Tuesday, April 16, 2019


It’s Easter weekend this weekend, and I’ve been busy with final preparations of packing for a four day weekend away. While I won't be at the Casa for Easter you know I do like certain holidays to add touches to the Casa. I think people wonder why I do this, since many don't decorate anymore. I think I do it for several reasons. It is fun to change the décor around, and it gives a reference to the time of year. It always keeps the home fresh from not getting bored by it. One of the things I like to do in spring and for Easter, is add pretty plants and cut flowers to my home’s décor.  Fresh cut flowers bring life to every room, and also make one more happy when indoors I believe. I also include some of what were my grandmothers old Easter decorations. You know I get sentimental. Here's what spring currently looks like in my bijoux apartment.
My side table is adored with white cherry branches and a real birds nest that I found years ago. I have several real nest, and love to decorate with them. A sign of renewal and birth for spring.

Some tulips and ranunculus, my favorite flower of all.
Are there any flowers more happy then daffodils??? We have tons of them around the Casa.
In the kitchen the bar is fully stocked and we find some curly pussy willow in the urn.
The apothecary's are all filled with nest and eggs of all kinds. The beaded eggs are very old vintage ones that were a gift from the Dame. I hung a few on some white witch hazel branches
The rabbit and chick were my grandmothers and always remind me of Easter mornings in my wee years. I stuck the rabbit in another little nest.
How about these word cue cards on the fridge. Of course the Lads mind always head dirty!!! A vintage shop find.
My boudoir is my haven away from the world, and I could just as easily hibernate there all winter. I do believe I could be a professional lounger. Sometimes I think it is too comfy!!! One will see my trademark peacock feathers...a sign of Hera. I'll have you know all the eyes watch over everything.

Another mixture of Daffodils  on the night table.
My one last lone orchid still blooming.
Sunday, I made another batch of Hot Crossed buns before the jig is up.

Not Hot Crossed Buns. 
Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Now ...how about a glass of wine for the evening?
Do you decorate for Easter or bring fresh flowers in the house for spring?

Monday, April 15, 2019


Easter is just around the corner. 

Easter, the greatest holiday in the Christian calendar, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many think that Christmas is the most important day in the calendar, but from the earliest days of the Church, Easter has been considered the central 'feast'... but since I'm not very religious, to me Easter always means the beginning of new life as Mother Earth comes alive again, sunny skies, and all the lovely new color and blooms and babies of the season. It's a beautiful time of the year. And I do enjoy a good hard boiled egg! And who doesn't enjoy a grand millinery?

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind, officially announced his presidential bid on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't be any happier with this news. I wasn't really sold on to many candidates on either side.  I liked some, but there was something about a few that bothered me...not a complete sell on any of them.

I have been on Pete's bandwagon for some time following him on instagram. I may even pen a letter telling him  he has given me faith and new hope in polictians again, as I was getting distain for both sides.
May sanity, dignity, morality, civility, humanity, humility, knowledge, equality for all... and love prevail. He is fit for the 21st century : a US navy vet with a beautiful mind and heart : pure American talent ! Great speaker, calm, cool, collect, and manners. SANITY MAY RETURN AT LONG LAST!!!!

It's time to get that fat toad out of Washington before the country gets warts.


Times many have changed but never let it be said the" Ladies Who Lunch" are a thing of the past. Yes dear ones, the Mistress was out again on another4 1/2, at least five martini lunch, again. A week ago our ever faithful Anne Marie called and wanted to know if I could meet up with her for a lunch, and luckily I was. Now mind you, our lunches are generally booze filled, laugh a riot lunches. When I dine out, the Mistress enjoys a good few hours. She also informed me a friend of hers, we shall  bequeath the name, Mariposa. Mariposa, is a lovely, very entertaining single cute gay guy, that Anne Marie invited. While we never met, it seems we shared a lot in common...the Raven, The Woods, both enjoy drag, both are nuts, and enjoy life. While we waited for Mariposa to arrive she told me he worked for a delivery package company that brings her packages to her.  Oh dear, I told her I had fantasies of those guys like from the movies. You know the ones, where the guy answers the door and says.  Hi, I have a PACKAGE for you. I could be in trouble here. Well, when he arrives he did indeed flit in like a butterfly...hence the name Mariposa Anne Marie gave him. He was a delight to hang with and when he came in with uniform on, I thought yikes!!!! If it is any constellation I did asked if he had the delivery truck outside, but alas he didn't. Thank goodness. But was he ever a funny guy..we all had a blast. By time the fourth martini...yes fourth,  Anne Marie and Mike were twisting my arm terrible yesterday to have these martini's I tell you, Anne Marie's spouse arteejee showed up after some work duties. I was nervous thinking he might think I'm a bad influence on poor Anne Marie, but was he ever a wealth of historical information and some interesting stories. It was great to put a face with a blog after all this time. Here's a picture of Arteejee and Mariposa acting up. 
Meanwhile, by the fifth martini.... Anne Marie and myself were still very lady like. And before you think I may have a lot in common with Crawford, I'm on the right. Anne Marie is way to mature to shovel chopsticks up her nose.
Lately lots have been talking about bloggers and blogging. Some friends of mine find it hard to believe it is like a little community of close, friendly, liked minded people, who you do indeed get to know. We were telling Mariposa about the swell people we read and how we all get to know each and he seemed amazed by it.  Even friends of mine find it hard to believe. I have also met  many readers and bloggers alike and by all means consider them friends. All I have met are just as swell as they are on their blog. It is quite fun and a great experience and just shows you never know how or when one will meet new friends. Like yesterday . I now have met two new swell people and had a great time. Should Mariposa and I ever hang out, that will be a evening of hilarity for sure!!!! And I don't care what my friends say to me about my long "for an age" time, spent eating and drinking in dinning establishments. I have always firmly believed…...

Anne Maire also brought the twins.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


The Mistress has much to do today so I'm opening the Candy Shop with you all today and have a lovely confection to rot your sweet tooth on, called Junior Rios. I actually met him on my Argentinian trip through Adrino who is a friend of his. He is a tech by trade and also does fitness. It's not just about that awesome body, though, he’s damn handsome too, and he really looks good in some sexy shorts and budgie smugglers. I'm still trying to pick up my jaw. And damn it, he is from Brazil what more do we need to know?????
Enjoy him, ogle him, admire him.
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