisian.

On the walk back home we sat on a bench and watched some of the hot neighborhood men doing yard duty and exercising in the park. I don't think Buster is a gay dog, so this was more for the Mistress's entertainment then anything!

We walked passed the new town homes being built and almost complete. Buster Bolfig ever the nosey thing, had to peer in the window to make sure everything is up to code!

After the morning walk it's chow time.

Then it's nap time.

After his early afternoon nap, he gets up and then head to the laptop to do his blog reading. His favorite is Froggy blog. He enjoys reading the trials and tribulations of Abby and Tar and finds them highly entertaining to the dismay of Froggy.

Then it's time spent in the sun. He loves when the drapes are open to let in the sunbeam.

Buster enjoys his play time in the late afternoon. Some days he has every toy out of the basket. Then it's nap time again, then back to the feeding again. After a final walk for the evening, we relax the rest of the night. And then finally- in his little crate for the night!