Friday, July 31, 2020


Today should be a say something hat day!!!!

Not only does this huge hat help to get me airborne to bypass any traffic, but it also is good to keep hidden from the paparazzi. Not to mention can keep myself and five houseboys dry from out of the rain if need be, although its is close comfort. I felt the religion on my leg from one of them. For those that don't know Pam Demic is the Mistress's alter ego pamphlet writer, but not to be confused with Penelope Buckingham, my authoress name, who writes my memoirs. This is one of the few times in weeks I wasn't veiled!!!! The house boys caught me off guard you see. And what a weird week. I'm sorry to say I have bad news.

I'm sad to say my latest pamphlet, which was for the Fourth of July, didn't sell as well as I thought it would, yet another failure. I thought for sure it would be a good seller. Some of the trump supporters may have seen it. If Your Patriotic Don't Wave the Flag, Shoot a Roman Candle Out Your Reversible Asshole. And in a double whammy,  I was in talks two weeks ago with Broadway, which the lights have been dark,  and we don't know for how long, but  anywho, was in talks to be in the lead with Hamilton. It was going to be huge news because I was going to be one of the first gin guzzling drag queens to play one of the founding fathers! I was so excited because the show has been so good and creative and edgy with people of color in white roles and gender reversal roles and all. But now with all this  cancel culture the show may be cancelled due to Hamilton being transphobic and homophobic and racist and all. I don't know why they are so surprised. So now that went out the window. 

Well I guess it will be back to being a role model but not sure to who, or maybe just a buttered roll, but I have been a hair roll model once. So now, onward and upward. I'm currently writing my next covid pamphlet, How to Survive The Pandemic with 89 Items in Your Household You Didn't Know You Could Get Off With. I have the feeling that one will be a good seller for sure.

Meanwhile the good people at a Provincetown Fudge Factory, which is know for there award winning fudge called to say Ms Moorecock is still there. I left her there some time ago by accident yet again. I always seem to be leaving her somewhere. It's been ages. They assure me she is fine and dinning on fudge and hosting taffy pulls. I feel terrible of course. At least at hickory farms she had more to dine on. I sent them some stamps to mail her back.

I seem to be going somewhere but not sure where. I thought of checking to see if the clinic got in any of that demon sperm yet. Just remember dears, keep wearing those hats, veils and gloves!!!

Even my personal assistant is over the pandemic.

 Buster says he is young, single and ready to mingle. Notice like Ms Moorecock, he appears to be very relaxed about getting anything done around here. And just for the lovely Sixpense comes this very rare, candid and  saucy outtake from the houseboys......

Very rare for the Mistress to reveal herself out of veil, and seen in whatever the hell stage you call this. Now how about some music for Sixpense. My mind went to him when I heard this song. We could all use some music for...huh, what day is it?

Thursday, July 30, 2020


No...this post has nothing to do coming off the previous post of drinking. It has to do with another fabulous queen who is legend in her own right.

Detox Icunt. I have long thought this queen is just pure perfection when delivering a sleek drag look with still bringing the camp and dream like aspect to her drag style. Her drag to me is very memorable. She reminds me of a  drunken Stepford Wife, with a touch of a muppet, and a pinch of  a runway model. Detox is an American drag performer and recording artist, and was a fixture on the Southern California drag scene for years before gaining prominence nationally on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.  Both her drag race appearances were legendary to me...I thought for sure she had the all stars win, and hell, even Detox will tell you she wasn't their mentally or checked in fully on season 5, and she STILL came if fourth. 

To me, it's not always about winning drag race though. Some of the queens who didn't win have gone on to be even more visible and done more with their platforms then some of the winners. Detox to me was one of those queens. She has never let herself become defeated...only prefects herself more. I feel she gets discounted a lot and looked over, and goodness knows why, she can bring it all. Her drags shows are one of the most entertaining. To me, in a way, she is like the Madonna of the drag many looks and re-invents herself, while not always being understood. I don't know if it's because she is too wacky and over the top, but she always surprises me with her style and routines. So I was tickled when I came across the little snippet into some of what Detox is like.

One can genuinely  see what connections queens can get to their drag sisters.  There is way more to Detox then meets the eye. These are the snippets you don't see on drag race. I thought it was a marvelous 18-minute mini-doc portrait of a queen in which she walks us through every moment of RuPaul’s Drag Race season five, All Stars 2, and her life both before and after finding fame. We visit her sister, see her new Illinois home (which she bought while drunk!), and watch her thought process as she gets ready for a gig. All in all, pretty fascinating stuff. 

And then there's this, with a bevy of drag appearances
The last thing this queen needs to do is detox. I say lets get drunk on her.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


 After spending any time here at the Casa or being around the Mistress, you know I am fond of a good tight and neat stiffener. By far, I'm a gin connoisseur. Right now I have about 9 different gins, contrary to rumors from Anne Marie, saying I'm having it sent in by tanker. That only happens once a week!!!! Currently at night,  I enjoy either a gin or tonic or two, or a white or blush wine...and the days bring a British favorite, a Pimms Cup.  But I do enjoy may libations. I also think it you entertain, it's good to have a proper bar set up. The  one above replaced three floating shelves that housed my bar wares, but I out grew that right quick. I found this refinished Provincial cabinet I bought a couple years ago,  for a mere $218 at a marketplace. It has worked perfect for my home bar in my pied de terre.  When I use to have men in before the pandemic for , huh, well... pillow talk, I always offered a good stiffener, before he gets the good stiffener,  before getting down to business. I was raised right damn it.
A home bar doesn't have to be a headache: Invest in basic equipment, stock up on varied essential liquors, a little bit of everything to cover your bases,  and you can have a spread that will impress amateurs -- and even make professionals nod in quiet approval. At any given time I have several gins, rums, vodka, whiskey, bourbons, wines and some liqueurs. The only thing I don't touch is vodka really. Most of my hootch in the bar is in the middle for easy viewing.
Liquor will keep for a long time, particularly in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The lower the liquid level, though, the more quickly you should consume the liquor, as the air in the bottle will leach out the flavors. Vermouth, however, is a wine, and should be refrigerated and drunk fairly quickly, as do some liqueurs.

The equipment needed to mix a cocktail is simple to master, and you don't need a lot of it. I currently have pictured here,  a bottle cap remover, Ice tongs, cock-a-tail shaker, a strainer and a bar knife to get seeds out of citrus fruit, and a also have several jiggers. The pink jar is a steal I just found recently,  and it holds my straws. I do have one decanter, and while they are pretty, you will have to consume the liquor much faster in my opinion. An ice bucket is also useful but mine  is located elsewhere in the kitchen.
For everyday use in your home bar, you only need four, six or eight of each of these three basic types: a old fashioned short glass, a highball tall glass, and a stem. If you plan to serve wine at your parties, invest in eight to 12 basic stemmed wineglasses, either a single shape that is appropriate for both red and white or separate sets of glasses for each.  My old fashions and highballs are kept in my kitchen cabinets along with another staple, the brandy sniffer glass which are required for whiskies, bourbons and the such to capture the experience of the libation.
The smaller wine glasses are up on the top shelf, with the martini glasses off to the right. The wine glasses with the gold rims were my dad's grandmothers and require a hand washing because of the gold leafing.
These are  my huge balloon glasses for red wines, which I enjoy more in the autumn and winter, as red wine tends to take your body temps up.
These cut crystal cordials I found a year after the bar in the same marketplace. The set is perfect for shots, or for a night cap of a nice liqueur before bed. I bought the whole set of 6 for $12.
 There is ample storage space in this cabinet which is another reason I wanted it. The first drawer organizes my cock-a-tail napkins and coasters. That's right henny, I'm one of those queens who likes a napkin under my drink. And if my gentleman wants to take his drink to the boudoir whilst having sex, last thing I need is a drink ring on my nightstand!!!!!!  For cocktail parties, allow for a pound of fresh ice for each guest, as well as three drinks,  and three  fresh napkins per person for a two-hour party. 
The next drawer down is a double drawer and not so much bar related, but houses all my bar and tea towels for the kitchen. Yeah, I like my towels. There are probably about 30 in this drawer. It's nice to have one handy for clean up or spills.
This side door houses my extra flower vases and a serving piece, while the door on the right houses my over flow of liquor and various cookbooks. 
My big ice bucket is currently housing my utensils I use on a regular basis, since I don't use it very much, and being clear, I can see what I'm looking for. I think any grown up home should have a grown up home bar, and doesn't have to be a whole set up like I have. I have helped clients use console tables, bookshelves and credenza already and they turn out fabulous. Or you can invest in a bar cart if you have room. On the  menu today was my first Pimm's Cup of the season! Pimm's is a bi-product of the gin making process...shocking right? But it makes for a lovely day drink when it's scorching hot refreshing.

Pimm's Cup
Fill a high ball with ice. Pour almost half way with Pimm's, a quarter with a lemon lime soda, and finish off with iced tea. Garnish with fresh cut cucumber, blueberries and strawberries.

Cheers bitches!!!!
There now....Are we all lit???


The ever creative...Art Simone

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


While in this pandemic we might as well get used to wearing a face mask or a veil as I prefer to call them, and I still don't know what the big deal is?!? I have about 9 different ones now, solids and patterns to mix and match with my wardrobe. I really got tired of the looks I was getting from wearing a jock strap as a veil.  While we need to do our part to cover our faces, why not even get more creative to still show your personality.  I came across the swell company called Cover My Mouth that has some pretty neat mask....especially if your a creative person......
 Meadow by Renoir
  Sunday on la Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat
 Automat by Edward Hopper
 Japanese Footbridge by Monet
 Flowers by anonymous
 Nasturtiums by Odilon Redon
The Son of Man by Rene Magritte 
 The Dance by Henri Matisse
 Starry Night by Van Gogh
 The Dancing Class by Edgar Degas
 Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai
Venus de Milo pop art

Not feeling artsy? How about these fun ones?
The Last Supper

Cover My Mouth sources high quality materials and a carbon filter to create a non-medical, multi-layer face cover. Working closely with their suppliers, partners, and production teams, they are able to offer low-cost fast worldwide shipping, as well as give back by sharing a portion of proceeds with our friends and neighbors working on the frontline in the U.S. in addition to now partnering with, in partnership with World Central Kitchen, a charitable organization led by chef José Andrés, to support communities in times of crises. $1 from each mask sold will be donated to support local restaurants and feed frontline heroes and impacted communities. It's a win win!!!!!
Of course I did order this from Tom of Finland. This will be fun for glamping. My Instagram daddy Terry Miller is a bad influence. Of course this veil will get just as many looks at the market as my jock strap did I bet!!! 


All Hail the queen!!!!!
This weekend, Shea Couleé was crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season five. The final three queens in Friday night’s episode—Jujubee, Miz Cracker, and Coulee were left standing, and I really think the best queen won... a huge Condragulations to Shea Coulee on the crowning moment....That’s undeniable. It was Coulee’s inventive looks, and the rich backstories behind them, and the later challenges where she really brought the fashion drama...that won her the trophy and a permanent spot in the show’s hall of fame. STUN,NING Gurl!!!!! I by far thought she did much better on this season then her original one.

Now I know Sixpense and Mahogany Empress are itching for me to do Drag Race recaps, and who knows down the road. It is rare I watch All Stars at all. I'm not usually a all stars type viewer. I would still like to see all the past winners of the regular seasons come back for a final drag showdown. THAT would be a serious blood bath for the one ultimate title. Some of my thoughts on the  season.

If I had to give the season a rating of lipsticks out of ten, It would be a 6. I saw the top three from day surprise here. And for being All Stars, many looks and performances were lackluster I thought. Not the most entertaining. As Michelle said, it's all stars you need to bring 100% or more to every challenge.

More and more queens are slowly coming out and getting pissy, and saying the producers are getting worst with the editing, pitting queens against each other where there is no drama, and creating tensions, which I feel is a shame. I think its more intresting to see their life backstories and the queens getting along. They should show more of the kiking and chemistry of the getting ready like at real backstage shows more. I'd hate to see this turn into a circus of another noise reality show. In general the show also needs to get back to the basics of season one. They need more home town queens who are not so well known and established. What some of these queens spend just to get on the show is though the roof these days. In the early days the queens created from scratch all theirs ensembles. Now once accepted on, they get a list of the challenges and the main foundations of the garments are long done. Latrice once said what some queens are spending to get on. It's jaw dropping and that's not what drag should be about.

No big shock Derrick was gone first. I don't even know why he was there.

I met India several times. He is definitely a shit stirrer and hard to get to know. But  no denying, that bitch has come along way on his drag persona and is one queen who will bring the house down with his dancing. I was glad he had a better season then he did on his season.

Ongina? Ohhhhhhhh dear.

Alexis Mateo brought it!!!!! There is just something about her that just radiates fun and good times. I have heard she is very fun in the dressing rooms at shows. I also think she was totally robbed on episode 6.  Blair St Clair should have had to go that night,  both her main stage and the main challenge was ripped to shreds by the judges. Alexis's huge red Solo cups gown was jaw dropping,  and gurl can walk a walk in old school drag style. Grated she would have been gone the next episode, but she should have not gone home that night. Hence my next point...the voting.

Didn't like the voting, and not a fair way to do it, as witnessed by Alexis Mateo's departure. The voting SHOULD be based on what the judges say in feedback, the main challenge,  and the main runaway, yet the queens sent her home based of things they had no idea were true or not, and work room antics...and not on the talent. Had the judges and Ru did the eliminating the old way, Blair would so have been gone. 

And I'm sorry...Blair is a swank queen, but I think I enjoyed her more on her season better.

I did like the Lip Synch Assassin twist. But I don't know I call them them all assassin's.  I mean, really.... the only three were Alyssa Edwards, Morgan McMichaels, who is probably the best lip synch performer in the shows history Ru says, and Roxxxy Andrews. And even then,  Alyssa was holding wayyyy back I thought. I don't know what happened. I have seen Alyssa many times, and that she didn't take that???? I do think there were other queens they could have brought in much stronger. Like Charlie Hides. Oh snap!

I was for Shea or Jujubee to win from the beginning. Miz Cracker is talented and no denying some of her looks are jaw dropping, but I'll be honest, something about that one is off. I also don't care for her personality. I never really had her on my queens to watch list....and how many times did we have to see her do a one piece with knee boots, a jump suit in some incarnation, and big padded ass??????? But her Bar- B-Q look was very fun. She's just one of those queens I will never see eye to eye with.

During the final show, when the three lip synched, and Shea took the stage I knew then she had it!!!!!! The other two just fell apart with the song. And I didn't care at all, for Clap Back...not one of RuPauls better songs. They definitely need a new challenge for the final show. Tell Ru to get in her own video girls. Bwahahaha!!!!!

As afar as Canada's Drag Race, I've seen bits and pieces. I really think Rita Baga, Jimbo and Scarlett Bobo will be top three. But these queens are more my speed...true camp and don't have to be highly polished or fishy to be on the show. And I agree with the ones eliminated already, although I think Iiona Verly may be next to go.

What did you think?