Monday, May 31, 2021


Happy Memorial Day!
Always remember the fallen...and be divine.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


It's always hard to say good bye to a good friend, when you don't know they are departing.

 For many here and on other blogs a huge vacancy is being felt. I got word yesterday that dear friend and blogger Anne Marie unexpectedly passed away and headed to the great dance hall of Fabulon. I though of posting a flower, but she'd most likely say fuck that shit. I thought I huge disco ball would suit her  better. Large, fun and glittering. Each beam from the disco ball touching one of us. I had never expected to meet such a good friend like her through blogging. And to put Anne Marie in three words is just impossible. What comes to mind with me are- FUCK D'AT SHIT, FUCK YEAH,  Philadelphia pride, GIN, love for cats, loud, proud, in charge, brawdy, incredible knitting talents, love of classical, jazz, and disco music, a honorary drag sister, a excellent LGBTQ ally,  great listener, thoughtful, a fighter for all, caring, baking goodies, dirty seas shanties, boozy four hour lunches, juicy gossip, WE NEED MORE OF YOUR CAKES,  civil rights, out spoken, warm hearted, tough as nails, old school, fiery and fierce. I will miss her reaction at our infamous lunches when I asked for a table for four- me , her and her two jahoobies!!! And of course casing and commenting on the hot waiters. I swear she was angling to fix me up. Poor Todd, for what we put him through when he joined. The only disagreement we ever had was over ABBA.  I loved tormenting her with ABBA and would get a "NO MORE FUCKING ABBA!" crack back. And boy did she love the Candy Shop.  But most of all she loved music and I think this song could not be more fitting.

Of course, on one of our earlier meetings, I picked her up at the regional rail station... and the K -Klass came on in my car...and even though we had years apart, we both had some church up in the car...and it was a shaking and rockin'. I knew then we'd would go on to be good friends. So this song and message will remind me of her always. Good night dear sister, friend and advocate....  and save me a dance when I get to Fabulon dear! You in your sequins..... I in my marabou. 

Ill fucking drink to that!

Friday, May 28, 2021


 But children ...did I really go anywhere??? Yes darlings....Pam Demic is still here and standing, tit's out, shoulders back and cocktails chilled from my current vaccine site!

Yassssss darlings Pam Demic is still masked up...and yes, with the pandemic coming to a end, looks like my work will be done here soon, as Ill  be off to India, where I will no doubt have to change into my sari's. I had done such excellent work with awareness and guidelines that the Biden Administration asked if I could go to India to help out, rise awareness and make sure the citizens are masked up and socially distancing, while awaiting their vaccine.  So where there is pandemic, virus and disease, don't worry for me, Ill be around to lend a hand. Which reminds me to let you all know the time for the eyes is coming to an end. Get those lips plumped, glossed and lipsticked! The lips are back bitches! But I personally will always wear one,  as I don't trust any germs anywhere.
And I resent most of the community, including the Mistress's neighbors thinking my rubber gloves are for fisting. I swear by rubber gloves to protect from all the grubby paws touching everything. Beside I haven't fisted in ages. I lost way to much good jewelry.  

Beside that, I have always stay veiled since young age, as I was never a pretty child. I was so ugly when I was little my mother used my soft spot as an ash tray. And my husband, Mr Harry Demic, and I are completely different in the bedroom. I turn on the lights, he turn them off, I turn them on, he turns them off. And the other night I said to him why do you keep turning off the lights when we make love, you have such a sexy, hot body? He said, Ahhhh Pam, that's so sweet, you think I'm turning off the lights because  you think I don't want you to see ME?  

Not only do I keep the veil on to cover my face, but the veil protects me from getting my wig in my mouth. Oh god, I hate when I get wig hair in my lip gloss. It looks like I went down on a Muppet. So I say continue with your guidelines and mask wearing if your comfortable. Of course between the Mistress, Ms Moorecock and us Demic's,  truth be told,  we are so pickled, lets be honest, thats why we were passed on getting the virus in the first place darlings. Who knows if the vaccine even had any affects??? So hang in there darlings...I see some of you are already hanging....stay safe, enjoy groups safely, wear those gloves and veils if you desire. I'm off to India to spread good cheer, assist in the pandemic,  and my share my latest pamphlet, and supply of gloves and veils.
This is the first time in a year I'm enjoying cocktails with others because I want to, not because I'm worried, not because I'm scarred or stressed....but because... things seem to be looking up. And I'll drink to that!


Pam Demic

Thursday, May 27, 2021


The one good thing about being at the ancestral home is it gives me an outlet to play around in the garden. Being in my flat I only have a greenery. The time at my mother's gives me just enough fun to play around in, then walk away and tend to it when home. I never got my fathers knack of gardening to the extent he had. After his death, the garden went down hill fast, and many things are now gone. My mother had her lawn guys gut almost all of the back gardens, and many shrubs removed else where around the house.  But I like to think, over the last 5-6 years, we have brought it back to some sort of life, at least to the point to stop him rolling in his box. The Mother just hopes that things will come back year after year, and in some cases they do. The one Iris bed was insane this year! Unfortunately they aren't the best cutting flowers, as they last but two days in a vase. The mother likes roses and loves them but it stops there. I featured those over those weekend. The planting of annuals is taking place now.. in one flower bed... and will be mostly hanging and a potted garden, and window boxes...but rain curtained much of the planting the last two days. Russian sage arrives next week Here is a glimpse of the back yard in the last two weeks.

A Weigela shrub in full bloom. 
This, and the below philadelphus coronarius, which has a heavenly sweet orange scent, are among some of the oldest  remaining things my father planted, along with some rhododendron, azalea and hydrangea bushes. 

This is the fuchsia I got my mother for Mother's Day, and Im happy to report so far so good. My mother doesn't historically do well with fuchsias. But this one so far is loaded with buds. This was last week,  and this week, it is blooming like crazy, with many new buds already. Keeping finger crossed. I just hope we have the luck that dear Jon and Madame Arcati have.

Russian sage...soon to get more friends.
Front of the house Iris's
Two back floral bed brimming forth beautifully. The last two years the Allium did lousy. We got about five nice balls this year.
And of course, these two were of no help.
Not only lazing about, soaking in the sun , but lounging where annuals will be planted. A whole yard of lush green, soft grass, and they have to lay in the prickly tan bark.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Aleera Verushka is one of the drag queens who makes me take notice, even if I have to pick up my jaw off the floor. She's not just a drag queen, but she's a transformation queen. Her flamboyant and above all, very artistic make up is breathtaking...done with such a precision ... and a waist line snitched for the gods,  that could even give Violet Chachki a run of her money. Aleera is a real glamazon. Although I'm mixed on social media and the queens on there who are popular, but then can't perform with worth shit,  Aleera is a case of where social media created the queen first,  and she is a testament to the power of social media in the contemporary drag world. But not because it made her famous, but because it gave her the strength to launch a drag career. Aleera is gifted make up artist living in Montreal Canada. But you see,  never had the guts to go out in drag. She slowly created looks and content and had amassed a collection of stunning visual creations that expressed her obsession with fantasy films, and won over huge numbers of supportive fans and friends. She finally felt she had the confidence to step out after battling anxiety and panic attacks at the thought of doing a show, so she took a trip to NYC where she further drew inspiration from the queens there. For over two years now, Aleera has been a fixture of the Montreal nightlife scene and drag shows and competitions. It's a unique story where a queen was created online first, then fruitioned. After so much support, she was like listen bitch, you can do this. And she did! Beautifully.



This might be the best Drag Race trailer for a season, like ever! When I say drag the girlS of Drag Race Espana are what I want to see. Premieres May 31st in Spain and the US.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Another of my favorite spots in Austria, was Salzburg, where we spent two days, and without a doubt, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. During our two days, we kept finding ourselves back in these gardens again and again. The outside of the palace is stunning, but we didn't tour the interior, as much as I might not have minded seeing the Marble Hall. Mirabell dates back to 1606, when it was then known as, Altenau Palace. Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau commissioned the building as a token of his love for Salome Alt, his common law spouse. After Wolf Dietrich's death in 1617, his successor renamed the palace "Mirabell". The most famous room of the palace is the Marble Hall. It was originally the Prince-Archbishop's ballroom, but was also used as a concert hall where Leopold Mozart and his children would regularly perform. The gardens were a joy to visit, and considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Europe. Some of these pictures may look familiar for being in the film The Sound of Music, where part of the movie was filmed when Julie Andrews sang Do Ri Me to the kids.  But the Dwarf Garden gave me the willies. It is on an old bastion, a little removed from the main part of the Mirabell gardens. It features a display of misshapen dwarfs. It's believed some of these sculptures are people who were actually lived on the court of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg. Creepy. But then I've seen to many horror movies where these things come to life and terrorize.

Seen in a shop window...