Sunday, February 28, 2016


If anyone was wondering the Mistress blew in briefly to the Casa du Borghese, quite swiftly I may add, before another travel trip. The Mistress was quite appalled to find my boozey sister Ivana Moorecock here visiting. My other sister, Ana Moorecock couldn't make the trip. Some scandals back home at the House of Moorecock about illegal plant growing. Us Moorecocks have never broke any laws, but may have cracked a few. I do believe the Mistress was annoyed by my company, since all we got for breakfast was a flimsy piece of toast and a hard boiled egg for breakfast Saturday morning. Who'd thought the Mistress would ever be annoyed by Moorecock being here? She also was mad the Lad wouldn't be making an Easter visit. He says, " I gotta go home that Sunday" Mistress says, " Why do you gotta go home?" He says, " My family always excepts me home for Easter Sunday." The Mistress says, " What do they except to do? Lay an egg?" The Mistress than took off for the Raven Resort for the Steve Grand performance. Last seen, he was seen having more than a few stiffners with Mr.Grand. And the rumors mill has begun. Now, im not one to start rumors, but they both did take rooms there.....Meanwhile my sister and I have been partying like Studio 54 around here. And then the houseboys have been filming a indie film for the Mistress upon his eventual return one day. I have the feeling it won't be highbrow or award worthy. Except for maybe a Hookie Award.
The Mistress would be applauded to see the boys on the piano. He'd rather have a boy on the organ.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I just heard its spring training season. The pitchers and catchers are all in training.....i wonder if the Mistress has heard this yet? You know, he loves the sound of a good crack of the ball.

Monday, February 8, 2016


As you can see, I'm ready to hit the road again, after a couple weeks of lovely lounging. I'm not ready for my hibernation to end, but if you squint, you can see spring just down the road. For now, I'm pulling out the suitcases and filling with my seasonal frocks, as it appears, I'll be getting very busy. I have two business trips for some prototypes, a freelance design project I need time to plan for, a visit to the ancestral manor, and a trip to Cleveland to see the Lad. What else would take me to Ohio? I have the feeling we will bee in bed ALOT! In betwix all that, I have a drag show to appear and an event for the Philadelphia Film Society, and a day of pamper at my day spa. I'll be back just in time to see singer/songwriter Steve Grand's performance at the Razz Room at the Raven. I must remember to have him. FOR DRINKS THAT IS!!! So there goes my cocooning!!!! Needles to say I will have no time to blog and will only be visiting my favorite chickens when I get a chance. Otherwise I'll be back in a couple weeks.
I'll be heading out in a day as I bring my message of hope, cheer and sexapades to all!!! Help yourself to the bar and trust me.......I know how many houseboys I have employed !!!!
XOXO and World Peace to ALL !
Mistress B

Saturday, February 6, 2016



Do I ever have some of the best candy for y'all today!

This sexy beast is Deigo Sechi. Upon coming across him, I've been extremely addicted to his , well All of him! He is just one of those delicious delicacies you can't get enough of. This is some of the best confection I have in at the moment. Deigo is from Italy originally and has become a health fitness trainer and a competitive weight lifter. I wonder if he'd mind lifting only too happy to oblige........
those legs!!!! And sexy in glasses.....
Morning coffee never looked better!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016


What a week!!! I am just glad the weekend is here. No real big plans for once, except maybe doing some cooking. Otherwise......



Thursday, February 4, 2016


Last night was a social function down at the county club. As usual, I tried to be a pleasant life of the party, but upon existing the room, I could just feel the daggers of Phoebe Bixler and Hildegard Banigan ........
Is it my fault their husbands prefer my company?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Acid Betty

Derrick Barry
Chi Chi DeVayne
Kim Chi
Robbie Turner
Laila McQueen
Dax Exclamationpoint
Cynthia Lee Fontaine
Bob, the drag queen
Thorgy Thor
Naomi Smalls

Naysha Lopez
Aren't these queens stunning???
Take a good look...there your next batch of stunning gals on RuPaul's Drag Race!!!  I really am looking forward to this season. These gals really represent the freshest and newest talent, while not being relatively well known for once. Of course myself, I am hoping for a top three of Acid Betty, Robbie Turner and Kim Chi. 

Fun promo too......

Monday, February 1, 2016


Me and Mondays. Mondays and I. I can't deal with today will be a WWED Monday.....
What would Endora do will be my question to everything. I have the feeling I'll be getting into a lot of mischief today.