Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Some southern heat and beauty.....The Goddess Raven.

The Goddess Raven hails from the heat of the south from Atlanta ,Georgia. I have seen Raven perform several times, and I must say has to be one of the most incredible dancers I have laid my eyes on, all while doing it with very large wardrobe pieces. And speaking of costumes, Raven has hands down some of the most elaborate, elegant, and over the top costumes I have seen from queens! Talk about a entrance! I have seen her many a time, but mostly at the now defunct show, Charlie Brown's Cabaret, which used to be at Backstreet in Atlanta. Raven is also always up for some good ole charity shows to help the community and was even given the prestigious title, Entertainer of the Year several years ago. I wonder what she does with her costumes when she's done with them. Raven, contact me when your thru with them , would you? Thanks. Tootles!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pucker Lips!

Well another weekend has come and gone and the Mistress was pretty busy with some extra house chores. Changing out all the candles to more of a fall scent, and adding some old fashioned cast iron pumpkins around for the coming of fall. Then there was my favorite- cleaning of the windows. I hate doing it, but after the spring and summer seasons it was time to get it done for fall. I usually hate when summer ends,, as I'm a summer person, but I have to admit I'm ready for the season to change now as that means more hearty cooking ahead with the likes of London broils, New England pot roasts ,and potatoes cooked every which way. Last night for instance the house was lit with candles for the Boy-Toy's birthday where I made him his favorite dish- Stuffed Peppers! And with that we had some red wine given to us as a gift some time ago. And boy, did our lips ever pucker!

You know the look. Was it ever so sweet. And when you twirled the wine in the glass it just clung to the sides without coming down the sides of the glass, which means a very heavy sugar content. It reminded me of the stuff my Dad use to drink!

Now I don't know about y'all but the Mistress lover herself a nice dry to extra dry wine. White or red. But I think the real problem is when Kailyn took us to the Sonoma and Napa Valley's for wine tasting this past summer. Viansa Winery, I believe has us spoiled!!! Tootles!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shut Up Already and Go Away

Would someone please tell this one.....

and this one...

to please kindly shut their traps and take all their childish, drama, and selfishness and finally be gone, before the Mistress has to slap them silly with a Manolo Blahnik heel! I don't watch either of these shows, but just the nightmarish previews is all one needs to lose ones appetite! Begone. Disappear already. Am I the only one these two grate the nerves of?

Happy Birthday...You Chicken ?

Happy Birthday Boy-Toy! Yes, today is the Boy-Toy's birthday. And since he isn't big on cake I figured this guy with candles would do! The Boy-Toy is now two years past his previous chicken status. It seems like only yesterday he was flapping around the yard with the others. He's lucky though, as he still looks like a young chicken, and it works to his advantage, most of the time. Anyway, we went out last night with a good friend for dinner up in Washington's Crossing where he was in heaven as he could see the Penn State game on a really big screen. Today the Mistress will make his favorite dinner for the little pip-squeak and give him his gift. And now Aunt Barbra will sing to you for your birthday, unless of cousre,you want moi to sing it for you, in my best Ethel Merman? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Creations

I know the Mistress has been very absent of late. It has been a very busy time with so much going on at work. Last week we wrapped up one of our biggest events of the year in addition to some trunk shows we had for two designers. Then it was all about our huge visit this past Tuesday where the top five brass of the company come for their yearly visit. And I'm happy to report we had a wonderful visit, one of the best I think we have ever had! The list was so minimal of changes we can get these thing done and corrected in one day! Then it was off to the yearly prototype in White Plains New York to set the whole store with our holiday trim and spectacular moments with fashion and trends. These usually have to be WOWS! We also set up all the gift giving tables and little "shops" like trim-a-home and candy shops. Why so early? Well, we do this because after were done with our work, the top brass come thru to check out everything too see. Provided they like it it then get photographed and made into a directive book and then sent to stores. All the other stores don't set Christmas till the mid -November range. Anyho, the Mistress did set up some of her visual moments I did at my own store. The first is a mannequin rigged in the YES department showcasing party dresses. They wanted over the top, so they literary got over the top!

The second is a huge wall to the entrance of dresses to showcase a gray dress. I choose to use red as a pop color. The frames really add some drama to the look.

The next pictures are not my creations. All I did was the outfit planning and styling of the wardrobe. I love my co-worker who thought to do a tie in with the show Madmen. It is one of our trends right now showcasing men's suits and trench coats.

And the last picture is a set up I came up with to highlight the Juicy Couture gift giving set-up of jewelry charms and jewelry pieces.

We also visited the Rootstein manniquin showroom. I will do a post soon to show y'all some real over the top fashion and looks. So- after such hard work and many hours on the road I'm happy to report I'm off for a lovely four day weekend now. Wonderful. Toodles!


My dear Howard sent this to me in a email the other day and I just had to share it with y'all. I laughed so hard I swear, I almost had a accident. Thanks Howard for the hardy laugh! Also be sure to check out Howard's blog Soundtrack to My Day in my blog roll.

From the Candy Shop

Kevin Ashlee is a 24 year old model and actor who is currently living in New York City. This handsome model is very versatile with his pictures. I just love the sports cup pictures!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The colorful Empress Fontaine!

The Empress Fontaine hails from Toledo, Ohio and has been doing her diva duties entertaining the masses for quite some time. The Empress has her work cut out for her as she is one of the few queens in an area where there isn't all that many queens. And she has made quite the name for herself out there in the Ohio and Michigan areas. The Empress Fontaine is always up for a show to raise a few dollars for the local charities and the gay community. She also came close to being a final dragtestant on the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race. I guess we'll have to see if she ends up on the show as a producers pick!

A Change of Heart!

This past weekend when the Mistress and the Boy-Toy arrived back home, we relaxed mostly as the Mistress had a crazy week coming up. So I actually watched some football, but not to long ,but did indeed watch some. And that's when I saw him. Christian Ponder that is!

I have never been a sports enthusiasts, but if the players look like this I may have to have a change of heart. Now if I could learn how many innings and what they are actually running all over the field for I'd be in good shape! Tootles!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking A Powder

Exhausted! That is how the Mistress is. I must apologise for my lack of commenting on all your lovely blogs this week and I miss them. It has been a very busy week. I have been working longer hours getting the store ready for a HUGE top VIP visit on Tuesday, wrapping up our HOT event at the store, and visually enhancing two trunk shows and one fashion show and then there's our kick-off meeting for our fall fashions! And next week is our holiday pro-type! That's fine by me, this queen can handle alot! I have in the past "handled" two guys at the same time while smoking a cigar and mixing a gin and tonic, opps,I meant, I can multi-task just fine! Yea that's it! So it has been just insane this week and when the Boy-Toy gets home, we are leaving for a impromptu trip to Harrisburg to say goodnight to my friend Sherman who passed away last Sunday and stay overnight with the Mother. So I will be back next week. Till then I'll just take a quick powder and cock-a-tail till the Boy-Toy gets home. Tootles!

Some Sensual Sexiness

I just love a strong man in sexy underwear... or nothing at all. I couldn't pick just one, although I am fond of number two. Which is your favorite?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old School Jig

I know Mame and Kailyn will probably remember this old school ditty! I heard this up in New York when I was at Urges with Mame and Miss Ginger Grant and I swear, I started to have church right there at my barstool! This song by the Nightcrawlers was out when I came out. Oh, the memories.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Over the past weekend I watched the Philadelphia Story which I had never seen before and loved it! Part of the reason I wanted to see the movie was because the characters from the movie were based on a real Philadelphia family and their rambling estate. The estate in question is the Androssan Estate, which has been in the news here recently because the Montgomery Scott family is trying to now sell the mansion and land after all these years.

The local Historic Society is trying to figure ways to save it from the evil developers. Curses! The Androssan Estate is an iconic and bucolic mansion of the old Main Line and contains perhaps the areas best-regarded mansion. Col. Robert Montgomery, who created the investment firm that is today known as Janney Montgomery Scott was married to Hope Binney Tyler Montgomery Scott. They had the Androssan built and named after a town in Scotland where the family is from, and the house was designed and built by renowned architect Horce Trumbauer. The up-keep of the mansion is a full time staff of 14. Inside are 50 fabulous rooms, 14 foot ceilings, a grand ballroom and staircase and a dinning room with accommodations for 30 people. The house is decorated to the hilt with hand curved moldings and trim. Androssan will be forever associated with Philadelphian Helen Hope Montgomery Scott more than anyone else. She was the epitome of the Main Line high society in Philadelphia and the country. She entertained royalty, big name socialites, movie stars and sceneters from all over New York City. Helen Hope Montgomery Scott is who Katherine Hepburn's character was based upon in The Philadelphia Story. And from what I read she kept the house a well oiled ship. Since her passing, various family members have lived their, but the well-known fabulous parties are long gone and the family is now looking to sell off the Androssan because of financial reasons. Androssan is believed to be going for around $90 million with 360 acres and mansion included. What do you think? Should the Mistress throw in the turban and buy the little place? Would y'all come visit if she did for long weekends? Just think. Fabulous parties. Happy days are here once more!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


If you happen to see this guy, beware, for he seems to be very horny and naughty! LOL!

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Memory

Today while talking to my good friend and sister Mamie, I received shocking news. Sherman,a dear acquittance and friend passed away yesterday. I had first met Sherman years ago when I first came out. He was always the scenester and the life of the party. Sherman was also the official dee-jay and video camcord person for many of our big parties. He caught many a footage of the Mistress talking of pass husbands on video! And he always had a wonderful heart. Since moving from Harrisburg, the only time I would see him was on return visits to home or lately, it was while gay camping where we sat and regaled stories and good times at parties of yester-year! Sherman- will will be missed. And every time I hear "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day" I will think of you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Brunch

It's Sunday Brunch with some beef and drag. The beef is the hot Daniel Ashton Johnston and the drag is Minneapolis's beauty Barbie Q. Since the Mistress has been cavorting all over, I figured it was time for another Sunday Brunch. First up is the very hot and sexy Daniel who was a wrestler and now has gotten himself into the world of fitness modeling and filming some fitness videos. I don't know the first thing about wrestling but he could put me to the mat anytime!

And the drag...Barbie Q! Barbie Q hails from Minneapolis and has been entertaining the Twin Cities for some time now, and was also one of the runners up to be on the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Who knows. Maybe she will end up on there as a producers pick. Barbie Q covers the song Que Sera Sera in the video. I just LOVE how she plays the harmonica! By the way, Barbie Q is also very hot as a guy. That may be another post. Hmmmmmm,we'll see.