Friday, February 27, 2015


I will say one of the best things about my life is having a Social Director to keep all my meetings, clandestines, and events and such in order. Not to mention  all the other duties around the Casa du Borghese , even if she isn't doing squat 90% of the time, except fraternizing with the houseboys, stealing my wardrobe, and drinking up all my choice libations.Why she even gets more vacations than I?!?!?!? Why, the Casa without Ms.Morrecock is like... like, a aristocrat with no servants, which is as much use to the county as a glass hammer. She has been all over lately too, lets catch up with her......
Never believe a word she tells you. She is paid handsomely and I have even had her room redecorated in the South wing just for her. Just look at this room will you??

Here she was on a trip last year in China. My official Astrologer, Ming Crystal was none to happy that Ms.Moorecock took her wardrobe from her on the trip, and then returned the items with cigarette burn holes, and soy sauce least we think it was soy sauce.

Just recently, she was in West Palm for a supposed " trying to find myself" vacation. More like trying to snag, or should I say shag, a rich old man. Just look at her....She has the kind of eyes that go over a man like a search light.

At least she has the good taste to use her paychecks on a good milliner.

The other night, Anita gave as a fashion show of her ensemble for her Easter outfit. Then she expected the houseboys to place all their eggs in one basket. Just watching it, Chi Chi LaRue would have had a blockbuster on her hands.

Here, Ms.Moorecock was the hit of my now famous Oscar party. But just what my golden houseboy was doing is beyond me. Looks like he was caught coming out from under the dress, you ask me.

I also funded her trip to Paris recently. She says she wanted to sample authenic French bagettes. She never did say if she tried them, but I couldn't help but notice, she was walking with a limp for a week.

I will say though, she never ages, and almost appears plastic.....must be those glazes she goes for every other night. In other news, Anita and I are over joyed Goggle changed the stance with their guidelines. We thought we were going to have pack up with the houseboys and head for greener pastures. Not that we had worry, but felt sorry for the censorship and lack of Freedom of speech, for many others I don't know we could support a corporation who keeps such strong holds on all our ways of expression. Now Anita Dear, could you fetch me another G&T!!!!!  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When I was a young lass, I loved me some Disney movies. But it was mostly because I loved the evil villainess or the glamorous princess or heroine. Now that I'm all grown up, I have not been disappointed with the live action movies of Disney. While 101 Dalmatians was mediocre at best, Glen Close was the prefect Cruella Deville. Years later came probably the best cast yet, with my favorite actress, Angelina Jolie cast as my favorite villain Maleficent. And there could have no better cast then that. It looked as if the cartoon version came to life perfectly. Now it appears I'm getting excited again with the forth coming Cinderella.....but mostly because of Lady Tremaine, who will be played by the talented Cate Blanchet. And she looks incredible!!!!!! If the Mistress were a woman......
Cinderella looks tantalizing, and from the few glimpses I have seen  promises to be a visually gorgeous film. The costumes, designed by three time Academy Award winner Sandy Powell, appear to be absolutely stunning. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, played by another favorite actress of mine, Helena Bonham-Carter,is more glamorous than her animated counterpart. She is decked out in a fantastical 18th century style gown with a wide ruff made from layers of filmy ice-blue fabric. But the real star of the movie has to be the evil Stepmother, Lady Tremaine, played by Cate Blanchet.
 We first see her stepping from her carriage with a cat on a leash!
 Dressed in a formfitting gold lamé bodice with black florals, a full black skirt decorated with an eighteenth-century style floral pattern in a sickly shade of green-yellow, and an exaggerated bonnet that takes inspiration from both the 1830s and the 1950s. The extremely fashionable and heightened silhouette screams power, while the black and yellow color palette brings to mind a bee, poised to sting its prey. We also briefly see her in a leopard print, another reference to a dangerous beast of the wild. The outfit is reminiscent of the Marquise de Merteuil’s black and yellow travelling outfit from 1989’s Dangerous Liaisons, a fitting comparison as the Marquise is another scheming and manipulative character.
Lady Tremaine’s other outfits are no less fierce. Her green ensembles take inspiration from mid-20th century fashion designer Charles James’ ‘Butterfly’ dress. James’ gowns are known for their extremely sculptural quality and many have a rigid architecture supporting the layers of luxury fabric. This tight, structured, and sometimes harsh aesthetic is perfectly suited to the character of the evil Stepmother. And in contrast to the airy costumes of Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, Lady Tremaine’s gowns are made of heavy satins and taffetas in oversaturated shades of green, yellow, and red, invoking themes of poison and danger.It also looks as if Cate really got into the part. Could this be yet another good cast?
By the evil look if her eyes and that smug smirk, I'd say so!!

Monday, February 23, 2015


I'll be honest, did not watch the whole Oscar's show last night, I mean Downton Abbey takes precedence over the awards first and fore most, but did catch airing before and after. Mahogany Empress wanted me to post my favorite moments and best dressed, but I don't really get into these shows. Must say though was pretty impressed with the Tinsel Town gang over all. This was definitely the year of the white and off white, and one can't go wrong with the classic design houses..... and my top three favorites of the night were......
Felicity Jones.....who arrived in a silver halter gown featuring an embellished bodice and full satin skirt from Alexander McQueen. I found it elegant, timeless, and lady like, but modern at the same time.
Julianne Moore looked elegant in a white Chanel gown. A nice vintage look while being age appropriate and yet modern. The 54-year-old actress, who was nominated and won for the Best Actress award for her work in Still Alice, completed the look with Chopard jewels. She sparkled.
French actress and singer Marion Cotillard kept it simple in a white floor length Christian Dior Couture gown. Can you say modern Audrey Hepburn? Chic and classy.
And did anyone else think Jennifer Lopez looked like a flesh colored Ursula the Sea Witch?
Also did anyone else find Melanie Griffith and daughter Dakota on the red carpet to have a weird, tension moment???? It felt very awkward to me.
It was also nice to see the Grand Budapest Hotel win a few awards.
Now, y'all for a completely entertaining, smart and snarky recap of the good, the bad and the downright ugly and all other coverage and going on's check out blog buddy Bob's Oscar Post later today over at I Should Be Laughing. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


The problem with heading to  the 2015 Oscars Awards is that the bar is set impossibly high. How does a mere mortal offer high fashion, a couture coiffure, and swim in jewels....- on par with all that conspicuous glamour and celebrity? And on a Sunday night yet??? So the Mistress sent back her RSVP with a non-attend and will be hosting my own Oscar's party right her at the Casa du Borghese, where the houseboys got into the spirit almost immediately.......please join us one and all.....

Chef even came up with a lovely gold libation..... sure to flow all night.
And the best thing is yours truly can stay in my lovely boudoir marabou feather dressing gown which is elegant enough to entertain in and then take it to bed for slumbering in...... I even had one made for my chamber maid.
Even my Social Director Anita Moorecock got all decked out for the night
I don't know what she is doing lately, but she is looking awful plastic to me these days, or is it me???
And since our favorite film was the Grand Budapest Hotel, where we hope to retire to one day, the Mistress is giving out Mendl's cakes to everybody!!!! Now at the end of the night, if someone could do the honor to unzip me please.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I don’t own a lot of clothes, contrary to popular belief. Maybe once, but then I grew up and became a grown up.As a content inhabitant of a 550 square foot bungalow apartment, I’m a big believer in exercising restraint in a culture of gay men that celebrates unbridled overabundance. I come across many beautiful things I think I’d like to have, but under the comfortable constraints of my own design for living, “need” typically trumps “want.” But I do get myself a few wants from time to time. Besides men.Consequently, my wardrobe is a carefully considered edit of well-made and versatile classics, with a few trend pieces. My suits, jackets, shirts,jeans, ties, shoes, socks, skivvies… Everything I wear fits well within the confines of my wallet and humble atelier!!! Except maybe the sweaters shelves. I love me a sweater, right next to hoodies. Both of which I feel are more versatile than one thinks. I must have upwards of about 60 sweaters, a lot of which are cashmere. Yes, they can be pricy, but I find them thin enough to layer with, and they are quite warm. And with the weather were having now, yes another snow fall and cold 6 degree temps, they feel even better.I thought today would be the perfect time to have a good yarn......
I love me some turtle neck action. Warm, a great look and can to worn alone or with a jacket, or with jeans, cords, or a dress pant, often like when I go to work..
Patterns I also love. Sometimes when out for the night or drinks I throw on my sage colored jeans with this striped sweater, a floral pattern tie, and this navy dress shirt.
Another style I like is the baseball sweater. It helps us little guys to be a bit more "built" in appearance. These are two of those sweaters with the same sage jean.
On weekends, when out and about, casual lunch out with the boys for shopping, I will tie in my two favorite wardrobe pieces, a cashmere sweater and a hoodie...with a sport coat.
Way back in November, I wore this striped crew neck, with a nice denim look with jeans, a denim shirt and boots and my coveted versatile navy wool pea coat.
A casual around the house look with a merino wool sweaters with cords......
If you know me you'll know I love my wool cable stich sweaters....they look great with jeans, cords, denim coats and with hoodies.
But then there is the family gatherings, where I may dress  dress up/casual with a V-neck cashmere sweater, white dress shirt and grey wool pants. I can look conservative from time to time.
And let us not forget the lovely cardigan, which I have several of.
For a night out or work, I also love me some shawl collar action. They add just a bit of a little flair to the look. Here I wore it with a dress shirt and a tie loosely tied.
Don't forget about the ever faithful scarf. Whether indoors or out, a nice wool, cashmere,  or cotton scarf can add to a nice winter look when it comes to layering, and to help beat the elements. There is looking like you care about your clothes, and there is looking like clothes are all you care about. I’d rather be the former. And the key to a smart closet seems to be an exercise in restraint, taste and editing, inter mixing items to get more looks, regardless of spending power. Maybe in another post we'll discuss what your socks say about you!!!

Thanks to the Lad and Preston for helping with pictures!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


When in this neck of the wood, one of the best kept secrets to us locals here is at 8 1/2 Coryell Street in Lambertville. And if I might be honest, one of my favorite winter time haunts.

As you may know,  the Mistress becomes a bit of a recluse in the winter, tending to cocoon in my marabou feather gown in the cold temps, but come Thursdays, my lovely dilettante friend and I , more than not, meet at the very hidden away Boat House for a very happy hour! Even when tourist find out about it, they still can't quite seem to find it. And today was no exception. With the temps falling fast again, around 10 and high winds, it was time to have my arm twisted for one of my favorite winter libations......
Warmed Espresso Martini. Like warming nectar of the Gods!!!!! Make no assumptions based upon the masthead either. It would be foolish for anyone to quantify through some formula of critical analysis the merits of a great tavern. Such an endeavor would be like rating the ability of the great houses of worship to fuel man's spiritual aspirations.The delightful bar is graced with a beautiful patina, old world bar tends, and many maritime and nautical memorabilia. All cocktails are delivered to you by way of server on a antique silver tray.
No need to worry here. the Mistress has regular room facilities here.

The most coveted perches are in the loft, with views outside, and a  iron wood burning stove to warm by.....
Food is not served at the Boat House. While some might consider this a drawback, I quite frankly find it refreshing not to have the somewhat frenetic aspects and scents of food service competing with the libation ritual. For those who insist on solid sustenance, there are many excellent eateries within walking distance. But in my opinion, food would only take up space from these delicious martinis.
When the Lad lived here, I would stay at his place on weekends in the winter, and we would often head there in snow storms. Words couldn't capture the beautiful moment, watching the snow fall,the Lad, candlelight, wonderful libations, a eclectic,quaint setting.... all conspiring to make an evening of enchantment!!So it was another wonderful happy hour in the winter tonight. Captured these last shots of the canal before driver came round to get me home.......
Ahhhhhh, I do love my espresso martini at the end of the day......just about as much as the ones I have in the morning!