Monday, April 29, 2019


Well, the weekend flew by yet I suspect the week will also. The Mistress spent Saturday out and about in New Hope's sister river town, Lambertville, for their annual Shad fest. While the festival draws its name and honors the fish from the saltwater fish that returns to the Delaware River every April to spawn, the festival offers way more than just the fish the weekend is named for. There are many fish fry and seafood stands, and many other food vendors making tasty morsels, local handi craft, art, and music to be heard. Since the day was so nice, but cool, I joined my friend Mr Frank to take in the shad fest. I though of wearing a Shad gown, made entirely of shad, but I didn't want to show up the crowd in such finery and didn't care to be chased by every cat in town!!! This Monday I share a collection of photos from the last two weeks from my fair hamlet. Is it any wonder I love this area so?
Along the canal.
The incredible Mercer Museum in Doylestown

Miss Pumpkin in her Easter finery

This is a water pump house I believe?
Mr Frank with his new rescue Murphy
This long fish sculpture/float like creation was carried all around town as is tradition by several of the royals in town.
Here is a farm up the road from the Casa. I like to think I'm being sneaky by taking apple slices to Ellie the horse...but the owners know I do it. It's like she knows me by scent and comes to get them. When I don't have them I would swear she looks disappointed. 
Here was an evening shot at my friend Doug's place along the river. It was taken after one of my sill life sittings for him and his art. It was a stunning sunset that night.
I told you in yesterday's post I had a love affair with this place.

Happy Monday All 

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Years ago when I was living in downtown Harrisburg and met the ex, and we decided to move to the Philadelphia area, I was over joyed I'd be living in center city Philly. To my dismay he broke it to me that we would be living in the rural countryside of Bucks County. Needless to say, I wasn't over joyed at first. Luckily, and by chance, a love affair took place with me and the charming, quaint one would have to sand blast me out of the area. It really is the best of both worlds. The picturesque, English like county side, the little river towns, fresh farmers markets, and the eclectic and eccentric characters that live here. On the other hand one is only 40 minutes to center city and an hour and half to NYC. After spending Easter away with family and visiting with me dear old, old, and I do mean old, good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust, I came back and got my ass out of doors to enjoy the breath taking weather we had last week and got back into my outdoor exercise regime. In the warm months I head up the road by 6 minutes to Lake Galena, to do my jog and walk around the lake, a lovely, picturesque park, a 7 mile, heavily wooded trail around the lake, and frankly one of my favorite outdoor spots in Bucks County.  The whole place encompasses around 356 arces. 
On that run I also took my camera to capture the continued awakening of spring...and see what are not my Usual Suspects. Being only minutes up the road, its's amazing the different birds that habitat there.
Eastern Bluebird
The trails I jog on
The flowering trees were beautiful, and just about finished now.

The lake is home to numerous Blue Heron
A common Merganser 
At one end of the lake is a very nice nature preserve. The tortoises were out getting a early jump on tanning!!!
I was lucky to spot this Kestre, the smallest of the falcon family. There are several up at the lake and this one caught a field mouse.
A Lesser Scalp I believe, not sure
One of many docks around the lake
I have no idea what these bird- crane like species is, but they all stick together and just sat there. They had long bills too.
A Yellow Rumped Warbler. Had a very pretty song.
After two runs this week, my legs are feeling it, so I took it easy this weekend, with exception of going over to Lambertville for the annual Shadfest yesterday. Today, one of the usual suspects, a dove has been roosting for an age on the sill.
The only time he left was when the carnage happened. A Red Tailed hawk swept down and caught a poor tit mouse right off the branch. I heard the loud tweeting, and reminments of feathers flying. The dove then came back and has been roosting ever since. The Casa attracts all types. It's also nice to be enjoying a nice spring for a change.


De'Lacy was an American 1990s house-music group that was most famous for its single "Hideaway." Initially, the group consisted of De'Lacy Davis—percussionist and ex-Police Officer in New Jersey, Gary Griffin—bassist and keyboard player, Glen Branch—drummer and backing vocalist, and Rainie Lassiter—lead vocalist. The group still continues to work with music producers in the UK and  US. This song Hideaway was a huge club hit...and the Mistress remembers the dance floor being like church when it came on.....good times with that beat. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019


We all know that I have a sweet tooth for older men, or those you look older with salt and pepper hair. Or just older men. Or men with salt and pepper hair. Or just South American men. But I also like European men, and, well, let's just say I enjoy ALL men shall we??? This next piece of eye candy is an all day sucker and reminds me some of Daddy yes, he is a wee bit of a distraction. Meet Michael Walter!
Right up my alley people! Michael  hails from Switzerland, where he started out as running and was a entrepreneur of a cosmetics company..  another plus as the Mistress loves skincare and facials, was his whole background, but has since fallen into male modeling and being an influencer of product placement, He loves travel, hey, the Casa is never far away, cats, well, I do have cute pup who's thinks he's a cat, is obsessed with Agatha Christie mysteries,  I have no problem hosting a Who Dun It weekend, and loves to work out, I wonder, has he seen my horizontal mumbo? But just look at this handsome creature!!!! Those eyes alone would make me break some laws! And that lovely neat beard of silver...…...what was I saying

Friday, April 26, 2019


In this weekly feature, tells us in only three words what comes to mind with our weekly guest.

In three words...
Carol Burrnett

After's her birthday!!!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Happy Easter
& a Glorious Weekend everyone! "

With the Mistress away for the weekend and a few days off, I'll return soon.... or later.
 Happy Easter Everyone!!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Even if blonds with blue eyes aren’t your thing, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t kick our latest sweet treat out of the birds nest or out of bed. This 6’1″ creature is yummy, yummy, yummy!!!
 Casey Levens is a model-actor based in Miami and has appeared in ads for Abercrombie & Fitch, Eddie Bauer and Mercedes to name a few. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Marietta College where he played on the baseball team. Hey...I don't know a thing about baseball, but I'd be willing to be his catcher...but for now he is our Candy Shop's Easter Bunny!!!!!