Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Love Me an Aussie

The Mistress lovvvvvves herself some of Ugly Betty and she is relieved to know it got picked up for a fourth season. One of the reasons is the stunning Vanessa Williams,whom I worship daily. But the other reason is the above picture. Grant Bowler. He is just so damn handsome. I love me a hot Australian. Grant Bowler is an actor known for many television roles in Australia and New Zealand. He currently lives in Australia. Outrageous Fortune is his big claim to fame and has even given up roles to stay on the show. But this season he joined the cast of Ugly Betty where he plays the recurring regular Connor Owens, who romances the villainous Wilhelmina Slater. Now, I don't know about y'all but he gets me all hot, ok!

On the set of Ugly Betty. Is it me or could he put a eye out with that thing?

Here he is with the beautiful Vanessa Williams!

Dreamgirls Revue

The Dreamgirls Revue is one hell of a show. And talk about some queens with talent. The Dreamgirls Revue is currently celebrating nearly three decades of acclaim as Southern California's finest female impersonation. This group of diverse entertainers and remarkable queens offer a production that blends perfectly the elements of celebrity impersonation, comedy, and the drama that live performance can deliver. This is one show surviving the economy right now with so many shows closing. If you ever get out to California check this fabulous show out!!! Some of their impersonations are uncanny! You can check at there website at

Wonder Woman. Not Quite

Yesterday the Mistress was very busy getting caught up on things like the house keeping,laundry,and other chores. It was like pulling a Wonder Woman trying to get it all done. Now I feel dizzy from all those damn spins. And for some reason the Mistress had that damn theme song from the show in my head for what reason I can't answer. Did you watch this show when it was on? I do remember watching it , but I was pretty young. And Ms. Linda Carter was and still is drop dead gorgeous! So I found this clip on the old you tube. And like Wonder Woman, the Mistress has found herself in many of these situations. Only thing now is I don't have the resistance she has because I think the Mistress may be getting the flu.

Friday, February 27, 2009

From the Candy Shop

Argentinian model and brick house Ricardo Fort!

Ricardo Fort is from San Miquel de Tucuman, Argentina. Ricardo is a former player of Argentinian Rugby. Since his Rugby days ended, Ricardo as since become a very successful model, singer and a businessman. Once in a while the Mistress loves herself as big hot muscle daddy. And I would love to see whats under that leaf!

Ready for the Pool

I have to tell y'all it is just beautiful here today.It is 63 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze blowing.Could it be spring is finally coming? I'm sure it's just Mother Nature playing yet another joke on us. But it's so beautiful the Mistress is ready to sit poolside with some very hot company like above. One can always dream.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mistress Loves Somes Couture

The Mistress loves herself some Haute Couture. If she could, she would be decked out in couture 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even her styling at work reflects her taking everyday fashion and blowing it out of proportion. All the ladies comment they love the styling of the Mistress and the looks she creates with all the garments we carry. "They look so good and fabulous, but where would I wear that?" I always tell them they can take a everyday outfit and add just a bit of glamour to it. Why be boring, or why wear the trends, or the hot item of the minute. Wear what you want and have fun with it. Give it your own signature touch. Isn't that what fashion is about? When the Mistress goes anywhere, or for the matter her creator ,the Boy, go anywhere I always mix new apparel with vintage clothes has well. I think style is mixing old with new. And I love a good piece of vintage. Years ago I went to a vintage store and purchased three vintage Dior shirts all for $16! I have worn them and mixed them by layering in to a existing outfit. But by themselves the only place I could wear them would be a old Hollywood party! But layered with new outfits it adds a touch of vintage and adds a new spin. I do miss the style women had in the 40's up to the late 50's. Those tight suits with furs trims. The big hats. The capes. The highly elegant gowns and the glamour hair. And especially the haute couture of yerter year! Some of what the Mistress would like to have in her closet follows. What kind of fashion do you like?

The Mistress would wear this to a evening social event anytime.

The great Audrey Hepburn. She could really turn out a Givenchy creation.

The Mistress love a little Galliano!

The stunning Anna Wintour, probably the most powerful fashion editor in the business. A runway show doesn't start till she is present. Ms.Wintour is one of the best dressed women around in the Mistress's opinion. She always is dressed! Sharp as a tack! Great outfits.Perfect hair. And loves the sunglasses she very rarely is seen without at a runway show. Here she is in a gorgeous vintage Chanel suit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The beautiful,talented,and magical CASHETTA!

One part Bette Midler, a dash of Dolly Parton and a mix of David Copperfield-you have Cashetta. Cashetta hails from New Jersey, and headed to New York City for the Great White Way that is Broadway. Cashetta found that it was way to saturated with talent and decided to do her own thing. She has since became one of New York City's big grand dames. Cashetta combines her singing, comic timing, and magic to create a fabulous make-over as one of the only "female impersonator" magicians. Her act ranges from walk around, to metalism, to full scale stage shows. And she interacts with the audience. Cashetta has made tons of appearances, from clubs to television to Windstar Cruise Line and tours internationally with her one woman show. She has refined her act to the point that revivals any Vegas act. This is definitely one very unique act and must be seen! I wonder if the cute guy is her assistant?

Will You Have a Fastnacht?

Today is Fat Tuesday. It is also Fastnacht Day. A fastnacht ia a fluffy pastry similar in texture to a donut. It is usually a non-filled pastry and can be coated in sugar or powdered sugar and most of the time served warm. Although a true Pennsylvania Dutch person will tell you they are served plain. The exact history of the fastnacht seems to be a great debate. But Fat Tuesday is one day before the beginning of the forty days of lent that will lead up to Easter in the Christian tradition. There are many ingredients ,including flour, fat, eggs, and lots of butter. Most of these items are given up for the lent, and during this period aren't consumed. The problem is what to do with all these contents in the meantime, before they spoil. So the people in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, where this day seems to be the most popular for fastnacht day, make tons of fastnachts and pastries to gorge the family on. And every year I can't help but think of the Mistress's Grandma who was always so special to me. She is ten years gone, but I can remember her in the kitchen, deep frying and making tons of fastnachts for the ladies church function that they would have that day. Plus, she also made enough for the whole neighborhood and the family. So even though she is gone I always keep the tradition alive. Tonight on my way home I picked up my order of fastnachts at the market where the lady makes them pretty close tasting to my Grandma's. Although, I have to admit, I did get a little sugar on mine. This one's for for Grandma!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Here is some Beef and Drag for your Sunday Brunch. The hot Matt Schiermeier and the Latin Goddess Laritza DuMont! Matt Schiermeier is one of the most sought after abs models on the market! He can be seen in various magazines and in ads for abs products. And I can see why! I think I may just want may brunch served off him instead!

And the fabulous Goya Diva Laritza DuMont who started her career at the age of 21 and was one of New York City's first Latin female impersonators to hit it big. Laritza can be seen all over New York hosting shows and DJ'ing parties at various clubs.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

International Girls need Love Too

This afternoon I received a email and a comment from one of the Mistress's readers, Supergirl 2009 who is from Europe. The international girls and divas are in a uproar over there with RuPaul's Drag Race.

It seems that Logo has promoted the show over there everywhere ,but for some reason aren't hiring the show. So,needless to say there are some feathers and heels in a up roar. Why would you hype a show there and then not air it? Here is the comment from Supergirl 2009 I received.

You are so lucky to be able to see this show. Your international sisters are having to fight LOGO to try to gain access. They promote the show in Europe and then block us due to "copyright",I.O.W and "money". If you'd like to support your international sisters please stop by at

I wrote back to her and really couldn't offer any advise on what the problem really was on why they would be blocking it. I did explain to Supergirl 2009 that they can go to Logo's website to view free episodes. Supergirl 2009 -tell all your readers ,sisters,and divas,that they can also check out recaps at my sister's blog at David Dust. She always welcomes new readers and besides, she has excellent recaps to read of this show and others and there is also some VERY HOT MEN to be seen. Not to mention her very funny out look on world events and breaking news items! Thanks for checking in Supergirl and keep me posted on your progress! David Dust can be accessed in my blog list.

Weekend Plans-The Shamrock Shake

After last weekend the Mistress is going to be taking it easy. Next week will start another round of weekend happenings again so she is going to relax this weekend. And the bright side of having my hours cut at work ,is that I'm able to get most of the house work done durning the week, so the weekends are completely free. This weekend the Mistress is going to give the Boy-Toy a cooking lesson or two at the request of the Toy him self. You see, when the Mistress isn't around she takes all the house help with her. So he wants to know how to cook the staples of survival I like to call them, for himself. Another thing I want to do is download all the songs I want into my Ipod. So when I take a walk around the lake ,I have some tunes to listen to. Then there will be trips to get groceries and the market to get some provisions for dinners this week. Tomorrow, we will take it easy and we are going in the city to go see yet another museum, The Mutter Museum- The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. The Mistress has been wanting to get there for ages. But the highlight will be getting Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's.

The Mistress was out and about last week and she saw that these little gems are back ! I loooovvveeesssss me a Shamrock shake. I will probably come close to over dosing on these again and have to be taken to the hospital because of it. Last year I had so many I swear this dame turned green! I'm getting my first one this afternoon!!! It's sad when you want a Shamrock shake over going to a museum isn't it. I need help.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get Yours Now! You too Can Have Camel Toe

A friend of the Mistress sent this to me and just had to share with y'all. Now I'm just wondering what gauge to get? And it pays for itself with all it's uses! Clip to enlarge.

Memory Eraser

Now the Mistress has seen it all! If there were something you could take after experiencing a painful traumatic event that would permanently weaken your memory of what happened would you take it? It's a idea not so far off.

Propranolol is a drug that (among other things) seems to erase link between intense emotional events and the memory. Doctors hope to treat patients suffering from post-traumatic stress victims of war, rape, accidents, or witnessing a murder. The man who discovered this is James McGaugh a professor of neurobiology at the University of California,Irvine. McGaugh says that why we remember important and emotional events in our lives, and regular day to day experiences, the next step is to research to see what would happen when the adrenaline was blocked by experimenting with the pill propranolol. Propranolol sits on the nerve cell and blocks it. Adrenaline can be present, but it can't do it's job of bring up the memory.

Later this summer McGaugh and another doctor, Dr. Roger Pitman from Harvard Medical School will be continuing the push of research. And now the US military has taken note. Dr Pitman will be receiving Army funding this summer to try the same propranolol experiment done with his subjects, to treat American soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Although this sounds good in some cases, the Mistress can't help but wonder, could it be bad? Our experiences-good or bad make us who we are. Also, while the pill erases bad memories, could it also erase good ones? And what happens if someone would over dose? Would it erase if they even knew who they were? What are your thoughts?