Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 If you have been to New York City and caught a Murry Hill Show, I highly doubt you came out dried eyed, and your sides not hurting.  The shows are pure hilarity, and brilliant. It was with heart breaking news I got from a mutual friend on Thanksgiving night that the NYC Drag King and comedian has lost "virtually everything" after a four-alarm fire at his apartment, which also happened to be Murray's 50th birthday. Fortunately, Murray was out of town when the fire broke out, but the building is now condemned and deemed uninhabitable and has lost everything from the ground up, including everything from furniture, electronics, clothing, everyday necessities to his custom-made show suits. The building took 140 firefighters on the scene to get the blaze under control and out. Now Murray is in need of our help. Amanda Lepore, Bridgette Evertt and others started a GoFundMe, till he can get back up, and on his feet. For more than 20 years Murray has been bringing many laughter and joy, so let's help take some of the immense pressure off our beloved drag king Mr. Showbiz!  A GoFundMe was set up. If anyone would feel inclined to give a donation in any amount, I'm sure Murray would be forever grateful. 

And in happier news, Murray's annual "A Murray Little Christmas" revue will return to NYC'S Joes Pub from December 14-18, with proceeds going to help with the fire loss as well. If you're in the city, plan on a great night, while helping out a great member of our community. Tickets are on sale.



Before the pandemic hit, I spent a weekend in NYC with a friend, we went to Hardware one night which is where I got familiar with Jasmine Kennedie. This queen is by far one of the cities breakthrough drag entertainers in a very crowded field of what seems like queens growing like weeds. Her routines that night blew me away, as I love me a good hi-NRG dancer. Jasmine is known for a very flawless beat face, bright ensembles, and a hi-NRG act, while still having a great sense of humor, outlandish outfits, and comedic side. Jasmine is igniting venues with her electrifying "shablams" flips, death drops, and gorgeously glam looks. Now a part of the cast of the popular revue TURNt at the Ritz, which is now in its second year. jasmine hails originally from Binghamton, and then lived in Morgantown, West Virgina for the majority of her life before heading to NYC. In just the four short years, including during the pandemic, she has carved out quite a niche for herself, and to be in the Ritz's popular revue night, TURNt with such legendary NYC queens already, says a lot. The most shocking thing with this queen? She was not involved with the arts in any form really, prior to drag, but involved with sports. For eight years played soccer, swam and dove for three years, played lacrosse and did cross country, as well as cheering in high school. While home, the drag bug bit as he used to play in his mother's make up and clothes as any drag queen did, and realized then that one day he was going to do drag, and hopes to take it to Hollywood. I have the feeling we will see her on our small screen one day soon.

Monday, November 29, 2021



I said it once I say it again.... I'm loving these three days weekends since beginning this new chapter!!! And three day weekends have never happened my whole working career. I have learned to embrace Mondays and like them. Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, it may surprise some to know I still won't decorate for another week or so. I will see enough with work, clients' homes, and my mother's house. I tend to deck the hall of the Casa around the 10th of the month, but the first of two Christmas parties is for this coming weekend in which I will attend since it was off last year and I didn't make it the year before, but the second will be a no go since the party is going to be too many in attendance. At the shop, we also put out the menorah for our Jewish customers. I can't believe Hanukah has started already, is it early this year? I know I have some Jewish readers, so at this time I hope you have a lovely festival of lights holiday.

On Hanukah some people might ask,

Why could we not light all eight candles in one night?

Instead of having to light a new one for each of the eight nights.

It's because Hanukah is not merely a cause for celebrations,

It is a trial of perseverance.

Of course, gin and fashion make everything better!

Happy Monday All! 

Sunday, November 28, 2021


 ...at the Casa du Borghese, I'm hanging with the houseboys.

You know, getting caught up, gossiping, taking stock and the sort....

Saturday, November 27, 2021


Now if you know your Mistress, then you know I got hot and bothered and stopped in my tracks when I saw Andrea Cardenas. My mind stopped for three days at least. I really am a South American male junkie Can I help if they are the most gorgeous men on the planet? He is a model, swimwear to be sure, and he has something pretty special about him, beside his willingness to pose nearly naked. I think it's his combination of his angelic features, his tan creamy complexion and his build that really hits me. He looks like he could be depicted in marble, or ready to throw a discus or something. But with his handsomeness and that glorious unruly hair I want to run my fingers through what's not to like about some of that awesome bulging going in in those swim trunks and briefs?!? And like most of my favorite men he's not afraid to show a ton of flesh!!!  So take it in, take it all in darlings....on this hot caramel beauty.  On second though, maybe I should keep this one for myself.

Friday, November 26, 2021


... Darlings!


Bob the Drag Queen

Licorice Black

Ella Vaday

Kendy Michaels

Nina West

Lolita Nekita

Lady Galore

Amber Crane

Jeremy Pitzer


And finally, our newest Crowned Queen of RuPauls Drag Race UK....

Krystal Versace