Thursday, August 12, 2021


The Mistress is taking a few weeks off to take  a mini vacation to the Woods ... then off to P-Town for some beach time and visit Pearly... and some time to just decompress and unplug from the internet. I'll return... unless a get taken by a bear, or eaten by a whale on the cape. In the meantime while I'm gone,  I thought a parlor game could be fun in the essence of our Anne Marie, who loved 2 Truths and a Lie.  Only I'll give five answers, you guess the lie or lies in some cases. How well do you think you know this tart? And who knows, maybe the guest with the correct answers of all the questions, or who ever gets the most right,  will win a little care package from the Casa du Borghese. It won't be my personal package. I don't know how I would mail that. But if you really want it, I'll figure something out. Good luck to all and remember, when tempted by two evils, try the one you haven't tried before. Answers supplied upon return. See ya in a couple weeks. 

1.The Mistress loves her men. Of the men I  slept dated, or was in a relationship with, they all had various professions. Which is the lie.

1-stock broker


3- college professor


5-Polictical Chief of Staff 

2-As you know, I love to travel. I have traveled to these places Which is a lie?

1-Vienna, Austria

2- Nairobi, Kenya

3- Buenos Aires, Argentina

4- Budapest Hungary

5- Amsterdam, Netherlands

3-The Mistress can be very salacious. Which of these is a lie?

1- Was in a porn

2- Posed naked

3- Taken naked selfies

4- do naughtiness on a Only Fans

5- Sat naked for an artist friend

4-I have many facets to my career so far. Which of these is a lie?

1- Visual Display Stylist

2- Regional Merchandising Visual Manager

3- Interior Designer

4- Landscape Designer

5-Model home Stager

5-My weekly feature In Three Words seems to be popular each week. These people have been featured Which is a lie?

1-Eva Peron

2-Mike Pence

3- Sophia Loren

4- Britney Spears

5-Rodney Dangerfield

6- Im an open person. Which of these relationships is a lie.

1- Threesomes for fun

2-Three months dating a woman

3-a throuple relationship 

4- Dated a straight couple.

5-Seeing two different men.

7-  We have a nice family history. I'm a blend of these nationalities. Which is the lie?

1- Czehoslovakia

2- Italy

3- Holland

4- Ireland

5- Switzerland

8-I love me a good cock-a-tail when out...after all there is always time for a cock-a-tail. My tab can get ugly. These would be on my tab. Which is the lie.

1- whiskey on the rocks

2- Pimm's Cup

3- Gin and Tonic

4- Melon Ball

5- Mojitio

9- I love shoes and will gladly wear any of these upon my feet. Which is the lie. And if ANYONE gets this wrong, you may find yourself baned from the Casa du Borghese

1- Brogues

2- Converse  chucks

3- High heeled Stilettos

4- Biker boots

5- Crocs

10- And finally, I love men!!!!! But I don't prefer some. Which is the lie?


2- South American


4- Asian

5- Scandinavian

HAAAAAA! I threw the last in to see if you were paying attention. I actually only prefer two kinds of men... Foreign and domestic! 




Ginger Minj

Karen from Finance

Miss Malace

Trixie Mattel


I have long said Jan needed to wear bigger hair...adds so much more to her.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


With my schedule now cleared for a week or's no easy feat trying to plan safe and needed get-a-ways for some fun , frolic and relaxation in these times of pandemic. Mind you, I should be readying for my upcoming time to the Woods Campground and then P-Town...but Monday and Tuesday has been nothing but relaxing and goofing off. But I missed my beloved New Hope while up at the ancestral home. Like Monday, a friend phoned and asked me to come to his pool. Well, would you pass that up in this heat?! The water felt fine!

Then Monday night I and the Lumbersexual got together again. I asked if he could help me out of a wet, tight square cut.   I told him I was going into New Hope to have a walk about Tuesday, and coerced him onto playing hookie. I can be rather a terrible influence. I then added in the Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve, since he likes outdoor things and he'd never been, and he was in. That is where the opening picture is from. Here are some snaps from yesterday.
One of my favorite shops in New Hope...Love Save the emporium of everything retro, vintage, and thrift clothing, and clean and adult novelties.
 We caught up with another friend for martinis...a three martini lunch!!!!!
You know some of these pins came home with me for Pam Demic.
Meanwhile....At another of the macabre shops in town...
When I asked, I was told these item were highly dark items, with evil pasts... and would not be for sale, as the sign above said. 
My friend found the perfect handbag for me, but will it match any shoes I own?
On the way home I stopped and got some corn from a roadside farm here. Have you had any corn this summer yet? It has been the best I tasted in years.
It was a nice,  if not long and hot afternoon. Once back to the Casa we came in for a couple cold beers. I can't imagine what two hot and sweaty guys could get up too, do you? But I'm sure the neighbors will be talking if they saw him leave my apartment this morning!!!!! Hey! Those who are easily shocked, should be shocked more often.  And yes,  it was a very nice night. The cat finally caught the mouse. I showed him what the Mistress knows and some of my hidden talents. Today all I did was make a blueberry cake with frozen blueberries from my mother's bushes, I brought back home.
So there was that.

 I am wondering if I should ask lumbersexual over for a taste. I even made homemade whipped cream. And we know that has many uses.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


I had gotten a email from a newer follower a while back asking if I had a beef about drag race, since I do pick on and ridicule the show some. There are many differing opinions within the LGBT community and drag scene itself.  With it's elaborate costumes, breath taking  and sometimes raunchy performances, and social commentary it's no wonder people want to get involved. While mainstream shows have done good to bring drag out to the masses, shows like Drag Race have also seriously damaged the drag community by actively excluding trans, female, and other queer performers as not "traditional" drag, and only seem to be obsessed with a huge budget wardrobe, over showing performance...but it is getting better. 

 I just know what I like to do, and enjoyed what I did. I used to like to do my own performance and look. I got asked a lot if I would have ever considered going on the show back when it started,  or if I had been approached to go on, I would have passed. It would so not have been me... I have never been concerned with judging other queens and their style, or being judged. It's all art really when you come down to it, so how can one really judge someone's art. Art has always been subjective.  Some of these younger queens spend hours and hours on their make up, the most expensive of make up, specialty products and lace front wigs....and their far more fishy and polished then I ever was. I was never known for the contour and precision make up these queen do these days, while I have done it.  The one thing that bugs me about the whole drag explosion  is that we spend so much time talking about drag and judging it, old drag verses new drag,  what do you think of this kind of drag etc etc ect, judging drag, that we're no longer doing drag. Drag Race is some ways devalues the only reason I did drag and am interested in drag. Performance.  On the show, you often have two queens perform the same song, which is usually never done in a show, in any drag situation, it doesn't make sense. If your a black queen, your probably not going to nail  a country and western song, in the same way, that a Broadway queen is not going to nail a hip hop jam.  

Why yes...Drag Race UK 3 is sealed!

So that doesn't make sense to me. That doesn't really enable both queens to shine on stage either.  I think part of the problem is to much talk about what's right and wrong with drag and all this talking about drag. One only performs on drag race if you lose challenges, which to me de-empathizes the performance. I would rather see more performance and less of these acting and non sense challenges that drag queens just don't do in shows. I would rather a talent show for drag instead.  But then people want to see the drama and in fighting I guess. Before drag race there were about 10-30 really well known queens, who traveled the country, or the world, doing their act. Now why did they travel the country and the world?  Because their act was that good. Now we have got queens who get booked because their on a tv show, and their act is not necessary a good one, sometimes there great,like Jinkx or Sasha Velour,  but their booked everywhere because people have seen them on tv.  I have seen it, and have seen talented local queens get bumped for a mediocre Drag Race queen. And in the end, the crowd didn't care about the performance, they just wanted to see the queen in person, or get their photo. Well... they need to go to Drag Con in that case. And sometimes the show goers and clients becomes more concerned and excited about a meet and greet then they are about a performance. So in my opinion, that is not a good development for drag and the art of it. If your not concerned with the performance of a show we have problems. And it sometimes puzzles me why RuPaul books the so -so performers and not the great ones? There is young great ones, old greats ones,  Why some of these clubs book some of the drag race girls is beyond me when some of them can't even walk to a beat.  But over all, I do like the show... it's good for fledging queens, and ones that don't necessarily find a easy path to get their name out there. I still think the show needs to bring on queens from even further down the grass roots of the scene. And stop featuring so many fishy and Instagram queens. We have witnessed they do not have what it takes, but dam pretty to look at.  It's  is the very reason I find to favor the international version of the show more...more true to drag, imperfect queens, campier, no holds barred, and feature more different walks of the community. Especially this new season of Drag Race Holland. Not only one gender fuck queen, but two trans women, and more then half the cast is aged older, most in their late 30's and 40's, one even 53. Now that is amazing. And guess what? They all have excellent performances off the show, much like the gals of Drag Race Espana.


 The last time someone told me this , they were wearing crocs.

A good thing Pietro Boselli was never my math teacher, I'd have embarrassed myself over and over.

I couldn't agree more with Edina Monsoon. We'd have the debt paid off in a week.

I was tickled to get this from Bunny who's currently in Iceland. I said Oh look, it's Oldie Locks and the two bears.

The truth! And people wonder why it's nice to be versatile.

I got to have lunch one day with Kim Chi.

She is coming to a city near you real soon.

And on my last tour of the White House two years ago, I found these in the nightstand in the presidential bedroom. No wonder Melanie is always bitchy, and hanging out with the secret service guys.

Monday, August 9, 2021



 It was a relaxing weekend for the most part. Nice being back at the Casa du Borghese and having a floral and gardening break. Last week when working and unpacking the incoming floral it's amazing the little critters you can find hitching a ride from the country of origin they came from. Most of out flowers come from over seas, but  few that are locally grown. There was a huge beetle in a box last weekly and scare the shit right out of me. But most are dead upon arrival. Most bugs I don't mind, as long as they understand to stay out of my personal space. I just adore Lady Beetles, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. It's the spiders and thousand- leggers I have a problem with. Yuck. But when you see insects up close, they are rather cool to see. and they make me less apprehensive.  Of course over the weekend I had the lumbersexual over, where the Venus Fly- Trap was in all it's glory. Could it be we got a little more experimental? A may have had a few.   Well, I'm much to shy to tell, but I can say he has a nice chest and not a bad kisser.  We may need to meet again, to see if he thinks he is truly a bi guy. Unless he fears I'm like a Praying Mantis and will devour his head once mated? 

I know Deedles enjoys a nice brooch!
Meanwhile, Im thinking we could use some of these Dung Beetles in DC, especially in the house and senate to carry away all the access shit. As you can see they are strong little suckers, rolling away some camel dung.