Wednesday, April 29, 2020


It had been 46 days since yours truly left the house to go out to where more then three people might be. Since this pandemic started, the only time I have been out is on walks or runs with Buster or a few car rides. Being on extrovert, it's not been as hard as I thought it might be. I can very easily bounce between intro and extro...especially since I have a stronger dislike for earthlings then in the past, but I digress. I must admit to having had  some anxieties to going out.  I didn't know what to expect, would some idiots not be following guidelines, would there be to many people or lines, and then there is the whole getting ready. I got fully decked, yes... as in dressed and shaved and all. Hey!!! As Joan Crawford said, "I never go outside without looking like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want the girl next door, go next door." After that I collected my bags and mask and my handy rubber gloves!!!! Oh yes I did!!!! I only really needed staple items and meat, a few cheese's, and some snacks. My milk I get delivered and my eggs come from a neighbor, so I was off and must admit to being pleasantly surprised at two different stores. Both stores were in Doylestown and across the street from each other. the first , THANKFULLY was where most of my provisions came from.
The produce sections was tidy and empty. YAY!!!!!!!
The meat section was a ghost town!!!! I couldn't believe this. I was able to get pork, lamb chops, chicken breast, and hamburg for stuffed peppers.
Even the bakery section was null of any humans!!!!
The baking aisle surprised me...sugar and flour was almost depleted.
The butter too was very was mostly boxes of sticks. The container of Blue Bonnet was gone. The horror!!!!! So sticks it was.
It was refreshing to see their nuts were neatly stacked and organized.
The frozen foods aisle was a ghost town as well. And fully stocked I might add.
Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to check out the paper goods, even though Im fully shocked in all those. CLEAND OUT! 
Nice to see though they had guidelines posted. After collecting everything I wanted and got, I went to the checkout. They have one line, and a sale person would then direct you to a self check out or a to a clerk, your preference. 
Now the other store I used, had a person at the door counting people going in. The store was also much more I was already more jumpy. People scurrying around like little mice. I'm one of those shoppers who uses different stores for different items .I use like four different markets.This store I like better for produce and seafood.
Again a nice, full selection of produce. A couple of people did get too close to me several times. I almost was going to put my basket down and just leave, but I muddled through. Outside of this section, this store at the end of each aisle had directional arrows, so aisles are up or down, which I thought was nice, in addition to announcements stating various guidelines. Also the first store I went,  didn't allow re-usable bags, so once out to the car, I moved my items to my owns bags, and then disposed of the cheap plastic ones to the store recycle center by the door. The second location allowed re-useable bags.
This store too I noticed was hit harder in the rice and beans aisle.
Again, the paper goods aisle was empty. They had even less then the other store. Thank the Gods, I don't need any paper goods.
All over the store they had posted these handy list, so costumers knew up front what items were limited to purchase quantities.
Of the two stores, when I have to go back, I will most likely frequent the first store till this is over I think. While they might not have certain things I want, I was much more relaxed and not anxiety ridden. The second store is always nice and clean, but way to many people for my current comfort zone. And while I like the aisle specific direction, it was work to keep cognisant of which direction the aisle was, and if you forgot something that was at the other end you already passed, could you go back and get it, or did you have to leave the aisle, go down another to return to aisle to get forgotten item?

I saw the above sign on the way to the market. There are some great small bussiness out there. Good on them. Luckily at my farmers market which is all curbside, I ordered what I wanted and it was brought out to the car. Otherwise , it is too much drama shopping right now, trying to remember everything, getting ready, and trying to be social etiquette distancing. Once home, everything got a wipe down. I then fixed a very nice gin and tonic. I shouldn't have to go out for several weeks again.

But my gloves were a hit with several people, so there was that.


Thought I would share these amazing pictures, since many of you commented on the air show picture I took yesterday. These are  courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer I came across today of the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels air show in honor of all our medical and healthcare front line heros. I can only imagine what the show looked like in the sky from center city. Here's in Bucks County I only heard and saw it for a brief moment, from what you saw in yesterdays post. You can see more picture and read the story here.
In other news, I heard
Lady Penelope Creighton approved of the show by the Thunderbirds.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


I tell you, the weather makes the biggest difference during this pandemic.  Today was the first...grab yourselves...that the Mistress went back into public for the first time to the market and grocery in 46 days, but more on that later. Since I was feeling pretty happy and gleeful today , a good day for a first in a while  ...I  decided to make sure I was ready and catch the brief glimpse of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly over Philadelphia, Bucks County and then into New Jersey, and off to NY, as a salute to essential health and medical workers during the coronavirus pandemic. I can't lie, that was a pretty happy and neat thing to see today. My one lone picture I managed to get. Feast you eyes on our next edition of Happy Moments from you all! Pictures can be sent to 

"See the Floralis Generica always reminds me of Mistress's visit to Buenos Aires, a happy time." Adrino- That trip gave me many happy moments so well! Don't cry for me Argentina.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs
View of my neighborhood.

Brooklyn Ny, 1956
Pierre, South Dakota 1983
Bergen Norway, 1998

Your Mistress
My personnel assistant in the sun again!!!!

Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan

Ivy- a friend from New Hope

Jan, my ex boss and friend from Chicago.

My dog Penelope always makes me happy.

My art collection always bring me such happiness


Hedda Lettuce
Every morning when I go to the bathroom and  drop my bloomers, my little Lupe always jumps in my downed drawers. We are too close I think.

Lily and Seig

My knit work art always beings me such joy and happiness and peace all at once. This is my second piece of happiness now complete.

Now THAT is truly a work of art!!!!!!! I have never seen anything like that Erik. AMAZING.

Thank- you to all for your submissions. They have made my day even more happy getting them.


Scarlet Vaschkyna,( vah-sky-nah) is a South African queen living in London. Scarlet is another of those queens, who when you see her, your gonna remember her. And that makes for a good queen in my opinion. I just adore her style, that beat to hell face, the chic styling of the vintage feel of her wigs...almost like vinatge pin up with a goth feel,  and she is another one of those queens with very thought-out and innovative performances for a up and comer on the scene, she is a queen of conceptual art. Scarlet from a very young age, knew where he wanted to go...and that was to a make-up table and stage to perform. Too me, what I like, she feels as though a comic strip character has come to life! Couldn't you see her as a villainess in Dick Tracey?