Friday, May 31, 2024


In this feature each week, I'll share with you all a weekly guest, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Ms. Julie Newmar

Thursday, May 30, 2024


YAY! I'll drink to that!

But I still am not putting all the eggs in one basket. We have to hear his fat mouth, ALL THE appeals and then provided he does lose the election, I hear he may get sentenced to jail, but mostly likely won't serve it. Heavens forbid.... then WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT, and what message does that send... we all and anyone else would have the book thrown at us and be lucky to see the light of day again. I am still appalled we still have a convicted felon running on a political party ticket. What's that say about the US???

We are too milky toast. I would give him all the jail time he deserves and then some. Then bring down the whole parasitic family. Of course, if this were GOT, and I'd be a platinum blonde Targaryen, I'd just release my three dragons and torch and burn the Dump Empire for good.


RED for Filth Realness.... 


Wednesday, May 29, 2024


When you think of Baltimore when someone mentions it you probably think of Inner Harbor? Or the crab cakes? The Wire? The Aquarium? Perhaps Little Italy or fabulous Fells Point. Well, I was taken to yet another fun little charming secret in a little pocket of the city you shouldn't miss should you find yourself in Baltimore: Hampden.  Mistress Maddie's #1 fan was here for the weekend, so he and I along with the Capital Street Duo, who discovered the town...hit the road for a day trip. A very quirky, trendy and hipster neighborhood, an enclave if you will, north of downtown, so a couple exists off 83 before you'd get to Baltimore. The town was originally built around the mills along the Jones Falls, and the millworkers that settled there in 1889. Most of the old mills have been restored into local business and loft apartments. In the 90's it began, from what I read to transform when artist and local artisans started moving in, making it their own, and has since become a very active, foodie, artsy and hipster haven and center of diversity and kitsch. The town is mostly 36th Street or just "The Avenue" as it is known. Hampden is a historic place and has a very strong sense of community. Everywhere we went people and staff in all the places couldn't be more friendly. The main drag has everything, restaurants, pubs, dive bars, all locally owned shops from vintage and thrift, antique shops, art galleries and hemp shops and every kind of cuisine you can think of. We even found a great bookshop, remember those? It was all comics, graphic and art and photography books. Very cool. I can't lie...LOVED this place. I don't get to Baltimore or DC area as often as I should.

Someone's porch trim.

Was absolutely in love with this place, Blue Bird...a literature cocktail lounge. Filled with books to read, cock-a-tails and some vereerry cute boys!

My gin cock-a-tail!
These boots are made for walking honey.

In this shop, Ma Petite Shoe, I met Candy, the shop owners dog. She was just adorable.
This shop had some very odd and medically curious gifts indeed. Creepy things, but I did find some wonderfully scented candles called Coven.

This shop, In Watermelon Juice had some real nice wares for the interior, stationary and a huge selection of bath and body potions and lotions for which I'm a huge sucker. Needless to say, I came out with a little stash.
 These two came from Ma Petite Shoe. I bought the sunglasses; how do you pass up on such fabulous sunnies? They are huge. I couldn't pass up the eye lashes. When the shop owner heard I used to, and still do drag she gifted them to me. How nice was that?!?! I mean, just in time to wear for Gay Pride Festivals! And you damn well know I will wear them.

I also understand once a year the town host the Hon Fest. Where everyone wears beehive wigs, cat eyeglasses, mod fashions, and everybody calls everyone Hon. I need to go to this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024



With Memorial Day yesterday, we had several family members here for a family cook out. My Uncle Jack and many of his kids were here. It wasn't long before we were regaling stories of my late Aunt Barbara and my mother parents. It wasn't but 2 years maybe before my aunt's passing away,  that she dropped one of her famous family history bombs. Like the one where she told how we are descendants of Aaron Burr. Being I have an elephant memory; I have become the teller of some of the stories. Since we were talking of some of the past veterans in the family and my Uncle Jack being in the army himself, I was talking about how my maternal grandfather had been rejected by his first wife. Most were in shock! Like me, they hadn't any idea there was a first wife.  I myself shocked when I learned about it. I just assumed he and my grandmother were married only once. Turns out when he was a private in World War I, after three years, he was discharged after a donkey had kicked him hard in the upper thigh and yes...testicles!!!  Upon returning home, his first wife, Carmalita, from what I read, and was told, was a stunning Latina, but very hot tempered. Apparently, it was already a scandal with his family, he hadn't married a white girl, but I digress. Upon follow up checkups with medical professionals, my grandfather learned he would never be able to produce semen for kids; he was told to much damage to the gonads. He was heartbroken as he knew Carmalita wanted kids. Sadly, upon learning about it, she left my grandfather and filed for divorce. It was two years later, that a mutual friend, a shop owner, said he knew a swell Czechoslovakian lady from West Virgina who had just emigrated. You know, the best thing for an old love is a new love, thing. Well, the shop owner passed my grandfather's info along to my grandmother. Before long, they were corresponding in the mail for over a year, finally met once for a week visit, and decided to marry. They were married for over 50 years, had a 19-year age difference and had 6 children.

I guess he didn't shoot blanks after all. And I would have loved to know what Carmalita thought had she heard the news. On a side note, my own parents had a 20-year age difference and met on a blind date, and were married for 33 years till he passed.

Monday, May 27, 2024


It's been a wonderful four-day weekend for the Memorial Day weekend, or as my grandmother still called Decoration Day. Weather wise, it's been beautiful and feels wonderful. We have some family coming today for a little cook out and some cocktails later. In addition to that Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan is also here. We took an impromptu day trip, with the Capital Street Duo to a charming little town in Maryland yesterday, cool vibe, artsy crowd, and diverse and friendly people.  More on that later. I also took a visit Friday over to the Rolling Green Cemetery to pay respects to my father who passed back in 2001. We was in the US Army. I had never been since I was living away for years, so it's taken 23 years to get there to see it. I had never seen the memorial grave marker. They don't do tombstones for it makes the lawn maintenance easier and less vandalism. You'd be surprised at the stories of more and more cemeteries being vandalized. It was amazing to see all the flags and just how many service people were at rest here. The cemetery themselves put the flags up for every veteran. A nice gesture, I think. It's nice to say thank you to a veteran or just pay your respects for the freedoms and liberties we have today. 

Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 25, 2024


In this feature, I'll share with you all a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.

In Three Words...

Our Servicemen and Women