Monday, August 31, 2020


For those that don't know, Ms Scarlet is a fellow blog friend from across the pond and is famous for her wonderful, beautiful,  and talented calligraphy. Not to mention the owner at times, of the Frickin  Green Elf Shorts. She can be found here. Ms Scarlet is also having a time with tooth problems,  and I just wanted to wish her well with her experience and offer her , her favorite treat of Ferrero Rocher candy to let her know she's in my thoughts. I sent a  houseboy....and he should have arrived Scarlet,  and waiting for you with your delivery!!!!

Meanwhile in other news, my financial advisor was to come over tonight to the Casa du Borghese and weigh my shock options, to reinvest shocks from my current company and another account into long as it's not Amazon I told him...I detest that company, and would go without before using them. We also had figures to crunch and I wanted it raw. I was out running to the market when he arrived... I told him to let himself in and get the figure ready.. I think he got confused.  But he did get me a huge return!

And finally god love the mother. I sent her a greeting text with a picture of Buster and this was the reply.
She either wants a Mop, or she's in the sauce again. I have yet to get a reply.


After a glorious weekend and some time at the ASPCA, this morning was used to sleep in. It was a late night with three back to back online drag shows. I was thinking, a good thing I'm not at my mothers house. Two doors up her neighbors have a slew of chickens and a few roosters. That things starts crowing damn early. I guess I wouldn't mind, but since I'm a night owl, I don't think roosters and owls get along. I got up anyway , not as late as I usually sleep, as the grounds crew is here to clean up trees and limbs from a rip roar of a storm that went through Friday evening. Nothing like chainsaw's to wake your naked body up right quick!!!! I can think of better ways to be awakened. I'm now enjoying my coffee and breakfast, and going about the day, but for those of you working I thought I share with you some morning coffee and cock to get you through.
And morning wood!!!! 
There now...all awake????

Sunday, August 30, 2020


Today was one of those perfect days, beyond perfect days, weather wise. I took a nice walk about in New Hope along the canal to avoid crowds... and decided to bite the bullet and finally dine out. I called ahead and made a reservation for one at the Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville. 

Built in the 1740s, the Black Bass Hotel served as a haven for travelers, traders, and sportsmen. 
The famous tavern had many names through the years including Wall’s Tavern, Lumberville Hotel, Temple Bar, The Rising Sun and finally The Black Bass Hotel. It's one of the oldest inns in the country. It's also where I have run into Nicole Kidman  and Christian Slater on separate occasions. Over the years many famous have stayed here reads like a who's who, but for today it was just the Mistress on the back deck over looking the Delaware River. It was a perfect day and had the deck almost entirely to myself. Sitting mysteriously in the corner with huge wide brim and veiled. Passerbys only saw a figure, taking many sips of my libation under a hat.
It was a lovely relaxing day and evening.....the view!

Saturday, August 29, 2020


It's always so nice to have some eye candy that is not just easy on the eyes and has the creamy goodness that melts in our hands, but is also musically inclined. My latest musical delight I've been binging on is Stewart Taylor.

Just soooo one of my types.  And ohhhhhh yes....he does make me weak in the knees!!!! While exciting other things!!!! Boy can wear a tux too!  Stewart Taylor’s new single Mess Your Hair Up dropped May 17 worldwide, and if your a fan of Bruno Mars and Betty Who,  you'd be remiss not to check out his newest funky, flirty single, Mess Up Your Hair. Stewart Taylor is a Pop/R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer. Stewart grew up in a small town outside New York City, where he began writing songs and performing in clubs. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Stewart has worked with Grammy-nominated songwriters Kara DioGuardi ,P!nk, Katy Perry, Charlie Puth, Jayson DeZuzio of Imagine Dragons and David Pramik. His funk and R&B inspired new single Mess Your Hair Up dropped worldwide in May and following its release, the song was featured on Logo’s NewNowNext and’s Top 10 songs of the Summer. Stewart Taylor is also a very active voice in the LGBT community, especially in the area of anti- bulling, since he was heavily bullied himself. His coming out story was featured in the New York Times bestseller, It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

And here's the latest offering along with the fabulous LA based drag diva, Call Her 6. Hey Stewart...if your not busy,  I have the rest of the weekend for you to come mess my hair up!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2020


She sells seashells by the seashore
The shells she sells are surely seashells
So if she sells seashells on the shore
I'm sure she sells seashore seashells.

How's that for a tongue twister. I haven't said that in ages. But I will tell you this secret Mistress, surely does steal seashells from the seashore, so these shells are surely stolen from the sandy seashore, so if I stole seashells from the seashore, they are surely sandy filled seashells. Yes...I admit to being a seashell junkie!!!! I just love seashells. In the summer months, right after spring, I haul out all my seashells to fill jars and compotes and vases with them. I have bought many, and glad to say have also had the luck of finding many too. I have also lucked out with some good finds from the sea. But I have yet to find a merman to bring back for the pool here at the Casa du Borghese. While the mountains are a runner up to my favorite locale to get away to for relaxing,  and being with nature...the seaside will always be my first love. Just the sound, smell and feel of the sand is like instant rejuvenation for my soul. I'm always on the hunt for shells for my collection. Since the closest beach for me is Rehoboth Beach by 2 1/2 hours, many are from there, but I do have a few from all over. It's my way of bring home a memory of the beach and that summer. I usually have to store then in a huge box when summer is over, but right now, they compliment my green Hosta leaves I clipped last week in the kitchen above, on the island. That big white calm shell was my find from my earlier visit this spring with Pearly.

The two below are in the apothecary above on my kitchen table and were found the summer. I love the big white one, it's about the size of a very large apple.
In the living room finds this compote filled with shells, mostly bought with a dried sea fan. That HUGE conch shell I bought from a lady who owns a shop in Rehoboth which is rare for such large shells this size to be found on the beaches there.
But this scallop shell I did find way back around 2014?
Another find was this huge star fish from years ago in Asbury Park while visiting friends. And I love the dried out sea urchin. Some of the smaller ones here are found also.
Another huge shell under the coffee table. Some of you may remember the racy photo I took with it a couple years back here to show the it's size. Click at your own risk!!!  This is probably my favorite shell in my collection.
In the bath more shells from the seashore!!!
I keep the smaller ones I find in this jar in the bath cabinet.
Some of my coolest finds ever!!!!! A mini starfish, a unopened clam and the first and only seahorse to date I've ever found.
These two very little gems are also some favorites from Rehoboth.
The boudoir brings about even more shells!!!!!!
This big shell was actually found by none other then Buster himself from when I took him one year. I never though I'd like him digging holes so much. I have this one under a glass cloche on the nightstand.
During this time of pandemic, it has given me time to get a few fun things done. Several years ago I took some picture of seagulls that I liked. They sat for two years until recently. I bought a frame, and covered the mat with a tan canvas fabric I had on hand. Then hot glued those silver paper binder clip thingy's to the material and clipped the pictures in. Since it was sort of a shadow box but not really, the glass just fit!!!! I was pleased with the outcome and it hangs in my bath now at the sink.

My cute little seashell finding hound dog!!!!!
When I see this picture, I sometime gets happy tears looking at it as I recall that day, was just Buster and I for the day after everybody else left the beach house that morning to head home. We spent the whole day till evening on the was one of those sublime days. And as I recall, ended with Thrasher French Fries and a Grotto Pizza, followed by a sit on the boardwalk for what seemed an age till dark. It was a good day.