Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

Drag superstar and legend Jackie Beat!

Drag legend superstar Jackie Beat has been entertaining audiences for close to 12 years now all across the country and Europe with her razor sharp wit and hysterical song parodies of Brittany Spears, Madonna, and Cher songs. And Jackie sings the songs live and flawlessly with every note. Her one woman show Jackie Beat is a Whole Lotta Love ran a record 18 months at New York City's Fez club, and returns every year for her standing room only Christmas show. Jackie is now a west coast diva and has a way with hair and make-up and looks flawless when doing her schick. Jackie is also the lead singer in a eletroclash band, Dirty Sanchez. Jackie's shows are just jaw dropping and I tell you, you will be laughing your ass off. So if your looking for one or two songs or a 90 minute set of music and comedy Jackie is definitely your talented diva of choice. Here is a clip of just one of the funny song parodies. The Mistress and Jackie are a lot alike.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joan Van Freak

I came across this picture of Joan Van Ark the other day. Is it me or has this woman gone all freaky? She used to be more attractive I think. I know I sometimes see things wrong but she does look like a plastic surgery mess. Or is it me?

And Michele Lee looks like she too went to the same place Joan did. What is happening to all the Knots Landing gals?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peace Valley Park

This pass Sunday the Mistress, Boy-Toy and our new addition, Buster Borghese all went to Peace Valley Park which is just a mile up the road. It is a huge man made lake and has many amenities to offer. The lake encompasses 1600 acres of land with boating, walking, jogging, hiking trails,a nature center and lots of picnickers. We often go there to take our run/walk around the lake, and sometimes go for canoe ride. And it is funny because every time we are up there the Boy-Toy pushes to run more of the lake every time! "Oh, just to the next tree" he says. Yeeeaaaa right! Anywho. there is also plenty of wild life to be seen there too. I always take my camera because you never know what you'll see. Here are some of the pictures I snapped from this weekend. The one with the turtles is really neat. Believe it or not we have seen some turtles even bigger then these!

Summer Hotness

Now I know it isn't quite summer yet, but the temperature says it is. Today it was just about 91 here in Philadelphia. And while driving home all the shirtless gardeners are out now in full force-FINALLY! So here are some swim hunks to ready us for the heat wave. And look at the legs on the one above. Purrrrrrrr......

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Arrival of Buster Borghese

Well dear readers, big news, big news! On Saturday the Mistress and the Boy-Toy became the proud parents of a new dog Buster Borghese! And doesn't he look like a hand full from the picture above? Just like the Mistress. I think we are going to get along fine. This has been in the works for some time. Since the passing of our dearly beloved Starrbooty the cat, we waited a while to get another pet. We had been on contact with a few shelters and have told the good people what we were looking for a dog and it had to be a good breed for a apartment since that's the abode we live in. Last week the lady from the one shelter called and said she thought she had the perfect dog for us (a dachshund-beagle mix). The picture she sent was just adorable. She told us we could go to the foster home where he was being cared for to see him and spend some time with him. So on Saturday we were off to southern New Jersey, to a beach community in Ocean County. When we got there it was love at first sight! All kinds of kisses and licks and all the other good stuff. It was pretty obvious he was coming home with us. So far the whole weekend he has been just good as gold. We stopped at a friend's home to show them Buster, then PetSmart to get some provisions, and then a nice walk before heading home. Last night he was just plain tuckered out.

He slept in the living room but in the middle of the night he came to the boudoir and went in his crate. Today we had a lovely walk up at the lake. It was so beautiful all weekend.

Buster is just the sweetest dog. He is very lovable. He rides very nice in the car and is housebroken. He even knows some commands, that his foster mom worked with him on. And when our dinner was delivered last night he didn't even bark. Too good to be true! Well, until tonight. :) We wanted to see what he would do when we leave for work tomorrow. We put him in the bedroom in the crate and he just barked and howled and carried on something terrible! He is extremely social and I think it is separation anxiety. How we will break this I don't know (probably splitting up the time he spends alone). Buster is a year old and for the last couple weeks at the foster home, the lady was home all day. Now the Boy-Toy comes home for lunch and can sometimes take Buster to work...but he's going to have to be alone for a few hours at some point! Do any of you dog owners have any lovely advice to muster to the Mistress? I would be forever indebted. Ahhhh look at that face!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Golden Lady

What sad news. Bea Arthur passed away early this morning from cancer. I have always enjoyed Bea and her wise cracking characters. And of course her role of Vera Charles in the play Mame.In a career spanning seven decades, Bea achieved success as the title character Maude Findley on the sitcom Maude and Dorothy Zbornak on the Golden Girls, both of which she won Emmy's for. Arthur began her acting career on stage though. After many performances in plays she won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Vera Charles in the play Mame. She also went on to do the movie version with Lucille Ball. Bea got in television late for a actress but was a hit as Edith Bunker's cousin Maude in All in the Family.The character got her own spin-off Maude. Bea Arthur died at home early Saturday morning with family present. A wonderful talent of a classy lady will be remembered. Thanks Bea,we won't forget you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Villa Borghese

No, this isn't where the Mistress lives, but if it was I'd have y'all here sometime. This is the real Villa Borghese in Rome. This is part of where I got my name for my alter ego Mistress Borghese. When I was in design school we had to study the architecture of the beautiful building that was built in 1616. Ya see, Princess Marcella Borghese as in the cosmetics line resided here. When I first did drag this was the first make up I ever used. So I thought years later I would use that as the last name. Princess Marcella Borghese was the second wife of the noble Paolo Borghese who was titled a prince. The fashion conscious princess had toiletries, including make up made specifically for her using natural ingredients found around the Villa Borghese on the edge of Rome where the family lived. The villa was first used as a party villa and then was used to house the Borghese art collection. Today the villa is still in tact all these years later and is now a museum for the Borghese art collection. A party villa. Yea the Mistress would sooooo have this for a party villa! The place is breath taking.

A Dapper Shot

Anyone who know the Mistress know that I think Marco Dapper is THE hottest, most handsome man to ever walk this good earth of ours. He is just so handsome and mesmerizing. I can't take my eyes off him. Those gorgeous eyes,those pecs, that smile,that rock hard body, nice tight abs, those arms , that rock hard body. I would lick the sweat off this man. Ok. I'm am now officially hot and bothered. Anywho, I came across these new pictures of Marco taken by the very talented photographer Bradford Rogne. That luck dog. He took some amazing photos. What talent. And I love the clothes that Marco is wearing. I swear he look good in anything or better still, nothing! You can also check out the wonderful photographer Bradford Rogne's website here.

*note-the first picture is not by Bradford Rogne. That was just my lead off to the post*

Grande Dame of the Week

The swank Lucinda Holliday!

Lucinda Holliday is a very talented diva who hails from Tucson,Arizona. The Mistress had the pleasure to see one of her shows a couple years back and found her to be very funny and a wonderful performer. And love her style. Lucinda is also a very accomplished jewelry designer and owns a Austrian jewelry business that is the Official Jeweler for the Miss Gay America and Le Femme Magnafique Pageants. She creates one of a kind pieces. Lucinda also travels all over the country doing her song and dance. So support Miss Things if she gets to your neck of the woods. As a matter of fact Lucinda will be performing with my all time favorite queen, the legendary Lady Bunny on April 25,2009 in Tucson. You can check Lady Bunny's site for info. I would love to see these two together.