Monday, October 31, 2022


On "Tober nights ere Witches 'Moon
spirits sway and creature's croon.
As darkness falls and shadows grow, 
haints and haunters fain to show.

Dry bones rise up to join,
clink and cracking as they run.
A straggly scarecrow "stride a broom, rides beside her ghastly groom.

And long before faint daylight comes, banshees beat upon their drums.
Well shivers creep along your spine,
Wolves and wildies woof the time.

The ghosties in the woods do soar,
shrieking loudly with a roar.
A caterwauling in the gloom.
wailing at the Witches Moon.

With all the ghoulish guests now here,
time to dine, since dawn is near.
Please pass the wildroot, pass the cake.
Plates begin to levitate.

Now pale light creeps across the sky.
Morning's nigh, "tis time to fly.
So, with a whimper, not a bang,
Vampire bares his single fang.

Pale zombies pass the graveyard gate
with their clumsy, stumbly gait.
And with a quiver and a moan
howling dogs slink home alone.

Your heart slows down within your chest.
Beastie souls lie down to rest.
As spirits sway and creatures' croon.
bid goodnight, wan Witches' Moon.

hAPPY Hallow'S eVE
To enjoy the day, I adore me some Barbara Hannigan, a talented conductor. Here she is with a macabre performance with the Gothenburg Symphony


 The set can now be yours at the sale price of $9.99!

Sunday, October 30, 2022



It was a good weekend to get out and about. Friends of mine wanted to go antiquing and I thought why not? I never look for anything in particular but sometimes things will just jump out. I have really let my black belt shopping skills go since the pandemic, when we didn't really need anything, as we really couldn't go anywhere since places were closed. But this weekend between the antiquing and other places I did find some great clothing finds...but the Marketplace in Lemoyne has a interesting array of items. I hadn't been in, in some time. And again...some colored glass found its way home with me again, and two little vintage turkeys. Talk about some inspiring sights.

My first score were these two amber vases for $15 for the pair.
It's never too late to keep abreast for one's skills and keep things fresh.

Two swell records to set the mood for my behind closed door times!!!! I love myself a Backroom Ballad
What finds! 
Today has been pumpkin carving and clipping the last of the dahlias to bring in.

And without further ado....some Whipped Cream.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Thursday, October 27, 2022



I have always enjoyed Halloween. I always loved a good Halloween Party. There seemed to always be one too, right up till the pandemic hit. Last year, and this year, there isn't one I'll be going to, but come next year when we all get our acts together, the clan is going to throw one of our old blow out parties again. Alas for me, it's always been expected the Mistress would always come in drag...but I would generally always take it up a notch to a period costume or some kind of character. In the past I have done Marie Anntoinette, Queen of Hearts, The Snow Queen, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Carmen Miranda, Maddie Jetson, among many others. But while reading a blog Big's,over at Big Whack Attack, a commenter there mentioned they are throwing a huge Halloween party where the guest are required to wear nothing... but a mask, and the only article of clothes would be cuffs, a collar or gloves. I would love to attend that!!! I have always wanted to attend a saucy, or naughty Hallows party, mostly because of the time and energy it takes to get a full regalia Mistress ready and done the right way. I think it would be fun and totally uninhibited. So, when I came upon this vintage inspired art from comic, and pin up artist and illustrator Caducado, I fell in love with the feel of it, and the cute, playful, but yet erotic take of the fun of the holiday.  I would so wear the opener photo of the ghost as my costume too. I am also fond of the unraveling mummy. But with my ass, I think even more gauze would be hanging!!!! 

I'm dying to do one of these for a naughty Halloween party. Who's ready to host one?!?!