Friday, February 15, 2019


Before you get all excited and think my hunky neighbor was back and we went at it, I hate to break your heart, and mine, but it's not about that!!! This is more about the music I love to listen to once I'm home at night with a nice drink. I don't always listen to classical at night. My first love is actually dance or deep lounge music.. Here is a gem to listen too while you work from another screen.....

After last night's Lust Glow Party, and work today, I'm off for a three day weekend, and what with an out of town visit, a social event and two shows, and work getting busy with a small renovation of sorts...the Mistress is taking a interlude. I hope to be back soon, or later.

Tootles for now

Thursday, February 14, 2019



Yes today is the day of love, so I wish you all my sweets a day filled with happiness and love! This here is the window at work I did for Valentines. It took about two days just to tie all those little ribbons, to form the for each of my lovers!!!! JUST KIDDING!!! or AM I?

Rose's are red,
Voilets, are blue,
I adore you all, 
As much as my gin!!!!!

See cheesy right!?! 
Oh well, I hope you all are finding just one little small way to enjoy the day. We don't really need a reason to tell those close to us we love them, whether they be spouses, friends, concubines, side pieces, or our those we date....  but it's nice to have a smig of a ritual just for giggles, it be a shared scoop of ice cream, a quick little poem or a body smeared in Redi-Whip!!!

Happy Heart Day to you💘….my Valentine's

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


I had a pleasant surprise tonight after I was home. I heard a rap tap tap, at the door while I was sitting dressed very casually in my parlor. I very seldom get impromptu guest showing up. Upon answering the door it was my good neighbor who lives to the corner of my place. Bricson, who you may recall , is the guy I met during one of our huge snow storms we had last year. A straight, handsome blond, hipster, weed smoking, lumberjack, who was a transplant from Denver. When we lost power, I went out to clean the car and that's when we met. He said his place was freezing. Well, with the amount of candles I burn any given night, which looks of a seance... I told him to come over if he bijoux apartment was warm and I have liquor!!! My other neighbor Deb said you don't even know him. I said listen, I know men, I've made them my life's work dear...I'm pretty sure he is straight. He actually showed up...and with weed! I don't normally smoke it, but I didn't want to be rude, you know, hostess and all.  We hit off, and hung out most of the night and got to know each other. What's cool is even though he mostly identifies as straight and I gay, it's like no labels with us, and we seem to have a close, unspoken bond...which is refreshing. So tonight he stopped by with a treat, besides the extremely tight jeans, from one of my favorite bakeries in New York...Zaros. 
We was up there doing work the last couple days in Central Park on a project, as he works for a Tree and Horticultural Service, and remembered the name of the bakery. He showed up tonight with a little something for my sweet tooth.
It was quite a surprise. Something so simple, and made me feel happy, made my day, and gave me a fond memory of when you used to get those little surprises at Valentines like when we were in school. I was tickled. When he left I gave him a huge hug, and even gave him a kiss on the cheek!!! Didn't even flinch.

It's refreshing to have this bond. We don't even see each other very regularly. We get together maybe twice a month over drinks.... But his inquisitive side I must admit is sexy...….

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Let's have one last look at the stunning queen of season 11 of Drag Race  in their individual style. To see my original post and prediction go here.
Ariel Versace

Shuga Cain

Honey Davenport

Nina West

Silky Ganache

A’keria C. Davenport

Scarlett Envy

Mercedes Iman Diamond

Brooke Lynn Hytes


Miss Vanessa Vaannngie Mateo 

Plastique Tiara 

Kahanna Montrese

Ra’jah Davenport. O’Hara

Yvie Oddly

Monday, February 11, 2019


While I do enjoy those cute little candy hearts, it's been a couple years since I have had any. I have fond memories of them from grade school, when we would have our little Valentine's Party. All us kids would be able to go take down our handmade decorated folder from the wall, in which the week prior, it would get filled with little valentines from the other kids, and some would even put the little hearts in their envelope. But have you ever heard the story behind them?
The story of conversation hearts began in 1847, when a Boston pharmacist named Oliver Chase longed for a way to get in on the apothecary lozenge craze. Lozenges were quickly gaining steam as the medicine conveyance of choice, and were also popular remedies for sore throats and bad breath. But making lozenges was complicated and time-consuming—the process involved a mortar and pestle, kneading dough, rolling it out, and cutting it into discs that would eventually become lozenges.
There had to be a better way, and Oliver came up with it. Inspired by the new wave of gadgets and tools that hit America as it industrialized, he invented a machine that rolled lozenge dough and pressed wafers into perfect discs. Oliver had inadvertently created America’s first candy-making machine, and before long, he had abandoned his pharmacy business to crank out miles of what would become New England Confectionery Company ,NECCO wafers.
Legend has it that Oliver’s NECCO wafers were carried by Civil War soldiers, and some speculate that the tradition of sending loving greetings to the troops morphed into the conversation heart, but those claims are hard to verify. What is clear is that as Oliver built his candy empire, his brother Daniel decided he wanted a piece of the action. Inspired by the growing market for Valentine’s cards, Daniel wondered if it would be possible to print sentimental messages on candy. In 1866, he figured out a way to print words on candy with vegetable dye during the cutting process.People loved conversation candies (they weren’t available in heart shapes until 1902 though, and their witty messages, which could stoke the flames of love or warn off flaky suitors.
Over the years, conversation hearts lost size, but gained many more phrases. NECCO estimates that it made nearly 100,000 pounds of the hearts each day throughout the year in preparation for Valentine’s Day. The oldest candy company Necco got bought out just recently, so it's the first time since the early 1900's there were no original candy hearts, as the new company didn't have the time to produce the quantities. But next year there will be back, since they also purchased the recipe for them. 

I still remember my first crush.There was one cute boy named Ian that was with me all through grade school.  I always looked forward to his Valentine
 I was always hoping for a little heart that said marry me...or at least do me...but never showed up.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I have always been a huge Batman fan. I have never read the comics to be honest, but any tv series and movie, I have loved. So it only be fitting that I have enjoy Gotham, now in it's finally season and only 8 episodes left. At first I was leery when I heard of the show coming on. But what a surprisingly excellent show it has been. It's been great to see the villains become who they are. All the actors did stunning performances in their parts. The actors playing Barbara Keen, Harley Quinn and Jeremiah Valeska, AKA Joker, and the Riddler, have totally stolen the scenes they were in. Played respectfully by, Erin Richards,Francesca Root-Dodson. Cameron Monaghan, and Cory Micheal Smith. They were played out with such crazed gusto. Another one of my favorite parts this season has been watching  Camren Bicondova as the emerging Catwoman. She has been a treat to watch develop. The whole series really, she has been very good, and brought a formidable job to the Catwoman part. This season with  Harley Quinn finally in place I have enjoyed watching not only Selina's tormented relationship with her, but also Ivy.

.I love this scene! It looks like their friendship transitioning to another level. They have a different type of relationship now. They respect each other, but their morals and beliefs are so different now, that they can no longer be friends. The fact that Ivy was literally going to kill Selina, it shows us the tension between them is so great, their relationship will forever be tainted. The only thing about the show ending, as we are building up all the Sirens, we will now will never get to see more of that excitement.
Gotham has been one of those show that surprised the hell out of me. I'll  miss this level of a very well acted ensemble cast.


It's a busy time coming up! Love is in the air!!!  I guess I can break hibernation for at least a week.

Can't wait to see the shirtless glow action.


While the fans may have expressed their extreme dismay at the star’s elimination, Luzon is clearly taking it in stride in her new video for "Go Fish." 

The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-inspired video starts with Luzon, clad in her Queen of Clubs outfit she was sent home in, playing a card game against her eliminator, Naomi Smalls, dressed as the villainous Queen of Hearts. While the remaining queens are fun and no doubt look great, let's be queer, this crown win should have gone to Manilla, or go to Trinity, since they truly will take to the platform the style, performance, and a good clear message and the complete package.  I loved Ru's appalled look when Trinity announced the elimination of Latrice!!!! And while I think Naomi is fierce, lets face it, outside the drag realm she is forgettable. People don't seem to remember her. But that's another story. After being expelled from the game by a maniacal Smalls, Luzon continues living her best Wonderland fantasy, including a game of flamingo croquet with the BELOVED  Heathers, her former power group she formed on Drag Race season 3 with fellow competitors Raja, Delta Work and Carmen Carrera, who looks fabulous and radiant after her transition. Leave it to Manila to pit together another great creation!

Do who doesn't like dancing bunnies with big baskets?

Saturday, February 9, 2019


I hope you all have rested.... and best relax that jaw before I open the doors of the Candy Shop this week. I have been obsessed, seriously, for weeks now.... with this new man in my life, and he finds it very funny to leave titillating comments back on Instagram, never you mind that I'm all the way here across the pond!!!! Step right up!
Step right up!

Have you ever seen a meat outline so great? yeah,me neither.well that beef belongs to Brazilian attentionisto, Diego Barros. I have LONG said Brazilian meat is the healthiest honeys!!!! It's always been my downfall Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Diego Barros moved to London in 2008. Since arriving in the UK, he has been enjoying life as an underwear model, fitness coach, social media influencer/exhibitionist, too which I have absolutely no problems... and festival fanatic. Diego collaborated with his close friend Henry Williams to design the amazing Coconut Supply underwear company. As with most design, their process began with balancing function and style. They became obsessed with creating a range of premium underwear which feels really comfortable next to the skin but also reflects a modern fit and attractive style.

His thighs are amazing.  I have this thing about thighs and chest meat.Diego is an all around full course meal though.  And he appears to have enough to feed the needy darlings. Click below at your own risk!!!!!! I warn you the temperature goes up. I've been watching on a loop for hours now. I'm ready to MAKE IT RAIN Darlings!!!!!! Could someone be a dear and fetch me my smelling salts???

And Deigo if your reading this please visit the Casa. This song should sum it up. The masonry drill is my favorite.


If you believe that one, I'll tell you another. Buster was very happy indeed to sleep in with his Mistress. He doesn't budge till the Mistress has arose from the dead.
He says these early morning interruptions to go out in the cold, and making the bed, is for the dogs.

Friday, February 8, 2019


In three words tells us what comes to mind with our weekly guest. This week, I can't wait to see the adjectives used, and to read all the hilarity.

In three words...
Mike Pence

And let us all grab hold our loins, and hope Anne Marie survives this In Three Words, without blowing a blood vessel!!!!

Tending bar this week for happy hour in the Mistress herself with the houseboys.....and could a song be more prefect for happy hour? We're sending out an SOS to anyone who can help us out with these messes! We want the love and peace back!!!!!
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