Sunday, May 31, 2015


We in Philadelphia right now have just a bit to be proud of if not out right complete brag rights too. If you follow classical music, which I love, the Philadelphia Orchestra, which is just phenomenal to hear, being one of the best in the world, is doing us proud currently on their European tour, which has been getting rave reviews!!!! One of my readers Cello Josh is with the orchestra. We have met twice now, once at the orchestra and in New Hope to see the guys of the group Well Strung. I must say he is a talented cellist. I must have him sometime to the Casa for a cocktail recital!!! We have kept in touch over emails. When I hadn't heard anything lately, I had forgotten he must have left for the concerts in Europe. Yesterday I received a email from him. He starts by saying he misses the antics on the blog of ALL things!!!!!!!

 "I have arrived last week, and am getting very nervous for these upcoming concerts. There hasn't been much rest for anyone after our season ended. I can't believe I am still here, and the beauty of the cities here are jaw dropping. Unfortunely we will have very little time for sight seeing or taking in local culture with our schedule. It has been grueling. Most of our stops thus far have been met with much fan fare and standing ovations, and encores lasting as much as 3/4 an hour. " I am really looking forward to Paris and London"

Josh also included a few snaps. The below was from a fellow musician while traveling on rail. He snapped Josh on departure day, looking like a stunning gentleman, and what a cello! Gorgeously subtle, yet stylish attire goes so well with our handsome blond.
I can't help but wonder if Jon from Delores Delargo Towers and my fellow gin blossom, will be seeing any of their concerts while in London. The letter went on to say we will need to get together so I can hear all about his trip once back. He also stated up there about being very tired already, and for good reason. The orchestra was not resting up before the journey, which they concluded their season with two of their most vibrant programs ever. Nézet-Séguin collaborated with opera director Kevin Newbury for a full re-staging of Leonard Bernstein's MASS that marshaled area singers, musicians, actors and dancers to make it an truly musical ecumenical event, some 250 performers joining forces for the production.
Yannick Nézet-Séguin primed the Philadelphia Orchestra in Philly, in preparation for their current European tour, which includes performances in Vienna, Dresden, Paris, Luxembourg, Cologne, London, Berlin, and mind you.....  over three weeks. It is the first European tour the orchestra has been on since Nézet-Séguin became musical director of the Fabulous Philadelphians three years ago.
The Philadelphia Orchestra is not just one of the most artistically-acclaimed Orchestras in the world, but it is also a vital Cultural Ambassador for our fine city, and one that brings tremendous economic development to the city by making the case for doing business in Philadelphia.  The Orchestra has served in this critical role for decades, dating back to its first transatlantic tour to Great Britain with Music Director Eugene Ormandy in 1949.  On that tour, the Philadelphia Orchestra performed 28 concerts in 27 days, marking the first time an American orchestra had crossed the Atlantic after World War II. The Orchestra’s most recent visit to London was in 2011 with Maestro Charles Dutoit.
The Philadelphia Orchestra has long been one of the best-known brands from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania around the world.

The trip is also another milestone in the longstanding friendship and partnership between Philadelphia and the United Kingdom, as the Orchestra will be coming back to London for two performances with its new music Director, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, former Principal Guest Conductor of the London Philharmonic. These two performances on June 5 and 6, 2015, will be the exciting culmination of the Orchestra's 2015 European Tour, and will give London audiences the first chance to hear The Philadelphia Orchestra with Yannick, who is only the 8th Music director, mind you in The Philadelphia Orchestra's 114 year history. Good luck Cello Josh and to the rest of you brilliant musicians!!!!!!  We have never been so proud of you and the City of Philadelphia!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I must admit, that when my laptop drove me nuts!!!!! I lost all my pictures, but the tech peoples were able to recover them thank goodness! I am always traveling everywhere with one of two cameras handy, so I took lots of pictures while I got a new laptop.  I do believe we are now at the point where here in the northeast, were going from spring right to summer now. This week saw temps in the 90's already!!!! I told the pool boys to get busy and get the pool open damn it!!!!! If your familiar with Greek mythology, there is a story about Persephone, whom Hades fell in love, and wanted to marry her and live in the underworld, but her mother Demeter, Goddess of Nature and Harvest, also loved her and didn't want her to go and live in the underworld. So Zeus settled the quarrel.He stated Persephone would live six months in each world, six on earth, six in the underworld. Hence the seasons. When fall arrives, this is when Demeter starts felling sad because her daughter in leaving, winter,  her deep depression, and spring heralds Persephone's return again, hence all the beauties of spring. Well Demeter must have been extra happy this year, because around the Casa du Borghese, I don't think it ever bloomed so brilliant as it did this year, and I can finally share some snaps from the grounds.
I call this a peppermint bush. Looks like peppermints no?
I have no idea the tree in the above picture, but at the one entrances to the grounds is where it lives, and the color was fantastic. Here are two types of Magnolia that are on the grounds......
And the other....
some bluebells, but don't quotes me...
A Dogwood petal floats in one of the birdbaths. The stand was from a floral stand, and I went and bought a clay pot water dish for the top, and voila it fit right in. There are several baths around on the grounds.
This white bush is sooooo fragrant, and in the upper right, you can see a little beetle.
Now this bush also smells lovely. Not sure the name, but it is of Japanese origin I understand.

some wild violets at woods edge....
and some Wisteria...
 the fragrant lilac.....
the Dogwoods

I thought the and Rhododendrons and Azalea were so beautiful this year...
a moth on the cool and close....
the stunning Clematis vine....
no idea, but so pretty....
Some of the bounty, some Lily of the Valley for my abode...
 and some peonies and  clippings from a Fire Thorn Bush, I took to our host in Rehoboth Beach.....
Fire Thorns are used as barriers, this evergreen vine with thorny stems blooms white flowers in spring,  and can be trimmed to any shape. The bushes are covered with fire red berries in the fall attracting hummingbirds. They look great in arrangements...these went to Rehoboth Beach for our hosts home. Just watch those thorns though....their long and sharp! Here on the grounds now blooming are the mini Irises and rose bushes, which are just starting. Of course Bonnie and Clyde are back again with new off spring....
some of the Yellow finch from this morning....
Lately, when my blueberries start to get a bit wilted, I will cut in half and place on the sill in amongst the seeds. It is bringing Robins to the sill.........
I read blueberries are a special treat for certain birds and shouldn't be feed them all the time. In addition to all the birds I already attract, I now am getting Warblers!!!! The Lad will JUST LOVE  all the morning racket when he comes next visit.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Needless to say, he got the job..........
Go ahead, touch that skin.....touch all of that body darlings!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hope your all having a lovely, and relaxing day. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!
scene from the lovely Dame Courtney's townhouse!

Friday, May 22, 2015


For those of us in the states, it is Memorial Weekend, and the beginning of my 6 day weekend! And we are thankful to those who sacrificed so much courage for this country! What is everybody up too??? I'm going out of town later tonight to Virginia to visit family for a picnic, and a pit stop in Rehoboth Beach on my way back, to get my dance on with a friend . It's already been a relaxing day. Spring is now entering summer mode......scenes from my 5 mile hike up at the lake this morn......only minutes from my flat...........

The lake is a huge one, its always so peaceful up there. I took a canoe out after my walk , and then enjoyed the wildlife preserve at the one end of the lake. Once back I made my morning coffee and a light breakfast while enjoying a fury of activity on the finch socks!!!!!!!!
As you can see their bright yellow has returned!!!!!!

And in other news Foxy has been sited with two new pups. And Stanley and Helen, the two nesting mallards are trying to defend there own. Yikes. I must have a conversation with fox , and tell her to mind herself, it jus ain't fittin, I tell you.
I'll return next week, so you all have a nice Memorial Weekend.How are you feeling summer coming in your zip code? Have a good one!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Yeah right. Ms Moorecock tells me there are 9 guys at the door. I says, I'm exhausted......send one home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Shari Turner.....what a talented queen! Shari Turner is a beast from the East whom I've had the privilege to meet on several occasions, and hails from the Cleveland / Lakewood border of Ohio. One of the most pleasant and breathtaking divas I met. I'm here to tell you...during one of her performances, there is RARELY a dull moment. And hard to guess, make up is a huge passion of hers. But what I remember most from her was a quote......" I am what I am, and I say what I feel, because I know that people who matter to me won't mind.....and the people that mind......don't matter." words to live by and how true Shari.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


With a ring at the Casa du Borghese's doors today, a salesman came a calling....... where I made him quite comfortable....
I don't recall what he was selling, but I bought plenty.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


My mother and grandmother always said no wearing of white before Memorial Day. Every year around this time, the fashion periodicals start the "Do you have to wait to wear white?"This weekend is New Hope Celebrates, our grand gay pride festivities, all week long with events and drag shows, ending with festival and parade, and as you can see, broke out the white as I'm thinking of it making its appearance. How did this tradition start? Well, it began in the 1930's with the well heeled and rich wearing all white in the summer, giving the look of leisure. In the 1950's it expanded to the middle class and GRITS, girls raised in the south. Although some believe its a old southern tradition because of the heat. So I love me my white denim and just may break my old school rule!!!
In other news, I met a new neighbor. A man! But don't get excited. He has already complained of all the bird racket in the morning. Because as your aware, I have quite the bird arboretum. He reminds me of Spanky MacFarlane with his rotund build and round face. The only thing missing is the ball cap with propeller atop. He said he feels like getting out a sling shot for the birds. Makes me want the pet peacock all the more. I'll so go all Darla on his ass.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So I finally gave in and gave my Social Director, Anita Moorecock time off for vacation. I hear she stayed local and is doing some charity work across town. Watch how much lipstick you use gurl! I just hope she doesn't drink on the job...........