Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's A Wrap For Drag History

Well it appears that Drag History Month is is almost behind us and what fun it has been researching and sharing with y'all. Hell, I even learned some things. What a boring canvas we would have without them in the gay community, and community in general. Drags queens bring color and laughter and the right amount of flair to any function or club. They help with the gay rights rallies, and raise very important funds for community service centers and AIDS charity events. Some are brothers,boyfriends,best friends, and even fathers in some cases. Some drag queens provide skits, some song and dance, some comedy and others high brow entertainment. Some drag queens are funny, some congenial,caring,and lovable . Others are comedic and filled with slap stick, while some can be catty. Whatever the case you have to admit when a drag queen enters the room there is never a dull moment!

A Wendy Pepper Sighting,Sorta.

I tell ya, I could really get used to these four day weeks! Yesterday was all about getting things done early in the day so I could take Buster out and about for a nice walk. So after the house chores were done, I decided to take Buster for a lovely little walk after it took me like 45 minutes to decide which coat to wear and then what scarf to wear with the sweater and jacket I....oh never mind, it's a long process. We went over to New Hope and it was quite as hell. I guess we were the only odd balls out in the 15 degree weather. The buggy almost didn't even want to start! So off we went. Now I know I talked about New Hope many times. It's a little, quaint town filled with eateries, shops, art galleries, etc. While walking down the street I passed a shop called Lime and saw in the window they know have a new collection in by Wendy Pepper. Why did that name sound familiar? And then it hit me.

Yes that one! The shop must now be, or has always been carrying her line. Who knew. I went to their site and found these two photos. The shop does have some very nice wears for men and women. I have read that many of the designtestants from Project Runway have went on to have their lines carried at certain stores, but have never seen any of them.

After that we continued down the street for about 40 minutes,and it was just to damn cold for a outing. What in hell was I thinking. So we headed back to the town car. On the way back we went pass the valentine window displays at the shop Loves Saves the Day.

It is a very usual shop with everything from vintage toys and clothing, antiques, estate jewelry,costumes, collector items, and adult novelties. They had out these two very funny displays and sign. And they mean every word. A select few New Hope shops are notorious for not welcoming "non-well-behaved" kids.

And I really enjoyed this one. A baby carriage full of wig forms. And to think, I haven't even been charging for my services rendered!

Ah well, it was nice to get out and get some really, really cold air, but the outing was a bust. I think Buster really just enjoys a car ride anyway if you ask me. So we got home where he went to sleep directly, and I planted my ass on the sofa to watch movies and have a very nice stiffener of cinnamon liquor to warm me up! Tootles!