Thursday, February 29, 2024


....why not? 

This would be the song I'd dance with Duchess Deedles to, I think.


I don't watch much television, but I will admit to a guilty pleasure. Since I enjoy cooking and baking, I do, if home on Saturday mornings watching a few of my favorite cooking shows. Joanna Gaines, Kardea Brown, PBS's Lidia Bastianich, the hunky Franco Noriega, and of course back in the day, and still, Martha Stewart. All probably to the dismay of my late aunt, who was a food snob and a talentedly phenomenal cook in her own right, she having all the cookbooks and learned to cook by the legendary Julia Child's show back in the day. But another I watch is Made Easy with Mary. The cook-Mary Berg. And I smell shenanigans. Much like Miley Cyrus and her alter ego Hannah Montana...I think this is actually Taylor Swift incognito as Mary Berg!!!!!!! You can't fool me. This is Taylor's way in infiltrating another entertainment medium. And if so she is pulling it off. But I'm not fooled. I mean they have NEVER been sighted in the same room at the same time. I may be pretty but wasn't born yesterday. I present the photos.

Taylor Swift

Mary Berg

Nope...can't fool me.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Someone at work is always fascinated by what people have in their lunch bag or the messenger or the handbags. She said it's interesting to see what one might find in them, and it is interesting to see if the items tell one about the person. The other day she asked some of us what she'd find if she saw our night stand. So... I thought, hmmmm, what an interesting post that could be? What the hell. And you thought this was going to be another sordid one-night stand story, didn't you??? Well as the late Mae West said- "Those easily shocked should be shocked more often." So, if you came into my boudoir right now, here's what you'd find on my nightstand. Shall we have a close look?

On the top is a vintage urn, found with an assortment of bird feathers of all sorts. A vase with some of the poppies my good friend the Dame gave me, a marble candleholder that is so elegant when lit. That was a gift from my cousin Maggie, and my current queue of books. 
Just finished. And I will say A MUST READ! She called this even before the insurrection.
My current read.
My next read!
Past reads...Dangerous When Wet, my friends Auto biography of sorts, the Elloitt Page autobiography Page Boy, and a fun little Drag to my cow hide boxes.
In the drawer...a Book of Puns, the infamous Little Black Book of my men, my address book, some pens, a pair of scissors, ginger and rose hand cream, and linen bed spray for relaxation. It is heavenly. But what was in the cow hide boxes?
Well, never you mind what is in this one!!!!! There may be ladies present!!!! But it's not a fun box for nothing!!!!!
And the larger one, contains my square cuts since my 10-drawer dresser is already packed with 3 drawers of jeans, 2 drawers of shorts, 2 drawers of tee shirts and 2 drawers of underwear and jockstraps and one of socks. About the only thing not seen on the nightstand is my nightly glass of water that always goes to bed with me, in case I wake and get thirsty.

So... there's that. Were you shocked by something there or not there? What would we find at your nightstand???

Monday, February 26, 2024


Well here we are on Monday again. 

Funny how these weekends just fly by, and yet again I feel like I've been robbed. Another beautiful weekend weather wise ...if these temperatures and mildness last, which it looks like we will be in those high 50s by the end of the week, it looks like the Snow Queens jig might be up. The spring bulbs are finally pushing through the ground, but we're a ways off from a lot of color yet. As for me I will miss winter a little bit. No doubt the atmosphere looks very pretty covered in white. Although to be honest I will miss my cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks and cableknit sweaters. I love a good winter sweater and layering up. But if spring wants to come ahead who am I to stop? Next weekend I'm supposed to be joining friends on Harrisburg's ice sculpture walk. But the temperatures slated to be in the high 50s...its going to probably be more like a waterfall show.

Sunday, February 25, 2024


Italian Poppies from my good friend the Dame this weekend. So fragrant and they remind me of a favorite quote-

"Like the poppy's brief blooms, life's beauty is found in its fleeting moments."

Saturday, February 24, 2024


 In this feature, I'll share a guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words , what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Hattie McDaniel

Friday, February 23, 2024


...Blake! He may not keep the most organized bedroom or quarters....but he excels at other talents.

Things are most definitely looking up.

Thursday, February 22, 2024


...Hot Red and Wild Realness!
Ava Adonis

Lady Camden

Chloe Clarke

Marc Minaj

Anneab LaRose

Billy LaMour

Olivia Lux

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Anyone in the know who knows me , will tell you I watch very few American TV shows.  But this season kids, I have been watching the fabulous arrived. Ryan Murphy's offering Feud: Truman Capote vs The Swans. It has been fresh too and one can tell he is more energized in this project, compared to the pass its expiration date, American Horror Story. The last two seasons were weak and finding his seasoned cast, bailing. I didn't even watch last season. Now girls, this show is stylish, highly entertaining and featuring every actor in a near pitch perfect performance. Even the music and opening credits of the show are very artistly done. But as a queen, and a purist, I will have some carping to do.

It's safe to say that many familiar with the legacy of Truman Capote- the man at the center of the show- though the masses are perhaps more acquainted with the Breakfast at Tiffanys writer's status as a literary giant then the actual dramas of his life. The second season arrives seven years after the first season, and gives a voice to each of the wealthy female archetypes... Each nailing their part with superb acting, the mannerisms and the look of each swan down.

Naomi Watts as Babe Paley

Nice to see Demi Moore back in acting. I have always enjoyed her. She is portraying Ann Woodward. 

The fabulous Chole Sevigny, who has never looked better as CZ Guest.

I was worried about Calista Flockhart, never been a huge fan...but she has nailed playing Lee Radziwell.And I dare say shed finally her Ally McBeal part.

The always lovely Diane Lane playing Slim Keith.

And everyone's perennial favorite Molly Ringwald playing Joanne Carson

And Tom Hollander is very unnervingly accurate in looks, mannerisms, sound and looks as Truman!!! Everyone is spot on in their roles, particularly Naomi Watts. And this is Demi Moore's best acting since 1996's If These Walls Could Talk. Even Joe Mantello's Jack Dunphy and the sexy Russel Tovey's John O'Shea are standouts. Tovey is important in illustrating the dangers of associating with a closet case, something I think the Swans here caught on to. As for Tom Hollander, he caught both sides of Capote- the brilliant, the cruiser, and the despicable. The show has been going along swimmingly too till last week. Now the carping. Having read 3 of Capote's books on the Swans... just where is Gloria Vanderbilt, Gloria Guinness and Baroness Pauline de Rothschild??? And Slim and Bill Paley having an affair??? They didn't, and I have no idea why an otherwise respectable writer like Jon Baitz would cook up something like this unless ordered to by Ryan Murphy. Truman also never lasted a week in a clinic he was sent to, and the highly romanticized reunion of Truman and Babe? What the hell? Sure it was gorgeously staged. But I'm here to tell you it never happened. When babe Paley cut Truman off, she and Slim never talked to Truman again the rest of their lives. If Ryan doesn't stay to facts and is heading into some kind of alternate reality he is going to lose the audience with this show. Otherwise, this show has been so well done, with sets, fashion and acting and let's be's been great to see the adored Jessica Lange again, as the passed-on spirit of Truman's mother.

And contrary to rumors that I once slept with Capote is nonsense!!! First off, I wasn't old enough, I was just bore and second, I would not tolerate his bitchiness, and two bitches under one roof just does not work.

Anyone else watching this epic?