Thursday, April 18, 2024


 ...enter a club and one will come out!

Here we are, at the end of yet another season of RuPaul's Drag Race.  I was originally not going to watch, what with trying to keep up with the main show and then all its international sisters. But then Ru decided let's air 2 or 3 at one time. Well, I gave's impossible to keep up with. But what with friends and sisters Sapphira Cristal and Megami who got on this season, what kind of person would I be if I didn't tune in to support them? Over all, not a bad season, and one of the better ones in some time I though. Here is some of my thoughts and predictions. Most of the queens left in almost the order I thought they might, although I thought Plasma might have lasted longer and Mh'ya Iman leaving sooner. I had them flipped. As for the crowning queen? I think it's going to be....

Of course I'm rooting for Sapphira girls!!!!! I'm mean Philadelphia hennies!!!! Sapphira for me is a good mix of fabulous old school drag, but then twists just the right amount of new school to keep things fresh. She takes herself seriously but also not, weakness and body issues she embraced and makes light of them and use them to her advantages. She knows her herstory, and her style in shows NEVER disappoints. She can host, do comedy and then there's that 6-octave singing voice. Incredible... and you need to see her use that in person. She really does embody the CUNT. Creativity, uniqueness, nerve and talent. When you leave one of her shows, you will remember, or be back, or both, not to mention she won 4 challenges, and four mini challenges Trust. So I think it's her or.....

Nymphia Wind

This queen kept me cracking up all season in the work room...and I found it utterly fascinating as comical and crazy and relaxed as she was just how detailed, structured and flawless her runways would be. While she only won 2 challenges and safe otherwise, so did Bianca Del Rio, who ended up winning her season.  Nymphia is not your usual drag queen who is going to do a lip synch or stand up, and thanks heavens for that!!!A Nymphia show is going to be very Sasha Velour...very artsy, avant-garde and part performance art... and she is going to treat you to a very one-of-a-kind dance performance where she will take her cultural background and takes us somewhere new with it. Her style and mug is always flawless, yet she is very laid back and accessible. 

Plain Jane. Yes Yes...she made the top three. I'm still not sure how, as most of her looks contained mostly skin, or a one pieces body suit, or a tight shapely long column dress, with exception to a few break outs. Michelle even called her out on it. And let's face it, she was mean spirited and not trustworthy most of the season, but I did like her better by the season end. But for me something is not there or missing. She also waited too long in the competition to break out the glam and different looks, after what seemed like a long line of body suits. I could be wrong, but I think Ru is going to throw a curve ball in the finale with a group lip synch and I think that is where it will come down to Sapphira and Nymphia...and Plain who historically doesn't dance, or lip synch well will be knocked out. My friends and girlfriends think I'm nuts and Nymphia will be out, but I'm not so sure.

Megami. I have always enjoyed her and one of the biggest sweethearts you'll ever meet. She is soooo Brooklyn New York with her style of drag. I'm just glad she made it on, and unfortunately, she didn't really gain her passion and the side I'm used to seeing till the She Done Already Had Herses Tournament. Now that was the Megami I'm used to seeing. Her looks not seen this season are also sickening! She is a good drag egg.

Morphine Love Dion was a joy to see all season. I didn't think she'd get top 4, but damn was she pretty funny all season, and I just loved some of her looks. And the funny part? She won $50,000 dollars for winning the lip synch tourment right? More than the first runner up will win tomorrow night!!!!! Maybe not a bad thing she didn't make it to the crowning circle? I think I could hang with her and be shady all night.

Mirage was the queen that was my surprise and delight queen. I didn't expect to like or enjoy her, and I loved her lots. And that bitch knows how to give body and use that body m'kay!!!!

Mhi'ya Iman Le'Page. I'm still trying to see how her, and her looks got her that far, but alright. And you have no idea how gleeful and happy I was to see her face when Megami sent her packing in the big lip synch tournament. Miss Thang was pissed. Sorry, don't see the lip synch assassin here. These queens get to reliant on the dead drops and flips. If that's your only means to woo an audience, then move on. It's SOOOOOO overdone. I want to see a tight Morgan McMichaels style lip synch, and a body feeling the music. Not constant flips and drops. I personally think she should have been an early out. She was right next to Dawn with being plain annoying.

Xunami different then her drag mama Kandy Muse, and thank heaven for that. Xunami was another I really grew to love while she was there, was always positive and had everyone laughing, a good sister to be with in a workroom I surmise. I enjoy most of her looks. Wouldn't surprise me if she wins Miss Congenitally. Yeah, I could hang with Xunami, and I had a huge crush on boy Xunami!!! Oh yes I did. I found his laugh very sexy and catching. After a show we could must definitely take turns on each other!!!

And Q. Now I started out loving her, but she quickly became painful to watch if she didn't win. There was no hiding her feeling. And I found the voice annoying after too long. But no denying bitch had some tough and very memorable and avant garde looks. The above was one of my favorites.

And next season can we get less of the queens talking like stupid valley girls? So annoying. We will also see the exit of Ross Matthews and rumors are swirling with sisters, that the fabulous Jinkx Monsoon will be the newest rotating judge.

So, who you rooting for, or do you think will crown kids! What's your thoughts on the season???? As for moi, I'll may watch the finale in a new number created for me by good friend Miss Bill. Or should I save it for the Woods shows this summer?

You know I adore pink... and a matching chapeau and bag girls.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024



This post came about thanks to Tundra Bunny, in a comment last week on a moose statue in a photo I took recently on a Philly weekend jaunt. It got me going back to look at photos I'd taken of this landmark over the years. Since there has been a lot of discussion in recent years with statues in public spaces, with some statues coming down through formal and informal means, here are some of the photos of the George Washington Monument in Eakins Oval. One of my favorite fountains and art sculptures in Philadelphia. This monument is especially complex, and has evocative, allegorically rich and often lifelike figures in it, this monument in Philly, is located at the base of the Art Museum steps. Anyone who's spent time in Philly probably knows this place and fountain and monument very well, with its swirl of animal and human figures enveloping the high up equestrian statue of George Washington.

The monument and fountain were commissioned and design by sculptor Rudolf Siemering. The sculpture was dedicated in 1897 at the entrance of Fairmount Park and then moved in 1928 to its present location after the completion of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in town. The bronze and granite sculpture features a uniformed Washington mounted on a horse at the tip top and facing southeast down the Ben Franklin Parkway towards City Hall. The face of the sculpture was made from actual impressions of the former president. made while he was in Philly for a stopover.  The lower levels of the fountain feature two Native Americans, two Europeans, and animals that are native to the United States. There are moose, bison, deer, cow, bear, eagles, a serpent, some Koi fish and even a salamander.

The scheme of the fountain asserts a hierarchy...although I find it interesting that the sculptor had two European figures and two native American figures all on the same level of beauty and detail. All the figures are done very well and all equally gorgeous and lifelike.

The southeast side of the pedestal, facing the parkway has a female figure on the next level up, apparently representing liberty.

I have always enjoyed the fountain in Philly, one of my favorites. And when there is a nice breeze it's nice feeling the little bit of mist hit you on a hot day.  It also occurred to me from a distance, the monument draws attention to Washington as the main figure. But up close while always wandering and photographing the monument, I found myself forgetting about the Washington statue completely. It wasn't till that hawk landed that I was reminded of him up there. The main features up close are the animals and allegorical figures. I wonder if this was likely the sculptor's intent, because the sight line within the monument complex do not allow you to look up and see Washington himself, if you are looking from a spot inside of the complex. I feel the sculptor seems to want us to examine and admire these figures more and ultimately relate to the artwork at this level, rather than Washington himself, who seems to be over seeing a new America..

MEANWHILE..... the grocery shop....

OH, I see the oj has expired.

Too early?

Monday, April 15, 2024


For a change this Monday, I feel like dancing. Unless the guy from below is insistent I stay in bed. I think spring helps with the blows of Monday's sneaking up on us don't you? And it is gloriously sunny to top it off!!!

 Happy Monday kids!

Sunday, April 14, 2024



After what was a rainy week with strong gales, it was a lovely weekend spent at the Casa du Borghese being a domesticated minx. It's been a busy two weeks. You may recall the huge 75 ft Eastern White Pine that was leaning when we had a very heavy snow in February. It unfortunately had to come down, a sad day...and it looks most odd since the tree has always been there since our family lived here. The arborist said if he could have the wood, he'd knock down the price. Turns out, it wasn't anywhere near what we thought it might cost. I saved some wood for the firepit too and gave him the rest. Still said to see it go. Otherwise, the garden flowers and flowering trees and shrubs continue to bring us joy.

This was the snow that made the Eastern Pine lean. It's the big one in the middle. If you saw the tree from the street side, you'd see the lean.

I took one last picture the day it came down. I'll miss it. The squirrels are already confused as they used it for a "highway" of sort to connect to oak tree in the back garden.
It actually got taken down quite quick.

The new skyline. I opted to not have the trunk and roots ripped up, as it was going to uproot many parts of garden and the lawn. I today sowed hundreds of wildflower seeds.
 The stump will pay homage to the long-standing tree. I have plans to do a potted garden on the top of the stump, and today, surrounding the stump are the wildflower seeds of coneflower, daisies, dwarf lupine, cosmos, zinnias, cornflower, larkspur, bee balm, scarlet sage, aster, poppies, Indian blanket, bishops flower,canlendula, blue flax and Sweet William. Finger crossed.

In other grounds news we were also delighted to see our Burkwood Viburnum bounced back after three years of not blooming. After a deep cut back last is in full bloom once again!!! Heavenly!  If your not familiar with this bush, it is a densely full, deep green leaf bush. In the spring it blooms a sort of "nose gay" bouquet, of little clustered flowers that smell absolutely delicious of orange and clove I would best describe.

The weeping cherry bloomed in all its glory for two weeks...but is now snowing its pink petals all over.

Pansy power continues.
Our white and pink dogwoods will be the next to bloom this week. The bud are just about open.
Not sure what this ground cover is called, but was surprised to see more crocus come up.

Another project done this week too. A new driveway was put it. But it wasn't all gardening this weekend. There were some refreshing beverages to be had in addition to me baking a quiche Lorriane and a pot of Cabbage Soup which turned out very tasty if I say so myself.

So there was that. 
Feel free to email me if you'd like the recipe.