Sunday, October 20, 2019


As I have said before, it's unbelievable a author or tv show has not based a story or show  in New Hope yet. With the various characters that live here and all the different communities here all living in harmony is quite something. We have the Stepford families, the LGBTQ, a huge crossing and trans crowd, bikers, many artist, and the witchcraft covens.  Then throw in all the historical happenings and figures that lived or went threw here. Then their is the haunted and witchcraft side of the town. New Hope is always in a top 20 list of haunted places, and there is most certainly a "vibe" one feels in the city. Numerous places are  haunted. And there is always some odds things around town to be seen. The Creeper Gallery is one of them. Yesterday the Capital Street Duo visited for the day along with other friends, Nevin and Kalen. It was a beautiful autumn day to get out. There was much eating, copious amounts of drinking , and just walking about New Hope and Lambertville. But this post is all about the Creeper Gallery.

 The Creeper Gallery is a Gothic, macabre, dark, moody fine art gallery. Victorian antiques and anything peculiar and odd is found here. Their art is inspired by death and honoring the dead. Their curated Victorian & oddity offerings are all from a time long gone. In other words they are dealers in death. They do not do this for shock value, They do this because they must. All art is created by owners, D.L. Marian and Danielle Deveroux. All the items in the shop are made and created by them, and there is also many actual haunted items they have. While the shop may not be for everyone, there is no denying it is interesting to see. And many of the items are costly. Creeper certainly sums it up.
The story of the poor puppy. It belonged to a family and had gotten away and got hit by a car. The family was so upset by her passing they couldn't be with their pet. So they had her taxidermized. The family has now been long passed on, and the two owners now have her in their shop and hope she finds a new home. It was rather shocking to see a puppy in there.
An original copy of Poe Poems. And a fortune.

Meanwhile at one of my favorite shops, Love Saves the Day....
Then there was this. I didn't ask questions.
We ended our night at the Lodge in the Woods for some more libations, and some piano stylings of Liz Dufur. The Mistress got introduced to a very sexy guy, named Jefferson, by way of a lady from England of all people. Jefferson recently moved here from Venezuela. We talked for some time...that accent....and his English wasn't to good yet, so I was explaining many things to him. But later, we didn't need to speak any language for what we got up too. So there was that.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


The Mistress, is still wiped out from travel, and now is awaiting the Capital Street Duo and friends for the day in New Hope, but I didn't want you to starve from Candy being so close to Halloween and this week is a real cutie! This is Jan, a lovely guy I met years ago in P-town. He is from Slovenia. We stay in touch via Instagram. He wanted to make me melt when I met him. I mean, cute, sweet, gentle, adorable, glasses. And he is obsessed with plants! He is a chemist by trade, but has since become a botanist and was even featured in a book titled,  Boys with Plants, which came about from the wildly popular Boys with Plants Instagram. And he loves the earth and animals, what's not to like here? Oh, and his bod is pretty sexy too!

His very adorable whippet Prince Pilaf.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


For some drag queens, getting dolled up in wigs and makeup can make every day feel like Halloween. For Sharon Needles —  every day is a ghoulish celebration. And that’s never been clearer than it is in the Pittsburgh native’s cover of Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash,” Boy, and she does this reboot very well I might add.......

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Dears, the Mistress is off again. I have more travels, this time to DC,  Chicago, and then New York to visit stores and help set visuals in a new designer shop. No rest for the weary I tell you. Then on the weekend I have more guest from out of town visiting, and a house tour on Sunday, so I may be hit or miss between now and Monday, but will return with more Halloween fun. In the meantime meet my newest houseboy Borislav, from Russia........
His name means hung and useful. Or was that young and useful? 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


With all this travel, thank goodness my neighbor was kind enough and was able to feed my birds while I was away the summer. I tell you, they are eating me out of house and's amazing at how much they eat.  I generally go to a local nursey here that also has a nice selection of bird seeds. I actually get two kinds of seed and the guy at the place mixes them together for me. The main mixture is your run of the mill seed mixture, and the other contains special millets, grains, dried fruit pieces, various chopped nuts and berries, and dried banana pieces. This way it covers a variety of birds. Tim sent an email wondering what I used.  And Tim, once you place the seeds in feeders or on window sills, give it a month or two till you start getting birds. It often will take a while till they sometimes find a new source. With autumn coming, my suspects will be changing....the Black Capped Chickadees have returned already and before long the Junco's will be back.  But there is still a arboretum going on here.

One of my favorites...the Catbird. Many people don't care for all the racket the Catbird makes, probably because it's in the minya bird family. The cat bird can impersonate up 20 other different birds calls. So it you hear a familiar call, if might not necessarily be what you think, if you have Catbirds. But their own call does tend to sound like a cat meow. I just think they are so pretty. And they are very curious birds too. Mine have recently migrated.
The cardinal.

The Blue Jay which I get tons of. They are pretty used to my presence.
The Three Stooges.
The Nuthatch is another favorite of mine
Bonnie and Clyde and a bunch of doves are a main stay here.They will land and dine when I even have the screen out. I have yet to have a bird in the house. They are also the first soft thing I hear in the morning.
Nocturne is still here. Like Maleficent' s raven, he watches over the Casa du Borghese. He's also at the top of the post. I think he is a handsome bird.
And then this....Bouvier has taken lately to late afternoon lounges of the bedroom window sill. I don't know what this is about, but it works out fine. I can then discuss with him  about our evil plans for the DC domination and the havoc we will wreak. He tells me the squirrel population has big plans that will please me to no end. Let's hope your on our side. bwahahahahahahahaahahaha haaaaaaa haaaa ha!!!!!!!!

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