Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grande Dame...Pam Ann!

Now before you think the Mistress completely lost it, yes I do know Pam Ann isn't a drag queen , which I usually feature in this post, but lets face it.....the bitch is fierce and practically could be a queen!!!! Just look at these ensembles and her fabu hair!!!! Glamorous, hilarious and outrageous this  Pucci-clad Melbourne born Pam Ann is the alter-ego of Australian comedienne, creator, writer and producer Caroline Reid whose portrayal of the gutsy curvaceous air-hostess is unique in the world of comedy. She takes passengers on a raucous journey from check-in to security to boarding to, hopefully, landing. Along the way, she pokes fun at air travel, the quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and some of the stereotypes commonly held about flight attendants everywhere. Her genius is in mixing camp, culture, humor, fabulousness and a bit of slapstick into an outrageous in-flight cocktail that the likes of Elton John who has hired her for his own private jet (but Pam won’t tell us if he was a good passenger or not!).  When she’s not jet-setting with the stars or flying the world sourcing material for her next performance, she can be found selling-out every stage she hits – from New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom to San Francisco’s Castro Theatre, Sydney’s iconic State Theatre to Melbourne’s Athenaeum. She’s headlined at the legendary Caroline’s on Broadway in New York and in 2010 performed at the prestigious London Palladium, The Royal Albert Hall and sold out 3 shows at the 3600 seat Hammersmith Apollo – her largest solo audience to date. Our jet-setting a-list air hostess to the stars has made a much anticipated move to the US and is now based in New York City. Pam Ann continues to sell out tours globally and looks forward to continue to tour worldwide adding South Africa and Asia to her World Tour in 2013 and is currently writing a Pam Ann movie and developing a television show. Pam Ann’s latest DVD ‘Getem Bitch’ filmed LIVE from NYC is due out later this year. And starting august 19th she will be in good old Provincetown for a couple shows, but check out her website for more further tour dates and videos at Pam-Ann.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Provincetown's Sordid DirtyLaundry

Well it does seem like forever since I was here last! I must admit Anita Moorecock did a pretty good job keeping things up back at the Casa du Borghese. A wonderful time was had by all this year. Provincetown is quickly becoming a must for me every year it seems. This year was a new  experience...during bear week, and what a very fun bunch, and very friendly group! The only problem was many would forget the size of myself when hugging me, or lifting me up for a hug!!! I was joined this year by Preston again, who we all were the guest of his friends and our hosts, Mistress Maddie's  #1 Fan, and several other various characters. We had arrived for Bear Week and got right into the swing of things. No rest for the weary on this trip. The title for the post came to me from the comment Anne Marie made yesterday and how true!

The Beach and Nature
Provincetown has one of the most beautiful natural beaches. Some views from the house we were in. We even went to see the lighthouse this year and took along a picnic lunch. There was a whale watch again this year, and we also investigated the The Pilgrim Monument  which was built between 1907 and 1910 to commemorate the first landfall of the Pilgrims in 1620 and the signing in Provincetown Harbor of the Mayflower Compact This 252-foot-tall  campanile is the tallest all-granite structure in the United States, and is part of the Provincetown Historic District.
The Characters
This year we had the luck to see one of my long time readers again, Pearly Gates, a talented queen from P-town, friends Preston and MM#1 Fan also came along, in addition to friends Scott and Chad, plus 5 other queens all in the same house!!!!!!! The game most nights was who was waking up where and on who!?!  What a riot that was. I also managed to have two tasteful flings, err, I mean, romances!!!!  Even Miss Richfield 1981 and the Dame stopped for a pose with the fabulous scenesters, the Hat Sisters, a Provicetown staple and legends in their own right. I adore me some large chapeaus.  Then there was the joke of catching Chad and Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan in the shower, which I told them paybacks would be hell.. I'm not a queen to be trifled with.... and one of my better sides.
The Scenes
 In amongst  some lovely dinners at The Red Inn, The Lobster Pot, Purple Feather, and Ten Tables, we had some wonderful seafood bakes at the house. Then all the nights out! Where I found most of my trouble!!!!! But one most go to the Boat Slip's famous Tea Dance.... and have one or 16 of their Planters Punch! There was plenty of ass slapping, cock-a-tails and some Cuban cigar smoking. And there is always something to be seen when walking around to make one chuckle.

Now as one can see, I will need another vacation to just get over this one. I'm also so sad to leave Provicetown when we depart as everyone gets along so nicely. Even my one transgendered friend who often feels left out of the community when in Philly feels right at home and very comfortable here , which just shouldn't be. After all, we are all one community. When I got back would you believe I had to be reminded what I did for a living and where I worked!?!
 Thanks to everybody for their hospitality while in Provincetown....our hosts, Pearly Gates, my two summer romances and all the town folk. It's always such a swell time!
Till next year!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'M Back From Provincetown......and on a Monday?


Hi all!!!!! I'm back from a most fun filled trip, two trips actually , with lots to share.... but first there is that little nasty thing we must all do.......WORK! A thing I haven't done since July 3!!!!! It's back to work today....and Monday, which you all now I JUST LOVE , so it will be hard to get going. The above is currently the status of the Mistress. But it may take some big guns to get me moving today...........

Ahhhhhhhhh much better!!!! I 'll be back soon to share my sins, and be around to visit with you all and see what's I'll need some coffee........

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fling in Provincetown

Thank you to everyone for the kind send off last week!!!!! No, I won't be back for some time yet, but enjoying myself up here in Provincetown for Bear Week no less! I will say they are QUITE the friendly bunch!!! Now never let it be said I didn't bring you some dirt, since I get accused of leaving y'all hanging!  At Sunday night's Tea Dance at the Boat Slip, Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan noticed a handsome man eyeing me up, and hot damn was he handsome alright.  I scolded him for not telling me sooner......

 photo tumblr_mii9t004z11r3czd7o1_500_zps68c434c0.gif

Then the handsome stranger  was aware I had caught his sharing. After some more eye connect, staring at each other like a all you could eat buffet, he motioned to his friends he was coming over to me, so I  did a.........
 photo tumblr_lvr9wwUjqb1r4ghkoo1_500_zps9316c46a.gif

and then a........
 photo tumblr_lso20uljQg1r4pbkjo1_500_zps9908871c.gif

he greeted me with his smile and name- Jackson. We talked for quite some time, and then danced for a good hour.  After a drink or four..........

 photo tumblr_m3fc8iCiZB1r4mgfoo1_500_zpse3204198.gif

followed by some more drinks.........
 photo tumblr_mil7o1OPZg1rt9ll4o1_500_zps22c3212b.gif
 He then asked to go back to his place where he was staying, where in no time ........
 photo tumblr_lut7ns0Vrs1qi5axlo1_500_zpsd3deadea.gif

After our swim, and several hours later I needed............

 photo tumblr_mk4lgidopQ1qmhggvo1_500_zpse30f62bc.gif
We even slept on the chaise lounge. You didn't think I was going to give you all the dirty details now did you. A Grease musical it isn't. See ya in a week or two....................

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sand & Sea Men........Off to Provincetown

Yes, the Mistress is leaving again, ready in my sailing attire,  as I head to Provinetown tomorrow with the clan......

This year's trip is a different week,  bear week! The last two years we went during carnival week, so this year should be a little more relaxing........but not much, and with a house full of 10 queens and our hosts, running around in swim trunks, using two bathrooms, and enjoying those summer libations. That should be entertaining in itself. And no room for any shade on this trip.

 photo tumblr_mml8exljz31ql5yr7o1_500_zpsb90a1aff.gif

 I may even try my hand at surfing............

 photo tumblr_mml8spJJUj1ql5yr7o1_500_zpsebee5ab3.gif

NOT! FIRST OFF, I doubt I'll be up before 2pm  9am any day, and I'll most likely be to hung  to surf. AND A BIGGER SURPRISE WILL BE WHERE I WAKE UP!  But with the usual clan going and Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan joining this year along with Pearly Gates , I'm bound to have my hands full. There will be at least one house party,  a whale watch and LOADS of beach time, and those tea dances at the Boat Slip.  And who knows, maybe I'll even have some sex on the beaches!?! I'm looking forward to seeing our handsome host again, and those delish dinners they russel up.
I really need this vacation, just from the packing and unpacking alone!!!!!!
So I'm off for some more fun and sin in the sun! I'll try to keep my square cuts on this year. Although the boys sometimes have a mind of there own! I'll see y'all around the beginning of August, as the whole Casa will be on holiday! From my clan and I, enjoy summer and all it's offerings till next we meet!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Good ole baseball and summer, just seem to go hand in hand.
 And you'll be surprised to know the Mistress loves a good game of ball, and loves going to games, although,  I do get antsy sitting through all the quarters. And sometimes it's hard to see the goalie with that mask thing on, the one who catches the balls behind the player who is up to bat. I haven't been to any baseball games yet this season.....but a Philadelphia die hard fan will tell ya, ALL our sports teams suck currently. Many think it's time for the Phillies to be blown up and a new team created. Well, don't look at me, I know nothing much about baseball, except they use a wooden stick, chase a ball, and stand around on a field, pulling wedgies out of their tight pants, and periodically readjusting their junk. I will be going to a game this summer, but I'll go to egg my friends temper more when they screw up, and listen to the crowd go nuts. But the only thing saving this for me is some of my favorite hot players.
My all time favorite player to watch is Cliff Lee! Total hottie. What position does he play? Hell if I you REALLY want me to answer that? I believe he is a Pitcher. What's with all the Pitcher's damn it? And I hear he carries a nice size bat.
Next up- Cole Hamels who is a left-handed starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. Hamels throws a four-seam fastball, a circle changeup, a curveball, and a cut fastball. Means nothing to me. Well, maybe it's time for me to turn over a new leaf if he is a pitcher......... And bring the glove Cole...I have two rounders  you can catch.
Kevin Frandsen. Infielder, who plays Third base. I have no idea what he does, except, at least there will be a hottie when I get to third base. But look at that sexy mug and stubble!
A Philadelphia legend and a player who could be leaving....Chase Utley, who plays Infielder. Just look at that man, and he loves dogs! You should see him in uniform.
Ah, you know sometimes the Mistress likes her men like her coffee, dark, rich, and smooth! Ben Revere! He is a outfielder. Again.... beats me, but what a hunk!
And take a look at this daddy, Michael Young! he plays Infielder also! What's these In fielders? is that like a top or something?
So now you see why I would like to go to the baseball game. And it's fun to watch them when their up to bat, standing there holding a huge slab of wood, just like a Saturday night around the Casa. But I'm guessing the fans here would like to see some playing and winning from these hotties, instead of queens like me going to cause a ruckus and scene fanning them selves watching these players and chatting up the cute fans! And then there's the ball fields delish food and beer. Just imagine the scene then if I could take my gin with me, why I may be bold enough to break into that locker room!!! I have no problem being a towel boy.