Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week.......

Sister Roma! She was once questioned why the name Sister Roma and she said "There's no place like Rome!"

Sister Roma has been an icon in San Francisco for more than 20 years! She is a member of the Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of genderfuck artists and self described activists and 21st century nuns for the gay communities. She is also the art director for HotHouse Entertainment,and the co-host of the Tim and Roma Show about the adult entertainment industry.

She joined the The Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence who are highly visible gay icons located in San Francisco who use their visibility to advance a host of human rights and liberal issues. Sister Roma,joined the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence who are made up of seven to make the world a better place. Together they have raised money to fight AIDS, spread universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt, and raised tons of money for other LGBT-related charities.

Sister Roma and a few of the other sisters also appeared in the music video for another drag queen by the name Pussy Tourette's song, Kiss. You can see her in the background acting all fabulous! I for one am glad she is a part of our community!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Hijinks

So the weekend got underway for the Boy-Toy's birthday weekend and he had no idea anything was going on. Friday we enjoyed dinner here at the apartment and he told me of the party they gave him at work complete with black balloons. Our friend Gary was to come for dinner and the weekend but an eye injury a couple of weeks ago prevented him from attending. On Saturday our friend Doug arrived, and surprised Boy-Toy. I told Boy-Toy it was us three for the weekend and he should pack a over night bag to go into center city Philly. We caught the train and arrived at our hotel. A half hour later our other friend Troy arrived with a knock at the door of our room. So we all got caught up and left for dinner. I told Boy-Toy he could eat anywhere he wanted. So, he picked the Fox and Hound,a sports bar,so he could watch the Philly's game and then the Penn State game. He enjoyed himself very much although it was like watching paint dry for me. He did enjoy this though, so that was all that was important. After eating like pigs in a barnyard, we walked the city awhile. Our little circle has always reminded me of the girls from Sex and the City. Our personalities have always fit the four main parts. Boy-Toy- Carrie, the smart one. Miranda- Troy,the cautious and over thinker, me- Samantha, the slut, and Doug- may be our replacement Charlotte, since our friend Randy moved to Florida. The jury is still out on that one. Anywho,on the way back to the hotel, there was hoopla going on at the hotel across the street at the Belle view Hotel.

It turns out that Sarah Palin was staying there and on her way to a press conference in Westchester Co,and would be staying the night! I knew I should have bought a carton of eggs! But on second thought the Mistress was bought up a lady! And I didn't need any paparazzi coverage, not knowing what spectacle's we would make that night, plus I figured she would end up with egg on her face anyway, as she totally made a bigger buffoon of herself during the press conference. But that's another story. Anywho,so we got back to the room and did all the girlie shit like rain the soon to be ex-chicken with his gifts and cards, went through numerous wardrobe changes, model the latest in Calvin undies, get ready finally ,and commence with the cock-a-tails! After finally looking thin and gorgeous,and drunk, we departed for the night of fun and debauchery,walking down the street in a row of four with the wind blowing at our hair! Ok,so it was more like stumbling in a row. After leaving the hotel ,our first stop was at the popular lounge, Bump!

Bump is a cute swank lounge where all the nice eye candy can be found. And it can be found aplenty! We all ordered our chosen poisons for the night and sat and gossiped and ogled all the boys. While there,two other people we knew,John and Scott, caught up with us. We enjoyed the mix of dance,jazz and lounge music for an hour before hitting our next chosen target. John and Scott came along with us to 12th Air.

The bar,12th Air Command is one of our haunts to watch music videos. So we all went and had many more drinks. 12th Air has been around for years and is one of those friendly neighborhood bars. Our bartender had the whole place sing the Happy Birthday song to the Boy-Toy which embarrassed the hell out of him! I thought it was quite funny myself. After about an hour there it was on to the next place,which was the popular night club Pure

We arrived at Pure Nightclub around 1:45 to start our night of dancing and more drinking! There was a comfortable crowd when we first got there,but soon filled to capacity. While there, we ran into our friend Sean who I was talking to,while the Boy-Toy and Troy were dancing.I cut a couple of gigs,but quit around 3am. Yours truly finally gave up because I got hungry as hell and went to the pizza joint around the corner to eat,while the rest carried on. I tend to get a little peckish when I drink. Everyone was back in the room by 4:30AM and we all talked about the nights festivities and then passed out. The next morning we all departed by noon after breakfast. I passed out the rest of the day Sunday watching movies and sleeping and the Boy-Toy had a function to tend to work related. So,it went off without a hitch and a good time had by all. Now the next birthday will be mine. We'll have to see if he can top that.

Friday, September 26, 2008

From the Candy Shop...


From the Candy Shop this week is all in honor of the Boy-Toy! He is celebrating his 30th birthday this weekend, so in his honor I'm posting for him two of his favorite hotties. The first is dancer and choreographer Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
I can't believe I'm posting about someone from Dancing with the stars! While neither of us does watch the show, while channel surfing last year the Boy-Toy came across him, dancing his muscular ass off! From time to time we will check in just to see him though. There is only one dance Boy-Toy wants to do with him. And it ain't the salsa, it's the horzional mumbo!!

And the Boy-Toy's other favorite Eric Mabius from Ugly Betty who plays Daniel Meade. When this show started Boy-Toy didn't want to watch and kicked and screamed! And now he likes the show and can't get enough of Eric!

This next picture I just had to use because I loves me a little Vannessa Williams. She is one woman I would probably do!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Weekend

This weekend the Boy-Toy and myself will be celebrating his big birthday! Lets just say he won't be a chicken anymore. I have a few surprises for him and I would post about it, but I think prying eyes may view this blog,so I will post about it on Monday. I think were both ready for a cock-a-tail or 10 as the week just won't end and people are crazy this week. I'm writing it off to the planets in retrograde. I don't know if I believe in all the planets crap, but that's what I'm writing it off to. Annnywho,I think he will be pleasantly surprised with this weekend. We usually try to up each other of birthdays and Valentine's day ,so I hope I accomplished it this time. We will be Amy Winewarehouseing it this weekend. I already picked up the hooch. The Boy-Toy's poison of choice is good old Jack Daniels!

And my poison is a bottle of Tanqueray!

I just hope my Boy-Toy can keep up with me now that he is slightly older. Maybe I should take some applications with me for new chickens just in case,you know to file away,like a back up disk!! Just kidding Boy-Toy!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Men in Denim!

This post has no reason other than I think men look hot as hell in jeans. I LOVES me a hot guy in denim.....and out!!! Enjoy!

Grande Dame of the Week

The Grande Dame this week is.... The Lady Bunny with her retro fashion,potty mouth,sky high wigs ,and her fabulous entertaining. She will always be the Queen!

The Lady Bunny is a New York drag queen who is originally from Chattanooga Tennessee. She is founder and emcee of the now defunct Wigstock event that took place every Labor Day in New York. Bunny is also very well known as a nightclub DJ,promoter,and celebrity. She is also a emcee,songwriter, singer,and comedienne. She is constantly on tour from New York to Tel Aviv. After arriving in New York, she started on the scene with alot of the other queens that are around now like RuPaul, LaHomma, Monafoot, Girlina and Candis Cane. But there was something different about Bunny ,that I just love her so. And her staying power has lasted. Granted,all these queens started together and are still around,but Bunny as always remained mainstream.

I have always loved Lady Bunny ever since I saw her the first time in New York,as my good friend David can attest to. I do love a good drag queen,but this is the queen! I have seen her now close to dozen times . The last time was Labor Day about two years ago at The Raven in New Hope. So I'm due for my Bunny fix! And boy, did she bring the house down in Philly when I saw her at Shampoo.

Her blog is her own take on current affairs and cultural issues. It is funny as hell! Bunny usually lip-syncs to a compilation of popular songs over which she has recorded her own vocals singing parodies of the original lyrics. The new lyrics are usually sexually explicit,or revolve around food. Bunny as also appeared in many movies ,television shows ,and cable specials. Currently she can be seen in Another Gay Sequel, Gays Gone Wild.

Here is just a glimpse of the humor and how funny Lady Bunny is. This is a performance from Gay Pride in New York from 2006 I believe. She is just a riot! Long live this priceless,fabulous and entertaining queen!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Very Upsetting News

Now thats a Statement!

I have always loved crystal chandeliers and have thought of putting one above the canopy bed. I like all these choices, but don't know what to go with? What do you think?

I think the last one may be more of what I'm looking for.It not only makes a statement but also slides right in with my lifestyle. Talk about being lit by the big one!