Thursday, August 31, 2023


Oh yes...he was a good hire...we are digging Keegan!!

 He fills out and checks all the boxes henny.

Like the Whigfield sums up our thoughts of Keegan perfectly.

When I think of you

I feel like flyin

Like a dream come true

Bad times are dying

When I thought of you

I need your body tonight.

With your affection

My life the same

'Cos it's like resurrection.

I'm callin your name

And you're close to perfection

And I need your body tonight....

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The Bay Area comedy scene can be an unforgiving place to get a start in comedy, and especially for a trans woman. I recently became familiar with Nori Reed and I'm here for her, her style of comedy and her storytelling and delivery. I have been howling. For her first show, Nori preformed in a church for a crowd of 600 people. Most people would probably prefer six or seven generously intoxicated souls for their first set, but nothing about Nori's career thus far has been by the book. Since then, her sets are fast becoming a standing room only affair. 

As a trans woman she found her footing with Peacock rebellion, an Oakland organization for queer and trans artist, activists and healers of color. It was there she found her funny side and decided to take the dive into comedy. And I'm glad she did. While Reed will occasionally draw on her identity as a trans woman for material, she wants to be known as a comic that is trans, not the other way around. In 2019, she got an email from Amy Poehler to open a set for her and she thought it was a joke, but it turned out no joke, and she ended up as a guest headliner for Poehler. As she's worked her way up since 2019 from open mics to sets like Comedy Oakland, Reed had continued to experiment with her audiences when it comes to the necessity and methods of disclosure. I have been laughing daily watching her clips on Instagram! Lately she is my go too for hilarity. 


 So... this weekend was a treat. While on Fire Island our host had tickets to the Ice Palace's weekend show...featuring none other than Patti Lupone!!!

 Right there on Fire Island. In the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove.  You know Patti Lupone. The Broadway diva, the three-time Tony winning performer, star of Evita, Gypsie and Company...She's fabulous, and gave an incredible concert. Her voice at 74? FLAWLESS! Anyway, the Ice Palace is a very long dance club in a big barn like, cavernous venue. Throughout much of the week it is a venue for many drags shows and strippers. And they perform on the very stage where Patti Lupone performed. And you know drag queen make most of their money with tips, so they are always passing that tip bucket around and everybody shows up with dollar bills and bigger bills to tip... and tip the strippers too. And trust me the strippers shake and shimmy to get those bills. On Friday nights there is the underwear party where most of the boys show up in underwear and jock straps and dance the night away. At the one end of the dance floor there is a curtained off area where it acts as a back room where the boys can get pretty frisky... huh, so I hear from a friend. This is where the stage for the night was. Anyway, midway through the performance, this guy walks up on to the stage right when Patti Lupone finished a song. He's holding his arm out and holding what appeared to be a rolled-up bill in his hand. Everyone took a collective sigh of breath, with, what is this guy doing, not to mention Patti Lupone is notorious for stopping a show for people talking, taking pictures and video and will chastise audience members. Everyone was like my god what is she going to do? Well, she looks at the guy and says, "Excuse me?" He says, "This is for you."  "What is this?"  He said "This is for you". She said "This is a $100 bill, what is this for?" He says, "You're doing great, this is what we do here." The audience erupts to laughter because the guy was out of it and though it must have been a drag impersonator. It was funny because she was getting a tip like a drag queen or stripper, and then she laughs, takes the bill, walks up to the piano and puts it in a fishbowl. Then she laughs and picks up the fishbowl and then starts working the audience for tips, passing that bowl, while singing. The audience is going wild, and they are tipping her like crazy, and she is laughing more, and starts running her hands through the fishbowl and says, " OMG,If you guys keep this up, I'm going to come back and see you!" And the best part? As we know she didn't need the money, she passed it off to a lesbian with a buzz cut and gave all the money back and donated it to the Cherry Grove Fire Department. About 30 minutes later after the show, the Lad and I were good and tight and were getting frisky, making out and playing slap and tickle. All of a sudden, we heard a woman say ," What is going on over there?" We turned to see it was Patti Lupone herself...on her way out. I replied, "It's what we do here.!" Still can't believe I said that. The best memory of summer so far, hands down.

Meanwhile the Lad still has no idea who she was.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Monday, August 28, 2023


Well... another glorious weekend has come and gone. And I've been dragging today. That impromptu trip to Fire Island almost did me in . But when you're invited to Fire Island never say no , especially if you're not staying in a bed and breakfast or hotel. My mood board may be inspired by my morning beverage. I'm a huge OJ boy in the morning, and last week I went to the market and got a lovely freshly squeezed tangerine and pineapple blend that is made by the Amish, that is Pure Heaven! And why I've never had anything against Orange, and I do like it I just never used it much in my Interiors or wardrobe until recently. Now all of a sudden I seem to be obsessed with the orange. My new orange square cut came in handy this weekend as well. Not to mention I love a good blood orange liqueur cocktail. But what's not to love about the two outfits down below? I think my wardrobe needs both of them,
This is sooooo me! Totally would wear this!!!!
My parting shot from the ferry leaving FI yesterday! Truely stunning. And because of the popularity and all the opinions of the short shorts post on Friday... I hadn't seen such chatter over a topic and ages .. I present the orange cords short shorts I just bought this season!!!!!! 

I'm on an orange kick.

Sunday, August 27, 2023



First thing I did was dip my toes in sand upon arrival.

Another impromptu weekend with the clan on Fire Island. It was glorious. Spent some time in Sailors Haven for some walks and sunbathing, followed by a small dinner for 12 last night with a spectacular sunset! The Lad, in the Back the Barbie crop top and MM#1fAN said I should start a Boys of the Boardwalk series next season. When the above group heard I had a blog they wanted their picture taken. Thanks cuties!  I'll be departing soon on a ferry, I mean on THE ferry after a libation or two... to return to, gulp, reality. Hopefully I can get in some blog reading on the train. Ain't summer grand?!?!

 Fisher and Aatig's ditty set the tone for the weekend me thinks.

Friday, August 25, 2023



The one thing I have noticed about this summer is the short shorts appears to be back! And I'm here for that. I've noticed all summer long in the city, in the suburbs ,at the beach, and then again up at the Woods... guys are back to wearing short shorts and they are showing those gams off honey! And there's one guy that lives in our neighborhood who walks his dog every evening while I'm walking Buster. And my lands is he hot. And he's got some very nice short shorts on which showcases his legs and ass beautifully. I plan on making an introduction before the end of summer I can tell you . I being only 5'7", and considered to be a pocket gay, I've always worn shorts on the shorter side. You see they compliment my frame and show off my legs more, and I can't lie I'm actually very pleased with my gams. I was very excited back in Spring when I came across a clothing company that sold those old OP corduroy shorts, but the chords are not as thick just a little thinner than the old OP'S. I was very excited and order two colors a tan and a beautiful Orange. And I'm here to tell you they set my legs right off. And I'm also very fond of denim shorts, or old jeans that I have cut off and made into shorts. This is all funny, as I told Sixpence once I never even started wearing shorts until around 12th grade or after. I was always very self-conscious of my body and my legs for some reason and wouldn't even consider having wearing shorts. It wasn't until I met some of the newer members of the clan that changed my perspective. Upon working out and getting nicer legs and a nice bubble butt... now I have no problem wearing short shorts and absolutely love them, I don't wear them too short. I wouldn't quite say they're Daisy Dukes, and I definitely don't have to worry about my balls hanging out. Yet. But with my love of men I can't lie, I am enjoying seeing men wearing short shorts again. Now if they have a pair of tube socks on  to right below the knee, you have a good chance of getting me turned on baby!!!

Some inspiration......

Here's to short shorts season!!!!!