Tuesday, July 23, 2024


 Kimberly Gargoyle....

is no longer allowed to read to children.  I mean, that mug alone....


  A day ago, I took the Mother and I, to a state park and she took along the book she was reading The Exorcist. She said it was the most evil book she has ever read. So evil in fact, she couldn't finish it, got up, took it over to the lakes edge, and threw it off the dock and into the lake. I the next day, went and bought another copy, ran the faucet over it but good, and left it in the nightstand drawer beside her bed.

Won't she be surprised!

Im going to hell.

Monday, July 22, 2024



Boy....what a weekend! I had a few stiff ones! I think my mind needs some pretty to look at and grab a mental rest.Right now, Im not opposed to making some sand angels on a beach. Who's game?

Sunday, July 21, 2024


I had the feeling Joe Biden would be dropping out. Deep down I think he knew he wouldn't have the strength for another four years and what would have been surely a bloody election. President Joe Biden had done good, did good things, and returned the Democratic party back to some of its roots.  He almost righted the country back, with exception to a few issues. I'm sure it was not an easy decision to make, but there is no doubt we will go down as one of the most consequential presidents we'd had.

And no making the Party of Rot happy. First, they bitched and griped Biden was staying in with poor health, now that he is dropped out, now their bitching about that because of his poor health. So you can't win with these people, nothing makes them happy, the miserable bitches.

Now...I would love to see a woman hand "the man who shall not be named" his head. He would go ballistic. And remember we all have to VOTE!

But more than any other thing I've heard on why to vote, came from the last paragraph of Liz Cheney's book.

"In the era of Trump, certain members of Congress and other Trump enablers- many of whom carry the Constitution in their pocket, but seem never to have read it-have attempted to hijack this phrase, to claim it gives them authority to subvert the rule of law or overturn the results of elections. They have preyed on the patriotism of millions of Americans. They are working to return to office the man responsible for January 6th. We the people must STOP THEM. We are the only thing that can stop them. US. This is more important than partisan politics. Every one of us- Republican, Democrat, Independant-must work and vote together to ensure that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled and collaborated with him are DEFEATED.

This is the cause of our time."

Saturday, July 20, 2024


It's going to be hot up in this Candy Shop today kids!!!! Now, even I need a break at times, as seldom as that is, from South Americans...and my go to next is usually either Russian or Asian men. And as much as I enjoy Turkish Delight...that is hard to compete with Russian muscle. I'm here to tell you that Konstantin Kostyn not only melts in my hands but make the jeans tighter! I am guessing everyone will wants second of this gent, who is a Russian fitness model, fashion model and now has a very sexy and shouldering X page, so I hear. After seeing his many sizable assets, I can see why too. Easy to see why he'd be a favorite of fashion houses and "arty" photographers. But I think he'd best be most useful on my houseboy pay roll!!! And those eyes!

Now, where's my fan at??

Friday, July 19, 2024

Thursday, July 18, 2024


The borage excitement continues!!!! As most of you are aware, yours truly has been having fun in the garden since being back at the ancestorial home. This past spring I planted a wildflower garden, hundreds of seeds, one of which was borage. Seen above. I'm here to tell you there is a ton of it already, and I had no idea how unique and pretty it was, but it was my UK friends of Jon and Christina and a feisty Tundra Bunny who brought to my attention that, and to my delight, could be used in my G&T's. It has come up now several posts, and I must have had too much gin, because I had forgotten our conversations about it. So off to google I went.

I learned Borage is an annual herb in the flowering plant family Boraginaceae, native to the Mediterranean region. Although the plant contains small amounts of pyrrolizdine alkaloids, some parts are edible, and its seeds provide oil. The flowers as seen from the ones in my garden are complete, perfect with five narrow, triangular- pointed petals. Flowers are most often blue, although I noticed that some pink ones popped up. Apparently, the blue is genetically dominant over the pink. I'm amazed how big and how much space it has taken up. The bees seem to go nuts over it. Traditionally, borage was cultivated for culinary and medicinal uses, although today it is mainly as an oilseed. The whole borage plant and flowers are used for fever, cough, and depression, used for a hormone problem called adrenal insufficiency, for blood purification, increase urine flow, prevent inflammation of the lungs, used as a sedative, and helps to promote sweating. I also saw another site say it's oil can be used to relieve arthritis symptoms to help reduce swelling and pain. But it's the other stuff that is interesting and true. Borage is used as either a fresh vegetable, or a dried herb. As a fresh veggie, borage has a cucumber-like taste, while the flowers have a sweet, honey-like taste. But all the hub bub came when both Christina and Tundra , along with Jon said it can be also used on desserts and cakes and made into a simple syrup, and both Jon and Tundra told me to my delight of it being used in gin and tonics!!! So you know me. I was off to find out.
Some of my clipped borage. I thought I would try Jon's suggestion first, of placing the flowers in ice cubes.
In the water they went and came out the next day frozen.

How pretty they look!!! So tonight, I made a nice gin and tonic, with some of the ice cubes and they looked so pretty in the glass and they did, once starting to dissolve add a extra kick of that cucumber taste.

Talk about a refreshing and pretty cock-a-tail!!!! As we know, I can't get enough gin as it is, which is why I swear I haven't been sick in years... I swear, I think I'm one of those medical freaks who never gets any sickness or bugs. I never even had the Covid yet. Now knowing the benefits of this wonderful plant right in my garden I'll probably live to be 110. Last time I had a bad cold was sometime in 2016. A huge thank- you and hat tip to me Brit and Canadian friends for the fresh tips! Cheers kids!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2024



Do you like being alone or mind being single if you are? 

Between having dinner with friends the other day, a gay couple who give me shit all the time to meet and settle down, or trying to match me up, I also got two emails recently asking if being alone bothers me. This came as Uptonking asked his weekly question of what's your greatest accomplishment? All these things come together. I think it is very healthy to be alone for so much time a day, with either hobbies, listening to music, watch movies, reading, gardening, walking in silence, or just hanging around your house. As I answered Uptonking to his question, independence is my greatest accomplishment... upon coming out, I always seemed to be either dating someone, or being in a relationship, lasting anywhere from 6 months to 14 years. While two of those ended on good notes, and wouldn't trade any of that time, I was in new territory when I came out of the last relationship. Being alone and not attached. But now I have embraced my independence, maybe too much. I love my independence fiercely, no one to answer to, get home when I want, go to happy hour after work, do what I want, take off when I want, and pleasure myself without another half getting jealous. Deep down, and cards on the table, I think I excel and enjoy life more as an individual unit, I'm more outgoing, more wild, I flourish, more adventurous, and I have to take care of myself, I'm my own boss. When I met the Lad, it was heaven sent! He is almost a clone of me, with his outlooks and having alone time and it seems to work great. It's now been 11 years since we met and that's long distance, and always has been.

As far as I'm concerned, alone time...you have got to have some, at least some time to be alone. I love people, I have more friends and acquaintances, and I spend a great deal of time with them. I like to know as many people as I can. But I have to be alone sometime. those two things go together. This doesn't mean I seen through people, or I only pretend I like people, or hate people when really sometimes, I want to be alone at times, That doesn't mean I don't want to be around people, as I have given myself utterly in one way or another to everybody, all the time. But I get exhausted, happily exhausted mind you. There is time when I need to be alone, or I go away by myself in order to renew myself. It's like going to a dressing room to take a breath. You can't be on stage all day of everyday, maybe nearly all day of everyday more like. Being alone is not bad. I rather think alone time is a good thing.

It was glorious today as I was off with a personal day, and in the garden. Alone.

Oh!!!!  And it was hump day already, so Happy Hump Day!!!


Nina West!

Monday, July 15, 2024


I'm going to need these three, Voilet, Doralee and Judy to take over and run the country!!!!! 

Violet, honey...could you comes over here for a second?



Another warm weekend flies by, and I keep telling myself only three weeks till the next vacation and a weekend jaunt. Nice to have a weekend to myself, after being gone that last few. It's at times like this and the times we live in that I'm glad I have the back garden to disappear into and clear the mind from all the news, which I practically have given up on, but twice a week, and not spending time as much online...and all the hot and humid temperatures, but of the political kind. I can handle Mother's Natures. I thought to myself... oh look just another weekend in the Good Ole Wild West of the US. A shame it has become so common place. But at times like this it's great to have distractions....so you know where my mind wanders......

I love inflatables!

Let us all have a good week shall we? What do you do to tune out?