Monday, January 31, 2022


 And this was from the 60's and 70's. And sadly, these jokes, skits and points still land.


 This Mood Board couldn't reflect a mood any better. Have you ever had a weekend so relaxing you couldn't get out of the horizonal position on Monday? I was back in Bucks County for the weekend right before the snow hit. Caught up with Lumbersexual Saturday. The Lad was here for a visit also, as he has some family business to tend too. Having him and the Lumbersexual meet was quite something and had my mind wondering over all kinds of delightful naughty thoughts. But with the snow we had lovely winters walk in town. Almost went to Fonthill but passed. I may wonder up there today. A walk up at the lake with Lumbersexual. A most calm and peaceful walk as sunset was hitting. Some usual suspects were out. We all almost caught a movie at the County cinema, but they were closed because of the weather. I have yet been to a movie since the pandemic hit. And I got coffee in bed today from the Lad, who went back to sleep. I wonder if he knows a morning blow job gives a man more energy than a cup of coffee? 

Cock-a-tails at the Salt House is always a good thing.
Bouvier knows not to be on the feeders. Caught red pawed!

Sunday, January 30, 2022



One of my latest songs to be obsessed with lately. Anabel Englund's Midnight Rapture. A song I wouldn't mind doing in drag. Anabel Englund is a singer, songwriter record producer and a dj from Southern California and best known for her collaborative work with electronic and house music artist. I love this depicts a late-night rendezvous edging toward euphoria set to a sensuous dancefloor beat alongside the bells and guitar riffs taken from the Blondie original. You know this song gets me dancing, and us nocturnal creatures need to stick together.

Friday, January 28, 2022


 In this weekly feature, Ill share a guest with you all each week, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind. 

In Three Words...

Jackson Pollock


I enjoy reading, but it seems the only time I will read a lot is in the late fall and wintertime. After reading my last two books, I was in the mood for the next page turner. Since working at the shop and being back in Harrisburg during the weeks, I'd been hearing good things about a great bookshop called the Midtown Scholar. Years ago when I lived downtown, the place was an excellent used and antiques shop called Fissel's where I still have items I bought there. So, after work one afternoon I took a jaunt up to check it and was pleasantly surprised.
Talk about a great use of a repurpose of a building. The shop is owned by the outgoing mayor of Harrisburg who apparently is an avid reader. The Midtown Scholar is already a awarding winning shop and cafe, with well over 100,000 used, discount, rare and new books.  The lady I talked to there was telling me they have the largest collection of used books between New York and Chicago, with over a million books online. I also thought it was cool they had an area called The Yellow Wall Gallery that features a different artist monthly. They also do local weekly live music which I intend to go see some. To my surprise the little hottie who comes into the shop weekly, is also in a band, and will be there one night performing, so I will of course go to show support since he kindly invited me. But books... I was in love with the place. It's the first bookshop I have been in since the pandemic, and it was wonderful. I have many LGBT titles as well to bring home
Needless to say, I was in the shop for some time...3 hours looking and browsing. This stack should keep to occupied till spring.

I really went in to see if they had a book Gerald Durrell wrote called, My Family and Other Animals that I was just talking with Helen about in emails, and one she recommended, as I loved the show The Durells in Corfu. They didn't have it, but they ordered it and it will be in next week with another of his titles, The Corfu Trilogy. I can't wait to dive into those.

I have no idea who is depicted in these stain glass windows in the shop, and the staff wasn't sure either, but the fellow could be Shakespeare?

So, as you can see, I will have plenty of reading to do. I see spending some time in this place, and right across the street is the Broad Street Farmers Market...a win-win. And I shop local and didn't have to give god damned Amazon a cent.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Our dear Mitchell requested next to see the Mistress refaced with Marylin Monroe. But to be honest, it wasn't much of a stretch!!! 


We ended last week with Grace Jones and continued with Thierry Mugler, so we may as well keep the avant garde going. Pixie Pixie is a queen who has said she is her own universe, and this queen brings us a whole new universe alright... in black and white style while bringing some fun and camp, I dare say like a mad circus. And Pixie has had her hands full being from Mexico where she proves not all Mexicans are "machos and close- minded." Lately she has been featuring herself and other queens in shows, where they toss aside toxic masculinity, poke fun at it.... along with gender-normative expressions and show that each one of us is a whole fascinating universe. After a brief stint in NYC, Pixie Pixie returned to his native Mexico where she quickly became well known and performing her own show with queens from around the county. Pixie's show along with the other queens like to challenge gender norms and traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity. Her show often delivers some surprising stories and give a sharp twist or a striking punch. Pixie generally finds her inspiration from all forms of art, music, movies, tv, fashion and magazines. But Pixie's tagline should be "Everyone is unique" and what a better way to say this then through a drag queen. And I just love her trademark of black and white. I think she and Liquorice Black should do a show together.

Monday, January 24, 2022


What a weekend. If David and Mitchell didn't give me a hard enough time and send me to my chaise with smelling salts and powders, when then, I hear, fashion designer Thierry Mugler went and got a ticket to Fabulon. This week's mood board is for my love of this talented man. Thierry Mugler was one of the first fashion designers, I feel, of the newer generation of designers, that had an impact on this young gayling. It hit me that his work was of fantasy, but mostly Fashion meets Fetish. Mugler had staged some of the most spectacular fashion shows of his time, gave us silhouettes and lines and fabrications we had not seen before, not to mention notably created the stage costumes for Shakespeare's Macbeth, as well as for Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. He dressed a myriad of the famous from Diana Ross, Jerry Hall, David Bowie, and Lady Gaga, not to mention the costumes for many of Mylene Farmer and Beyonce's tours and videos. I can't recall a runway show of his that wasn't a spectacle. Over the course of his career, Mugler also had collaborated prolifically with many renowned filmmakers, architects, photographers and artist. But it was the fashion, and as a photographer and director, he made the iconic 1990's video Too Funky with Geroge Michel, that really lit me up, and I am sure gave me a push to years later purse drag.
Manfred Thierry Mugler
December 21, 1948- January 23, 2022

One of my all-time favorite songs and videos to date. It still gives me goosebumps and makes me want to cut a runway. Talk about a cameo smorgasbord. From the top 90's fashion models to the fabulous Julie Newmar and Rosie de Palma, to the legendary drag sensations Lysinka and Joey Arias. I wanted a ticket to that party. And it could have ended with me smack dab in betwix Geroge Michael and Thierry Mugler!!