Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Uncanny Alliance

How many of you remember this diddy! This use to be my motto while cutting a runway! LOL.

Grande Dame of the Week

The glamour and hilarity of Stephanie Micheals!

Miss Stephanie Micheals is a fabulous drag performer, a entertainer and a good white southern Christian woman of the south!!! Her words, not mine. Stephanie hails from Hagerstown, Maryland , but if truth be told, is the Grande Dame of all of Maryland, where she has spent doing drag and entertaining the masses for close to 20 years now. And I'm here to tell ya, she is funny as hell!!!She is quite the comedienne, never stopping with the jokes and slapstick. But also she is one hell of a performer and quite the diva with the frocks! I have met her many a time and as evilly funny as she is, she really is a big ole sweetheart. I remember seeing her once at DeerPark Lodge in Hagerstown where she introduced me to a gentlemen friend of hers, and he was kind to put the Mistress up for the night. But that's another story! And Miss Thing is always there to lend a hand with a good cause or charity show. And you should see the big production numbers she has done in Baltimore!!! No, she will have you in tears, but of laughter!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monsters Ball

It looks like vampires are so last year- these days it's all about the monsters. Lady Gaga set a trend with the late Alexander McQueen's ghoulish costumes,prosthetic make-up and pod like reptilian platforms.Then their was the French fashion house Lanvin's disturbing new ad campaign featuring full body make-up that looks like the model's body has been skinned alive, and the there was the movie Where the Wild Things Are and the forth coming remakes of the The Wolf Man and a remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. But have you heard of the forth coming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? I can not wait to see this! The mash-up book by Seth Grahame-Smith revisits Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice," adding flesh-eating zombies and taking other significant liberties with the plot. The book was published in April 2009 by Quirk Books, a company known for taking public domain novels and blending them with fanboy favorites and pop-culture elements. Grahame-Smith's version does maintain familiar elements of the Austen classic — the timeless tale of a heroine searching for love and independence — but adds the plot twist of a deadly virus outbreak that turns victims into undead vicious killers. Natalie Portman, will play the leading character, feisty Elizabeth Bennet. The film will be directed by Richard Kelly and produced by Dark Films and Handsome Charlie films, Natalie Portman's own company. Here's the trailer. Just this short clip alone got me unnerved and gave me chill bumps! A visually stunning film, but looks very creepy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MAME, Darling

How do you like the picture of Mame and the Mistress from their early career days? Can you believe I have known that old goat for about 14 or 15 years now? I just got off the phone with my dear old friend Mame, or David Dust, as some of you probably know her, yesterday and we were getting caught up and said we really to get to the Bronx Zoo sometime this spring. Ya see, we have had plans to go their the last three times I was in the city. And every time, we never make it. Mame always plies me with some cock-a-tails and then leads me astray to the Urges Lounge for some all-male entertainment. The next day isn't generally too pretty, as we both look like a huge trash truck hit us! Of course we are ladies of leisure, and usually lounge about like proper socialites are to do. We will venture out around 1 or 2 in the afternoon when we are not hung anymore and look back to our fabulous selves. ( Of course it takes Mame just a bit more time to get ready). And Mame has always been fabulous. I found another one of her letters just the other day again.

When Mame posted about the Black Party a couple weeks ago, I remembered this letter. Now, Mame mind ya, has been here to visit, but we usually go up to her place. If their is going to be drinking involved, it really is much more easy to get back to her place in a ricksaw than to get to the Mistress's abode. If we decide to drink I don't know how we would get back here. Mame and the Mistress drive pretty scary sober!!! And the Mistress's bartend, Smithys would get us both pretty twisted. So, we are going to plan this zoo trip again and see if it will transpire. Any money bets this time whether we make it or not? And if we do drink Mame, get the cheese and Stella Der's ready!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Mistress Loves to Study A Penis, I Mean, In Penis

I was doing some of my blog reading and came across this over at Bunny's blog and found it interesting. It is from Condomania, the store who sell nothing but condoms and adult toys. And I tend to agree. I think the Mistress will have to travel to Nola to see if this is true. (Mental note to ask Miss Ginger if this is true.) And just so y'all know the Mistress will be revealing her own studies and findings in her research, because you know she has been conducting studies for years now!

New Orleans now has another reason to call itself "The Big Easy." The home of this year's Super Bowl champs has taken the top spot in Condomania's ranking of U.S. cities by penis size! And the men of Washington D.C. apparently are more than just big talk, big egos, and big promises. The Beltway boys claimed a close second place for the biggest average penis size in the nation. As for the "biggest" state in the Union? While New Hampshire may be one of the smallest states, it's not so small when it comes to penis size, topping Condomania’s state by state comparison. America's first condom store, Condomania, has just unlocked its huge database of penis sizes and released these unique rankings of the 50 states and the 20 most populated U.S. cities by average penis size. After 20 years in business, Condomania knows perhaps more than anyone else about the nation's penises. So just how does Condomania know these intimate details? In 2004, the company launched TheyFit Condoms, the world's first line of tailored-fit prophylactics, in 76sizes. Since then they have sold custom-fit condoms to over 27,000 men in 70 countries, and now have just begun to analyze this incredible cache of data.

"These fitted condoms range in length from 3 to 10 inches and from super slim to extra roomy." says Chris Filkins, Condomania’s Directory of Technology. "After gathering detailed information on over 27,000 penises, we now have the most comprehensive database of penis sizes on the planet! Needless to say, these men's privacy is our utmost concern, and we're interested only in the statistics, and not who's who! But the data itself is pretty interesting." And here is how they came in by state. Remind this size queen to not take any trips to the bottom ten as I have a huge appetite!

50 States Ordered by Penis Size
1.New Hampshire 2.Oregon 3.New York 4.Indiana
5.Arizona 6.Hawaii 7.Louisiana 8.Massachusetts 9.Alabama 10.Washington 11.New Mexico
12.California 13.Arkansas 14.Nevada 15.Virginia 16.Tennessee 17.Illinois 18.Oklahoma
19.South Dakota 20.Georgia 21.Pennsylvania 22.Mississippi 23.Michigan 24.Florida
25.Rhode Island 26.Kansas 27.Maryland 28.Minnesota 29.Vermont 30.Connecticut
31.Wisconsin 32.New Jersey 33.North Dakota 34.Idaho 35.Texas 36.Missouri 37.Montana
38.Ohio 39.Nebraska 40.Colorado 41.Maine 42.North Carolina43.Delaware 44.South Carolina 45.Kentucky 46.West Virginia 47.Alaska 48.Iowa 49.Utah 50.Wyoming

Friday, March 26, 2010

From the Candy Shop

Welcome to the Candy Shop this Friday! I couldn't decide on one hottie for this week,(I'm feeling like a big ole' whore) so I featured a nice assortment to wet your whistle on. There is just something Innocent and sexy about guys lying about with just their underwear on isn't there? Or nothing at all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Luncheon Loaf

The frugal, wise Tupperware guru and savvy homemaker Aunt Barbara tells her fans how to get rid of unwanted houseguests and save a few pennies! I love this crazy diva!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Walk in the Park

This past weekend was very beautiful out. On Sunday, I though I'd take Buster Bolfig down to Fairmount Park along the river and then head on through Laurel Hill Cemetery. I know what your thinking. Why walk through a cemetery on such a beautiful day. But I just love the architecture and statuary they have there. It really is a beautiful place. And I'm here to tell you the boys were out in full force!!! The Mistress got quite a few looks I have to admit! Here is some of what we saw that day.

At the end of the day it looked like Buster Bolfig had had enough! He was wiped out and sleep for the night right through till morn. Tootles.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm the Mistress, and I'm an Accessories Whore!!!

Your probably wondering what all the furnishings are doing on the bed. The Mistress isn't going on any trip, it's just things I had out while changing the closet out from the cold months, to the warmer ones. And I'm here to tell ya girls, that she is a big ole accessories whore!!! I love myself some accessories. Belts, scarfs and glasses oh my! I love it all, but I especially like scarfs! This is only a few of the spring ones. I also love me some ties, sunglasses, chapeaus and watches. I think they just add alot to an outfit and some personality. Tees shirts I feel can also add alot to ones wardrobe. They can be worn alone or layered. Or dressed up or down or under a sport coat. Between the Boy-Toy and myself we a have a whole chest of drawers filled with nothing but tee shirts! I also am a whore for outerwear jackets and sport coars and sweaters. I like all labels to. I have everything from Burberry to John Varavatos to Banana Republic to vintage store finds to $7.99 items from the Target. If it is something I want, I will pay the price. I always like to be put together before leaving the house and be coordinated. A complete story. A like to have different looks and colors to choose from for my different moods. So, I have to think of things, in advance, before going out or to work. You have to be dressed! I also own some eye glasses that have regular glass in them for other looks I like. And you may have even noticed a flask in the above picture. You have to have a well appointed flask for travel just for that little stiffener you might need while on travel!!! Here are some examples of what I might wear at different times.

In this picture I would probably wear this to a chic little eatery for Sunday Brunch in Hew Hope or in the city.

A gray v-neck tee, a tie loosely made hanging out, and a pair of sevens jeans- perfect for milling around the city just hanging out or clubbing in.

Another casual look with a green tee from target, a scarf, white hoodie, and jeans. A outfit I may wear to the mall or walk the neighborhood in.

A typical work outfit for the Mistress. All black. A vest with the tie worn outside the vest for a fun flair! I also like vests.

This outfit is a navy sports coat with a navy v-neck tee worn under it, with shredded jeans and a scarf with some larger sunglasses. A outfit for perhaps a evening dinner in town or a trendy gallery show.

A nice summer outfit I would wear. A dark brown shirt with white seven jeans, a straw hat, and the flask for the trip to most likely a summer party here in Bucks County.

And before heading out yesterday to the Fairmount Park area to walk Buster I ended up wearing the outfit. Very relaxed.

I always like to dress and I love accessories can you tell. But I always want to look nice. After all your style and grooming I feel can act like your calling card and leave a impression. Plus you never know who one might run into. Tootles!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great Talent-Esperanza Spalding

So I mentioned in a post the other day that we left work early since we were all caught up on work and the weather had been so beautiful out. Spring fever, y'all know how that goes. My co-worker suggested we go "comparative shopping" which we did. But after the work hours we hit up a sake lounge for some light bites and happy hour cock-a-tails. The place wasn't to busy since it was so nice out and too early for happy hour just yet. While we were there, a music artist was there performing I had heard of somewhere. We caught just the tail end of her rehearsal and it was pretty damn incredible sounding. The artist was Esperanza Spalding, who is a jazz musician who resides in New Jersey.

Esperanza Spalding is an jazz bassist and singer. While most artist are usually a vocalist or a bassist, Esperanza does both and very well! I just love the sound of her voice and her tunes. Of course I am a lover of jazz music. I understand that Spalding had intended to play cello, but discovered the bass during a one year stint at age 14 at the prestigious performing arts high school, The Northwest Academy, to which she had won a scholarship. The school was not a good fit, but the bass was. Spalding found high school "easy — and boring" and dropped out. When asked in 2008 why she plays the bass instead of some other instrument, Spalding said that it wasn't a choice, but the bass "had its own arc" and resonated with her. Spalding says that for her discovering the bass was like "waking up one day and realizing you’re in love with a co-worker." By the time she randomly picked up the bass in music class and began experimenting with it, she had grown bored with her other instruments. Her band teacher showed her a blues line for the bass which she later used to secure her first gig. After that, she went in to play the bass daily and gradually fell in love. And ever since has been creating lasting melodies! She was amazing and in just that 20 minutes we heard her perform, I'm hooked. It's a good thing she wasn't just coming on to perform, otherwise the Mistress would have spent the entire night there, drinking sake, and getting sauced, then how would she get home!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful Day for The Reading Terminal Market

We here is Philadelphia are so glad winter is gone. It has been in the high 60s and and low 70s all week, the snow is gone, no humidity and a wonderful breeze. The Mistress and crew left work early to do some shopping yesterday and we hit a sake lounge, but that's another story and post! No, today the Mistress decided she was getting out for most of the weekend, since she is on her own this weekend. The cat is visiting a friend of ours, so us mice are playing.I took Buster for his walk up the road and behind our complex to the field we haven't been to lately because of the snow and what a surprise to see it was in bloom of daffodilia's!!!

After the walk I had been wanting to go to the Reading Terminal Market for some good food and provisions. Weeks ago it was just too damn cold. I usually just hop the train a block from our house and take it into the city. No hassles sitting in the famous Philadelphia traffic jams! And was their some cute boys riding that train today!!!! There was one that was built like a brick...oh right, the market. Reading Terminal Market is huge.It is an enclosed public market found at 12th and Arch Streets in downtown Philadelphia. Over 80 merchants offer fish, groceries, ice cream, baked goods, crafts, books, clothing, and specialty and ethnic foods. On any given day one can find an eclectic array of fresh baked Amish goods, produce direct from the field, unusual spices, free range meats and poultry, flowers, ethnic foods, and much more. Every space in the market is rented out; three of the vendors are descendants of original market merchants. The market is open every day of the week, but the Pennsylvania Dutch merchants generally do not operate Sunday through Tuesday.

Open-air markets flourished in Philadelphia since its founding. Growth of the city demanded more markets, and the string of open-air markets extending from the Delaware River ran for six blocks, or one full mile, prompting the main street (then called 'High Street') to be renamed 'Market Street.' Soon after the markets reached their peak growth and capacity, open-air markets within the city became seen as dirty and unhygienic by the public. The frenzy of activity along the main street was seen as a nuisance and traffic hazard. In 1859, city officials bowed to public pressure and dismantled all of them. This prompted two indoor markets to open at 12th and Market Streets, Franklin Market and Farmers' Market. These two would be the foundation of the Reading Terminal Market. Today with the weather the place was a hub of activity and the smells were very over powering. I wanted one of everything. Have you ever seen so much food? Today on the list was some shrimp, veggies and fruit. I did also treat myself to some flowers. Who doesn't love themselves some flowers?

The market also does a huge business with the work crowds during the week. The market, when it got revitalized in the the early 90s added "street cafe" areas where people could sit and eat their meals without having to leave. The market almost went out of business when in the seventies and eighties the then company that owned it paid no attention to the market house and wanted to sell it off. Most tenants then left. In the 1980s the Reading Company changed its attitude towards the market and began efforts to revitalize it. Those efforts continued after SEPTA Regional Rail trains moved from the train terminal above the market to the new underground Market East Station below it in 1984. In 1990, ownership of the Reading Terminal and the Market passed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority, and in 1994, Philadelphia City Council established a new, non-profit Reading Terminal Market Corporation to operate the market. The Reading Terminal Market Corporation and the PCCA continued the revitalization program begun by the Reading Company, recruiting new tenants and increasing promotion of the market. By the mid-1990s to the 2000s, the market was once again living up to its founders' vision. Now they have like 80 tenants I believe. One of my favorite places to visit is the the cheese stand that offers over 210 different cheeses!!! I didn't need any of that today though.

And you can't forget Philbert the pig, a sculpture by Eric Berg, is the Market's mascot and donations made to this 'piggy bank' go to support healthy eating programs at The Food Trust.

Now that I'm back home, it time to take Buster Bolfig on a walk to the lake to walk off all the good eating. I mean, tastings I did. Tootles.

Friday, March 19, 2010

From the Candy Shop

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer and the head designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs,and is currently the Creative Director of the French design house Louis Vuitton. Now I don't know what it is about Marc, but he gets this ho purrrring! I guess he sort of as a dirty rough look to him, that five of clock shadow, the tats, that flat stomach, will get me every time! In 2009, Jacobs was ranked 15th on Out magazine's annual list of "50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America".
Jacobs, who is openly gay, is currently married to advertising executive Lorenzo Martone. In March 2009, Women's Wear Daily reported that the pair was engaged after a year of dating. In July of 2009, the couple held their wedding in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Marc could design a gown for me any time he wanted!!!!