Monday, February 28, 2022


I never liked mushrooms or eating them. When I was little, I was scared to even touch them. It wasn't till last summer I really looked at them and found them to be actually very intricate. A beauty to them. I love the taste of them in food, but can't eat a whole raw or cooked mushroom, I think it's the texture I don't like. And what an assortment of colors and sizes they come in. My mind also went to a post I did last week about two guys living off the grid. While that may have been extreme... the homes here are more what I'm talking about kids. That second one down is what I'd call home dearies...but I'd gladly live in any of them. Ahhhh..... a boy can dream, can't he?

Sunday, February 27, 2022


This was one of those weekends where I remember why I like them so much. After a very nice lie in, I enjoyed my morning coffee and full-on breakfast right by my windows. I get asked if while I'm gone do all my bird stay around? Well, as soon as I return home whether a week or two weeks, within an hour or so of seed going on the sill and in the feeder, it's a full-on feeding frenzy. But this weekend was a gleeful moment as I, after all these years finally got Bluebirds! And they even landed on the sill. They generally tend to saty up by the lake, so I was overjoyed to see them. I counted six at one point. 

One lone golden finch today

Two Downy Woodpeckers made appearances

As well as Bouvier looking for his nuts.

And I suspect this group of starlings are up to no good. But they seemed to be just hanging out. Though I was feeling a Tippi Hedren moment for a time.


 On this late Saturday night...

how about some of the hilarity of the fabulous Joanne Worley.....

ADORE this woman.

Saturday, February 26, 2022


This visit to the Candy Shop is a tasting of some very hot ginger! But before you think the Mistress went all butch, grabs his crotch and spits... and watches sports, think again. I didn't watch the Olympics this year. Except to see my ginger crush...Shaun White. Olympic snowboarder, and a lover of skate boarding has been around for a hot minute. He's been tied to the Olympics since 2009, where he had that lion's mane of long ginger locks, and I was hooked right then, along with his million-dollar smile. I was swooning. Since then, he's been a five time Olympian and a three-time gold medalist in half- pipe snowboarding. He holds the world record for the most X Games gold medals and the most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder. But this year I can't be the only one asking myself, "When did Shaun White get so damn fine and extra hot?" Not only is his talent attractive, but I found him beyond sexy. Is it the fashion sense? A killer smile? the plastic surgery after the injury where he had 62 stitches in his face? The shorter, coifed hair? Whatever it is, I'm here about it!!! I love running my hands through a nice head of hair!!! But even though the Olympian said this would be his final contest and would retire after the 2022 Winter Games, I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of him yet. I see some covers of magazines and he'd make an excellent model. Or one of my Casa houseboys. As your aware, my houseboys have to be limber and bendy.

Friday, February 25, 2022


 In this weekly feature, I'll share a weekly guest with you all, and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.


In Three Words...

Fannie Lou Hamer


I made some adjustments to my mother's cocktail napkins last night. 
With the nightly G&T. 

And I thought I'd be able to start going lighter on the gin.

Thursday, February 24, 2022


About a year ago I became infatuated with watching a You Tube show, Tyler and Todd and have yet missed an episode, which they generally do every Sunday. Tyler and Todd Gibbon-Thorne met online at the ripe young age in 12th grade online, and have been together ever since, through college and beyond. They were the young married couple, had great jobs, and lived in a four-bedroom house in Alberta Canada, where they were accepted and supported by their friends and family. Come 2019 they ditched it all to hit the road in a 1996 recreational vehicle that they bought for $7,000. And lived they have since. Their initial show surrounded their travels in the vehicle and their camping exploits with their two dogs Charlie and Eddie...and then when COVID hit, their current project -building a home on ten acres in the wildness of Nova Scotia came about as they decided to live completely off the grid. I was so jealous. The series is beyond fascinating, as we see the candid ups and downs and definitely huge learning challenges they can go through and meet head on with in a weeks' time.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that they are both so fricking adorable! I have to give them credit for doing this, as I know, I wouldn't even know where to start. But I'm very romanticized by the idea of living out away from everything and everyone, as in these times I can't stand most of the news, people's behaviors and the current climate of things. And Im a huge nature lover as your aware. I've long thought I may be destined to become the next Little Edie. I just adore glamping in the summer when in the Pocono Mt...and could just easily stay in my little swank vintage camper, but then where do the houseboys stay?  I would love to do what they have done and have the balls to do it, but honey, do I look like a queen who beats her laundry on a rock? None of this is in my wheelhouse. I could only do it, if it was all done for me, or I move in with Tyler and Todd. They just blow my mind with what they have done, and STILL love each other. And I'm here to tell you they do it all, with very little help. They even grow most of their own food, found and created their water sources, and recently finished their Geo Dome home that they now live in. Yes, I think these two are on to something. I'm so intrigued week after week. Although my living off the grid might be me going to live in a monastery. Here are two clips. One of the first get to knows and why they live off the grid, and their most current from this past Sunday.

I was glad they did this past episode on Sunday. You can sort of sense the wear and tear, the wear down of the elements and the stress of all these different projects they have. I often wondered if they would take a break and escape it all.

Who's in?

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


....should be a say something hat day! 

If you know, you know I love me a good chapeau.