Saturday, October 31, 2020


Welcome to the Samhain Soiree at the Casa du Borghese!!! With none other then Pam Demic!!! Veiled, of course darlings.

A Happy Hallows to one and all!!!!! 

This year, I welcome you all into the Casa du Borghese on this special day of Samhain...not only Samhain, but also the 2020 Blue Moon. This powerful metaphysical event offers a unique opportunity for the practicing witch. Let's us take advantage of this ultra divine day and have a day and night of magical events and music!!!! 

The houseboys are ready and waiting with tricks and treats and serving some twisted treats, deadly morsels, witches sticks and devilish delights. yourselves to some treats, and 1 or 10 of our infamous house cock-a-tails. Bob for some apples.... or just bob up and down....and come twirl with the hostess with the mostess,  and our very own pandemic queen, Pam Demic who is here once again, this time spinning some Hallows Day tunes to spin and twirl too. And if those costumes get hot, take off as much as you dare....we aint shy!!!! The ballroom is ready.......

Let's get this party started!!!!
Let's start off with some Classics IV, the fabulous Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Dead Kennedy's and some Ella....

Please bitches, help yourself to the open bar and mulled  brandied cider!!!!! Take it away Elvira.....
Hmmmmm. has anyone seen Huntly and Sixpense??? They and two houseboys have disappeared. I bet they found the play room!'s about some Eartha. After all, we all want to be evil.....
Does anyone know who parked this broom by the east gate? You've parked the Mahogany Empress in.

I just went to powder my nose and grab a few feels of Upton...and you wouldn't believe what I saw Anne Marie, Duchess Deedles and Cali Boi involved in!!!! 
Ahhhhh, that's better. I can  see in this dark corner Jon, Agnes and Bob, you know, the classy bitches, are trying to take Ms.Moorecock under their wings and teach her a few lessons on the proper way to bob for apples...and on an actual apple!!!! I was having to pay the houseboys extra for what she was bobbing on!!!! Now how about a bit of Miss Dusty!!!!
Stay as long as you like me dearies....till to be a long night. After all this debauchery of your behaviors how about some classical music to make this at least a somewhat highbrow event? Grab another cock-a-tail....we'll wait......there now, are we all lit??? Lets end this on a high note. 

Thank you all for stopping in for this Hallows Day party. If you still need some more terrifying times, why not pop over to the handsome tall glass of water, Mr Device's, for his extraordinary Terrifying Triffidery Show. I was over already and was blown away. But not by Mr DeVice. Yet. The show dears, the show!!! Many bloggers have their triffids on display, all leading up to a glorious Flowers and Gardens show!!  The photos are extreme close ups of flowers or plants. I may have even submitted some drunken ones. Now my little sexy ghouls...enjoy what I hope will be a chilly and scary night, and may thing go bump in the night! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Happy Hallows to You 👻

Friday, October 30, 2020


In this weekly feature, Ill share a weekly guest with you all and you tell me in only three words, what come to mind.

In three words...
Paul Lynde!


If your a regular visitor'll know the tradition every year of this post. The Dragan House in Lambertville,  across the river from New Hope,  is a sight. Specifically the 100 block of Union street.  It's like entering a black light, Burton-esque cartoon nightmare. "Nightmare" because there's handmade figures there that are indeed creepy, but oh so fun. Each one is so artistically made and each beautiful in it's own right.   The genius artist behind these amazing creations is town resident Dolores Dragan. Dolores was the Lambertville art teacher for years before retiring and then started to make these fun characters in 1998 and has since become the talk of town. She had originally planned on a few....but it now has upwards of over 50 figures....each inspired by citizens in the area, and are made from branches and paper mache'. Last year marked the 21st year she has proudly displayed this Halloween fest at her home, which has become known as simply the "Halloween House". I don't personally know Dolores, but have talked with her every year I've been to see her place. One figure was even inspired by a ensemble I wore to a drag show several years ago she attended. That was so cool. She is one of the sweetest and gentle ladies too. And trust me...people come far and wide to see this spectacle. I dare even say, it's not Halloween till you've seen Dolores house for the season. 
At night it gets really cool, as she has them all out with black light.
These pictures are ones I didn't use last year. Alas....this is the first year Dolores didn't set up the display which takes weeks....due to the Covid pandemic. It just draws to big a crowd, so she thought not to set it up this year. But leave it to her and many business's in town. Dolores ended up loaning tons of places one or two figures to display in their shops, pubs, dinning establishments and place of bussiness so passer-by's and tourist to seek out and find them!

Thursday, October 29, 2020


The election is now!

In 15th century Tuscany a very small percentage of the population had the right to vote. Perhaps this familiar looking and famous Gorgon from those times will remind gentle citizens who won't vote or haven't votes yet, to go vote. This fragment of an architectural freeze in terracotta was created as the Black Death plaque was still affecting Europe, having ironically started in Pisa in 1348, and spreading throughout Tuscany, becoming the fastest and deadliest pandemic in recorded history. Earlier in the century the Florentine people feared the loss of liberty and respect for people that was the pride of their republic. The Duke of Milan threatened all that but caught the plaque and died in 1402. Subsequently, the King of Naples tried again to strip the citizens of their rights, but he to died.  Fate, karma and Destiny work sometimes.....but isn't voting in 2020 the perfect recipe for preserving individual liberties today????

VOTE! If you just received your ballot, they must be hand delivered to your drop box or elections office. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


As usual, here at the Casa, we are going through bird seed like crazy. Dear Mahogany Empress emailed and asked about the suspects around here. Not to worry they are still here in full force. Even when I go away for days at a time, and come back and put seed out, it's never more then 30 mins till they are showing up already. Some birds have left for the season and I spotted the first Junco of the season last week. The Blue Jays have been here in numbers. One day I even had about 4 of them on the sill. They are so brilliant blue right now after their molting's.
I was lucky one day that I caught the BlueJay and a woodpecker in the same shot.
This Redbellied Woodpecker had the oddest markings I'd seen. And he is very bold bird. He won't bulge, even when I get close to the window.
A family of house sparrows
I love that the Titmice came out of hiding. I love them...their so cute and dainty.
One of the many doves roosting.....
The of my favorite birds...
A little wren stopped by. He's been back every day since.
The three little fox are still here. This was taken about four weeks ago. They all look strong and healthily, and I'm sure will be leaving soon and staking out their own territories and the vixen will have a new litter next spring. They gave the Mother quite the heart attack in the middle of the night on her visit with their screams in the dead of night.

And then of course there is Bouvier

I guess Bouvier wanted to eat in private, LOL!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Just in case you ever wondered how the houseboys arrive.


With so many queens bringing the spook and kook factor year round, I'd be remised if a didn't mention the fabulous Boulet Brothers, for which I'm a HUGE fan of.

  For more than 15 years, the Boulet Brothers—a duo of veteran drag artists, event promoters, and media wunderqueens—have been putting a spotlight on drag’s wildest, most challenging impulses in a way the queer world too rarely sees. In Los Angeles, they’re a queer nightlife powerhouse, responsible for events like Queen Kong, a weekly lineup of often boundary-pushing drag and queer performance, and Dragula, a formerly monthly “celebration of drag, filth, leather and glamour,” where queens were known to mud wrestle and attendees once walked out “covered in blood, fish guts and confetti. An event like that was always too awesome to happen solely once a month, and the Boulet's have always been too prolific to stay under the radar forever. So it makes sense that they’ve evolved Dragula from an event to a web series, where demonic, hell-born queens compete to become “The World’s Next Drag Supermonster” weekly.  It has since gone on to enter it's third season where a drag king won. I think what the show and the Boulet's are doing is vital for the queer community for exactly that reason: Nothing they do is safe. Sometimes literally, but always figuratively. Their movement is the opposite of bland, anesthetized, complacent queer culture, the kind that’s been toned down and made safe for the consumption of straight people. It’s unabashed and raw, and in a world where our rights are imperiled and queer people are dying, one where we need loud, unashamed queer visibility more than ever, the Boulet Brothers are doing something that feels incredible and ground breaking—both to people like me, and in the audience and to the queens they champion on the show, and competitions. That ethos was baked into Dragula from the very beginning, when it was a monthly party at an LA gay bar called Faultline. It was as unfiltered as the show, and the Boulet's aimed to make it “primal and refreshing,” as Swanthlua Boulet once said. “We felt deeply outcast growing up, so being able to provide a place like this for other disenfranchised gays put a smile on our faces,” added Dracmorda. I'm here for this!!!