Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slight Details and Random Events

A few weeks ago I received three other Eric Arvin books in the mail from the cutie himself. I enjoyed reading Subsurdity so much I ordered Slight Details and Random Events and Kidd Christmas meets Snow Globes. Eric even threw in there The Blackbeard Legacy for some extra reading. Well, the Mistress took the books on vacation two weeks ago when she went, and I'm happy to report two EXCELLENT reads! Slight Details & Random Events is a collection of short stories. Eric covers everything from college boy love, to mystical river sprites, to deep tragedy ,to some hot hunky sex comedy. My personal favorites were Honeysuckle Sycamore, the Painting, the whole Gordy series, and the Camera Phone scared the be-jesus out of me! The story Prometheus was also very hot and entertaining. What a brilliant book of short stories. I really like the way Eric writes and truly love his work. This was my first book of short stories I have read, but it almost feels novel, since many stories inter connect and there is a bit of every genre in their. From fantasy, some hot moments like the Gordy series, and some romance in the short stories of Cat and Gael. From the moment I started to read them I was hooked and I can now see where Eric's other works come from. I can't wait to see what he does next! Now Kidd Christmas Meets Snow Globes is a fun, sexy, and I'll say it, horny read! I was getting some tickles in my unmentionables! It is a cute animated read with some excellent illustrations!

See what I mean. This is the picture where the Kidd is trapped in a ice room of the evil Snow Globes. Why is the Mistress never trapped in a room in the winter with ice dildos? So if you like to read, Eric is a wonderful author and he even personally signed my books! How nice is that! Now go to Eric's wonderful blog,Daventry Blue, where you can order them. Like now would be good, Tootles!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Sensual Sexiness

It's been a while since I did some sensual sexiness. I love myself some hot, sexy men. I ain't picky either. I like two types of men. Foreign and domestic! Which one is your favorite?

Spam...The Other Whatever Meat

I don't know if y'all know or not, but this time of year in Pennsylvania we start to get our real humid weather and dog days of summer. The temperature hasn't been too bad, but with the humidity it feels just awful and sticky! So the Mistress hates to cook in the house and get it even hotter. And lets face it, who the hell wants to eat a hot 4-course meal? I have always switched over to cold pasta salads, anti-pasta dishes, shell fish, garden salads, raw vegetables, and cheese plates. And I love me some cucumber sandwiches. But, tonight we are going to dine on Ham Spread, a favorite recipe of my dearly departed Grandmother. And that's right, it's made with Spam.

I know it's odd, but I have to tell you it tastes so good. And it's so good for you too. It's chalk full of hmmmm, ah, well, I don't know what it's full of and I don't care, but I'm here to tell you it makes for a lovely summer sandwich. The recipe calls for a can of Spam, one hard boiled egg, mayo, sweet relish, and salt and pepper. After you open the Spam, slide the meat out and you'll hear a suction as it slides out. Now take the hunk of meat (who doesn't like to handle a big piece of meat?) and slice it into cubes and chop in the Cuisinart. It will look like a paste when done.

Place in a mixing bowl and add the other ingredients. I like to use the relish; my Grandmother used Mt. Olive brand relish.

After everything looks nicely mixed, place it in the frig to chill for 15 minutes and then spread on bread with some lettuce and some cherry tomatoes and chips and you now have a lovely summer dinner.

You can also serve some pickled eggs and beets as a side, and Ham Spread sandwiches are also perfect for a summer ladies luncheon along with cucumber sandwiches. Now, I know Spam can look gross and it smells like dog food when you open the can, but you will get past it. (Just hold your nose, know what I'm talking about.) Ham Spread is delish. And the Boy-Toy will eat two of these sandwiches, and there is no one pickier than him when it comes to food! After making alot of these sandwiches why not save the cans and make a beautiful Spamchime for outside? It also makes a lovely hostess gift! Tootles!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Harrisburg's pride and joy, the hilarious Miss Biscuit!

Miss Biscuit is a wonderfully entertaining queen who just happens to be from my hometown of Harrisburg ,Pennsylvania. On our trip recently to Harrisburg, Miss Biscuit WAS the gay pride parade. She looked spectacular with her red flame gown and entourage of boys. Miss Biscuit has been a fixture in town for quite some time now and is probably, I'd say one of two Grande Dames in the Burg. She always has a highly entertaining show, filled with wonderful numbers, lots of humor, and one hell of a good emcee. And she doesn't take herself seriously, she is there to have a good time like everyone else. And she does it all for the good. Biscuit is always in for any show that will benefit some kind of charity or to support other queens with their endeavors. It was a huge loss when Biscuit announced she was moving to Florida years ago. The drags threw her one hell of a good-bye show, and the Mistress parted with her favorite earrings as a good bye gift to her. But Biscuit came back to Harrisburg a couple years later and has remained ever since. And has she come a long way. What a beauty and a heart of gold! Harrisburg is lucky to have a diva like Biscuit! Biscuit can be seen in various shows around town and on Wednesdays at the 704 Strawberry Cafe for gay bingo night! We love ya girl!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a Freak

The other day when the Mistress was looking for a song to download to my I-Pod, I came across this Crystal Waters song Just A Freak. And then I heard it this weekend. This use to be my song! The Mistress did many a number to this song! One of my favorites! And I just found the video. Have you ever heard of the song? And I always did love me some Crystal Waters! Complete with Dennis Rodman.

Gays, Lesbyterians, and Trannies...Oh My!

Well, the Mistress and Boy-Toy survived yet another whirlwind weekend up in the Harrisburg area for the Central Pennsylvania Pride Fest. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful for the weekend. This year this Pride parade went down the main street of Second Street and then wrapped around and down beautiful Front Street along the river to the festival. Now, we hadn't been to the Pride festivities in about 3 or 4 years up there so it was a major deal to see it go down Second which is a very busy through fare as is Front Street. It just shows how the community has grown. It was the usual things you see at most Pride festivals with the community booths, Pride vendors with souvenirs, and concessions, and of course drag shows. This year the headliner was the singer Tiffany who we didn't see.

We were only there for a short time as we then headed north to visit the Boy-Toy's family and see yet another parade, but this one was complete with fire engines, tractors, Shriners, and Miss Dairy Cheese! The Mistress was like what the hell is this? But it was very nice to just spend time with his family and then it was time to go back to Harrisburg for a lovely time of clubbing and cock-a-tails. We met up with our friends the Capital Street Duo, who are ALWAYS a good time! The Mistress Borghese was all set to make a appearance too, and then it got hot as hell in the latter half of the day and very humid, so that night no drag queens made it out. And the cha-cha palace was even hotter! The Mistress's face probably would have slid right off! Ah, well at least the coif is already done till the next time. It was so nice to see faces we hadn't seen in some time too! Well, we lasted till about 1:30 and the heat was just awful inside the joint so we left to go home. The rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing and of course the weekend wouldn't be complete until the Mistress had a little cookout on the grill for the Mother, Aunt and Uncle. So I decided to grill some lovely salmon steaks and prepared with fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, a little salt and pepper and then topped with lemon slices and grilled those suckers. Yum was it good!

So a pretty fun weekend with family, friends, and some cute boys. Now we just have to get some rest this week, because the Mistress and Boy-Toy are going to a Roman toga party next weekend complete with bed sheets! Tootles!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Were off.......Again

Well good people, looks like the Mistress and Boy-Toy are off again to go back to the fair hamlet of Harrisburg for the state capital Pride festitivies, a parade and a lovely little cock-a-tail party at our friends abode before bar hopping for the night. The Mistress will return next week. Have a good weekend y'all, and don't do anything I would! Tootles!

From the Candy Shop

The hot and adorable John Stamos!

Well, I don't think we need any introduction on who John Stamos is. He has always been one of the Mistress's favorite actors. You probably already know this hottie started on General Hospital and then went on to do the long running series Full House and now currently on ER. And he has done many stints in between all these gigs. But what you don't know is, is that if the Mistress wasn't already taken with the Boy-Toy, she would be with John Stamos! Just look at that body, that mischievous smile and the devilish eyes! And what a great sense of humor. You would have to have that to be with the Mistress! Maybe when were out in California next month, I'll walk about town with the Boy-Toy on one arm and John on the other. That should get the paparazzi talking!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kailyn HAD to Open the Worms!

The Mistress is just appalled!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful blogosphere friend, Kailyn called tonight. We had a lovely conversation about anything and everything for a long time, and also were talking of our upcoming visit to San Francisco. Then she just HAD to mention the name MERLIN!Now -what an awful name. The Mistress can not stand that name. Or Cecil! Please forgive if your name is one of these, I understand it's not your fault. But MERLIN and CECIL!?! Who in the hell names a poor kid Merlin or Cecil! I can't figure it out. OMG! CECIL people! And MERLIN! Would you want these names? Kailyn then said she would name her twins in my honor with MERLIN and CECIL! Please Kailyn don't. It would be child abuse. CECIL! MERLIN! I just can't figure this out. Thanks Kailyn for opening the worms. Now tonight I'll probably dream of Cecil and Merlin! Meh! CECIL!

Local Spot- Boathouse Row

Another favorite spot the Mistress and the Boy-Toy like to go see is Boathouse Row.When we are down in the city we always like to go there and see what's going on, and that area of the city is just gorgeous. Boathouse Row is a national historic landmark located in the Fairmont Park/East Falls area of Philadelphia. It is also where that beautiful Laurel Hill Cemetery is that a did a post on a while back. You can see that here. Anywho, Boathouse Row consists of a row of boathouses housing racing shells and each has it's own address on Kelly Drive which is named after the famous Philadelphia family members,oarsman John B Kelly Jr. and Princess Grace Kelly. Boathouse Row hosts several major rowing regattas every summer, drawing thousands to the Fairmont Park area. They are very interesting to watch, and with some big ole muscle men in the boat, you should see how fast those suckers go. In 2004 the old houses had a major refurbishing and the houses were outfitted with computerized LED'S that can light up in various colors, depending on the season. Today, most of the house are now owned by various colleges in the area for their fraternity rowing teams from Drexel, Saint Joseph's, Villanova,University of Penn, LaSalle, and Temple. Here are just a few of the houses I snapped some pictures of.

Of course, another reason to go to Boathouse Row is all the hot men! Between the muscled oarsman and all the cute runners, oh dear! The Mistress usually requires her parasol to keep the sun off her so she won't over heat and pass out.Her temperature tends to rise from all the sites!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The operatic and dramatic.....LaLa McCallan!

LaLa McCallan is definitely a different breed of drag queen. Just as the audience recovers from LaLa's sensational appearance, it is once again swept away as she starts singing the first and with her own voice. With a vocal range of over three octaves, she blends together opera, pop, soul and jazz, and sings tunes from Maria Callas to Frank Sinatra, to Mariah Carey. LaLa is a naive of Italy and moved to London to study theater and music where she graduated. LaLa then went on to Royal Caribbean International and toured the world and performed in over 14 musical revue shows, and then returned back to Italy where she performs in her own self titled shows, high-brow supper clubs, and for various charities. LaLa is one very talented diva with that voice. I was amazed and blown away when I heard it the first time. Truly amazing ,and what extravagant wigs! Right up the Mistress's ally!

And here is one of LaLa'a outstanding performances of her extraordinary voice.