Saturday, June 30, 2018

FOR STEVEN 🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈

Well, another Pride month has come and gone dear readers. We must remember to welcome all in the community and embrace all of our brothers and sisters, no matter what lifestyle they live. We also must show our Pride year round, for we have not a thing to hide or be ashamed of. We're just like everybody us after all. This post is dedicated to my new reader and future husband Steven, from over at Sooo-This-Is-Me. In just the short time I've been reading his blog, I am amazed at the giant steps he is making at getting comfortable with the lifestyle since coming out. I just hope his visit to the Casa du Borghese haven't corrupted him, lol! It's been exciting to read. So this post is his for the Pride.... and my traditional Pride salute!!!!!






It's hot here this weekend...I'm off the Raven Resort  to take in the pool and water. Yea, that's it, the pool and water.  Enjoy and be in good health!

Friday, June 29, 2018


Each week, I'll share a weekly guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In three words...
Harvey Milk

Thursday, June 28, 2018


The four queens remaining in RuPaul’s Drag Race  have poured their blood, sweat and sequins into the competition. And in less than 7 hours, all that hard work will finally pay off… for one of them, anyway. I loved the reunion, and Miss Vannnnnjie….. and was surprised by my initial predications of who would end up in the top five. My only one I didn't know would make it was Eureka O Hara. I adore her, but I also know the history of this show and big girls. All the girls I wanted in top five made it, with exemption of Mayhem Miller. Seems I had her and Eureka switched. This is really down to two queens in my opinion.


Though her fellow queens have accused her of being fake — I believe “faces of many!” were the exact words Monique Heart used to describe her approach to playing the game — Kameron has proven herself to be the true survivor of Season 10. Often down, but never out, this comeback queen had sent several of this season’s toughest competitors home with her sickening lip syncs., and even more over the top ensembles.I commend her on making it this far in the competition, but if I’m being real, I don’t see her moving beyond fourth place. As much as I adore her and can understand her bout with being ambivert, which I have a touch of myself,  will she be bringing anything new compared to the other three?


When it comes to runway looks, no one else in Season 10 can hold a candle to “the bitch from New York City,” already heralded by the judges as one of the five most stylish queens in Drag Race herstory. She also boasts the most in-season wins, taking home top honors for her climate change ensembles, her “evil twin” look, and, of course, her unforgettable performance as Melania Trump in Snatch Game. As I just mentioned, I could see — and would be perfectly content with — Aquaria bringing home the crown. And she proved she can perform and did open up, But I'm still not sold completely on her personality 100%. But when I heard she would be on, I knew she would place top 3.


After shaking off those residual nerves from her injury in Season 9, the self-proclaimed Elephant Queen found her power, trampling the other contestants with a series of well-deserved wins. From Big Fat Baby to the butch persona she used to promote “Trade,” Eureka has served up some of the season’s funniest, most unforgettable moments, not to mention some jaw dropping drag style and represented the big girls well. Besides, as Kalorie Karbdashian pointed out during last week’s reunion, it’s time for a big girl to win this thing. If Latrice Royale or Ginger Minj couldn't take it...I'm all for Eureka taking it! I’m personally hoping to see Eureka come out on top, and I hope she takes the crown. When I go to a drag show, she is what I look for, and she is very personable after shows to and will mingle with all. Her Instagram's are amazing with many moving messages.


A shining example of how all humans should treat one another, Asia has been the picture of grace and compassion all season — you know, excluding that time she declared Miz Cracker “not a star,” sending her into a months-long depression. She also proved herself to be one of the funnier finalists, winning challenges like “Tap That App” (that face still haunts my dreams!) and “Breastworld.” While I don’t see her going all the way, I predict a solid third-place finish, and I’ll throw in the title of Miss Congeniality at no additional cost or jewels.

So I basically think Eureka and Aquaria are the two ground breakers with a Eureka win.
Which of these four queens do you think will win???

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


This past weekend was a weekend to myself.  I like to take one weekend each month to myself, to get away from all the hoopla. With Sunday being so gorgeous, I decided to take some cucumber sandwiches, my favorite summertime staple, and a few other items, a blanket, book and my music, and just relax over at the Morris Arboretum, which is over seen by the University of Pennsylvania and  is the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,  and is located in the beautiful section of Philly's Chestnut Hill. It was a great day to relax, and dine al fresco. I planted myself by the swan pond.
The arboretum was formerly the estate of John T.  and Lydia T. Morris, a brother and sister who purchased and landscaped much of the arboretum's current site beginning in 1887. John Morris was interested in growing plants from around the world. Their mansion they lived in, no longer exists. It was demolished in 1968. It's quite the place, with over 20 special features to be seen. But I just opened the blanket, with a book and just sat for a age nibbling and drinking. 
The Fernery, the  largest in the county.
The arboretum contains more than 13,000 labelled plants of over 2,500 types, representing the temperate floras of North America, Asia, and Europe,

This is a special installation currently made entirely of branches and sticks by artist Patrick Doughty.

Now here it is almost Friday again! Smile!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Victoria Sin, is an exciting face to see on the drag scene. Raised in Toronto, Sin left at eighteen to study art in London where she  now resides. Sin, in her own words, ‘uses drag as a tool to challenge gender binaries, expectations and attitudes on femme identities’. With an overblown Jessica-Rabbit-meets-Marilyn-Monroe meets Marlene Dietrich aesthetic, an incredible eloquence and knowledge, Sin is taking the drag scene head on to show that it’s a million other things than just a man in a dress, or pageant queen. I'm beyond in love with those eyes.


Miss Richfield 1981. Of course.

Monday, June 25, 2018


It's the time of year dear people where many of us will be heading to the beach points to tan our carcasses, and dip our fannys in the ocean, and ogle the  hot men's. When it comes time to get in the water, know your surroundings and where the life guard station is, in case you, or someone...or you,  need mouth to mouth from the lifeguards. Also check the waters and survey to make sure their are no sharks or other fins in the waters. 

You may think I'm being very cautious.....but I have been the attack of such creatures of the deep and it really puts a hamper on summer fun. And who wants to be in a cast from the groin down? Can't you just hear the music?

Enjoy the beach and summer safely. This has been a Casa du Borghese summer PSA. 
Enjoy and be in good health.


And we all know how I feel about them.

Houseboy #4 has the best Monday defense

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Today is going to be a glorious day. The weather is already nice and sunny. The day has started so far with my coffee and bird watching. Yesterday I was having a talk with our Duchess Deedles in the blogosphere,, and we were saying how depressing news and the climate in more ways then one has gotten weather and country. Hugs are in order I tell you! So this morning Bonnie and Clyde came by. I am guessing they may be like Deedles and her balder half she calls him. Having never met the Duke and Duchess Deedles, I suspect they are like Bonnie and Clyde. They are always here and faithful, entertaining, quite the hams, polite and welcoming to the other birds,  and Bonnie has put Clyde in his place if he gets sassy, in which she will strut back to her spot eating. Bonnie is also known to peek in when I'm in my unders.  So this post is being dedicated to the Deedles today.
Would love to know what their saying???

The attitude. Talk to the tail Clyde, talk to the tail.

Later in the morning another dove, smaller, a juvenile me thinks, was taking a snooze!  How adorable is this?

Im off later to the Morris Abortorium with a picnic lunch, blanket, and book to rest the day away. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Glad to be working for a company who accepts ALL people and ALL parts of the LGBTQ community!!!! It's nice they let us be creative and help show the support and love. This is what happens when you hire a big queen.

After dinner one night in Philly, I came across these puppies in a shop! How festive they would be?

Now how about a lovely ditty from a Rehoboth Beach staple from the Blue Moon....Pamala Stanley..... this pride weekend.