Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Here we go again....this is the last straw!!!!

 I won't be drawing this out, but the Mistress along with my boss and the whole visual structure of the company all the way up to the creative director,  who originally hired me, along with a number of other positions all across the company have been let go...3700 in total. Just about everyone I know in the company is gone. This is the last time I will work for the company. Especially after finding out after the lay offs,  that the CEO of Macy's Inc. Jeff Gennette gave himself and another 5 top brass millions of dollars in bonuses and stock.  Appalling and disgusting considering business is down,  and no stores are making plan. People just are not shopping for clothing. Not to be outdone, I made sure I got all my vacation time and other personal days, and my severance,  which the store manger was not going to give me the full amount,  since I had been laid off once before, but returned just by one day over the time frame to start everything from scratch,  but my HR manger had it changed since I returned over by one day. Oh.... I got the severance, after kindly mentioning the name of a certain other manger that left under the current store manger, for,  oh shall me say "harassing  behavior."  Monday I was called with my paperwork to come in and sign for my full 15 years of severance!!! I'm not to be trifled with after giving them my hard and creative work all these years.

Yesterday I already got a call to come back in other capacities, which is a slap in my face considering my work skills and talent.... which I gladly declined and I told them I will not be taken for granted, and refuse to work any longer with a company so a CEO can get himself and other top brass  million dollar bonus's. I have also already called my  financial guy to dump for my stock in that company, and hold it,   and then combine the money from my pension plan I also had, to reinvest into other stock that is making money.

But don't worry about me dears....I'm will be fine and will now look forward to my next new chapter whatever that will be.  Daddy Warbucks already wants me to move to Europe. But all I know, it will be a cold day in hell that I shop in any store Macy's Inc owns again.

Don't fuck with me Fellows.

Monday, August 10, 2020


You may ask why us gays endorse and don't mind wearing a mask for long periods....


Here we are on Monday again.....it's been a hell of a end of week,  and weekend. I have the feeling I'll be going back to bed before long, I'm exhausted. It wasn't from sex either I can tell you. There was some issues with the condo units this weekend that had the fire alarms in the common halls and vestibules going off and on all weekend...talk about maddening. I also got some bad news on a couple fronts...seems the pandemic just keeps getting better. I have work getting ready to start at the pied de terre soon too, so that will be fun. When it rains it pours. By weeks ends, I'm taking another five day get away to the mountains. My good friend will be there by himself, so it should be a nice peaceful time, and will give me some time to commune, before my other good friend shows up. I've not been to the glampground during the week yet, but I hear harldy anyone is there...I so need some pool time to rewind.  But worry not, my next covid pamphlet will be hitting very soon, and just in time. And was it me or did I now hear that  our dictator was looking into how to get himself on Mt Rushmore??!?!?!?!?! What does he think he's done to be on Mt Rushmore with such other past great Presidents? And is it even appropriate to have a etching of a big fat ass on the mountain, when the rest are faces? Oh silly me, I forgot, that is his good side. I think we need some birds today...some stunning birds.... you know I can't resist a bird in any shape or form.

Today it is predicated the temps are going to sky rocket again.... as we enter the hottest weeks of summer...back into the high 90's again. In terms of  coping with this heat, why not embrace the late great bouffant- haired country music diva Tammy Wynette as a role model?

Sunday, August 9, 2020


Bread baking continues. Three loaves. One for my neighbor for the fresh eggs she gives me. This just might be the best loaf of challah bread I ever made, followed by the biggest tea biscuits I've made.
The trip to the farmers market gave me some wonderful fruit. I could eat cherries all day. The strawberries and blueberries will be great for breakfast and the squash and cocktail tomatoes will be diced up and added to a bow tie cold pasta dish, mixed with various fresh herbs and a olive oil dressing with minced garlic and fresh grated cheddar and parmesan cheeses.

I love summer eating...no hot cooking for me. And the watermelon this season had been most excellent.


Never a dull moment at the Casa.

Saturday, August 8, 2020


This week in the Candy Shop, is why yes....another addictive piece of the Latin mens variety, just not so far south. This big lug really gets me with his dark,  sweet doe eyes.  That is one thing to stuck me in right away, yes it is. This eye candy, Alberto Heragui, is in from Mexico City, where he is a health and nutritionist coach, loves staying fit,  and his first love is travel. I first became aware of Alberto on the Aronik Swim website where I get all my square cuts. And, god, does he fill those suckers out!!!! The man has got it going on. He's a real handsome man, and he has an incredible body. I think he probably spends a lot of time working on that bod, although,  I have a long list of other activities I think I could tempt him with if the opportunity should arise! Enjoy his handsomeness, marvel on that manscape, take in that face, those lips, run your hands over those pecs...tweak the basket.... and get sweaty over the display. Alberto invites you to take a swim. He doesn't bite...he just wants to play with us.....

I'm feelin' a little festive today....so how's about a Candy Shop staple, and one of my favorite drag routine songs. Alberto- he's a one stop, gotcha hot, makin' all the panties drop kind of guy......

Friday, August 7, 2020


Each week, I'll share a weekly guest with you all,  
and you tell me in only three words what comes to mind.

In three words...
Kylie Minogue

And our Galactic Goddess has returned to save 2020 with new music and beyond...not to mention in time for Happy Hour!!!! At least something good is coming out of this year.


As soon as I saw Jimbo the first time, I was in love!!!! Jimbo is one of the talented queens who manages to bring everything he enjoys and loves-  clowning, drag, performing, make up artist, set design and costume design into one and bring it to the stage. The resumé of this Victoria,  British Columbia queen,  and trained clown Jimbo — which includes building a giant, 700-kilogram plywood peach for Kaleidoscope Theatre’s production of James and the Giant Peach and contributing to the glammy esthetic of Atomic Vaudeville’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The Rocky Horror Picture Show — makes him suitably prepared for a queen and to get on Canada's Drag Race. He's always been on my radar, his looks always surprise and shock...never disappoints, and can deliver a performance you won't forget. Over the years Jimbo credits being friends with artists of a great skill level that he was able to put together something really impressive that really showcased his skills, talents and performances and what he is able to bring to the his acts and eventually to the drag race competition. Like Manchester in England, the Victoria drag scene is so diverse and so cool, because the performers and artists in this town have this incredible drive to showcase their art, and Jimbo does just that.

Jimbo is a well-known personality around Victoria — as is James Insell himself. His quasi-legendary Chinatown studio and home, is where he creates costumes for  myriad film and theatre productions is just as famous as his personality, and in April he put his skills to work in another area: making masks in an array of designs to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Jimbo, his partner Brady Taylor, a wig designer, and fashion designer Sarah Runnalls have sold hundreds of their non-medical masks during the pandemic, and have matched every purchase with another mask donation to someone living on the streets in Victoria, to keep all protected, while the money went to the community to help out with other needs. There is some talent on Canada's Drag Race to be sure, but Jimbo is so memorable, so creative, and has such a fun and a not so serious take to drag that's refreshing. He makes me feel like when I was a kid and went to see the circus, And when it's over, you had those feelings of delight at seeing something great and fun. 

I wish him luck on the win.

And can I just say for a minute just how incredibly adorable Jimbo is? Oh yes. .....
Here's Jimbo with his partner  Brady Taylor. Yep. I would totally be the butter between their bread!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2020


We're all way over thinking the solution to our problems....

I'm old school, I'll take you out first, and ask questions later.


Have you ever watched movies and see yourself in those on screen characters? Over the years there have been two for me.. and Breathless Mahoney was one for me. 

 And all this comes about for a couple reasons. First off Madonna has been a icon  for like...ever. The film Dick Tracey also just turned 30 this year.  I for one LOVED the movie. While the movie was a box office hit, many a review said the movie was so-so, but Madonna herself actually got the best reviews for this movie then any other. I have to say, I feel as thought she gets ripped on her acting, and to the contrary, I feel she did quite a excellent job of it in Dick Tracey, not to mention Evita she blew out of the water, and was sultry in Body of Evidence, but I thoroughly enjoyed all her movies. I can and have seen worst acting.  But it was her Breathless Mahoney that captivated me the most. When the movie hit, I did not know what I was in store for when Dick Tracy came out, or what to expect. And then I saw Madonna. Too date, I have never seen Madonna look more beautiful or radiant then in this movie.

In retrospect, Dick Tracy probably represents Madonna at the peak-iest of the many, many peaks in her career. The movie came hot off the heels of her groundbreaking Like a Prayer album, and her Dick Tracy companion album I’m Breathless, which is secretly my third favorite album of hers..... featured the world-changing single “Vogue.” Those two albums fueled the iconic Blond Ambition World Tour, the only one of her huge tours I got to see,  and was keenly aware of,  because Madonna was as omnipresent as the sun in the summer of 1990. All that is to say, when you watch Dick Tracy, you’re seeing Madonna at the height of her Madonna-ness—and she delivers. 

She stars as Breathless Mahoney, a vampy lounge singer, a dangerous seductress, and the ultimate comic book femme fatale, and fond of a good cock-a-tail. So I already saw myself in her a lot already!!!!!  But Mahoney does more than writhe on Dick Tracy’s desk and pull him into her shadow. Madonna plays Mahoney with all the tension of a clenched fist. She’s a woman caught in a bad situation with very little in the way of exits. I've been there too. 
See the resemblance? High slit in gown, champagne bottle, dirty look at children.

When the movie had come out, I wasn't yet doing drag, it would be a couple years later. When I did get my act together, I came back to the movie and decide for a "breathless" based look, which would change and evolve years later. The first shows I had were songs from the Dick Tracey album too. It just all seemed fitting....and in my young days I always seemed to meet the wrong boys too...and my second long term relationship was a mistake from the beginning...can you say Lips Manlis? And like Lips, he too is departed. Like Breathless, I can be good, and evil, a vamp and a tramp, but would settle for the right guy. I'm can definitely be the " you don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me" boy. It's sometimes eerie to watch a movie and see so much of yourself in a character. Turns out funny it's one I love , played beautifully by a celebrity I love.

This also comes about because I had a vivid dream I was Breathless, and my Dick Tracey was none other than our Uptonking!!!!! If you have seen him, you'll understand why. he pushes the right buttons, and gets the kitty purrrrring. The next morning, I thought to myself, I just bet that would be the dynamic we would have too. While I gather Uptonking is not a golden boy, he is definitely a class act, worldly, and knows how to treat a dame. And he seems up to the challenge of a good minx. I can see the scene already.....

So I dedicate one of my all time favorite Madonna songs to my private Dick....Tracey, the Uptonking. Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind, I'll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind. Boy does this song bring back good memories. Was one of my favorite routines to do.

So if you’re going to watch Dick Tracy in the year 2020, right here and right now, then you need to do it for Madonna’s acting and looks first and foremost. Do it for the gowns, and not for the glorification of the police. There’s one aspect of the movie that’s aged exquisitely, and it has nothing to do with Dick and everything to do with this dame.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


I love me some pussy. After the legendary Sylvester, and before RuPaul hit the seen big , there was a queen who filled that void in the late eighties and 90's  who in many respects,  really started giving drag a different spin with the style, taking it away from the campy look, and dared to even sing his own creations instead of lip synching.  Pussy Tourette was another of my role models, who simply just captivated my adoration and attention. One out spoken queen who gave two fucks what people thought of his drag. 

Pussy Tourette was this queens stage name, and was in addition a composer and singer. Pussy was a very cute boy and had his beginnings as a go-go dancer in the San Francisco's teeming underground scene. It wasn't long before Tourette was one of the hottest boy dancers, and one of the sauciest acts on the city's cabaret scene when she started singing her original compositions live. After that Pussy Tourette was born and a club diva emerged. While she was huge on the west coast, she mostly was only known to the rest of the country in the club scene, even though she did pretty well here on the east coast. If you had a good talented club owner,  and dj, then you heard a Pussy track played on the dance floor. One such track for me was her song Kiss, with  many cameos from Sister Roma and Sister Unity, Frenhie Rivera and more. It was also a song I did once or twice myself. Boys loved this song. I so enjoyed the lyrics of it.  Rarely was Pussy seen anywhere without her two backup singers and female friends.

 The song that STILL gets me..... 

Touring nationally had helped her develop nothing less than a fanatical following. Five of Tourette's songs were featured in Sex Is, which won the Best Gay Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Pussy went on to do I believe 4 albums of music. She was best known for her song French Bitch. The song was a comedic high camp dance track about the duplicitous title character who "stole my man" cause she felt the need to scratch an itch, and it was implied the character was an over sea's trans woman.

In 94 Pussy won San Francisco's Cable Car Award for Entertainer of the Year. And was no wonder. Pussy is one of those charismatic performers,  and was always in tow with the sauciest of cabaret acts. He knew how to captive and draw a crowd and generate a loyal and adulting fan base. His shows were not only entertaining, but that voice was just so different for the time and all his music was fresh for the time and danceable. Any self respecting drag queen should have his music in their collection, not to mention anyone who enjoys a good  dance beat and old school music  Most of his images and  music drips with inspirational and confrontational imagery that's unapologetic, and up front about life on the wild side. I would love getting pussified on the dance floor.

I even once found my own Pussy Tourette album at a vinatge stand once while shopping in a antiques mall. Not even opened yet.

Now IF I just knew SOMEONE  who had a turntable to listen to this on???
I'm  not sure why we don't hear more of her these days. To my knowledge she is still with us, just off the radar. In many respects yet another free thinker, great entertainer and was way ahead of her time.
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