Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drag Race...Will it be A Monsoon Season?

It's down to the final three queens on RuPaul's Drag Race and it's going to be a close race girls! Ru announced that she wanted the Internets help in making a decision. She has a point. Season 5 has yet to define a clear winner. I will say that this season did though show the queens in their true nature more so then in the past seasons. I have seen some of these queens perform and then get on the show, and act nothing like I saw on stage, or the style would be completely different, for example Mimi Imfurst. Off the show her style is much more high glamour and she is actually funny as hell.  You do you hope will win.........
Jinkx Monsoon?
Jinkx is incredibly endearing, has great comedic timing and knows how to bring the drama, but her makeup doesn't always hit the mark, which to is fine since she is what a drag queen SHOULD BE- campy!
Roxxxy Andrews?
Her double-wig stunt during the "Whip My Hair" lip sync was amazing. She consistently puts together amazing looks and hair for the runway, and can dance her ass off. However, her "strategy" of trying to psyche out Jinkx by being as mean as possible seems to be backfiring. The pageant queen's complaints last night, after performing poorly in the courtroom skit, that comedy was somehow an insult to drag were not only off-putting, but annoying as hell, but I still think she is a fabulous queen.
Alaska Thunderfuck
Alaska is also very likable and arguably one of the funniest queens in the show's history, has fabulous hair and it's impressive that she's succeeded in stepping out from Sharon Needles' shadow.
My Conclusion
While I said in my post before the race started, I was pretty sure Alaska would place top three at least, and was supporting her since she is sort of Philadelphia's home town girl, even though she is from Pittsburgh. She comes to Philly often for shows and is quite the sweetheart and so talented. I also like her style since it's close to my own. In pass seasons the queen with the most wins has taken the crown and title, but this season we have three queens with each two wins. But I think Jinkx Monsoon should have this locked, stocked, and barreled,  and should start planning her drag race touring! Roxxxy is fabulous, but I don't see a pagent queen  taking it, and she's not to popular in the interwebs... it's time for one of these two campy comedy queens to take the title.  And I'll bet Alaska or Ivy Winters will get the Miss Congenitally Award. But I'll be happy if either Jinkx or Alaska wins! Good luck to all of you! What's your ten cents say? 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mistress MJ is Holding Out

On my way home from Asbury Park on Saturday, who knew Mistress MJ from Infomaniac fame, was holding out and didn't tell anyone she had a food establishment there. From what I understand they have the town's best foot long.

 And meanwhile have you seen MJ'S new look? It's like she turned over a new leaf. For once ,there is no rode hard and put away wet look.

Monday has Gone to the Dogs

I had a very nice and relaxing weekend....but this Monday the first sums it up currently!
Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time in Asbury Park

What a great time to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weekend we had on the East Coast. This weekend Ms.Moorecock and I headed to the beach community of Asbury Park so I could pick up art work from one of my co-workers art showings. The hospitable staff at the Hotel Tides had  a beautiful room set aside for the night, my favorite massause and later met up with the Jersey friends for pre-dinner cock-a-tails and dinner at the Tides, followed by a drag show at Paradise.

Now it is usually early for me to go to the beach, but the weather was so beautiful, who could not resist a walk on the beach since we were there....... we decided to walk the long jetty out in the ocean......

And there was even fishing going on......
Ms Moorecock's pup, Posey, even liked the beach. Figures she would have a wiener dog!
Now Asbury Park is much different from the beach I usually vacation in, of Rehoboth Beach. While both are gay destinations, Rehoboth draws a crowd almost year round and is more modern with new amenties. But off season, Asbury Park in very quiet, and it is also mush more beach vintage,  more old world bijou,  with extremely beautiful architecture and art deco reigning supreme. Riots that broke out in the city on July 4, 1970, resulted in the destruction of  much of the beach and aging buildings along Springwood Avenue, one of three main east-west corridors into Asbury Park and the central shopping and entertainment district for those living in the city's southwest quadrant. Many of those city blocks and the boardwalk,  have still yet to be redeveloped into the 21st century. The vacant streets of Asbury Park were a common sight in the 1980s and 1990s and lots of the restorations came to a stand still with economic funding running out,  and then Hurricane Sandy didn't help either. But thanks to the gays, Asbury is finally getting a make over. It only takes a few queens bending over with gas, and glitter begins to fly! After the property values plummeted, gay people from New York City purchased and restored Victorian homes, leading to a rejuvenation of parts of the city. In 2000, Shep Pettibone opened Paradise Nightclub, a gay discotheque on the ocean. He has since also opened the Empress Hotel, the state's only gay-oriented hotel. What has already re-opened is extremely chic! Every summer the Sand Blast Weekend draw tens of thousands of gay people to the city. I am slated to attend this year. But the building are just so glorious, I hope they are able to rehabilitate them......
And how stunning is this window on this old building where the carousel once was. Hurricane Sandy took a few of these with her.
But I will say, everyone in the community is extremely friendly, maybe the Mistress should look for a place there before the big boom hits again? I have always wanted to live by the sea.  But I will say, it was a great weekend to enjoy the ocean! And the boys, Tootles!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Demands From a Princess

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm just in from being on Asbury Park on what was a most splendid spring day at the beach. Upon getting in I thought I best answers the demands from the Princess from Down Under. The Princess of Palais de Steff  had bestowed upon me a Reality Blog Award with some questions to answer and to pass along. I could hardly pass up this demand from such a sweet and talented person. And I love anyone who calls a Speedo a budgie smuggler!!! And please do stop by to visit her entertaining blog, that has much celebration of the arse, her adventures in costume design and tailoring, and her life in general from Down Under! Now on the the questions..........
1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Well, that is a good question. Overall, I 'm a very happy person and pleased with my life. I have good family and friends, fun lovers, a wonderful job and good health. I do at times wish a had more disposable money so I could give more money to the various charities I like. I give to several, but wish I could do more. So I guess I wished I could have more money to give to more charities and also to support more artists
2- If you could repeat any age, which would it be?
Well again, I loved every age. I loved high school, much to alot of peoples surprise, and I was out in school too, and had no problems from anyone. Then one day this huge fat girl dropped the f word at me. Wrong thing to do. The jungle red nails came out, and I ripped her a major one, a huge Julia Sugarbaker rant. I believe I also closed with "And another thing, it's a shame you couldn't afford the whole shirt honey." You see, her stomach was hanging out, making the shirt appear small. It was a proud moment as I knew no one was ever gonna pick on me for being gay, and I now knew I could defend myself, even though I never had any problems, and was one of the cool kids. And all the laughter from my rant was icing on the cake. Never had another problem with her again. So it would have to be that age. But I also loved my 20's, very exciting entering whole hog into the gay life, with dating, clubs, drag and the such.
3- What really scares you?
That's easy.....driving over very high bridges. I have no idea why. I love flying, and have been up in a hot air balloon. But driving over high bridges scare the Jeebus out of me, almost panic attack, and get sweaty palms. Always relived when I'm off the thing.

4- If you could become someone else for a day, who would you be?
Since I have a love of art and fashion, it would have to be Anna Wintour. I would love to get into that closet of hers, have chats with Grace Coddington and  Andre Leon Talley , meet with famous designers and just go through her whole day, and sit in the famous office of hers.
Ok, so there you have it. I won't pass along, but if any of you are inclined, I would love to see you do a post or answers one of these in the comments section. I'm now bushed, excuse whilst I have a gin.

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's the Weekend.........

You know what that means............

Cocky-a-tail time!!!!!! But first, it's off to the gay beach town of Asbury Park for an overnight trip, with Miss Moorecock, to pick up some artwork I bought a few weeks back at a gallery showing by my co-worker. I'll be joined by friends for dinner than a drag show at the local club, Paradise.

After sucking in some, huh, sea air I'll be back for some frolic Saturday, with a demand from a Princess! In the meanwhile please enjoy Friday and let's all have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top it Off

If there is one thing this Mistress loves is huge hair and lots of hair accoutrement's. But in the day when the Mistress Borghese was very active with drag , my one trademark was.... what would be in the hair, or the whole head. I have done everything from doves, butterflies, flowers- silk and real, fruit, seashells, fans, beads,jewels, feathesr and plumes!!! I think we should be able to wear the looks in these pictures everyday.
What can I say , I'm a boy born with sparkles in his blood.
The above is stunning, a nice tea dance look , but the below picture of that avant gard do' is so going to be next for a charity show, I swear!!!!

And you know I love this one. Anything with peacock feathers is a plus with me. A human peacock is slated to be my next theme costume. Loving the eyelashes also!

How fun is this one????
What can I say, when it comes to the head...I'm a total whore.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grande Dame

Wendy Ho, aka, The Queen of Sass and Crass, hails from California. One part skilled singer, one part comedienne, one part white rapper, and one part flamboyant entertainer. Ho sounds like a cross of Lil’ Kim and Aretha eatin’ Peaches on a Lonely Island.With a rainbow hurricane of gay support behind her, Wendy Ho owned 2009-10, performing across North America and abroad, with venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and her hometown of Kansas City, as well as an Atlantis gay cruise to Rome, Greece, and even Egypt. She is funny and sexy, never sacrificing one for the other. A pretty bitch, a witty feminist, a self-possessed, self-assured mashup of street and trash who makes you laugh while she makes you think. The responses she evokes from audiences are as diverse as her roots, but at the core there is no question about who she is. Wendy is all woman. All Ho.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013