Thursday, August 22, 2019


Yes yes, we're still on holiday and this is a recording. Yet again time gets away from one, and yet again, I'm away for another milestone....this little ole dump this week turned 12 I was reminded!!!! 

Let's Celebrate!!!!!!
Twelve years ago today, my good friend and sister Mame, AKA David Dust inspired me to start blogging, and I never thought 12 years later I'd still be doing it, or people would still be reading. I can still remember, David, Coco De Mere, the Dogs Mother and Mark in Delaware were my first readers, followed by the likes of the Empress, Cali Boi and Pearly Gates,  and most of them are still here!!! They deserve awards just for that!!! Over the years, my blog has helped me open up and not be so shy about my body. At one time I was only comfortable in drag. It also serves as a diary of sorts, so one day I can look back and see what was I doing then. While I still feature and share post about fellow drag queens, and drag related things, we have branched out to feature everything but the kitchen sink, as I enjoy a myriad of things to share and thoughts to put out there.  Or just my silly non sense that makes Duchess Deedles say Huh? Since then we have talked about a ton of sex, seen many houseboys, had to many headers to mention, went on many trips, and have seen many a Buster and  bird post.  But to be precise we have seen...118 Buster appearances, 638 drag queens and related post, that's AOT of Aqua Net and Lashes y 'all…. we visited the Candy Shop 289 times and have seen 51 houseboys and 413 hunks. That's a lot of cock y' all!!! The biggest surprise to come out of this over the years, is just how many of you I have met, which I never expected to meet anyone over a blog. Now that is cool. And those people have turned into good, swell friends. But then I feel like I know everybody that stops in here, and in a way, you all are like my extended circle of friends. So.... here I am,  12 years later,  and heading toward 2.7 million page visits. Makes me wonder who is reading all these musings and limericks of a middle aged gay queen? But I do know I'm grateful to have met you all. Your comments always make my day. But for now....grab a cock-a-tail....

And this song fits our theme, one of my favorites..... so lets dance with Queen Madge. I only hope I can move that good at that age. I may try some of these moves at tea dance tonight.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Greetings from Fire Island! The Lad, MM#1 Fan and myself showed our better sides.
Well, they do say Sun's out, Bun's out!!! Nothing like a good ocean sand surf exfoliate.

Hope y'all are well.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Yes, dear bitches are off again for the seaside's!!!!
The clan and I are off for stops at that lovely little spigot of land known as Provence Town, and then wrapping around to the magical island of Fire! With much packing,(and I know what your hard is it to pack tee's and square cuts and some unmentionables) I didn't have time to make my rounds, and with work upon getting back, then rolling off to Rehoboth Beach and two more dates in the Poconos, I may not be back till after Labor Day. I'm even taking Miss Moorecock, but if she doesn't behave, I'm pushing her off the whale watch!!!  I have one post scheduled and will post here and there if I have time.

But worry not, with the houseboys gone too, my dear Jake was kind enough to come watch the Casa du Borghese, to float in the pool with you and share his large melon......

And hit a few balls with you and give lessons on my lovely courts!

Enjoy the rest of summer!
Tootles for nowđź’‹

Sunday, August 4, 2019


I don't know about you, but summer is my all time favorite season. While their all beautiful in their own way and reasons, summer for me is it. I love the seaside, the mountains and the glamping, the heat and sun on my skin, the crickets and katydids in the trees at night chirping, the longer daylight and the open air of the abode. And let's face it, men wear much fewer clothes!!!!!!! So far, I have only used my air about four times.  About a week or two ago fellow blogger and all wise Dr Spo had a clever post about  Without which summer is wasted...things that are a must to do before summer ends and things we remember from years past that just made summer. And Spo is right too, once summer is over, they just aren't the same. So Spo  is what inspired this post. One of the first things I love in the summer are my plaid shirts! I love me my plaid!

Pimm's Cock-a-tails
Pimm's cock-a-tails are a must for me for day drinking. They are light , refreshing in hot temps, and wont dehydrate you like other beverages. I usually make mine in a highball, filled with ice. About half the glass filled with Pimms topped off with iced tea and then add an array of fruit which will add further flavor. These were with blueberries. I have in the past used cucumber and strawberries together, or orange slices. VERY REFRESHING. The Raven keeps a bottle just for me, since they usually don't stock it.

And speaking of boozy fun....
Another summer must are my Boozy Adult Pops!!! You can read and get the recipe here.

Cotton Candy
It's always been a pretty thing to see. And fascinating to watch put on the stick. I haven't had it in years, most times now my teeth hurt just looking at it. But this year I may have to break down and try a little piece for shits and giggles. But in summers of youth, it was a staple of mine at the beach and carnvials.

Salt Water Taffy
When I was young and we went to the beach, my grandmother and I would go off, play skeet ball and then go for some salt water taffy. She loved it. While it did practically take her dentures out, she still braved it and ate it. While P-town is famous for it's lovely, award winning fudge shops, it's when I go to Rehomo Beach that I get the Taffy at the lovely Dolles. I never get a whole box anymore, but I do  get myself a little sample bag of their flavors. Brings back such find memories.

Lightening Bugs
I captured this little fellow on the porch one afternoon. I later moved him to a Hosta leaf, in fear someone would step on him. Nothing says mid summer night like lightening bugs. I feel like they are very brief around these parts. But when they do come out, it's magical to watch them light up the night since it's so dark where I live. I can remember running around with neighbor kids capturing them. My father bought me one of those containers you could put them in, but with a plastic leaf in them and holes for air, but the poor things always died. It also reminds me of the first time I was outraged when kids would kill  a living thing just because. They would crush them and then smear the glowing liquid across the pavement. It's also the first time I knocked a boy on his ass for doing it.

This year, when I head to the beach I have told myself I'm going to take a carousel ride. Another good memory from childhood. In the summer my mother would often take me on afternoons to Williams Grove Park, which is now long gone, which had a few amusements rides and a picnic area. We'd have lunch there, then she and I would take a spin on the carrousel.. I used to love all the lights, the carnival music playing, the up and down motion, and the different animals you could ride... the big decision was always what animals would have the honor to be ridden. It was my grandmother who would always take me to one at the beach.

Divinity is one of those old school candies. Both of my grandmothers and my aunts all had a candy dish filled with jujube divinity in the summer. I hadn't had it in years, till I saw it in the Vermont Country Store catalog this summer. As one can see from above, I rectified that. Soooooo damn good. And I dare anyone to stop at one piece.

Chicken Corn Soup
I'm not a huge soup eater in the summer, but one tradition my family had every year was my grandmother's Corn Soup picnic. Tons of family and friends members of her church came far and wide for her famous Chicken Corn Soup. Deep chicken and sweet corn flavors make this soup memorable. And her corn always came from a local farm market called Strites Orchid in Harrisburg. While me and my mother have her recipe, I think we made it once in the 22 years since my grandmother's  passing. But the smell, and taste and all the good times at those picnics bring about some great summer memories. 

Square cuts
Of summer is complete without my square cuts and swim trunks. I may be upwards of about 40 now. It's hard to select just one print. And they make packing light. A few of these and tees in a brown bag and off one goes!!!

What's your summer pleasure or things you miss?

Saturday, August 3, 2019


If you have not caught a Jackie Beat and Sherry Vine Battle of the Bitches Show, you are missing an evening of highbrow insults, filth and hilarity. The jist, the crowd picks songs and the two come up with words to parody picked song. Here is a video the two sick minds did to Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe.
I say brilliant.


As regular visitors to the Casa du Borghese will tell you, it will come as no surprise this current tasty morsel in the Candy Shop today., as I love me my South American mens!!! 
Guilherme Everton Ferreir floats my boat.  Not only is he in fine physical condition, and I'm sure will make me melt with his words....aye papi...... he hails from Rio de Janeiro where as can be guessed, likes to work out. But Guilherme is actually a talented jewelry designer and a photographer!!!!  I tell you he has me addicted already. Just think of the fun we could have looking at and playing with his baubles? I like baubles. And a guy filling out a swim suit. Looks like he's pack for the Casa du Borghese as we speak. I don't know what power these men have, but there is not one yet not to  capture my attention. I'm sure he could also show me his good techniques for measuring for ring size.
Because it's always so worth another look.


Oh my god, It is so clear now.
Madeline Kahn never really died after all...she just became Lisa Loeb!

Friday, August 2, 2019


While in Vienna, Warbucks and I decided to get dressed one day for a change. We were going to take the day to  huh, relax, but decided one can have only so much exercise. On the day we toured the Schonbrunn Palace you can see in this post, we also saw the Palm House there on the grounds and is worth looking more into in it's own post.
One of the world’s oldest palaces, Schönbrunn, was built on land that dates back to the Middle Ages. Located in Vienna, Austria, the Schönbrunn used to be an imperial summer residence. However, before that, a mansion known as Katterburg, was built there in 1548. Schönbrunn means beautiful spring and was named for an artesian well located on the grounds. The well provided water for the Holy Emperor Maximilian II and his court who resided there starting in 1569. In addition to lush, colorful gardens and the Palace, this site also has a unique conservatory known as the great Palm House.
The scale of the building is mind blowing.

The Palm House conservatory is one of four greenhouses that occupy Schönbrunn Palace Park. The present Palm House was built by metalworker Ignaz Gridl between 1880 and 1882 and was designed by Franz von Segenschmid with the help of structural engineer Sigmund Wagner. The last of its type to be built in Europe, the great Palm House was designed using the most modern technology of the time. With a length of 111 meters, a width of 28 meters and a height of 25 meters, the great Palm House conservatory is the largest glass house (45,000 glass sheets!) on the European continent.

The planning of the Palm House took von Segenshmid several years and entailed visits to Glasgow, Brussels and, in particular, the Kew Gardens in London. The large collection of botanicals collected by the imperial family, after circumnavigation of the globe by Archduke Maximilian became possible, prompted the commission of the conservatory.The great Palm House conservatory has 45,000 glass tiles and 2 annexes. The annexes, one on the north side, and one on the south, serve as a cold house and a hothouse. Each pavilion is separated by alternating curved convex/concave iron sheets. A cold house is much like a greenhouse but it relies solely on the sun for its heat. Therefore, the cold house contains plants that can handle colder temperatures. Conversely, a hothouse is always warm and is used for growing plants that cannot tolerate cold. I enjoyed immensely all the butterflies too, and I could have sworn a episode of Rosemary and Thyme was filmed here once?
It was like the garden of Eden, maybe we should have stayed naked?
Now when I said Palm House what did you think it would be about?

Thursday, August 1, 2019


I'm now readying myself for the next excursion...P-town! It then dawned on me and shame on me, for never doing a post of the fabulous, P-town queen, Thirsty Burlington.

When I think of Thirsty, she to me is what embodies a true drag queen experience. She had a rough life growing up, and has the rare, raw talent to bring the house down, while still giving us that old school drag that I absolutely love. I have seen her once in Ptown, and she is NOT to be missed, in what seems a endless line of drag residency's in Ptown for the summer. She is one I highly recommend to catch. 

Thirsty "s quirky sense of humor always carries the day; there is a certain self-awareness to her performance that is a totally enchanting irrespective of her surroundings. The performance I witnessed had a mediocre turnout and technical difficulties,  but Thirsty was not fazed. She is a consummate performer, quite confident in her delivery and brash in her demand for endearment. Her show works because she is cognizant of her strengths, an above-adequate singing voice, killer comedic timing, a penchant for acting out, and the best Cher impersonation on the Eastern Seaboard. Cher herself has even said "Thirsty does Cher better than I do Cher." In a career spanning more than twenty-five years, Thirsty is regarded as one of the finest celebrity impersonators in the world. From his signature Cher, to Judy Garland and Michael Jackson, Townsend raises the bar when it comes to taking an audience on a fantastical ride of music and comedy. Raised in Cambridge, MA, Scott began performing as a teen appearing on local television talent shows and starring in countless school productions. In his twenties, he discovered an instinctive ability to impersonate Cher like no one else, and from that point on his star began to rise. Clubs from all over New England and New York eagerly hired him to perform to capacity crowds. Over the past twenty years Thirsty has continued to wow audiences throughout the United States and Mexico. But of all his charters, there is no other Thirsty Burlington.
This past season starting in May Thirsty had a all new show at the Crown & Anchor, The Cher Show, a  stage with a show packed with live vocals, comedy, glitz, and glamour. A salute to Cher you’ll never forget I'm told. So I was tickled when pal Pearl Gates told me she procured tickets to see it. I was very excited. I also highly recommend the documentary of Thirsty' s life that was released to very little fanfare back in 16'. Thirsty,  if you haven't seen this gem. It should be another of those required gay viewing movies.

The film starts from a tender age, Scott Townsend’s life is ruled by his slippery gender. Growing up a girly-boy in the projects of Cambridge, MA, under the watch of his abusive father, and Doris, his alcoholic, dysfunctional, single mom, Scott is prey to extreme bullying and assault. Already a talented singer and performer at a young age, Scott grows up to be revered drag queen, Thirsty Burlington and delights club goers in Provincetown, MA, with his spot on impersonation of Cher. But even in this gay mecca, being Thirsty comes at a price.Inspired by Scott/Thirsty’ s life, Thirsty spotlights the power of gender identity to both endanger and work its magic. The journey moves through dramatic, fantasy and musical sequences coming full circle when Scott realizes what he wants most in life, “To be safe and comfortable in all his skins,” and loved for all that he is.

Thirsty Burlington- The Cher Show can be seen at the Crown & Anchor all through till early September yet. Tickets here.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Just for the lovely Duchess Deedles......
It's Hump Day!!!!!

Cause of my humps, my hump, my hump, my hump
My lovely manly lumps
In the back and in the front
My hump, my hump, my hump

How's your hump looking today?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


The Lad inspired this post. He knows I love flowers, and saw an article and said it reminded him of me. After reading it, I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or insult. He always tells me I'm pretty but deadly, or he'll tell people I'm a Penis Fly Trap!!!!!  I apparently lure men in then suck them in?!?! That might be true, but deadly???  The article did surprise me though and fond it interesting. When it comes to nature, the general rule of thumb is this: The dangerous stuff looks scary, and the harmless stuff looks beautiful (or, at the very least, unassuming). So it might be a surprise, then, to learn that some plants and flowers in our own gardens—often beautiful, always unassuming—rank among the most dangerous things on the planet. Did you know about some of these?

Known for it's striking flowers in the summer, parts of the oleander plant contain cardiac glycosides that cause acute cardias toxicity and serve digestive issues.

White Snake Root
White snakeroot, is a poisonous herb found in North America that contains a toxic alcohol called tremetol. But just how poisonous is this plant? Well, back when explorers were first settling Indiana and Ohio in the early 19th century, it’s estimated that up to half of their deaths—including that of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln—were caused by indirectly ingesting white snakeroot. 

Water Hemlock
If you know anything about water hemlock, then it’s likely that you’re familiar with the plant’s claim to fame: killing Socrates. According to the USDA, this plant contains the toxin cicutoxin, which, when ingested, acts directly on the central nervous system. In the most extreme cases, that could result in grand mal seizures and death.

Lily of the Valley
One of my favorites! This perennial outdoor ornamental herb, a popular staple of outdoor gardens everywhere, can actually be incredibly toxic. Its toxicity comes from the cardiac glycosides and saponins present in the plants, which can affect the heart if eaten. Lily of the valley is so toxic, in fact, that the CBIF notes cases where both people and animals have fallen ill by merely drinking water the plant was in.

The foxglove plant produces digoxin, an active ingredient in medications that prevent heart failure. According to the NCPC, by ingesting foxglove, you’re essentially “taking an unregulated dose of heart medicine,” which can, ironically, cause heart failure. As such, you should keep this plant far, far away from children and animals.

When it comes to dangerous plants in your backyard, wisteria is one of the worst ones there is. According to one case study from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the wisteria plant can cause headaches, gastroenteritis, hematemesis, dizziness, confusion, diaphoresis, and, frighteningly, syncopal episodes (or temporary drops in blood flow to the brain that result in a loss of consciousness and control of the muscles). These symptoms typically last for five to seven days after eating more than a few berries from the plant—if they don’t kill you.

If you seek help quickly, ingesting daffodils won’t kill you. However, according to the NCPC, ingestion can be fatal to small children and pets if left untreated. And while all parts of a daffodil contain the toxic chemical lycorine, it’s the oxalates—or toxic chemicals found in the plant’s bulb—that do the most damage to your body.

As far as the poisonous nature of the popular hydrangea plant is concerned, only the flower buds are truly harmful when ingested, according to the Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility. If consumed, humans can experience an upset stomach, skin irritation, and, in more serious cases, convulsions and coma.

Devil's Helmut
Just a few years ago, a gardener died after simply brushing up against a devil’s helmet plant. And believe it or not, the plant’s exterior isn’t even its most poisonous part. As poison expert John Robertson told BBC News, the most poisonous part of the plant is actually its roots, as ingestion of this specific part causes heart failure. Most fatalities occur within the first few hours.

Tulips might make your garden shine, but they also have the potential to poison your pet. According to the ASPCA, this plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses in its bulb especially, and symptoms of ingestion range from vomiting and diarrhea to hypersalivation.

Angel's Trumpet
Angel’s trumpet is a tropical plant known for its Bugle-shaped flowers. And while it’s aesthetically pleasing, the last thing you’d ever want to do is find out what it tastes like: As one 2008 case report published in Pediatrics & Child Health notes, ingestion can cause dangerous hallucinogenic symptoms like loss of consciousness and delirium. 

Poison Ivy
The one I can be compared to, my favorite villain….As its name suggests, poison ivy is, well, poisonous. Found all over the United States, this plant contains a resin called urushiol that causes an epidermal allergic reaction characterized by redness, itching, and swelling. If the plant sets on fire and you inhale the smoke, it can also affect your breathing.

So maybe the Lad is right. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I won't lie, I may be pretty in the eyes, but can be deadly in the boudoir. You know, plants can be deadly if you eat it, but a kiss can be deadlier if you mean it. Coincidence then that Toxic used to be one of my favorite drag routines?

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