Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Battery Shortage?

The latest in news. It got me to thinking today about a battery shortage. If the republicans keep acting like a bunch of sour pusses about everything and keep fighting every tooth and nail over trying to get the country to move forward, they are going to fuck themselves come midterms and the general election. Will there be enough Double D batteries for that many dildo's and vibrators? 

Only time will tell...stay tuned.


 Golden Sun Goddess Realness....

Janelle No.5

Monday, August 29, 2022


I have always enjoyed the art of two artist. I had two of my art books out yesterday, taking a peruse and enjoying the images One was Count Renato Zavagli Ricciardelli della Caminate or professionally known as Rene' Gruau. His art as a fashion illustrator became art in itself whose sketches exaggerated portrayal of fashion design and has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry and have long been a mainstay in my blog sideboard. He was primarily known for his colorful and vivacious portrayals of woman and revolutionized the concept of masculinity in fashion imagery and advertising from the 1950's to the 80's, depicting the modern, casual, confident man, with humor, quirky touches, and sex appeal. Some of his drawing even depicted naked men which was considered racy for the times. Gruau has been associated with the world of fashion and the House of Dior, for which he created some of the most iconic images in the history of fashion. I have several framed reproductions which I had lined in the hallway of the old Casa du Borghese....and of course my other favorite is and will always be Tom of Finland or Touko Valio Laaksonen who is best known for his highly stylized masculinized homoerotic art and for his major influence on the late 20th century gay culture. I see a lot of myself in both artist's works.

Incidentally, this was also the method my swim instructor used on me during classes. 

Sunday, August 28, 2022



A lovely little stone bridge not far from the Casa du Borghese. A tranquil location for this time of summer. It's often one I go over when I'm off to the market. Friday or Saturday, often find me going to Oak Grove for fresh veggies or fruit. I feel like right now we're at the height of many local goodies. I tend to live on nothing but fruit, veggies and seafood this time of year. Too hot to make hot comfort food dinners. With being down in Fells Point in Balitmore yesterday, I went after work on Friday as many of the things arrived in fresh. The main goal was the corn. This summer, the white and yellow corn at Oak Grove has been about the best I've even had. I love grilled corn on the cob. I wrap the cob up in a wet paper towel, with butter, salt, pepper, and other herbs, wrap it up in the wet paper towel, and then wrap in foil, sealed tightly, and place on the grill. When done, it. is. DELISH! The wet paper towel acts as a steamer for the corn. My goal was to get the corn to grill this week and make my first batch of my grandmothers Chicken Corn Soup today.

I'm a huge blueberry freak. I could and have eaten a pint already in a single sitting. I usually add them to morning granola, top off ice cream, and make blueberry pancakes. I often just pop them in my mouth most times.

What a came home with....
This is about a quarter of the corn I got, some very refreshing watermelon, lemons and limes for cock-a-tails, blueberries, some herbs and some button peaches. I'm not usually a huge fan of peaches, except those of a fine gentleman, but as I was eyeing these up, some woman said to me they were the sweetest and best peach she'd ever tried. Well, my first though was she obviously never had the fine assets of a South American man!!! But I digress.  So I bought a pint of those, and regular peaches for the mother.
Must admit, the button peach was the best peach I'd ever had!!! Very sweet.

Said Chicken Corn Soup I just got done making. It's simmering slowly as I type. It will be enjoyed tonight, and some will be off to my uncle.

So, there was that. 

Now I'm not doing another damn thing today but relax on the patio with a cold refreshing beverage.

Saturday, August 27, 2022


In this weekly feature, Ill share a weekly guest with you all and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.


In Three Words...

Nina Simone

Friday, August 26, 2022


If there is one thing to drive me nuts, it's when people assume most drag queens must be ugly men, fem queens , or fat queens out of drag. Don't always judge a book so quickly, for you never know what's under the surface of all that make up and marabou. Take for example Vicki Lix, who is Canada's premier campy comic, and quirky queen of all trades. She is being hailed as the Drag Beast of the North!!! 

This is Vicki...

And so is this hunties!

Yassss girls.... quite the beast indeed! And just may be the best trade in drag I have ever seen!!! I'm already on my knees!!! Originally from a small mountain town of Smithers, B.C, Vicki packed her nuts up and moved to Canda's entertainment hub, Toronto, where she has been a fully live drag act since 2007. With a background in theatre, and a background in writer and comedian writing, and one of the few drag artists whose act is entirely written by herself. She has also acted, hosts a popular podcast called Squirrel Talk, a weekly recap of Drag Race and the Canada version, is a drag coach, a recording artist, a you tube vlogger, and a very successful male model and body builder. Not to mention a very active and outspoken activist...and as an odd tidbit is also a certified Llama and Alpaca trainer...all in between running his own drag house, House of Lix, with other gender bending artist. The body building arose out of an eating disorder he got caught up in when starting out in drag. He thought he had to have a fem build to be convincing as a drag queen. After falling ill from it, he started his lifestyle change, and the body building started, and has become a job unto itself. Vicki is the first to remind all that people come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful in every body they represent. Now I would love to see a butch male pass this up for a night of fun or to date. How could one not look pass the drag.... and Vicki turns the out of drag look on its head. I'm here to tell you Vicki will have your sides hurting. If she ever appears on Canada's Drag Race, she will have that slew of sluts in that workroom talking and tongues wagging, to get a glimpse of that ass!!!! Break those barriers, Vicki!!!!!