Sunday, September 30, 2018


It's been a relaxing weekend I must say. Yesterday, after a long first week back to work, I decided to take an impromptu drive to Rehoboth to take in some relaxation and waves. Yes, I'm dangerous like, that for my impromptu decisions….. So I packed in Buster Bolfig Borghese and off we went! More on that later. So today found me having a full English breakfast, well, huh, more like afternoon, when we arose. But I saw some of the suspects today, which all seemed to be very photogenic.

Boy, must you have that thing in my face while I eat?
The baby woodpecker is huge now.
And then lately this new resident came from the woods. A ground hog. We set up lines to where he could and could not feast. I would swear he is posing for pictures!
So busted trying to take down the stem to get that delicious flower.
And went right back to doing it anyhow.
On the fox front, two of the three have moved on I believe. I have only seen one nightly now. The fox has taken to sleeping right under the tree in front of my kitchen windows, or in the ivy bed. It's so cute to see.


The only thing to make a ABBA,( which I'm a huge HUGE fan of) song better is when the Queen, Cher sings a cover. It's time to have some church to this ditty! And Cher has a whole album coming of ABBA songs. And what a relevant video.....

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Well, work is never done. With the Mistress off for the day out of town, I said I'd open the Candy Shop. So since I like dirty blondes and guys who wear tight jeans, our special today will be this gorgeous lickable slab of yummy and gooey eye candy. Matt Law. A favorite model of mine. And I love his "comes get me and sex my brains out look." Dirty blondes gotta love them.Of course, there’s also a  pictorial  below featuring Law in various states of undressed, including undressed. Any interest in those?  And his bikinis  showcase his impossibly chiseled physique. (Seriously, does this bitch chip away at trouble spots with an awl?) 
Could he possibly have been in Costa Rica with the Mistress?

Friday, September 28, 2018


You'll be happy to know the Mistress survived being back to work for a whole full week!!!! This job thing is really beginning to get in the way of my social scene peeps. I am caught up, so hopefully next week programing should be back to normal!!! But in the meantime's Friday and HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!
And let's get started with a drink or 8 and listen to the smooth and beautiful Camila Cabello with Havana!!! I think my next performance might be to this song, but dressed as Carmen Miranda!!! Or for now, I'd settle for a suave man to give me a nice slow and dirty tango to this!
I'll be away again tomorrow, but Miss Moorecock assures me she will open the Candy Shop for business!!! 

Now drink up bitches!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Drag Queen,  Tina Burner spent her childhood as a little boy on a horse farm. Today she is a staple in the New York drag scene. Tina has used the platform to broach sensitive subjects and political matters for the past seven years. She has won numerous titles and crowns, but most recently won the judges award in the National Miss Comedy Queen 2017 pageant in Orlando, FL. She’s provocative, clever and just wants to brighten someone’s day. I've seen Tina a few times and she is completely nuts...but her hilarity is catching. I'm loving her style.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Rounding out my vacation,,,which was hard enough to leave the beauty and relaxation of Costa Rica, I ditched Daddy Warbucks, and then met up with the clan for  a couple days in lovely Provincetown!! It is no coincidence that for more than 50 years, the gay and lesbian community returns every summer to P-town. The recent development/tourism development of Provincetown owes much to this community here where one can find a place to feel at home The town started to promote itself as a tourist destination to aid the economy after the storm of 1898, which adversely affected the fishing community. Artists, with their bohemian style, were some of the first visitors of Provincetown. Residents and visitors alike are attracted by the incredible natural beauty and the particular light or “aura”. Little by little this has become an eclectic population who are more and more numerous to visit this community. Not to mention the tee shirts shops and their awards winning fudge shops. And if your looking to see drag queens, then this is certainly your town to visit, as many have a whole summer residency there. Here are a few postcards....
Varla Jean Merman...trying to hide. tea dance
Pearly Gates inhaling cotton candy.

Marty Cummings and husband with the funny Dina Martina.

A HUGE surprise was seeing Jesse Tyler and Jinkx Monsoon at high tea at the Boatslip!!!!
Miss Richfield 1981 hawking watermelon.

men.... and more men!
The above specimen is Preston's side piece Sam. He was enough to make me crack a few laws.

Clan member Preston in the shower...your welcome!!! I've long marveled at his ass.

Someone liked big cock!
We also this year took in another whale watch.
And dear ole Eros didn't tell us he had a shop there!!!!!

Remember Eros, come Christmas, anything in black or tan with measuments of 9-10" will be just lovely. If I have issues I can always use it as a new rolling pin.

And with that, that was my grand finale to send summer 2018, into the memory banks.