Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy.........

Well I and the whole East Coast is ready and bracing for Sandy. Currently the Casa du Borghese is getting high winds and power loss, twice, but regained. And has anyone else noticed how Sandy is getting more sexy and ferocious as she heads north?
When asked for comment, Rizzo replied, “Peachy keen, jellybean.” And Frenchie said, "What do you guys think of Sandy? Do you think we can let her into the Pink Ladies?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adam Joseph, Sandy, Umbrellas, Oh My!

Thank goodness I love umbrellas! I only have 10 of them.Oh dear, well it looks as if the whole East coast will not be escaping the wrath of Sandra! The winds are blowing slightly here already with some drizzle, but the hum dinger will start tomorrow.My favorite beach town of Rehoboth Beach is getting hammered already, and it's not even within 150 miles of the beach hamlet yet!!! I got word earlier tonight that work has been cancelled till Wednesday already. I work in Central Jersey. So the Mistress is stocked up on all provisions, candles and Hendricks, and settling in for the long haul. But who cares, I got my favorite meteorologist to keep me informed among other things. Here he is now, Adam Joseph..............

Isn't he just soooooooo handsome. He could protect me better if he was at the Casa though.....
And now, how about a little ditty to Sandy to kick things off. Gotta love those dum-dum-diddies
I'll be still posting unless I lose power.
Tootles.....for now.

Friday, October 26, 2012

All Welcome to the Casa's Hallows Soriee!

So glad the week is coming to a close. It was quite a long week, and now I'm glad to be looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I did pretty good this week for the most part and I do need to rest for the weekend, as I may have over did it with my leg the latter half of the week. And next week I must get ready for my Hallow Eve Soiree, where everybody will be invited to the Casa du Borghese for an evening of cock-a-tails, and some haunting enchantment on Halloween night! The dining room will be decked out in hallows finery and I hope you'll help judge the house boy or group of houseboys for best costumes! So come one, come all..........
And if you drop by, you will be seeing everything you see here,plus everything you don't!

Even chef has started dessert preparations for the party and is even in seasonal attire!

I wouldn't fondle him today, he looks mighty mad about something, and the way he holds that knife....eek! So till then, I'm taking it easy this weekend and hoping were not getting the high winds and rains they are calling for from the current hurricane acomin'!
Have a Lovely Weekend !!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Another Day.....

....around the Casa du Borghese, another odd moment seen, apoaching Hallows Eve.....

We don't ask questions, we just deal with it. He is pretty after all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grande Dame..The Queens of Screams

With the most fun holiday approaching, it just wouldn't be righ to not  feature some of my favorite Queens of Screams. These gals all have broken the drag stereo type of what drag should be, and just greeted the eerie, dark and sinister into there looks, and somehow it all works! Drag should be about fun and camp, not resembling a real woman in my opinion, and these gals have got the looks and the creativity to knock us dead!
Sharon Needles
Rewind to 1981. Sequestered in the Iowa cornfields, Sharon Needles is born to a single parent: a television. She’s a bad girl. She discovers makeup—perhaps, too early. A high school dropout, she earns her diploma on the streets. Fast-forward to 2004. A staple on the Pittsburgh nightlife scene, this underground queen captures the affection of the local media as a stupid genius, a reviled sweetheart, a PBR princess, a drag queen… ah…make that a Fag Punk. She’s drop-dead dazzling. She thinks she’s Amanda Lepore. She’s more like Vampira. Break through to 2012. Reality Television, she’s there, exuding warmth, love, laughter, and… blood. A post-Warhol mannequin, this Queer icon is on two million television sets in America—brainless, brain-dead, brainy RuPaul alumni. With the look of a cover model and the soul of a shoe, she lives everyday as if it were Halloween…. or her last. And her performances in Philly have been legendary.

Peaches Christ
Peaches Christ, a bona-fide direct descendant of Jesus, is an accomplished emcee, actress, producer, and part-time cult-leader. Ms. Christ currently resides in San Francisco where her company Peaches Christ Productions is based. Her Midnight Mass events and Short Film Retrospective, entitled “An Evening With Peaches Christ”, have been witnessed by thousands of now-converts not only all across the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and parts of Europe. Peaches is also know for her colorfully dark style and looks!

  I have seen her spell binding performances numerous times in Mimi Imfurst's Doll House Revue. Wide-eyed drag queen Porcelain instantly captivated Philadelphia with her white-as-snow complexion and immaculate makeup. The young Philly-based performer and Goth goddess is known to wow a crowd with her suspension and acrobatic pole acts. At 23, it’s both impressive and fascinating that someone so young can transform herself into a magnificent dark beauty for the world to see.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Like London's Changing of the Guard

 Since I have been afflicted upon with this discomforting reactive arthritis, it has alas given me much more time at the Casa, and much reading and movie viewing! Thankfully my job has given me a modified work schedule of half days, which I do believe is helping. but when home I get so antsy, it's like London's Changing of the Guard every couple positions and rooms! This was this afternoon when I got home.

It was the first day I sat in a regular position and didn't come home and lay down. I only stay for about two hours before I need to stretch out. Even in all the discomfort, you'll soon see the Mistress is vain and still feels the need to dress, for you just never know when company or a suitor will call! Now if we have a light day, my boss just calls and says not to come in, in which case the day begins with coffee and a blueberry muffin and a good book....before heading to the living room!

Most of the time finds me in the living room, on the sofa , with leg elevated. Often times with drinking too much coffee. Hence why I change rooms, for a change of scenery.

Over the weekend, I just had to get out, at least for a small excursion, plus I wanted to break in this new sweater, paired with a loose tie, and washed out jeans!

When I get tired of the's time to sleep. The Lad loves taking these when I'm sleeping. The cords and the cashmere turtleneck make for a cozy nap too I may add!

I will often get tired of the sofa so I'll move to the boudoir chair, and sometimes the fashion becomes much, much more casual.......

*****Warning Ahead y'all******
Here is another favorite locale in the Casa....the tub, filled with hot water, tea
 tree oil and lots of bubbles! I usually feel much better after soaking my limbs

Lets just say by the end of the day, I'm ready for a Domaine Canton Ginger liqueur in a large sniffer and then I'm out for the rest of the night!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's A Cotillion, Out of a Burton Dream

The Mistress couldn't take anymore sitting at the Casa, so I took a small walk around the grounds to taken in the fall foliage which is now in full swing! After, I had driver take me to Lambertville to see the Burton House for what I call the Midnight Cotillion! Not really Tim Burton's house, but the lady who lives there every year, has a Halloween display that knocks off everybody's socks! It sort of reminds me of the Nightmare Before Christmas come to life. I have talked with the owner before and she used to be a art teacher at the high school there. She started to make these creatures years ago and usually adds a new one each year. This is the new one for this year. She even had a bunch of flowers behind one ear, how fashionable huh?

Most of them are made from tree branches, twigs, and paper mache. She then paints them and give them life by giving them each their distinctive looks and wardrobes! At night she has black light on them so they appear to glow, and some even have glowing eyes. You wouldn't believe the crowds that gather to see the spectacle. She now has so many she is even placing them on neighbors lawns! They are very neat to see. I took these last night, but with my flash you lose the glowing affect. I just love the one with the glowing cigarette below. I guess she would be the socialite of the group? The owner also has a signed book for purchase for tourist. You can click on the picture to embiggin to see detail.

Love the queen of the creatures sitting here with her chamber maid and her pets. Her eyes were even glowing orange. And in the next picture the twins are almost adorable.

The fat little lady sitting here is also a favorite of mine. The owner even has dry ice to create a mist. And how about the one flying in behind her. Creepy!

I can't help but wonder, after everyone is in bed, if they come to life and walk the street looking for mischief?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Golden Ghouls

Nina West presents a Halloween parody of one of television's most beloved shows! Starring Nina West, Virginia West, Candi Panties, and Freesia Balls. from the show, NINA! Heels of Horror: Scared Stiff! I can't help but wonder if Boo McLanahan still ends up on her back alot?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Where I'd Rather Be........

.....driving in a Italian village, with the sun beating down and taking in the lovely picturesque scene! Of course some days I even think of driving right into the ocean too! Have you seen this commercial for Fiat? I adore the commercial...... chic, colorful and fun! And the music, Sexy People puts me in a good mood!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grande Dame

Crazy, cooky, mysterious, and yes, sometimes spooky, the ever-entertaining Nina West welcomes you to her world.Nina West is a drag performer and comedian from Columbus, Ohio. Nina West is the mind behind such brilliant large-scale productions that include NINA! The Musical, NINA! The Confections Tour, Nina! Heels of Horror, Nina! Attention Whore, Heels of Horror: Deadtime Stories, Heels of Horror: Scared Stiff, Heels of Horror: A Nightmare on High Street, and Once Upon a Nina. She has also worked in tandem with Virginia West, a drag friend, who has worked on productions with Nina. Nina West is also co-founder of Project: Zero Ohio, with friends Randy Sharma, M.D., and Steven Weaver, owner of the Candle Lab. By customizing high-quality local products and a planned series of charity events, the organization hopes to not only raise funds for local HIV/AIDS resources, but also reward donors with unique home products. All proceeds will be donated to community HIV/AIDS resources. West’s charity work has helped to raise over $300,000 for local and national organizations. West has served as hostess of HIGHBALL Halloween, the city’s annual Halloween party, held in the Short North on High Street. She will serve as hostess again this year, celebrating 5 years with the event and commemorating the city’s 200th anniversary. Her style has been called camp, comedy, performance art, and political pop among other things. Whatever you choose to call it, know that you have never seen anything like Nina West.