Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend with the Girls

Well, the Mistress is back from a lovely weekend in New York City where I was spending a weekend with my good friend and sister, Mame and the ever funny and fabulous Miss Ginger Grant, who it is always a pleasure to see and break a cock-a-tail with! And did we d have some of those! Unfortunately we were to go to the Bronx zoo, but got rained out on Saturday so we managed to make ourselves busy with a quick shopping trip and a tour to the Arby's only to find it had closed. I thought David was going to cry. That poor thing. They keep closing those darn Arby's up there. But don't you all worry now, her spirits were lifted when that night we arrived -finally to The Urges Lounge!

Ok. I will admit it. We did hit the Urges both nights we were up there. What else would you expect from us ho's. We like our papi's. And did they have them there. I especially took a liken to Fernando, but I tell you this, they were all hot and muscled and even in parts you couldn't see!!! One of the other go-go's gave us a little peek-a-boo. OH MY! What was that? We did have a very lovely time there. Although Sunday morning was a wee bit ugly, and poor Kailyn even got a "dronk" call from the Mistress. And she wasn't hearing any of it. I think she was putting moves on some young thing because she was off the phone quicker than a New York minute! Next day, we decided to take Miss G to see Chinatown since she wanted to see it, plus Mame and myself could get our wicked hang overs soaked up with some delish BBQ-Pork Pies, as I call them.

They are actually called Pork Buns and they are SO DAM GOOD! We went to our favorite place the Excellent Dumpling House where we par took of a huge feast of like 7 appetizers, pork buns, Thai rice, and all kinds of other little delish nibblies! The table was packed full and the food just kept rolling out! We also saw some poor ho and her tool who should definitely apply for the next season of Tool Academy. They were the lunch time entertainment. After lunch was over and we were like three stuffed pigs off to slaughter, we then took Miss G to the Pearl River Mart.

Pearl River Mart is a huge emporium of items and collections of the Chinese lifestyle. There is everything from novelties, clothing, food items, housewares, dishes, lighting, bath good and sundries. One could spend hours looking in there!

Every time I go to see Mame, I always like to go there and see what's new and get myself a new fan. I also was very pleased at my major purchase of a lovely sugar and creamer set for a whopping price of $5! That's the beauty of the mart. There prices are unheard of. Miss Ginger also cleaned house with some purchasing from it seemed every department. After Chinatown, we headed back to the Village by way of Little Italy where we enjoyed some refreshing Gellato and then headed to Garage for a cock-a-tail or two and a light supper and enjoyed the wonderful jazz of the place. I think by this time "the Urge" from the last two nights was catching up with us, as we were all a little wiped out. So I bid farewell to Miss Ginger, and then did a quick powder at Mame's and changed into my travel attire before hitting the train back to Philadelphia. It was a lovely time girls and it is always nice to see ya. Should we plan on the Urge for the week after next? And cake. Lots of cake.Tootles!

Friday, August 28, 2009

From Beach to the City

Well, dear readers all these vacations and weekend excursions are just confusing the hell out of me! I don't know if I'm coming or going. I have been pretty missing in action of late. But y'all see last weekend I went to Rehoboth Beach to visit friends. And leave it to the Mistress to enjoy the beach just a bit too much. After a lovely time out the night before and a very delish dinner at Eden, the next day I went to the beach. It was very nice and warm with some sun, but not a lot. It was a bit hazy out. So the Mistress went and enjoyed some sun, frolicked like a water nymph in the ocean, and made merry with two nice looking papis. After a nice walk and some beverages, the Mistress fell asleep. When she awoke, I packed up and bid farewell to all and showered. And then did the sunburn come out! The first half of the week was torture. But it was a lovely weekend. With much eye candy to be seen.

Now I'm off again to New York City to spend the weekend with my good friend and sister Mame, and the fabulous Grand Poo-Bah, Ginger Grant, to help celebrate Mamie's birthday. So this should be a a fun filled weekend with the girls. So no posting, unless some Boy-Toy gets the urge for another guest stint! Have a wonderful weekend y'all. Tootles!

From the Candy Shop

The blond Californian cutie, James Ellis.

James Ellis is one blond I have always found to be very handsome! James is currently living in Los Angles where he has been a model, and a very successful one to boot for several years now, and is pretty popular in the blogosphere. James is also now pursuing acting. Now, I find the the first three pictures are pretty damn hot! I don't know about you Miss Kitty, but with him on my arm, I would feel so much more yummier!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bernadette Bolfig Borghese?

It seems while the Mistress and the Boy-Toy were away, Buster decided to get into the Mistress's armoire to start his own drag routine! I think Buster better keep his day job!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Girl, all I can say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope you will have a great day today! I have known Mame, or David Dust, one of my closest and dearest friends for years and years and years now and I can't tell y'all how good a friend Mame is. If there is one person to keep one in stitches and laughter it's my good friend Mame. Since y'all like old stories of Maddie and Mame one of her birthday's does come to mind. It was one of the very first birthday parties they had for her when I first met Mame. Our gang was very fond of throwing a cock-a-tail party for anything. Well our good friend Glen, God rest his soul, had a birthday party for Mame one year. I remember it being very hot and poor Glen didn't have on the air so we were all fanning ourselves with paper plates when the host wasn't looking. I remember both our faces melting before our eyes.It was a nice turn out and it was where Mame and I really bonded. I gave her a bottle of liquor of some kind, and we were thick ever since. And she did get some swell presents that year. Mame got her first pearl necklace, not that kind, get your minds out of the gutter, the kind every respectable woman has, a strand of lovely creme colored pearls. She had received a fan I believe and she also receive some adult novelties never to be seen again. (Note to self,when I go up this weekend remind me to look under the cushions of the sofa!)
Oh, anywho, it was a lovely party and we later just laughed and talked the night away. It was the night we really bonded like I said and we were the blond twins ever since when we went to the local cha-cha palace. And it was also Mame, Mamie! who introduced me to the South American mens! Variety is the spice of life she said. So I'd like to take this time to say thank-you for being my good life long friend, sister and family! You have been there through the good and bad, family losses and all the drunken calls, many dinners, parties, camp fires, bean dip fests and just to talk. Hell, a year ago I started this blog because of your inspiration. Thank you for being who you are. I can't wait for this weekend! You, me, Ginger, and the Urges! This is just spelling a good time!

And I just couldn't resist a birthday greeting from Aunt Barbara! Again Happy Birthday Mame! We love ya!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The Diva from Down Under.....Penny Tration!

Penny Tration was created almost overnight after a successful radio spot on Sydney's 96.9 AM radio. As her popularity grew so did her presence. The fact that Penny is "at least 7 feet tall with heels, hair and attitude" a quote given to her by RuPaul, is just the beginning. Apart from the usual fundraising,miming and dancing, Penny has taken drag further hosting trivia nights,gay bingo,speed dating,fashion parades,television spots and the annual spectacular New Years Eve events in Mumbi. And how can you not love her look and that name!!! If you ever get down under you can visit Penny at the C lounge on Thursdays, Tandoori Palace on Fridays, and The Midnight Shift Hotel also on Friday at midnight.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Filling in the Gin-Soaked Blanks...or Being Verklempt

Recognizing that there were parts she did not remember, The Mistress asked that I fill in the gaps. So without further ado, and so we can close this chapter:

1) The Plane. This was the first time that we have been on a plane together, and so we would like to thank the bar staff at both airports for their heavy-handed, pre-flight assistance. Yours truly held up remarkably well until flying over the Rockies…and then again, in over the bay. The pilot spoke in a friendly manner, the flight attendants seemed suitably smartassed, and perhaps our greatest fear never materialized.

2) The “Queer Social”. We did take in quite a bit of the conference (in the form of “people watching”), but perhaps no more so than at the “Queer Social”. The Mistress struck up an immediate conversation with a fellow meeting-goer, who ran into us after our wine country tour, and proceeded to tell us about the gathering taking place in a nearby hotel bar for conference attendees. Now, we attended – after all, parts of the conference were rather stuffy… and we were repping for arguably the number one party school in the country...

…and again, it took place at a bar…but from where we’re from, queer is a pejorative term. So it was just a fun example of “taking the word back”, as the activist from Costa Rica told us. (I did wonder how one became a queer activist in Costa Rica, but thought it impolite to ask. Perhaps a ad?) In any event, very cool event, glad they were there and that they do what they do…a whole other side of life from where we live, but glad it’s all part of the gay cornucopia.

3) The Gyms and Supplement Stores. I lost count after five, within the first two blocks of The Castro. It seemed as though every single guy there had muscles. I have never felt smaller in my life. Pecs and biceps must be given out right off the plane (I may have missed them, looking for The Mistress’s gin). Castro boys? Woof. I am a big fan.

4) Yerba Buena and Buena Vista Parks. The former, lovely fountains, a great restaurant. The latter, fantastic views of the Golden Gate and Haight-Ashbury, great hiking trails, lots of people with dogs, and the self-centered high of oh-my-god-is that guy cruising us? In short, both have their strong points. The second had the additional bonus of Kailyn saying “You’re WHERE?!?” when called.

5) The “Verklempt” Factor

I’d rather this not get too sappy or melodramatic. But there were a series of moments where this country boy thought he was going to lose it, just because of the sheer size and beauty of all that we were trying to comprehend. It hit me once in wine country, because as we sat there, I couldn’t believe there was (so gonna ape a movie here) “so much beauty in the world” and I was awed by the fact that we were actually there, able to enjoy it, seeing something that you really only hear or read about. There truly is a huge world out there.

Of course, this happened again at Berkeley. The Mistress, looking for a way to say that she was proud of her boy/man, surprised me with a couple little mementos of Oski, the University of California’s mascot. I love college football, and just being in Pac-10 country was amazing enough (seriously, The Rose Bowl is a home game for all those schools, no wonder the Big 10 keeps getting our ass kicked)…but just the thought that my guy went out of his comfort zone to display his pride….well, that was cool.

And finally – perhaps most importantly – the history did me in. Have you read “And the Band Played On?” This gay boy did when he was seventeen, and his parents flipped out when they saw it on the dining room table. AIDS, politics, bathhouses, Harvey Milk, the White Night Riots, friends, the search for love and/or sex, City Hall, Proposition 8, Folsom Street, marriage, and so on…it’s all there, and it’s amazing to try and comprehend that as a community, we are this large and diverse – and have come so far in such a short time. Perhaps that – along with all the gin-soaked memories – is the best thing that San Francisco shared with us.

Boy Toy

City by the Bay-The Castro

The Castro. Yes dear readers, the Mistress and Boy-Toy could have walked the Castro blindfolded by the time we left. We hit it just about everyday and would usually hit the happy hours for the two-for-ones! And how could we not mingle with the very lovely boys? I have to say it was very neat to think that the Castro was one of the first real "neighborhoods" that the gay community created, not to mention flew the first gay flag and had the first gay pride parade. Now mind ya, this old broad isn't new to an all gay neighborhood. I have been in the village in New York many a time. But the feel of the Castro was very different. It was just wall-to-wall men everywhere! The streets, the clubs, the shops, just everywhere you went. And friendly! And proud. The community there seemed very tight and close and they were proud to be gay. From our hotel, we were several blocks, so we would take the MUNI system to the Castro. We did walk one day and went to see the City Hall Building where Harvey Milk and George Moscone were killed.

Very somber too see and we even visited the Harvey Milk Plaza. A great piece of gay history to see.

Saturday was our first big night out in the Castro, as we had dinner there and then proceeded with the drinking. The Cafe was the only real "big" dance club and was it packed! Some of the other bars we visited were-

And this wasn't even but a hand full of the bars and clubs we visited. And we met some very nice people. The Boy-Toy even talked to someone who had grown up in his hometown for God's sake. Small world. We shared a cab one night with a gay couple from England who were down the street from our hotel, both very nice. And at another bar the Mistress got her jewels grabbed! I told him, I don't pop my cork for every guy I see! But what a fun night-time crowd they get, plus the one night, we were able to hang with Kailyn which was very neat. I couldn't imagine seeing and drinking on the Castro without her, at least once. We also did our fair share of shopping.

Yes, we did go in many a store like the one above, and I'm happy to report everyone on my Christmas list is now done! While we didn't purchase anything there (edited by Boy-Toy: ummm, really?) we did buy some clothing. And I'm here to tell ya, we drank right up till we caught the train to the airport on the last night. They are called happy hours for a reason. And here are some shots of the Peaches Christ plugging Midnight Mass!

And it was very hard to leave. The Mistress was in heaven with all the South American varieties of men!!! It was like being at the farmers market, with the wide selection! But alas, we had to leave for home. We will miss San Francisco, but we have many fond memories to take back with us. I'm sure I forgot something, but you get the point, we really enjoyed ourselves. And we will DEFINITELY be back. Now today the Mistress is heading to Rehoboth Beach later to visit some friends. Where hopefully I will enjoy the beach and a cock-a-tail! Tootles!

A Day in Napa Valley

The travels continue on our third day in San Francisco with our lovely hostess,Kailyn taking us on a whole lovely day of touring the California wine country. Yes, readers you're right, more drinking! And we're talking some real heavy drinkers here. The day started when Kailyn picked us up at the hotel and then we head to the Sonoma and Napa valley. On the way, she did a detour to show us Twin Peaks, a huge "hill" that offered spectacular views and a 360 degree view of the city. And what was interesting was the fog. I had never seen anything like it. From up on Twin Peaks you couldn't even see the Golden Gate. And the fog was sort of eerie. You could see it move, and quite fast. In the evening, we watched from our hotel room, the fog just moved from the bay right through the city and in less than an hour the city was covered and we couldn't even see like two blocks from the hotel!

Then it was off to the wine tasting. The first stop was in the beautiful Sonoma Valley at the vineyard Viansa.

Viansa was, I think, our favorite that day. Viansa was not only a winery, but seemed like a mecca of beauty. It offered some very tasty wines, delicious fruit and all kinds of cheese, beautiful gardens, a knowledgeable and friendly staff (they would have to be to put up with our drunk asses) and spectacular views. Unfortunately, all the wines they produce can only be purchased right at the winery, so I have a feeling Kailyn will be sending us some "olive oil" in the future! ;) After arriving, we entered the main gallery where the tasting takes place and where you can also purchase other items they make there. All I can say is their wines were some of the best U.S. wines I have ever had! After trying like 4 or 5 or 10 different wines, we finally decided what to have, and took our wine and cheese to take a table outside to appreciate the lovely views.

And here was us enjoying all this good living!

And this was moi trying to taste the good stuff they don't share!

Next stop,Domaine Carneros.

The Domaine Carneros was in the Nape Valley and had more of a feel of Italian villa winery. Unlike Viansa, Domaine Carneros' speciality is sparkling wines! I mean, you know, we just had to try them too! And they were all very good from what I can remember. By time we got there we were all a little buzzed. Domaine Carneros also was very beautiful with vineyards, gardens, a tasty food selection, and mind altering sparkling wines. At this place, one sits in a grand tasting room where you enjoy the wines.

And we did as you can see.

And here are some others view of the Domaine Carneros.

After leaving the wine country feeling pretty good and all, Kailyn then detoured us through Berkeley, where Boy-Toy wanted to visit some of the college stores and see the campus and also wanted to get some tees and a sweatshirt or two as he loves himself some college teams. I have to admit it was a very beautiful college town. And the men weren't bad either! We finally arrived back in town that night. Kailyn decided she had had enough of our asses and was going to leave as she had to work the next day. On the way to her car, some people from the conference ran into us and invited us to a gay social for drinks. Just what we needed! So I talked Kailyn into going with us. It was pretty fun, but after a while of all this sociology talk,we headed to the Castro for some serious drinking! Kailyn never did leave till like almost 12:30 that night! We're such bad influences! So, it was a lovely day and Kailyn, we can't thank you enough for such one of the most perfect days we have had! It will always be a special day! Cheers!