Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Back, with a Wide Brim and a Vengence

I had the most lovely weekend at the beach, more to share, but it was back to work today...........


And did I ever mean business!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Farewell for the Memorial.......

Well, it looks as if the official beginning of summer is starting and the Mistress couldn't be more excited!!!! It's a time for men, turbans, and the huge oversized wide brim! I'm heading to the beach for a long extended weekend. Contray to popular belief, I'll be with the Lad and friends, not Ayem8y, although I wouldn't mind glimpsing his lovely backside!!!!! No, I'm taking off early tomorrow and heading to the gay resort of Rehoboth Beach, and I'll return sometime next week! As for my houseboys, they promise to make any guest who drop in feel welcomed, but I have talked to them, and they promise to actually work and keep the Casa du Borghese up to standards!!! After the stern talking and tongue lashing they got, I fear not. They will be busy.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend to you all! Now...why are we still standing here? It's cock-a-tail time!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

When in Vegas.....Drink and Drag!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....sometimes! I'm late in posting this forgive me. Last week I got a lovely email from one of my readers who was vacationing in Vegas and went to the newest strip venue, Drink and Drag Lounge, and he said he knew he had to do a full report for me since he knew it had four of my favorites things, cock-a-tails, cute boys, drag queens, Lady Bunny, and go-go boys! Ok, so I can't count. Brody, who is in the picture below, and is the one on the right I believe, hails from New Haven, Conn. He started reading after my spring trip there with the Lad last spring and all the scandal we brought with us!

It's he adorable?????? We have yet to meet, but soon! So..... I just had to share since I also know my dear Miss Ginger is heading there, and our very own Tugboat gets there often as well. On the night Brody was there, Lady Bunny was present to kick off the night. Also seen was Sharon Needles. She is really getting around already! Anyway, his well informed letter says that the queens were sporting bodacious bodices, and over-the-top makeup and wigs, the "ladies" strutting along the Fremont Street experience hand out coupons for free drinks at one of the newest attractions in downtown Las Vegas, which is how he heard about it. Drink & Drag featured drag queens who not only serve up generously sized libations, yay.... but also entertain as they get their groove on dancing to popular songs. The lounge, which opened in late-May, caters both to the LGBT crowd and others looking for a scene that's somewhat unusual, even by Vegas standards. Brody says the spacious venue features a video game room, billiards and a 12-lane bowling alley where the high-heeled servers proffer liquid refreshments. Note, however, that rubber soled-shoes are required to bowl, ohhhhhh dear, you know the Mistress isn't fond of those! and the manager says stilettos will harm the lanes’ wooden floors. Drink & Drag is on the second floor of Neonopolis, at Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Brody also says in his letter that if you Text “drag” to 313131, one will get special offers, and goes on to say for the most part, the drag queens seem to run the show and put one on, too. Between taking drink orders and putting performances on throughout the night, this isn't just a bar that does the drag thing in name only. It embraces it. Thats what we like to hear.

And if your in the Las Vegas area, look who's there this Memorial Day weekend.......Miss Pandora Boxx!

Thanks again dear cute Brody for the wonderful tip on the place. I'll be sure to visit if I ever get to Vegas! In the meantime, please do drop by the Casa . The east wing is yours!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Willam Loves You Like a Big Schlong Baby!

And I have to say I have the same weakness.......looks like me in the Casa's pool hall! And Mame, does it remind you of the Urge?

Grande Dame-Davina Devine

Davina Devine is Dublin's Hottest and Original Blonde Bombshell & Infamous Party Girl, She is a Good-Time girl and knows how to have a good party! She is young, current and In the Now! Davina loves working and playing with different looks and trends, she is Barbie Personified! Davina is a performance artist, she-j-DJ, model and glamorous hostess all rolled into one DD sized package! She has appeared on tv shows and various advertising campaigns.She has been part of the George family for the past 7 years, and sees the George as literally her second home! Davina's House-Party currently runs on a Thursday night, it is a fun filled pop, campstravaganza featuring Davina On the Decks, random party games a ndlots of surprise guests. She also Hosts Beauty Spot Karaoke, alongside Veda and DJ Anto, every Saturday night and check her out every Thursday @ 11pm or Saturday @ 10pm at The George.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seen Around Lincoln and Fairmount Drives

What a beautiful Saturday we had here yesterday!! The Lad is back from a month in Florida so he visited the Casa and we got all caught up so to speak! We headed out later for some shopping and the lad wanted to make a pit stop in center city so it was off! I was in the mood to snap anything interesting. And there is always something to be seen on the Lincoln and Fairmount drives......

Now I love this old school woman, out for a Saturday afternoon, with her chapeau on, doing her errands. You go Miss Thing!

One of my favorite houses on Lincoln drive

Well, they are blunt with what they sell.

The vintage diner on Lincoln drive. The best hamburgers around!

Love this shot of the very high up bridge, with sun beams.

Man mounting a horse

Some of the statuary in Fairmount Park

Fountain in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum

A lovely back view of another bike rider.....

Some scenes around Washington Square West. And no that ISN'T the Mistress's buggy.

Loving the upper balcony of this lovely for a morning Bloody Mary....

Later in the day we headed over to New Hope for there New Hope Celebrates Pride event. Whilst we didn't attend the event itself, it was packed with the gay boys and lesbiaterians all over the place. We went to dine at Lulu Cafe, and the passer-byes were already fore-warned of a change in schedule for Monday!
This was sent to me from a friend, from the other side of town. You know a Pride event can't go off without a hitch without the hate mongers showing up. But love the way the young gaylings handled the whole thing.

After getting in from some beverages, we are now settling in for some dinner and cock-a-tails! Tootles!

A Parlor Game!!!!!

If there is one thing we enjoy at the Casa, it's a good parlor game!!!! Late last night we were watching the BBC, and we came across this actress. The show was more than half way through before it hit me who she was. So let's gather round for some gin spritzers and look at the pictures. To the right winners will be a cock-a-tail party in your honor complete with houseboys galore! And while your at it, do you have a favorite BBC show or comedy? Mine is Waiting for God! Here we go y'all....... the answer later today as an update.


Update! For those of you who guessed Joanna are correct!!!! We will see you for a evening of cock-a-tails!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portrait of a Queen

I thought I would share some of my favorite portraits of some of the most fabulous queens with you whilest I'm out today! The Lad is back from a month long trip to Florida, and we can't really spend all day in the house, well, we could, but how productive would that be? Plus it is so nice and beautiful out today.... so were off! These pictures are so amazing.

Miss Tammie Brown

Lady Bunny...and vinatge!

Nina Flowers

Ron Megee

Tyra Sanchez



Melinda Ryder

De De Deville