Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grande Dame

Ruby & Vicky Boofont hail from Reno, Nevada, but currently live with their Sister Sapphire in Silver Lake, CA. The Sisters come from a long line of performers, most notably their mother, Billy Light Boofont. The Boofont Sisters have been entertaining audiences for over 11 years with their unique blend of comedy, cabaret, burlesque, and audience participation. Originally from Reno, Nevada, The Boofont Sisters carved a niche for themselves in Chicago, Michigan, New York City, and now West Hollywood. The Boofont Sisters are regular performers at Gentry on State, Gentry on Halsted, and Davenport’s Piano Bar in Chicago.Vicky started doing drag when she was needed for one of the roles in the play ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’. She is known for her comedy and singing live as well as impersonations of people like Anna Nicole Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton and Liza Minnelli. To see when and where the Boofont will be performing check up their website The Boofont Sisters.

Meanwhile at Casa du Borghese....... newest houseboy won't keep his hands out of his Calvins!!!!!! I swear, if he would clean as much as his hands are in there, this place would be spotless!

Monday, August 29, 2011

BeyoncĂ© in L’Officiel Magazine

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday today. Things got much more back to normal around these parts and I only had to work a half day!!!!! Over the weekend I came across these pictures of Miss Beyonce in one of her recent magazine spreads. LOVE IT!!! I think she looks phenomenal!! Of course when they surfaced,buzz started swirling around Beyonce’s recent photo shoot for the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel Paris. Unfortunately for Beyonce, the response to the photos isn’t entirely positive. The pop superstar appears on the cover of the magazine’s issue. However, in one photo inside the issue, the singer’s skin is visibly darkened with black makeup on her face and neck, which some blogs and news sites have labeled it as offensive. I don't find if offense at all. I guess from my fashion styling background it's a fabulous shoot and the fashion is incredible! A queen, a goddess, Beyonce is a bombshell beauty with a divine voice. You go girl, work it, but don't break it!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Passes, and My Hunky Meteorologist!

Well, the Mistress made it threw Hurricane Irene. A big THANK-YOU for your emails, and comments and a HUGE THANK-YOU TO AUNTIE FLAME for her news worthy texts and updates!!! It really got bad last night with heavy winds which continued till around 3pm today, and the rain stopped sometime this morning when the Mistress was still passed out! Meanwhile the power was out for about 20 hours. It only just came back on about an hour ago. The above picture is a park up the street where I would walk Buster Bolfig Borghese, and as you can see, the creek over took the park. Oh well,I weathered the hurricane with a smile and comfort because my favorite Meteorologist Adam Joseph who said it would clear out and it did indeed! Before dark the sun even came out. But I have to admit just watching Adam for hours, who cared about the raging winds!!!! I just watched him do his thing all night!!! View the evidence below. And I'll forgive him for not showing up at the Casa du Borghese-this time! After all, there were probably flooded roads trying to get here. Now, after all that reporting, get some sleep Adam, good night!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Irene, Blow if You Must!

Above, the Mistress with her smart hurricane wear .Well,well,well, it looks like the Mistress is all holed up in the Casa du Borghese for the weekend while the effects of Hurricane Irene are just now, as we speak, starting to take hold of the estate, And I understand from my personal local weather Meteorologist, Adam Joseph,swooooooooon,

that we are only hours now till the full effects will start. Adam, if you are available, the bar at the Casa is in open and I have plenty of extra room! We are expected to get 7"10" (a good Saturday night most times for the Mistress) of rain with winds of up to 55-70 mph winds. Philadelphia public subway and trains will stop running at midnight, as well as the buses and regional rails. Currently is it is very dark with a moderate rain and light winds. The Mistress is all set, and if Irene wants to come, then come! I had my conjugal visit with the Lad last night, as well as stocked up on my tonic and gin, and various provisions to par take of. I did my shopping late last night to avoid the mass chaos, and I don't think I ever saw the store so empty!!!

The first picture is where the juice and milk are usually stocked, and some poor woman was so upset they didn't have any milk left. I told her I just picked up a half gallon in the organic aisle and even that was pretty empty. I also have my cock-a-tail shaker ready, my candles ready, and a couple flashlights as well plenty of water. I'll keep you updated if the power stays, and if the Mistress and house boys are still coherent! I just hope my little ole windows hold up later!!!

Happy Birthday MAAAAAAAME!

Just wanted to take a few words to wish my dear friend and another year much older sister Mame, aka David Dust a very special Birthday weekend!!!!! Even though the weather will be getting bad I'm guessing the boys of the Urges would make a house call! Happy Birthday Girl!!!

Back to the Casa from Provincetown!!!

Well, The Mistress is very rested, massaged and I do believe, more limber than ever after my real last vacation for this summer! I finally went to check out the hub bub with the Lad and crew, and what a blast!!! Why I didn't go to wonderful P-Town before I'll never know! I arrived back to the Casa du Borghese very late Monday and took a couple days to de compress from all the drinking and sex, opps, I meant dancing and sightseeing!!!!! And it was also one of P-Towns most packed weeks, Carnival Week, complete with activities for everyone all week. I did so much I could post something almost everyday for over a week, but I will put it in just this post, as you can imagine, my recollect was a haze anyway!!! The attractions of P-town are many —home of Pilgrim roots, historic artist and writer communities, many miles of unspoiled Cape Cod Seashore, more than 50 B&Bs and bars and clubs, an ever-growing dining scene, and a sizable gay population that fosters a free and easy vibe—are numerous, and go way beyond a day at the beach and a night of seafood dinners. I really took as much in as I could. Topping the list of attractions here is a simple stroll along lively Commercial Street, where various fudge, taffy and trinket shops compete for attention with street musicians and drag queens promoting their shows below, with some of the bars and restaurants we frequented, our lovely host's house, and the fabulous tea dance at the Boatslip. We were ALWAYS at tea dance on time!!! Their was also a fabulous parade one day! And that is indeed Charo who was the Grand Marshall of the parade. I also spotted John Waters one day walking about too!

Of course the Mistress being a nature lover, there was also the lovely beaches. And this time of year starts the whales coming back! Whale watches here are always chock-a-block with sightings of minkes, fins and humpbacks, as well as the occasional fleet of dolphins, thanks to P-town’s proximity to the Steelwagen Bank, an area where the whales come to feed. I would love to go back again and take the actual whale watch trip! Then there the gay scene,where it is pretty much impossible to avoid, there are definitely certain venues and events that will catapult you directly into the action. For the beach, the boys will want to bike just past the salt marsh at the end of Commercial Street to Herring Cove’s alternate entrance, made obvious by the mass of bicycles parked along the fence there. Post-beach it’s time for Tea Dance EVERYDAY at the Boatslip, a daily ritual marked by cocktails and shirtless bumping and grinding, waterside. Not that I did any of that!!! Then we moved with the masses for some dining out, followed by a night of dancing at the Crown & Anchor’s Paramount and Vault( where the Mistress was thrown into a wet under garment contest, don't ask... but I did place third,) historic A-House, or, on Saturdays, the new Velvet at Saki. While there I also got to unexpectedly meet the ever fabulous and wonderful hostess and faithful blog reader, Pearl Gates!!!! She even got as passes for the cocktail cruise where I got to see a whale pretty close, but since I had about, well, lets just say a few cock-a-tails, I missed it for a pic, but did get the tail. So cool to see! And Pearl it felt I've known forever! The Lad and another of my crew gave me permission to take their handsome pictures! It also wouldn't be a visit here without seeing Miss Richfield 1981!!!

I'm already doing a count down till next year!!! And I was even worried about staying in a house with 9 queens! But everything went very well! After returning I relaxed a few days before heading back to work for three days. Now I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on. And cleaning to do, and laundry, and food shopping, get a oil change, pay bills, and start planning holiday strategy for work. Ohhhhhhhh dear, I so need another vacation! Tootles!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Other Mistress News.....

Rumors are now circulating that the Mistress has gone missing in action! Some say she has been kidnapped and tied up ever so elegantly. Along with Anderson Cooper!

Others say she just took off, and the rim of her huge wide brim hat could be seen from the air aboard this yacht.

Another is she has been sold into bondage and is up to all kinds of naughty in this here castle.

But our guess is she is passed out drunk under some hunk somewhere at a swank lounge!