Wednesday, May 31, 2023


....And what a surprise.... it's both parties in DC again.  As if we didn't guess the debt ceiling wouldn't happens every few years, of a horse and pony show before whoever the current president is, caves and folds. What surprised me was that some services for the less fortunate were cut again while, miraculously, both sides join forces and yet again were able to find to the tune of another $719 million at an unwinnable proxy war in Ukraine.

I doubt this changes no matter which party wins the White House. But tell me, how do you think any president or party that sells weapons of mass destruction to shady characters around the world would be interested in keeping assault weapons off of our streets. You don't get to make the world less safe out of greed and then pretend that you care about people's safety at home. Too me this shows a general disregard for life. Are Democrats better on this issue then the GQP? Sure, just like they are better on abortion rights, gun legislation, raising the minimum wage, a public option, canceling student debt and no drilling!!!! Better than the GQP is a very low bar to set. It was very low, pass low, when we took it back from them. The article above is from The Intercept. We have had two parties now in the last 8 years that still have not done any of these things, in addition to codifying abortion.... and I'm willing to bet will run yet another campaign cycle on the same old issues. What a find even more infuriating is how the parties can agree right quick and find funds for a war, yet all the money found would be better used here.  Why can we not find the money like this to fix things here???? All of a sudden neither party can. I wish one of these parties would start correcting these things. By all means, move at a glacial know how that thrills me.

Also notice how neither party will EVEN MENTION cutting the defense budget, subsidies to oil companies or taxing the wealthy further. Janet Yellen and Bernie Sanders urged Dems to raise the debt ceiling to accommodate the budget when Dems had complete control of Congress two years ago...and like on so many other issues did nothing. Warnings ignored by centrist who controlled the Dem party and are running in onto the ground. And don't get me started on the immigration mess. I think it's great to welcome all to the country, and start anew, but talk about mass chaos!!!! There has got to be a better system and places to put these folk up in. Many are transported to a city and left homeless. Why are we not turning empty office complexes and vacant malls into well-equipped immigration centers and housing for them?

Like I all means, move at a glacial pace.... you know how it thrills me. I hope one day a progressive third party comes into being. I see the cost of everything going up, and more and more people struggling around me. Yet DC doesn't see a need to raise the minimum wage. Hmmmm, almost like they are deliberately suppressing the working forces.....


Ambrosia Salad is the mother of the House of Ambrosia, artist, performer, DJ, and motor cyclist and always seems to break a few heels and hearts along the way. Ambrosia hails from Rochester NY...a very saturated, small drag town, where local drag has a huge following ...with some very big names, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Darienne Lake, Aggy Dune and Pandora Boxx, but holds her own, while also having a close sisterhood with them. This hot daddy out of drag doesn't take the drag seriously, but has fun with it, not being concerned about being realistic, but remaining the old school camp. His weekly show,  What the Frock, is a hoot. Ambrosia has spent a lifetime before drag idolizing strong female singers such as Bjork, Shirley Manson, Siouxsie Sioux, and Miss Lady Kier, and is heavily inspired by the performances enjoyed at the Trannyshack, a weekly drag venue in San Fran known for its highly camp queens, doing outlandishly crass, yet thoughtfully planned out diva homages. Having seen her a few times, Ambrosia has always been surrounded by drag queens transforming themselves into the world of take no prisoners debauchery. What started as a wig and high heels fetish, evolved into the perfect combination of tacky fashion, thick played out make up, music, hilarity and love of the nightlife. What a treat to have run into him at the beach in Rehoboth. I don't think I hurt him?

Monday, May 29, 2023


A Happy Memorial Day to all! 

My good friends Doug and Jamie, who did the lovely nude artwork I sat for a couple years ago, called with a offer to spend the holiday in Rehoboth Beach. I hadn't seen them since their move right before the pandemic hit to from New Hope to Rehoboth. A great chance to catch up and have fun. Never have I welcomed in Memorial at the beach...and it was great to get back to Rehoboth Beach after a nearly three-year hiatus. What a welcoming home and I had never seen honeysuckle on the beach before. Right behind their home. Sea mist and honeysuckle. And the sand under one's feet. What a way to welcome in summer! And let's remember to keep those pass veterans and current serviceman and ladies in our minds all the year through. Hope your all having a nice weekend....back on Wednesday. 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Saturday, May 27, 2023


The Candy Shop is open again!!! This week , alas, I don't know much about this sexy beast, Johnny Flex...but I'm guessing a lot of things pop when he flexes!!!!! Just another of my long line of latest obsessions...those eyes tell a story, those pecs, I swoon... and the uncut slab. I salivate! I suspect he's a very naughty boy, but do I care? As Mae West once said- It isn't the number of men in my life that counts, but the life in my men!!! He got my kitty purrrrrrring.....

Cool spritzers bottles available by the door. 
And I wonder what is on the ceiling that he keeps pointing at?

Friday, May 26, 2023


I always loved this time of year for many reasons. And Upton added more memories today. In New York City each year it is always Fleet Week. When most of "the Clan" lived in the West Village, Chealsea and Hells Kitchen at one time, we partook of Fleet Week two years in a row. I can't tell you how excited we were to be greeted and gladly receive all the seamen. It was also incidentally the first time I had some serious fun with my first really big 10"! When I removed his pants, it popped out like a huge giant flounder! I wonder if that is why I have a soft spot for men in the Navy? I like to think I did my part to boost morale of some of our servicemen.

Happy Fleet Week kids!

Thursday, May 25, 2023


You'd think after doing drag for 25 years, and being interested and following drag most of my life, I'd be over it. But every project, show, or queen cements me further. I'd never turn my back on drag, or my fellow drag sisters and friends. While RuPaul's Drag Race has exploded, and we're quickly losing count on the follow up seasons and the international versions, in addition to more further coming countries getting their Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, and Japen, and more seasons of the UK, France, Aussie, and Italy. Belgium and Sverige just crowned queens. While I still like Drag Race...I'm ready to move on to see and view other projects.  Like attend local drag shows again ...finally.... and go to online forums through live feed if need be. Not all queens are what we see on just Drag Race. One such community of queens is that of Demark's Copenhagen, who's queens are making their own unique mark, one lip-synch, comedy show and wise crack at a time. Not only do these queens not give a shit about being highly editorial, runway ready, or extremely fishy and trying to be as flawless as possible...but they can be liberal with make-up...many keeping facial hair, and they throw away the make-up templates, rule books, and "follow the contour", assembly line look... and opt of zany, crazy, and campy looks, A unique drag identity is emerging here. The scene is embracing this form of drag performance and the serious activism that comes with it...and it's surprisingly diverse for a city of  600,000.
Mizz Privileze
Chantal Al Arab

Not only do these queens have their own club nights, but they all come together to form Drag House...a blowout drag show performed quarterly. So far drag also doesn't appear to have the ignorant backlash it is getting in some other countries, but does feel it, which is why their current show is titled, Drag Is Not A Crime. Three of the cities' bearded queens were even paid tribute for work they did with communities. This fusion of fierce activism with follicles is not a new phenomenon in Copenhagen either. It's been a huge part of their drag community since the 1970's Gay Liberation Front movement, and the drag scene is one of the country's most influential of the LGBTQ for activist, who marched the streets wearing dresses, wigs and beard to demand rights and challenge heteronormative society. The queens there have figured out, when you're in drag, you command a gaze, and they don't waste the opportunity. One queen Mizz Privileze, who does a mean Freddie Mercury in her routine, started an anti- hate crime campaign where she collected over a thousand stories of hate crimes and delivered them to members of Parliament directly...and since then has sway some members to pass good bills and laws!!!

Adrianna Le Creme

Annie Reaction

Danica Dimefox

Maj Mokaj

Miss Femme Fatale

The queens in Copenhagen to me, are far more diverse than what you'll see here or even in parts of France and the UK. Their quarterly drag show, Drag House, which bring together all the queens and is also open for performances from bio queens, bio kings, lesbians, drag kings and trans performers, they were far ahead of the curve of letting all perform compared to here in the US... and the shows proceeds and tips all go to community charities. Humor and clowning is a very popular component of drag there. The shows have really outgrown the gay spaces and have taken over the city into all venues, where the queen will happily pick your pockets for the good of the LGBTQ. Overall, I would say the drag scene in Copenhagen appears extremely playful, doesn't take it seriously over looks, and it's about playing with categories, such as age, gender, identity, and moving between styles and categories. Most of the queens seem to work in multiple mediums. But it's not enough to just stand on stage and lip-synch...and it seems to be prerequisite for its queens to be highly active with the community and activism. It takes more to impress Copenhageners then just a pretty look and a High NRG ditty. And I'm here for that!


With the Queen of Rock and Roll's passing, that of Tina Turner, I of course like a good gayling, was listening to her tunes yesterday. I had not seen one mention in any new recap that she did a James Bond theme song, Golden Eye. It was indeed on of my all-time favorites of hers and seemed to get very little airtime. For me, it was right up there with Dame Shirley Bassey's three covers she did for Bond films. The song and listening to her still give me chills. I would almost like to see Dame Shirley perform Golden Eye just once, as she is the only other who could do it justice.

Then it occurred to me, that when I first started doing drag, Turner's own Private Dancer was one of the first songs I choose to do a routine too. Seemed to be the perfect choice for me. Then 24 years later I choose it again when I got into Boylesque. Seems to have come full circle.

And my #3 favorite? Hands down henny......

Wednesday, May 24, 2023