Tuesday, June 25, 2019


The Pocono Mountains in northeast Pennsylvania are well-known as a destination for families, honeymooners, hikers, skiers and nature-lovers. This breathtakingly beautiful region of waterfalls, woodlands and winding rivers is also home to The Woods Campground  - The LGBT clothing optional camping resort in the Poconos. I headed up Friday as a break to the gay pride festivaling for the very fun Tropical Islands weekend. What make the Woods fun is the place prouds itself on being a  very welcoming resort. This means that anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, body type, age or color can feel at home here. In a clothing optional environment, it’s great to see how some guests can be so comfortable in their own skin (literally). It just nice to be naked sometimes The majority of the  guests granted are males in their 30's 40’s and 50’s, but one is also happy to see an increase in younger guests, females and the trans community.Their weekend themes will sometimes encourage people to attend based on similar characteristics or interests.  Examples include their Bear weekends, Summer Heat Nudist weekends, Frat Party weekends and Country Western and leather weekends.  A great encompassing attitude that has developed at The Woods is the combining of groups that you would usually see segregated. You’ll see events where the Leather, Drag and Bear and twink communities team up for fundraising, parties and events. The place is pure magic I tell you. But I think these weeeknd snaps can speak for themselves.

The Naked hike one day. Then relaxing on the hammock.
Yours truly taking a frolic...
There is always some fun and campy touches around the sites.
Smile for the Dog's Mother!!!!
Came across this in the middle of the woods. Possibly a fairy seating for tea parties???
Brandon with a sign....which gay destination do you want?

A tricked out gold cart!!!!!
The sites... as you see, are truly glamping with all the amenities.

Here's our site we stay on that our friend Winfred owns. It has a huge camper, a pop up and a cabin and a lovely stone deck.
Speaking of Winfred, here she is with good friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust in his golf cart on our way to the  block shots party. Yes, our drunken asses have to be carted.
Yours truly getting ready for boy scout fire building!!! See I can be butch! Just never mind that wagon!!!
And specking of sites....

This was our neighbor on the site behind us...Louie. He had me purrrrrrrring girls!!!!! He was very fit and ever sooooo sweet. This was at the beach volcano party.
And then their was Domenic looking ever the tempting morsel at the Shooter Block Party.
My butchness went out the window when I got my afternoon laid on!
Discarded houseboys???
Your Mistress did get caught having a indiscretion in a golfcart. How embarrassing.
Even the girls have a good time here. This was a fun bunch!!!
A pool view before the naked night swim!
And here was my butch result at a campfire. Really not that hard...I just blew my gin breath on it.
One thing is for sure – there is always something to do at The Woods!

Friday, June 21, 2019


Looks like the Mistress's crazy summer schedule is starting with this weekend. I'm off  for a long four day weekend to the Pocono Mountains for the Tropical Islands Weekend, at the fun, and always fabulous, if not debacherous, Woods Campground. I'll be joined by my dear old, ollllllld and I do mean old, friend and sister Mame, aka David Dust of the famous David Dust blog, who some of you may remember. He hasn't blogged since 2013, but it is still an entertaining read. Mame is the one who talked yours truly into starting a blog. Since leaving New York, and being back in Harrisburg, we now have time to see each other more regularly. There's already been one drunken jaunt! Look at bitches!!!!!  So we are being hosted by our good friend Winfred who has a site there, and we will be communing with nature, enjoying a libation or 20, taking in the lovely views, some nature walks and then hit the swell dance hall at night. If your in the area or at the woods enjoy this weekends events.
Like I said, we will be enjoying the views. We are hoping to run into a bear or two for bear hugs.....
Their frisky this time of year!!!!
 I'll return next week sometime.

Houseboys are on stand-by.

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Our Pride queen....Art Simone!!!!!

Art Simone is one of Australia's premier Drag Queens, performing professionally for over to a decade. Not only is Art a dynamic and fabulous live performer and host, but she has also received global praise for her makeup designs for stage, screen and photographic works and also known internationally for her extravagant costumes, stunning headpieces fabulous persona.   Art was awarded 2018 "Drag Performer of the Year" and as one of Melbourne's most popular and unique entertainers, Art has not only performed in venues across the globe but also played roles in Australian feature films, theatrical shows, television programs and commercials - she's even had her art work displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria.  Best of all she is a huge charity queen....and has represented and raised funds for all kinds of gay community groups, right through to high end corporate ambassadorships. Companies she has worked with include: AAMI, JetStar, Jean Paul Gaultier, Powershop Australia, Vodka Cruiser, Movember Foundation, KISS 101.1, Kryolan Cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup and Tourism Victoria.  Art has also had the privilege of working on many notable festivals across Australia, most ironically headlining the annual unique and campy "Broken Heel Festival" celebrating the anniversary of the Iconic "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" in Broken Hill over the last 4 years. Whether she's entertaining the masses at corporate functions, inspiring people with her mind-blowing hand crafted head pieces, or making your guests giggle at your private function - Take note of this entertaining queen and follow the fabulous journey of Art Simone.  She is amazing and wears pride so well henny's

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