Friday, September 29, 2023


.....Spanish Flamboyance Flair...........

the fabulous Chorzia May!!!!

And just in time for the weekend!

See ya next week kids!!!! The Mistress and company are heading to the lovely New Hope for the weekend. One can't have too much debauchery, right?

Thursday, September 28, 2023



More things to get my blood pressure up with. I wish we'd wake up and start demanding the things we need and that matter. But this first piece took the cake, from the rag Wall Street Journal, which I happened upon by pure accident.

While it could be said that many Americans could definitely stand to miss a meal, this headline suggest that the economy is so bad that we should skip breakfast to save money. Great idea!! I'll bet we could also save a fortune if we were homeless, didn't use air conditioning, didn't go to the doctor or buy expensive prescriptions. In fact, we might as well skip cellphones and computers, right? This is Wall St Journal's attempt to normalize hard times. Otherwise known as the Alzheimer's-laced Reaganomics, which many served the rich while the working class waited for the trickle-down economic gains which never actually trickled down...only up. Which bring me too...

This graph shows how rent prices have soared and mostly kept on soaring since 1985-2023 in relation to household income...which neither party has seen fit to raise the minimal wage since Geroge W Bush in 2007. Did it keep going up no matter which corporate politician was in, or whichever corporate parties were elected? If so, why are we still voting for either of them, and the same old individuals???

I recently caught a speech given by 2024 Dem candidate Marianne Williamson, who is running to Biden's left. But have you noticed we don't hear about her or her voice in debates, since the Dem party isn't having any.  But Marianne was a public speaker by trade, and she's been getting a lot of practice. She was really good when I caught her rally online, and quite right to call out the unholy matrimony of corporate politicians enriching weapons manufactures. She spoke about LGBTQ rights, rising the minimal wage, and many other topics I think need done ASAP!!! But we aren't seeing her in debates, and we don't see her even being interviewed on the news much. She's basically running on an old platform, as a progressive, and progressives are pretty much blackballed by corporate media, and the Dem party. I would have to hear more, if I would indeed vote for her, but my point is why are we not being given other options of people to see and vote for, and why are they discounted just because they don't fit into either party 100%? Especially by dems. Funny how my party is the party of women, and yet they dismiss Williamson as "unserious" or as the crystal's lady. I quite frankly didn't find anything dippy about this woman or her speech.

This article made a good point. If one of the damn parties would raise the fucking wage this wouldn't be happening. Are strikes going to become the new every other week thing???  But when your wage hasn't kept up with the rising cost...of everything...including inflation and being indoors in public with ungrateful people and you get sick with covid, I guess people no longer think it's worth it. Remember the GOP definitely does not want to raise the minimum wage because they rep business owners, not employees. Progressives call for wages to be raised, Biden then added it to his agenda, but then Manchin, Sinema and two others joined the republicans to kill it. But then I wonder did they really want to? We need to fight harder on this. Writers, actors, UPS drivers, hotel workers, Starbucks, American Airlines, and gulp, even Amazon have all demanded wages which meet the costs of living.

It's not rocket science. I fear if these basic needs like minimum wage, and healthcare issues are delt with soon, it's going to get ugly.  Or we can just be milky toast, and just "accept" our dealt hand of cards -yet again.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023



Isn't he a cute little red hot? 

If I should find he seduces me...does that mean Im gingerbread???

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


It's got to be a trick question right? 

A familiar reader here will tell you I can't stand that harpie. Plain can't stand her hennies.

Her vanity table is a Black and Decker work bench.

She is so fake, even Barbie is jealous.

Her medical emergency info card says in case of accident, the body looked like this before.

During her last physical exam, she had to coax the doctor in from the ledge.

Her nude body would make Chris Christie lose his appetite.

Did you know that a picture of her nude is used here in Pennsylvania's Poison Control Center to induce vomiting!

And did I ever tell you she shopped Bloomies once before getting in Politics? Yep... She came in one day and said she wanted to see something cheap in a dress. I said, "Well, the mirror is to your right madam." She finally settled on one I gave her to try. I said Ms Boebert, this dress is so sexy, it will give your husband ideas. She replied, "Why, does a brain come with it?"

The neighborhood peeping tom pleaded with her to draw her shades.

Lauren Boebert is the only person to ever play with a Ouija board and even it told her to go to hell!!!

She is so disliked, that when she threw a boomerang, it didn't return.

In her case, it's better to let everyone think she is an idiot than to have her open her mouth and prove it.

I've often wondered if she was born on a highway. That's where most accident happens.

Brains aren't everything. In her case they're nothing. I don't know what makes her so stupid, but it really works for her.

I'd love to slap her, but then that would be wild animal abuse.

This bitch is such a slut, she gives out frequent rider miles! HAHHHHHAAA!

Lauren Boebert should be in the NFL Hall of Fame for being the greatest wide receiver.

Lauren is such a skank that she thinks LOVE stands for, Legs open very easy.

I have the feeling she's been cocked more than Elmer Fudd's shotgun.

Ms. Boebert is the reason the gene pool needs a life guard.

I'm soooo jealous of people that don't know who she is!!!

Monday, September 25, 2023


Well here it is Monday again. Autumn did not waste any time replacing the Sun heat and warmth this weekend with tons of rain, cloudiness, cold and damp. Like I said yesterday I hope the pumpkin spice loving bitches are happy! With exception to meeting blogger... Travel Penguin Friday night for a lovely dinner which you can read about in the previous post, it was a very low-key weekend which was much needed. But being the hot house flower that I am .. my mood has swung to things that keep me warm. Who doesn't like warm and fuzzy? Especially when you have warmth around you by the name of David Ortega? Just that bird's-eye view from the ground was enough to warm me up... and of course a couple cups of coffee. So let's be fuzzy and warm this Monday shall we!

This sums up my look that a give when someone tells me to get out of bed on a Monday morning.
What the view!!!!
This pup has the right idea, no?

Sunday, September 24, 2023


 It's been a weekend. It's been cold, damp, tons of rain, and breezy and cloudy since Autumn arrived. I just hope that the autumn loving pumpkin spice sluts are happy!!!! Oh well, it's only 117 some days till spring, how bad can it be? But not all the weekend was awash. After work on Friday, it was off to the Hilton Hotel and Towers for a dinner date!!!

I had been wanting to try the Hilton's dinning establishment 1700 Degrees... a lovely place. I had only been to their sister place, Adlib right next door, but when I had gotten an email months ago from a certain gentleman to meet up, I knew right where I wanted to meet for dinner and drinks. The man in question.......

If you guessed Travel Penguin, you'd be correct!!!!! After all these years I finally met up with the sojourning penguin, and I was not one bit surprised he was so sweet, interesting, welcoming and everything you would expect. It was a lovely evening of good conversation getting to know each, great stories, an excellent delicious dinner, beautiful ambience, and maybe a few cock-a-tails! Penguin had been up North in State College for a few days to attend some lectures in State College, home of Penn State University and the Nittany Lions. I never went there for schooling mind you, but did get my education in drinking when visiting friends on weekends who went there. So , on his way back we agreed to meet up for dinner and finally meet. And I'm so glad we did. Yet another swell blogger who was just as his blogger persona is. I couldn't think of a better person to start the autumn season with, and over a wonderful meal. As usual, I'm a bad influence, as I feel I kept him up past his usual bedtime, and he may have had an extra cock-a-tail! Contrary to popular belief, we did NOT drink all these bottles of wine in the glass walls, but the gin might have been another story. I was on best behavior too I'll have you know!  I was beyond tickled to finally hold his penguin in my hand. Such a pleasure to meet you David, and thank you for such a memorable evening!!!

The rest of the weekend? Snoozing. And lots of it. After my recent weeks of on the go, I crashed with exception to baking a lasagna and soups, for my dear friend and sister Mame, AKA David Dust, who some of you may know from the blogosphere, who lost his dear mother this past Wednesday. I took a lovely arrangement made by the Dame, and the provisions to him today.

Now back to relaxing...perfect weather for convalescing. But thankful for my family, friends. and new friends. Life is short let's enjoy. Now I'm looking forward to a candlelit night and the next episode of Unforgiven tonight.

Friday, September 22, 2023


Well, here we are...the last day of summer, and I'm, already waiting for next summer to start!!!! Here are some parting shots from a lovely summer, stating with our Cassia that did well this year.

Coneflower in the garden

Lillith before her passing

Blue Heron along the Susquehanna River

A Bee doing it's thing in the saliva garden.

My lost shoe was found.

Blue jay taking a splish splash

Marco and TJ at Camp with a big cock.

A red Cardinal flower close up with a backshot of the Lad

A lake shot

The wolf pack

Preston's new man, Brandon! Tight little pocket gay!!!!

Getting eyed at breakfast at camp.

Buster in the early spring

Asters and hydrangea

My square cut clad butt

Umbrella fun at the pool

Usual suspects at the feeder

Love this, a vintage VW Bus camper.
The owners were kind of enough to let me see the inside. And that's where the story will be left. I'm sure it looks like a Woodstock scene for sure.

And now as is tradition here at the Casa, I present Lana Del Rey with our summer ending classic....