Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

First of all,I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! And a BIG thank-you for all your well wishes on the passing of our kittie. Tomorrow after work the Mistress and the Boy-Toy are departing home to Harrisburg like you all are most likely doing as well. It will be a lovely weekend since we both have off till Monday. We will be staying at my mother's house while in Harrisburg. Then on Thanksgiving Day we will head to the Aunt and Uncle's lovely house for the wonderful dinner.

My Aunt in like the Martha Stewart of the family and has begun cooking last night. She is a wonderful cook. She is planning on having on the menu: A roasted turkey,stuffing,mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,balsamic onions,parsnips,and her famous cranberry relish. Her stuffing is to die for. I can already smell the thyme and sage she uses. There nothing like the aromas of Thanksgiving Day Dinner . After cocktails we will all go to the beautifully set table she takes such pride in,with all her antique glassware and china. It always looks so elegant and festive. The dessert will be a choice of hot minced pie, pumpkin pie , or apple pie with her vanilla coffee. After that a bit, her tradition is to then serve a cup of mulled cider to warm you before leaving for the night. We will probably roll to the car. While we are visiting Central PA, we will hopefully see our good friend and sister Mamie,AKA David Dust to catch up. The Mother and the Mistress will also start the Mother's famous Sandtart cookies for the holidays. Before all is said and done ,the Mother ends up with thousands of the little suckers and she gives to all. There will also be a trip to the Keystone Candle Company where the Mistress will stock up on all the wonderful candles they sell. They are the BEST smelling candles I have ever bought. And they really do scent the room nicely. Then on Saturday we will depart Harrisburg to go to Gettysburg to stay over night with our close friend Gary, who lives literally right off the battlefield where the grand ole' Civil War was fought.

It is really quiet a beautiful area. He will most likely show the Mistress and Boy-Toy around to some sights we haven't seen yet and then out to dinner. Then Sunday,back home James! So if you are traveling be safe and again have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Thank you Lady Kier

For some odd reason this song has always made me feel better. It's from Deee-lite,of course!

Grande Dame of the Week

This weeks Dame......MISS UNDERSTOOD!

Miss Understood is a drag queen originally from Levittown, New York,who has been based in New York since the late 1980's.I have always loved her look. She has been a prominent figure in the East Village drag scene of the early 1990's and has revolved around the legendary Wig stock.Miss Understood has appeared in various appearances on television and movies.In 1994 she started a drag queen booking agency called Screaming Queens and has provided entertainment for the likes of George Stephanopoulos's bachelor party, Blaine Trump's Valentine's Day dinner, and Babs Streisand's farewell concert tour dinner. When she started clubbing she said she was stunned by what she saw. "I had seen people in drag before,but in New York ,drag meant outrageous, feeling fabulous,and getting attention. After that Miss Understood was created. And being fabulous ever since.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Sad Day

Today was a sad day. We had to have Miss Starrbooty put to sleep. All last week she wasn't herself. She had stopped eating the amount of food she usually would eat and was drinking more water. She also started to have seizures where her back legs would go out on her. Through the weekend it got only worst and she took to the kitchen and wouldn't leave. And her seizures made her meow,but not her usual happy one. So it wasn't a good weekend. So,today the Boy-Toy took her to the vet for the Mistress because I knew I would go to pieces. So the call came from him that it was cancer and it would be better to have her put down. I'm glad she didn't suffer to long. Anyhow, the Boy-Toy said when she got the needle to be put to sleep,the nurse said she had to be on her side. Starrbooty was lying in her usual New York City Library Lion pose I called it. Just regal and full of attitude just like those lions. The Boy-Toy told the nurse this cat will NOT be told what to do. So she stayed in her lion pose. And that was it. She was full of attitude and regal till the end. I'll always remember her little face the day we found her at Neiman-Marcus where someone dumped her. I was never a cat person up to that point,but I knew I had to take this little cat. After she was in our abode awhile I found out her and the Mistress and the same attitude and personality.We would always cook together in the kitchen and lie about swankily on the weekend in the boudoir. And did she ever like the beads and feathers and plumes! She would even watch football with the Boy-Toy in the fall season,to my dismay. Starrbooty was a loving cat full of personality and we will miss her.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Painting Part 2

Well,this weekend is more fun.I'm finsihing the painting in the Mistress's bedroom. Can I tell you I can hardly wait to start this. It's now 1:30 and I 'm getting ready to start now. I'll keep you posted on the head way I'm making! Yipppeeee. It's not to bad though,it's just the ceiling. Tonight will be fun though,the Mistress,Boy-Toy,and one of our friends is coming for a girls night of drinking,mud masks and movies. Now that's how I want to spend my weekend! What are y'all doing?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ode to Vanessa

This is a extra Grande Dame of the week,the fabulous and stylish Vanessa Williams. I have to admit ,I'm always in a good mood on Fridays and a little tickled because on Thursday night I'm glued to Ugly Betty. The show has such a visual image and it is just a very cute show,but when it started two years ago,it was the beautiful Vanessa Williams who lured me to the show. She is my all time favorite actress! I have seen the few shows she's done, and the movie Erased with Arnold Schwarzenegger,not to mention all her music cd's I have. I have been rooting for her since the Miss America scandal, and I'm so glad she told them to go F**k themselves and ended up a successful woman. She is quite simply the most beautiful woman on the television. And her style is impeccable. And how can you not like the character of Wilhelmina Slater. She is one woman I might just switch sides for. Mamie-if you ever see Vanessa up there on the streets of New York,please send her my regards.

From the Candy Shop

The eye candy this week......Actor ERIK EIDEM!

Erik is originally from Virginia, Minnesota. Acting was always in this cutie's blood, andhis acting has started to take off recently in various tv spots and two feature films. While at college he would toggle between pre-med and pre-law,and all the while modeling to pay his bills. He ended up auditioning on tape for a film and got the part. After the film wrapped he moved to Los Angeles ans stayed ever since. I love his all-American look. Like the boy next door.

I ask,how can you not trust those gorgeous baby blues! They make me melt.And that sly smile.Hmmmmmm........

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Material Girl becomes Bag Lady

Wondering why Madonna has been seen cozying up with Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs in Hollywood? Or why Madge is carrying a garishly orange LV purse recently, when she isn't a big purse carrier like other high profile celebrities? Well,its' because Madonna has signed on to be the new face of Louis Vuitton's 2009 ad campaign for a reported $10 million bucks!!!! A week ago while working in the store,our Marc Jacobs vendor rep was telling me they signed a major name for the new model but wouldn't give any information other than that. I guess that will help her move forward from Guy Richie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The beauty this week.....CHI-CHI-LaRUE!

Chi-Chi- LaRue is a damn funny good time. She is an American drag queen who also happens to be one of the most successful gay porn directors of all time,and just happens to be beautiful in drag while doing it. Chi-Chi who lives in California ,but is originally from Minnesota created her alter ego in the Twin Cities in a drag revue. Upon moving to California she was hired at porn company Catalina Video as a assistant. LaRue went on to film more then hundreds of gay porn videos as head director at Catalina and started his own company Rascal Video. And take my word, she made some goodies. Chi-Chi is also noted to find the hottest boys for films, is a major advocate for safe sex for all her actors, and coined the phrases "straight for pay" and "gay for pay". Chi-Chi can also be seen performing on various all gay cruises and playing hostess for awards shows and drag revues,and has also been named by Out Magazine one of the 50 Most Powerful Gay People in the US! All hail Chi-Chi!

Knew I loved this Kid

Last Friday David Archuleta was on the Ellen Show. I think this kid is just so adorable.I just want to pick him up,hold him and squeeze him real tight! And we have something in common- ARBY'S!


Well,what can I say? The Mistress had a lovely time if I remember correctly!?! I was going to post last night, but from being in Long Island all last week and then away this past weekend again I was pooped and the Mistress was looking at the back of her eye lids by nine last night and in the bed! On Friday ,the Mistress rounded up the Boy-Toy and we departed for our friends house in New Jersey where we were to be his guest. Upon our arrival,we relaxed and had a few pre-bar cock-a-tails and then hit the train for the city. He is conveniently located only three stops outside the city. So we arrived and walked to Pacha since it was so beautiful out. We arrived there around 10:15.

When we arrived there was already quiet a long line to get in the joint,and we were relieved my friend Dani had us as her guest so we didn't have to wait in line! THANK-YOU DANI!

Once in Pacha we met up with some other friends and co-workers who also came to see Dani spin. We headed downstairs and it brought back memories for the Mistress as it used to be the old Sound Factory where she used to cut some moves listening to a little dj named Junior Vasquez. All I can say Dani tore the f**king roof off that joint! She plays some of the best house I have ever heard. She is definitely going places. Dani was also djing with Lex who also was spinning for the first time at Pacha. They together were one powerhouse! I thought I was going into cardiac arrest.

After some cock-a-tails and working up a sweat it was time to see another special treat, world renowned DJ and all around hot stuff Fedde LaGrand!

Fedde is one hot guy and very talented on the turn tables. He can always get the Mistress to dance her ass off,and take you to another place with the music. Needless to say the place was packed! Around 2:30am the Mistress and company left to go to Splash Bar for some more cock-a-tails and dancing,where we stayed till 5am. The Mistress more or less cut one or two jigs, but sat and ogled the boys while the rest danced. I was very exhausted after seeing Fedde mind you. After playing a rousing game of connect the pecs on the hottie bartenders and pretty pickled on Tanqueray,we left to eat and catch the train back to Jersey while holding each other up. Mistress and company arrived to our friend house around 7am. The next day was spent sleeping and being hung! We did watch some movies and had a very delicious Italian dinner Saturday night. We also had some more cock-a-tails Saturday night at our fiend's place and also sat in his jacuzzi gossiping like a group of hens. And I tell you,that hot tub felt good that night after that hang over from that morning, never mind that I was drinking again! So another weekend has come and gone and I'm so glad I got to see Fedde finally! I think this weekend I might have to take it easy before all the Thanksgiving festivities start!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Traveling Mistress

Well, the Mistress is back and trying to get caught up on all the wonderful blogs she likes to read, but I don't know how much will get caught up on. It was a long week in Huntington Station where the Mistress was sent to help out her team there in Long Island. The staff there at that store is down just about the whole visual staff. So a crew was sent in to update the fashion in the store and install all the Christmas trim in four days! We worked from 7am till 7pm or later every night. Then we would have dinner and start over again the next day. While there I wished I had more free time to see my good friend Mamie in New York for a few cock-a -tails,and the only night I was able, Mamie was standing proud for our community at a rally in the city at the Mormon Church Headquarters,where there was a rally for the outrage against what they did for the prop 8 bill in California. Great work Mamie! You can check out her story over at David Dust! Anywho,we got done with all our work yesterday and before leaving,the only remaining staff member at that store made the Mistress and all you helped out a beautiful hand-painted Christmas ball for her tree. Thank-you Terry for such a nice sentiment.I arrived home last night,exhausted. Today I got caught up on the house work and laundry,because we are hitting the road again!

We are spending the weekend at our friend Doug's place in New Jersey.From there we will take the train to New york City, where tonight the Mistress was invited to see her friend and co-worker Dani Dj at Pasha. This is a big deal for her and we are more then happy to see her play such a big gig! And she is the opener for the Mistress's favorite spinner Fedde LaGrand. The Mistress's feet are moving already just thinking about it. From there we will probably go club hopping till Lord knows what time. Doug also has plans the rest of the weekend for us.It will be a Sex and the City weekend with the girls,and I am looking forward to it!