Sunday, November 29, 2015


I have been very bad about checking my Mistress Mail. I had placed a link to ask questions to answer, or if there is something you'd like to see blogged. I have been meaning to getting around to answering some, but you know how that goes. And I'm INFAMOUS for not checking email. Period. Anita Moorecock is so not reliable either, why I pay her is beyond me. She need to be slapped with a good stiff foundation garment. So my apologies lambchops. Only two months late, but Tim wanted to know what an average day for me was. Well Tim, it can be summed up in this video. It's like the scene is an exact script from my morning.

Ok. Well, maybe I don't have a car service. Or read a script. Or sign autographs. And I'll admit I do my own hair and face. But it really isn't much different. My average day in a nutshell.
4:30am. Rise and shine
out of bed. Like most, I sleep in my birthday suit!
Make the bed immediately.
Then a half hour of exercise.
 5:00am A very hot shower, and then my face and body regime. I only use these facial secrets now. I repeat at night also. And the Beeswax Crème is good for this time of year. I tend to use body products with goats milk and honey in them. And the boys love my skin I tell you! I do indeed use ice in the morning to tighten the skin. Such a queen.  
Then off to the closet.
 Once dressed, I enjoy my first coffee, and read a text message my good friend Peter usually sends first thing in the mornings.
6:00AM I'm out the door.
7:00AM  I arrive at work.
 7:10 meeting.
We have a daily morning meeting to go over what the following week will bring, and projects from the previous week still on the boards, then cover the following week. After the meeting, we all walk our areas to check on the windows, displays, and all the mannequins to make sure they aren't disheveled. My areas are pretty good generally. The associates are most likely afraid of my wrath. Once done, I generally check emails, and then place orders for any upcoming props, or supplies we need. Then it's off to the merchandising side to give communication on things to clean up, or change out completely if a display is sold down.
10:00AM. Generally a coffee break. And my second of the day. The rest of the day are projects I work on. Lunch is usually around 11:30 for me, usually a light one of either nuts, or salad or a fruit and cheese dish. Once a week a few of us go for a glass of wine and a small plates from one of the eateries. The week before, this was a all week project.....
Six of these were done. Not including the wall murals. I do love my marabou feathers!!!!
3:30pm Done for the day. On the way home I usually stop at a farmers Market to pick up what I need for dinner that night.
5:00PM I get home and usually fix a nice drink or two.
I enjoy a nice big dinner, and then go about doing my blogging. I will read some blogs that I didn't read on breaks, and a also do my scheduled post for the coming days, but most times compose and publish the new post at night.
8:00pm I'm usually watching the few shows a watch, unless I am entertaining with a gentleman guest, but I'll leave the details out. I am not one to kiss and tell. I also sometimes take a hot bath at this time if nothing is doing.
10:00PM. I am generally back to being naked again, if I already wasn't, and tucked in bed for slumber to start all over again. And pray to the Goddess I don't find a wire hanger from the help in the closet. Thank you for your query Tim!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


First off, I survived the dreads of Black Friday. The store was actually insane which is very unusual for us. But all was over by 1 and I headed home to get naked and take a nice afternoon soak in the tub, a glass of wine, and nap after getting up so early, and my travels. But the Thanksgiving holiday was a good one and always is. It's one of my favorite holidays, where we can just enjoy the earthly delights, and not worry about giving gifts. It was also my first visit to the ancestral home since my Mother adopted Lilith from my aunt and uncle, who had rescued her, but found her size very overwhelming of them. I'm here to tell you she is one sweet dog, and required a ton of pets and attention. I love her color and then there is her whiskey colored eyes........
the Mother's holly is going to be beautiful of the holidays
At my Aunt's, would you believe  her roses just stopped blooming!?! She had picked these just the day before.
Of course the pièce de résistance was the dinner!!!!!!!
Our holiday wouldn't be complete without the talent and masterpiece of my good friend the Dame's floral company, The Paper Moon, who created the flowers for my Aunt and Uncle, for having us for dinner. She out did herself indeed!
After the dinner we all took a walk to get some air before dish duty. And would you believe I had two, TWO helpings of everything? Well I did.
 And tonight on the menu is left overs.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day, and were able to walk, not waddle, away from the table like I!!! As usual,  I over ate my aunt's delicious dinner and got sent home with dinners for at least 3 nights. Good thing I plan to work off this meal........ Today in the states is what is called Black Friday. And if your in retail like yours truly, most can  attest to the crazies and the mayhem that ensue.  Luckily for me, I'm in visual display, and won't have to deal with the crowds, or the mess of anything like the picture above. whew. Besides, you so wouldn't want me waiting on would be like Karen Walker waiting on you. Although, I am fond of taking a very good inseam measurement!!!  No, we will be the catty bitches laughing at all the crowds fighting and clawing at each other for the "deal of the day", and picking out all the hot hunky men.  I could frankly give a crap otherwise. Our store was fortunate enough to have a very good year already, and since were a luxury retailor, we won't offer all the deals the big box stores do. Another plus, we will go in at 7 like regular, and work till 1, and then were done for our day, where we will have had offered our services to help keep the store straightened. We also only have minimal Christmas décor up at this time, at least for another two weeks.  Got me to thinking of vintage black Friday ads and some of the days of old.
A early bird shopper to the old Bonwit Teller in Wynnewood, right outside of Philly. Used to be a Grande Dame of a store.

Nothing like window shopping !!!!
Another now defunct gem......I. Magnin!!!!
I can remember fondly, my grandmother, mother and I taking Christmas shopping trips to Philadelphia to the opulent, and grand John Wanamaker. Of course the monorail train ride for kids had been long stopped running when we went. It was up for decoration only, all around the toy department. Otherwise... I would have wanted a ride, next to a cute boy in it for sure!!! We would get all our shopping down there, and then have lunch on one of the balcony restaurants. What a store that was. More like a museum really. Have a wonderful black Friday to all!!! Will any of you be brave enough to go out and shop? Or go to people watch? Which ever you decide, enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today in our household, it is a day of many things, the memories of past holidays spent with friends and family that are no longer with us, the places and events that have filled our lives and made this day the joy that it can be, but, more than anything, it is truly a day to say our thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives at this moment and that even in these trying and sometimes dark times there is joy and thanks to be found in abundance that helps to light the darkness....... I say look for the small things for they shed the biggest light.
Let's turn the tables.......
A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Here in Bucks County I understand we like things big.....and we apparently grow'em big also!!!!! The other night I was stopping off at my favorite market here to pick up some provisions for this week at a local favorite, Max Hanson's......
Outside, all the pumpkins  were obviously gone with the past and present holidays, except these two....
big enough to please......and feed pumpkin pies to all of Bucks County!